Wednesday, 20 May 2020

My second threesome

By the time we met her in the hotel bar the French barman was in full flirt mode. I knew who she was - we'd spent a night together a couple of years ago. Wearing a tight dress, she (I'll call her 'H') was sat on a stool and looked incredible. K looked incredible. I just looked like a very lucky man. The three of us had met once before, now we were heading up to our room. 

Within minutes the two submissive women were naked and I was showing K off to H. Opposite the hotel was an office block. It was nighttime on a Saturday and so I doubt anyone was working, yet I was still impressed with H's boldness as she stood at the floor-to-ceiling window. I joined her there and made it clear to whoever may have been watching that this beautiful creature was mine for the night.

Having tasted both women and used my tongue to relax them, they insisted that I also remove my clothes. We then took it in turns to be voyeur and performers, in bed and in the shower. K wanted to watch me fucking H, H then wanted to watch me fucking K. When we were all fucked out we collapsed into each other on the bed. Soon I felt hands exploring me, I started to reciprocate but was soon distracted.

The sound of hot, soft mouths feasting on me, leaving a trail of wetness on my cock, balls and asshole, was dizzying. I was in command of these two beautiful creatures, but I lay back and spread myself to allow them to fully enjoy my body.

"Can I finger your butt?" I was politely asked.
"Mmhmm," was all I could manage in reply.

I was curious about watching K getting licked by another, and how she uses her mouth on others. When we enjoyed an MMF threesome last year I didn't really get that opportunity, but now I instructed the women to go down on each other so that I could learn their techniques (and, of course, be a massive perv).

There were many more things I wanted to try with them, some of which will have to wait for another day. I did watch as they kissed and licked each other. I did fuck one while the other watched and masturbated. I did take it turns to go down on one while fingering the other.

When we were finally sated I held K and H in my arms as we drifted into sleep. Although I was thoroughly spent, it was hard not staying awake when I had two gorgeous, naked women either side of me. I didn't sleep long, however. Early the next morning I felt K's hands on me. Soon I was hard and ready to please and be pleasured. Our movements were subtle, but still we awoke H who didn't hesitate to join in.

I try to keep myself somewhat fit, but even so, after all this fingering and fucking and licking and cumming, I was physically exhausted when our morning sex session was over. H kissed K and I, we thanked each other for an amazing night, then she departed. K and I stayed in the room a little longer for some quality one-on-one play. We showered and dressed with the glow of satisfaction and successful sexual adventure. 

When I had booked the room I'd ensured that there was a spare bed in case anyone felt uncomfortable with sleeping with anyone else. I glanced at it with a very happy smile when we left the room, glad that all three of us had got exactly what we wanted.

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Technically together

My partner, K, lives in a different household. I therefore haven't been able to stay over with her for quite some time now. Instead our relationship has moved online. Frequent WhatsApp contact throughout the day, weekly video chats.

We've always had a particularly intense relationship, which has resulted from infrequent physical contact, trust, honesty, and pure lust for one another. Not being able to get my hands on her, while being blessed with occasional pictures of her (clothed or unclothed) now has me throbbing with desire. I crave her.

Our video chats start with conversation, but before long I'm ordering her to undress and put herself on display for me. Being a generous Dom I eventually get naked for her too. And then the sex begins. Not conventional, PIV sex, of course, but a very 21st Century, technologically enabled sex forced upon us by this pandemic.

I watch as she plays with her vibrator (an excellent-value joint investment) and, knowing her body as well as I hope I do, I instruct her to pinch nipples, spank herself or just place an unmoving finger on her clit for a while. It's when she asks if she can have a better view of my cock that I realise my body is on display for her arousal as much as hers is for mine.

"May I cum?"

Sometimes I'll make her edge for a few minutes, but I always let her cum. Why would I deny myself the pleasure of seeing her beautiful face in the throes of ecstasy? Ordering her into a particularly exposed position, I let her watch as I then cover myself in warm, sticky mess.

Breathless, naked and alone in our respective rooms, not more than 6 miles apart, we dress, talk some more and despair at how we're unable to fall asleep with her wrapped safely in my arms. This all would, I think, be more tolerable if I knew exactly when we'd be together again. It would also be less painful if it weren't for the fact that we have just over four months remaining before we're permanently separated. Every moment counts, and so I'm at least grateful for the technology which helps us make the most of them.

Saturday, 18 April 2020


For this week's Sinful Sunday I wanted to focus on parts of my body I haven't previously aimed the camera at.

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