Saturday, 1 June 2019


It's been too long since I last participated in Sinful Sunday, mainly due to lack of inspiration. This week I decided to ask Twitter in a series of votes what my picture should look like. The winning choices were; on a four poster bed, kneeling, wearing nothing and from behind. Here's the result (I added the flogger just for the fun of it):

The prompt this week was 'Soft focus', which is a happy coincidence as, just like the one above, I love to use this technique (during the editing process). See what other talented photographers have done with the prompt:

Sinful Sunday

Saturday, 4 May 2019

Punishment porn

Porn can be such wonderful fantasy, but I think it's even better when inspiring me to re-create certain scenes. It has become especially useful when needing to think of imaginative punishments for my sub (OK, I really don't like calling her 'my sub', from now on she's 'K').

K is a brat and in need of frequent discipline. She enjoys being spanked far too much, plus this is an activity which is just too blatant in a house which she shares with several others. I'm not sure I can face her housemates again having just doled out a particularly loud punishment.

I love ABBA. K really, really does not. I still smile at the time I tied her up in a room and left her to listen to ABBA's greatest hits. That was funny. It would also get a bit dull - the best punishments are the ones where I get to enjoy her body.

Step up kinky porn. Inspired by a recent video, and needing to discipline K yet again, I had her strip naked and start reading out loud from her thesis. Whilst she did this I held a vibrator against her, just as I'd seen that adult actor do. Just like the actor who was on the receiving end of the toy, K quickly began to stumble in her reading.

The rule was that she had to complete a paragraph without interruption. Not easy when intense vibes are stimulating your clit. She gasped, she groaned, she came. I did not relent - this was a punishment.

Eventually she managed to rush through a paragraph without stopping. Punishment over. I laughed as she narrowed her eyes of me, I'll have to use that one again. Thank you porn!

Tuesday, 23 April 2019


There are now more than a few NSFW pictures of me out there on the Internet, mainly courtesy of this blog. There are also a fair few pictures that have remained unpublished, leaving me with an archive of nakedness that stretches back several years.

Occasionally I'll dip into this archive to share a morsel of me with an appreciative recipient. My body hasn't changed so much over those years that I'm particularly different from my first nude and so I don't believe I'm selling a false image.

Looking back on long-forgotten images can feel as though I'm looking at an entirely different person. I'm much kinder to that person than the one I see in the mirror - a lesson, no doubt, in body positivity.