Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Imperfect host

One of the agreements that G and I have* is that our home is for us alone. Whether she's there or not I won't bring another partner back to our place and, like our other agreements, it's one which I understand and support totally.

This does, however, make it a challenge when naked frolics are on the horizon and when, for whatever reason, a partner isn't able to host either. My solution over the years has been to get a room, most often in a London hotel. 

Not the cheapest solution but, thanks to my current job, one which comes with big discounts and so in no way an expensive solution either. Plus the room often gets very well used.

When I leave this job, however, I'm going to have to be more creative about where we meet. Or pay full price for a hotel, which will hurt after all these years. But the idea of new, unusual venues has my mind churning. Ideas so far:

- Private room in swingers club/adult spa
- Remote part of a forest
- Adult B&B

That's it! I mean, some of these may be fun but, well, I'm hoping they can host. 

*A list detailing the few boundaries of our open relationship.

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