Saturday, 14 April 2018

Banishing their demons

Down the quiet street fled the crying woman. Home was nearby but the demons from whom she was fleeing maintained their proximity. Even after attaining the refuge of her own four walls they refused to disappear.

It was so difficult to be rid of them, especially after today. She had studied so hard, but the demons were insisting that the paper she'd just sat was a fail. There was a method she'd discovered for removing them. The three people she found in the kitchen were not part of that method. Not yet, anyway.

"It was so easy." 
"Seriously, did we really need to study for that?"
"I know right? Still, it's a pass for sure. I'll take that. Oh hey Gina, wasn't that exam just the easiest?"

Will, Jag and Ash. Her final year housemates and all good friends. However, she wished they wouldn't discuss their academic progress. They could be so passively competitive. Right now Gina needed better company. She needed Him.

"Dimitry is in your room," smiled Jag. 

Gina thanked him then headed upstairs. Behind her she heard her housemates turn the radio up loud, ahead of her she heard water running. The bath was almost full and steaming hot.

"All yours," came a sonorous voice from her room.

She turned towards it and what she saw immediately began calming her. His wavy dark hair. His grey, kind eyes. His broad shoulders, slight smile, stubbly face. He stepped forwards and proprietorially undressed her.

He ordered her downstairs to get a bottle of sparkling wine he'd left chilling in the fridge, wanting to mark this occasion in defiance of the demons. The boys were still in the kitchen but she didn't mind them seeing her naked because her body belonged to Him now. They also didn't mind as they had grown familiar with her being in this state whenever Dimitry visited. Of course, that didn't stop them from drinking in the exquisite sight of her nudity.

"Bath," he ordered when she returned upstairs.

Obedience came naturally to her when she was with Him. She slid into the watery embrace and soaked in liquid bliss as Dimitry soaked up her worries. He soothed her with considered reassurances. The demons were in retreat, calm was being restored.


Before cold wrapped its fingers around her He enveloped her with a fluffy towel then led the way to her room. He closed the door then indicated that she should disrobe. She felt his gaze roam over her breasts and cunt. All His. 

"Turn. Bend over the bed,"

Her ass was presented to Him. His dominance over her was total. Every orifice; His. She heard the swish of a flogger then felt the thud of its fronds and the sting as they whipped against her skin.

Gina began to drift away, each stroke taking her further from thoughts of exams. The next thing she felt was His hand between her legs, fingers stroking her hairy cunt and seeking out her clit. Then came the wet, slick feeling of lube being applied to her asshole and the brief shock of a finger being slipped inside.

They couldn't afford many toys, but one of her favourites was a simple, silver butt plug. She felt Dimitry replace His finger with the cool metal and knew how thoroughly aroused He would be at the sight of her being assfucked in this position.

Metal chinked against metal as He unbuckled His belt. Gina licked her lips in anticipation, in hope, of what was coming.

"Stand and turn," He ordered. 

Without hesitation He swooped in and enjoined His lips with hers. The feel of His clothed body against her naked skin dialled up her excitement, especially when His hands began to roam, stroking and caressing, pinching and spanking.

Gentle pressure on her shoulders Dimitry signalled to her that she should kneel. He very slowly unbuttoned His jeans then pushed down His boxers, revealing a semi-swollen cock. Receiving a nod from her Master she opened her mouth wide and sucked on Him. Dizzy with desire, her mind completely banished the demons. The place she now inhabited was too perfect for any negative thoughts.

Gina exalted in the feel of Him under her tongue, using the divine ridge which ran along his shaft as a guide to the swollen head and tiny slit. Rarely did He allow her access to His cock until she'd thoroughly earned it. This was just another treat to distract her from real life.

"Stand. Get on the bed, on your hands and knees." He ordered before tucking Himself back into His trousers.

There was no need to instruct her to arch her back and stick her butt up as high as she could. This now came naturally to her. Dimitry removed His shirt and went to her. He read her with His fingertips. Smooth curves, silky hair, erect nipples. 

They were students, they weren't wealthy. They couldn't afford to explore the world and indulge in luxury. But they were rich in desire, they could explore one another and indulge in each other's bodies.

"Don't move."

Dimitry left her exposed on the bed. He hurried downstairs and into the kitchen. The three other housemates stopped their conversation and greeted their guest. From a drawer He withdrew a wooden spoon.

"Whatcha cooking up there?" Jag asked with a smile.
"All sorts of trouble." Dimitry answered with a wink.

Back in Gina's room He closed her door then told her to bite down on the spoon handle. He went to her rear and proceeded to dole out a harsh spanking. Her asshole clamped on her butt plug with each slap, her ecstatic grunts muffled by the spoon. Dimitry rejoiced at the sight of her wobbling flesh.

"Which one do you want tonight?" He asked when her cheeks had coloured deep red.
"What would you like to do with me?" 
"I want you to be licked. I want you to orgasm, many times."
"Jag, I'd like Jag please."
"On your back, legs spread and hold your ankles."

Dimitry returned downstairs, nodded at Jag then returned to Gina. Moments later Jag followed. He received another nod from Dimitry then knelt by the bed, in front of his housemate.

With hungry abandon Jag smothered Gina's cunt with his tongue. He delved into her hot pinkness, pulled out the plug and replaced it with a finger. Such was his ability with her clit, he managed to bring the sub to orgasm within a minute.

"Good little slut. Want another?"

Before she could answer Dimitry asked Jag to continue. Whilst the talented tongue sought out her button, He walked over and grasped her breasts then leaned in for a kiss.

"That feels good doesn't it?" Dimitry said between mouthfuls of her, "spread your ass for him, let him eat you out there."

As soon as Gina obeyed, Jag refocused his oral attention, coating her tight puckered hole in saliva. Dimitry replaced the tongue on her clit with His fingers. Circling, gently pinching and rubbing before pushing them into her. Moments later she came again for Him.

Gina was utterly devoted to the two men's touch, but, even though she had surrendered to their horn, being forced to orgasm twice in quick succession resulted in her curling up into a ball. Her wet pussy and asshole were still exposed though so Dimitry pulled out His cock again and penetrated her cunt.

"Would you like to feel her mouth Jag?" He asked.
"I always like feeling her mouth, she's so good with it," Jag murmured.
"Girl, I want you to suck off Jag," came the order.

Her housemate's dick was already hard with arousal. Gina recognised the feel of it in her mouth, knew how all of the men she lived with looked and felt. When Dimitry visited she willingly became their sex slave, offering her body to satisfy urges.

Normally her Master only allowed one other man access to her at a time. Tonight, however, was a special night. Dimitry knew that His sub needed extra attention in order to provide maximum escapism. He whispered in her ear.

"I'm going to invite the others in, would you like that?" He asked.
"Mmhmm," she replied in a small voice.
"Can you handle four cocks at the same time?"

He called down for Will and Ash. They appeared at the bedroom door and took a minute to enjoy the view of their sexy housemate being spitroasted.

"She wants more," Dimitry explained. "I've got a juicy little ass here that's ready to be fucked."

Will beat Ash to it. He slipped on a condom and, after Dimitry shuffled along to give him room, gently introduced his cock into the sub's expectant orifice. The two men could feel the other's dick, but their focus was entirely on the woman. Ash had to satisfy himself with playing with his cock and getting the occasional lick and and suck from her.

"Are you enjoying yourself my delicious little fuckslut?" Dimitry asked Gina.
"Mmmfff," she replied, with her mouth full of Jag.
"Ash, you gotta have a go with her ass," said Will, "it's so damn tight."

The two men switched positions, Ash pulling on a rubber and easing into the euphoric sub. Jag's breathing quickened and moments later Gina felt his warm cum filling her mouth. Her tongue licked up every last drop and moments later was put to use on Will's cock.

Now she felt Ash harden, buried deep inside her. She moaned as he continued to thrust in and out of her ass, using her tight hole to squeeze out his orgasm. The cock was so swollen and the throbbing so intense that she was almost overwhelmed with the feeling of surrender to his satisfaction. 

She obediently remained attentive to Will, his cock was her favourite to serve with her mouth. It was not too large and incredibly responsive. Soon he added a third helping of spunk into her, grasping her tits so as to enhance his elation with the feel of her.

Her housemates sat back, sated yet continuing to enjoy the show. Dimitry pulled away and she instantly missed the feel of him inside her.

"On your back, hold your ankles in the air," He ordered.

Gina got into position and the boys moved so as to get the best view. Dimitry rummaged in a drawer and found a vibrator. He placed it against Gina's pussy and began teasing her with it, not yet switching it on.

"Hold it for me."

She let go of her ankles but kept her legs aloft. The vibrator felt heavy in her hands, she ached for its satisfying hum. With His hands now free Dimitry gently pulled her buttocks apart, giving the boys a view of her well-used anus. Knowing she had three pairs of eyes on her most intimate part, Gina moaned in submissive pleasure.

"Turn it on."

Her presence in this room momentarily became purely physical. She was lifted from herself, carried on a cloud of vibrating joy. From here she saw a woman unshackled from her worries but happily imprisoned by the lusty gaze of three close friends on her naked, exposed body.

Dimitry knew this to be the moment when she'd need Him again. Sure enough she hungrily took Him between her lips, her tongue greeting His flesh and exploring every inch. She could taste herself upon Him and this reminder of how she'd been the servant of four expectant cocks doubled her enjoyment.

It was the one in her mouth that she knew best. Those little signs which told her that she'd be imminently consuming his delicious jizz began to present themselves. He grew harder, His length increased and, lastly, the pulsing intensified. Fortunately He knew her as well as she did Him and so had prolonged this moment until she was ready.

Gina grunted and groaned out a final climactic shudder of delight, her pussy hairs now slick with the evidence of her repeated orgasms. Dimitry's cum drooled from the O of her mouth, pooling in her cleavage. Their audience were ready for another round, but respectfully stood, kissed her on the cheek and departed.

Master and sub were left alone to revel in the aftermath. Rich in the love and desire of one another, they enjoyed nothing more than opportunities such as this to let their wealth trickle down to Will, Jag and Ash. 

Dimitry stood, kissed His Gina then went to the bathroom. The exam he'd sat earlier had possessed Him with demons. Her submission had exorcised them and He never once neglected to tell her how grateful He was. He splashed water over His face, returned to her room and did just that.

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