Saturday, 28 April 2018

#SoSS April 28

Share our Shit Saturday is a superb idea which involves sex bloggers/writers who are likely to fall foul of increasingly puritanical regulations. We share the work of other bloggers/writers in order to amplify our voice. This is my first such SoSS, here are some unmissable posts I read this week:

Women do pay for sex and this is why (by Kate Lister aka @WhoresOfYore):

Important article that comes at the question of why women pay for sex from several different angles. Has some great real-life examples too.

LYRA'S STORY (by @lyrakinetoid as guest post on @BibulousOne's award-winning blog):

Talking of real-life examples, this enthralling post by Lyra describes one of her encounters with a professional Dom she's been seeing for several years. There's lots of lovely detail and insight into what she's thinking. Highly recommended.

Sinful Sunday Dreams of Bondage (by @SilverDomUK):

This Sinful Sunday image conveyed so many feelings to me; love, exhaustion, dominance, submission. It really is a gem but my words can't do it justice so check it out!

Is your husband home (by @girlonthenet):

This resonated with me, as I imagine it would with any other man who has seen tradespeople defer to them rather than their female partner (even if the latter is the more qualified person to speak with). Girl On The Net describes her horribly frustrating real-life experiences. Prepare to cringe at how regressive some men can be.

Side note: when society catches up with the fact that many women do earn more than their male partners and are better at handling bills/projects/etc then hopefully such situations will occur less frequently. 

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