Sunday, 15 April 2018


Tomorrow G will be moving out. We're not splitting up - she is going to a different part of the country to look after an elderly relative for a few months. This will be the first time in my entire life that I've lived entirely alone.

I plan to keep myself very busy so as to overcome the feeling of yearning. I'm going to miss her company, her mind, her idiosyncrasies that I've come to love after being together for over 15 years. I will miss her sexy body and the feel of it next to mine.

We've spent time apart before; when I travelled through Central America for a couple of months or when one of us were abroad for work. What I know I'll miss is that luxury of sex on tap. When I want to see and feel a naked woman I'll be able to come home and satisfy those desires.

We'll be seeing one another in person every couple of weeks. I will no doubt be gagging for the moment when I get to feel myself inside her, to reacquaint my hands with her body, to gaze into her eyes as I penetrate. 

I'm going to truly miss her, my Gorgeous London Princess, in so many more ways than one. Ways that transcend the purely physical. But this is a sex blog and so it's her cute little bod I'm already missing until next we meet.

In the meantime there's always porn.


  1. We forget the good fortune we have of sex on tap with those we love. I hope the next few months go past quickly and you both manage the distance well. Missy x

  2. It will be even sweeter the times of reconnection