Friday, 30 December 2011

First, some research

OK, I'll confess, the idea for this blog came from a woman's magazine that happened to be lying around and that I happened to pick up (there was nothing else to read, ok?!)

In the magazine was an article about visiting sex clubs, and how it could be such a liberating and enjoyable experience. Obviously the less seedy they are, the more appealing they would be (for most people, although seedy may well be good for some).

At this particular club, held in a posh venue in London, the ladies are invited to dress elegant and sexy, the men must wear suits. All must wear masks and all must be attractive.

You can stand and chat all night, you can get naked so that men or women can look at you, you can go as far as throwing your legs into the air and welcoming all that come. Pun intended.

Interesting, I thought, I wonder how many of these clubs there are, and if the rules are all the same.

This is London. 8 million people live here. Of course there would be clubs for all types, all persuasions and all fetishes. My research began in earnest. But where to start?

I picked up the article again. The author had been to a club called Killing Kittens. I looked it up online and clicked on the website.

To attend one of the parties you need to join. To be able to join you need to be attractive. Hmmm, worth a try but maybe I should lower my horizons to start off with.

A search for sex parties threw up numerous sites, including a swingers forum. I had always associated swinging with bored middle aged folk in suburbia, not sexy in any way. Nevertheless I took a look.
G in Croatia

I was surprised at what I saw. It wasn't just men posting here, women in their multitude, young and old, were getting involved and taking the lead. This was encouraging, for if I wanted to pursue this I wanted my wife, G, at my side, and she therefore had to be interested as well.

The swingers site also had a list of clubs and venues, the most popular at the top. One of the most popular was just a few tube stops away. Reviews described it as friendly, hassle free and great for newcomers. It was still a sex club, though, and so still fairly intimidating.

A little further down was a place even closer to me. In fact I used to cycle past on my way to work and just assumed it was dodgy massage parlour.

But no, this was a naturist spa, where clothing was optional and where, if the mood was right, you could disappear off for sexual adventures with as many or as few people as you wished.

There seems to be a common theme to all venues. Single men must pay more, couples pay much less and single women pay even less. There are strict rules to adhere to and women are always in charge.

On some nights single men and couples are encouraged so that the female can have as many partners as she likes. On other nights it is couples or couples and women only. The naturist spa had such a night, and reviews suggested it was non-threatening and easy going. You could even keep your kit on if you so wished.

Perfect, if anything would convince G to give it a go, this would.