Monday, 29 June 2020

Tonight's toy

Tonight's toy

    Nope, she couldn't do it. His cock hovered invitingly just in front of her, slick with saliva. She hungered for it but...ew, that's someone's saliva. Taking it firmly in her hand - its swollen girth making it impossible for her fingers to touch - she stood and led him away.
    'Where're you taking him?' Ursula asked.
    'I wanna watch him shower,' Leanne replied, which was not entirely untrue.
    'Ooh, fun.'
    Ursula jumped up and followed. It was a luxurious, marble bathroom in a luxurious, designer apartment. The two housemates took it in turns with the hand-held shower to rinse off the naked man, rolling up their sleeves so that they wouldn't get too wet. Well, not their clothes anyway. Now, at last, Leanne felt as though she could get her mouth on him him.
    They were willing to do anything, these men. Ursula found them on Tinder, all of them young bucks, all of them overly confident, and all of them in need of putting in their place. It was easy enough to persuade them to get naked, so keen were they to show off their bodies. Whenever Ursula of Leanne craved some quality cock it didn't take long before they had one in their lair. The profile of this particular specimen was a classic.

    Expert in female pleasure. Satisfaction guaranteed, it read.

    Back in the large, opulent living room, Leanne sat on an Italian silk couch, tied her long black hair into a ponytail and took the man between her lips. He'd been instructed not to talk, but the two women allowed him to grunt and sigh while he was being sucked. 
    Neither of them cared for his pleasure, both of them savoured the feeling of smooth, thick flesh hardening in their mouths and the way in which the glans popped in and out between their lips. Ursula had already been enjoying this one for a while and had tasted pre-cum. It was Leanne's turn to savour him.
    She dipped her tongue into the tip of his penis and when she began to fondle his arsehole he protested. Leanne immediately stopped sucking and looked up at him sternly. No words were needed; either he let her play with him how she wanted, or he was more than welcome to leave. She gulped his cock down again and resumed her gentle fingering of his tight aperture.
    The housemates had become experts in men. They knew exactly when the orgasm point of no return was about to be passed. Leanne heard the man's grunts turn into growls and felt him harden even more between her lips. She backed away and Ursula fetched his clothes.
    'We're done with you now,' Leanne said.
    'Thank you for giving yourself to us,' Ursula added.
    'But...but...don't you want more?' the man stuttered as he hesitatingly dressed.
    'I thought an expert in female pleasure would have realised that.' Leanne shook her head in mock disappointment.
    Can you find your way to the bus stop? Good boy.'
    Ursula closed the door behind him. The two women shared a smile then, with the taste of tonight's toy still on their lips, they retreated to their bedrooms to fuck themselves to sleep with toys much more likely to guarantee satisfaction, and with the x-rated images of yet another conquest still fresh in their minds.

Saturday, 27 June 2020

Alongside Pride

Today would have been Pride In London. Although the parade isn't anywhere near as large this year, the ethos of Pride is unchanged. I am a cis heterosexual white man and I wanted to take a Sinful Sunday picture where the focus wasn't on me, but rather on the colours of that flag. Pride isn't, after all, anything about me, I'm just here to stand alongside the LGBTQIA+ community.

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Saturday, 20 June 2020

On my knees

During a recent video chat I was told that masturbating on my knees was a strong look. Always wanting to please, it is something I have done a couple of times since. There will definitely be a few things I've learned from online sex that I'll be continuing once we're fully free to meet in person again.

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