Thursday, 10 September 2020

Kink and marketing

At last! I've found a crossover between kink and digital marketing! I've worked in marketing for about 17 years, at least 15 years of which have been digital marketing. I've enjoyed kink for around 10 years, although not consecutively. In the past couple of years I left a massive international company to set up my own marketing consultancy.

Without the resources of that company, nor the being at the forefront of developments that comes with being in such a huge organisation, I have had to frequently top-up my knowledge of digital marketing. Ensuring that I continue learning is incredibly important, especially as I occasionally train others.

How does this relate to kink? For me, kink isn't something you can put down, forget about for a while and then pick up again and carry on as before. I'm talking about the BDSM kind of kink here, where rules and knowledge keep participants safe. And so, in those times when I've not had a kink partner, I have still kept alive what little knowledge I possess. I continue to follow BDSM practitioners and take on board anything new I should know.

While it's possible that both my kink and marketing knowledge may one day dwindle, it will be extremely difficult to get back into latter. It won't be easy getting back into kink either, I would want a partner that learns alongside me or is patient enough to wait for me to catch up. That's if I do continue this way of life. This may well be the end of open relationships, and therefore kink, for me.

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

The dark room

If you close your eyes for long enough you find that your other senses become more acute; hearing, smell, touch, taste. Jamie was in a large pitch black room and could hear the tiniest movements of those shuffling around him. There were also tiny lights in the darkness - a constellation red and green.

One light was hung around each person's neck. Green for those who were naked and willing to be touched. Red for those who were clothed and wanted to do the touching. There were far more red than green due either to people's boldness abandoning them at the doorstep, or the simple fact that this was a cheap and anonymous way to explore other bodies. Reds often consisted of heterosexuals who had - up until this point - denied themselves the satiation of curiosity about touching their own gender. There were also a fair few who simply enjoyed playing with bodies different to their own. 

Jamie was a typical green; he considered himself heterosexual, was ok with other men feeling him, but hoped he would find that his naked body attracted women who used the cover of darkness to be bold with a man. He had been in the dark room for half an hour and already moans of pleasure began to reach his alert ears. 

Some basics were taken care of before entering the dark. STD checks (with precautions if necessary, and even special nights for those who shared an STD...herpes nights were especially popular), showers, and payment (reds paid more, there was no gender discrimination here). It was also made very clear to guests that they would be playing with a mix of genders and body types - strict heterosexuals, bigots, and the close-minded should walk away now. 

The neck lights weren't in any way bright enough to identify the body of the wearer; who had to be touched in order to determine if they had a cunt or cock or breasts or hair or curves or muscles. Hands passed over Jamie's cock then moved on, but he eventually attracted a small group of reds. With them all touching him he tried to figure out if that was a woman's hand, or a man's finger. 

He guessed that it was a man's finger currently delving between his buttocks - it felt thick and stretched Jamie's asshole almost to the point of pain. Fortunately the finger owner had lubed it up before sliding it in and so Jamie felt nothing but the pleasure of fullness. This was a first for Jamie. Not the anal play, but being finger fucked by another man. Whoever it was knew just where to touch. Jamie cried out when his prostate was sought and deftly massaged. Another first; the feeling of submission. Surrendering to that expert finger in the darkness was dizzying. 

Other senses had begun to ramp up. The smell of laundry detergents mingled with the heady smells of sex. The wet noises of licking and kissing, sucking and slurping, seemed to join the rhythm of the low thudding music. 

In the dark some of the lights began to blink. Time to swap partners. Jamie's light remained steadily on and so he stayed put while those with flashing lights moved around him. To his regret the person who had their bold finger (heh, Boldfinger Jamie chuckled to himself) up his butt was one of those who moved on, but not before an appreciative slap to Jamie's behind. His hole felt so empty, needy even. Tempted to follow Boldfinger, Jamie knew that he had to obey the rules. No stalking. 

'Ooh, this one feels good.' Jamie's attention was diverted to a woman red who had joined his group. 'Would you mind if I took his cock?' 

Both amused at this British politeness, and aroused at being spoken about as if he were an object to be taken turns with, Jamie felt a warm hand wrap around his shaft. 

'I'm sorry,' the woman continued, addressing the group but still not Jamie, 'I've been looking forward to this. Just to touch one, you know? Without having to deal with whatever bastard it belongs to.' 

Two other reds - both women - murmured agreement. Jamie kept quiet. There were five red lights around him, ten hands on his body. Through the rough fabric of jeans Jamie felt an erection press against his hip. He began to figure out the popular places to touch; thighs, chest, arms, and of course his cock and butt. Only a few took hold of his balls, causing him to hold his breath. 

A petite finger was now circling his hole, finding pleasure in how it felt but not needing to explore as deeply as Boldfinger. Jamie gasped as a warm mouth slipped over his cock. He couldn't work out if it was the polite woman or someone else entirely. He realised that it didn't matter; whoever it was knew to grip with their lips just like that, and to run their tongue along right there. 

The lights started flashing again. Most of them, in fact. The evening was reaching its denouement, when the reds who had paid a little extra got one-on-one time with a green. Jamie realised that mystery mouth remained with him. Whoever they were now dug their nails into his butt, using those fleshy mounds as a grip while they sucked noisily. 

There was one other sensation that the reds got to experience, but not the greens: taste.

Saturday, 1 August 2020

The end is nigh

In two months my K will return to the USA and, although I believe we'll always be good friends, we will cease to be partners. This impending separation is like a black hole, the power of it increasing the closer I get. I was barely cogniscent of her departure earlier this year, now I dwell on it daily, in a month I know it'll be on my mind even more frequently.

But what a waste it would be to spend our remaining time together being morose. We recently went on our first holiday together and it was filled with long chats, al fresco fucks, mantelpiece-perched cunnilingus, and so much laughter. I only regret not taking her away sooner, but I'm now determined to enjoy her company as much as possible while I can.

G has been through one of my separations before. She already knows how devastated I'll be. I'm constantly reminded how amazing our relationship is.

K and I will stay in frequent contact - knowing that she often chats with a recent ex (the one I shared her with in a truly memorable threesome...mmmmmfff) gives me that hope. We've even talked about me visiting her, and meeting up in Europe one day. She may well have another partner by then and so we'll reunite as platonic friends. What we have goes beyond sex, and her friendship is the most valuable thing for me.

As brave as that last paragraph may sound, in truth I am afraid of how sad I know I'm going to be, how hard it'll be knowing that she, too, will be upset and I won't be able to console her, and how incredibly tough it'll be not having her within easy reach. The ending of this relationship was always inevitable, but I very much doubt that has better prepared me for it.