Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Hot and steamy in public

Climbing a mountain in China. Scary, but we did it. White water rafting in Borneo. Terrifying, but we made it. Dodging pirates on a freighter ship in the Bay of Bengal. Disconcerting, but we're still here.

Stripping naked in a swinging naturist spa. Petrifying, but last night that's exactly what we did.

Outside it was freezing cold, inside was much warmer. We were both nervous but, once we'd handed over the cash and been buzzed in there was no turning back.

We went to our separate locker rooms. In the gents was a pretty lady getting changed into her swim things with her not-at-all attractive man. Hmm, was the bloke just lucky or was there something else going on...

I took off my clothes and put on my tight swim shorts. Being naked in front of the pretty girl wasn't a problem for me.

Outside I met G and together we entered the spa. We went into a jacuzzi with a naked couple and another unsure-looking pair. We soaked in the warm water. Bliss.

In the jacuzzi across the room a woman was sat on her man's lap and they were kissing deeply. Another cute girl had her thonged ass out the water.

We adjusted to our surroundings. The spa was not a sleazy as I had feared, but was in fact warm, clean and welcoming. We decided to head into the next room where there was a huge jazuzzi in which dozens could sit.

There were just two other couples. One couple were having sex, the lady of the other couple was being fingered underwater and she moaned loudly in pleasure. She was, I estimated, at least sixty. Good for her but still, yuck.

After a minute we walked out, but not before the older lady took my arm and whispered 'Foursome?' and licked her lips. I politely said 'No thanks' as if I were turning down a Big Issue. She stared at my crotch as I walked on past.

To the sauna. An older naked couple were already there. They were friendly and we happily chatted with them. They appeared to be true naturists, just here to get naked and nothing else.

Eventually we realised the were a few girls here with ugly men who know doubt paid them for company. This spa had private rooms for secluded, er, relaxation. Every now and then these odd couples disappeared to these rooms. Bit of a sleaze fest after all, then, and not really my sort of place.

But there were far more genuine couples. Many were getting frisky in the jacuzzis, breasts were bobbing everywhere. G sat on my lap and we kissed passionately, stroking each other underwater.

We went back to the sauna. I asked if G was enjoying herself. She replied that she was, and I was surprised how excited we both were. A little disgusted too, I admit, but feeling, well, liberated. G giggled as she told me that she'd just seen a huge cock.

"How huge?" I asked.
She held up her hands.
"Wow, what a treat for you."
She giggled again. "Er, no. Way too big. Ouch."

Getting naked in the spa
She then said that she was being stared at constantly but, after feeling a bit discomforted to start off with, she now it a bit odd. She agreed it was novel that I was getting eyed up by most of the women  there too. I enjoyed it, and told her so.

Back in the bubbling jacuzzi G again sat on my lap and, as we kissed, I mentioned that her nipples were falling out of her top.

"Hmm, oh well." she replied nonchalantly.
"You don't mind?" I asked.
"No, not really."
"Why don't you take your top off then?"
"You can take it off if you want."

I looked around. None of the pervy men were around. Reaching behind her I untied G's bikini top and revealed her 32 C breasts. They glistened and jiggled in the warm water. We kissed long and hard. Some of the other couples took mild interest in what we were doing.

This was a turning point. We could now strip off and play properly with each other. Or we could wait and do that in more salubrious surroundings.

We decided to wait. But I wanted to go a little further and so stripped naked to shower and wash away the heavily chlorinated water. Now I had the undivided attention of some ladies, and I enjoyed a few moments of soaping up and washing off, turning around to give them a look of my ass as well as a full frontal eyeful.

Back in the locker room I overheard a couple outside. They were talking about how they thought this was just a normal spa but had obviously seen otherwise. They'd had fun but, like us, it was time to head home.

G and I agreed that we probably wouldn't visit again. We'd enjoyed the friendliness and openness of the place, but if we were to take it any further it would have to be at a more upmarket club, where we could acclimatise whilst fully clothed, and go further should we choose without pressure.

We also chatted about involving other people and decided that we'd be ready to invite a voyeuristic female to come and watch us pleasure each other.

As we walked I marvelled at this spa in north London where every night people were stripping off and having fun. What an amazing city! Before we could sleep we enjoyed fantastic sex, which went some way to release our sexual tension...until the next time...

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Meet me in St Pancras

--- A short erotic story by a lady, for ladies (and gents) ---

'Meet me in St Pancras' said the note. I had found it fixed to the fridge as I was getting ready to leave for work. 'Upstairs bar, 1830. Pack for the weekend.' it ended.

It was our first Valentines weekend together as a married couple. Jake must have something planned, I thought. He always knows how to surprise me.

In my overnight bag was my favourite dress, light grey, lacy and long. It hugged my curvy size 8 figure and plunged far enough to reveal a fair amount of cleavage. I hoped I had the chance to wear it.

Of course I had also packed some of Jake's favourite lingerie - I'm sure it was going to be that sort of weekend.

Throughout the day I wondered where it was we were going. I knew it wouldn't be too far away as Jake hadn't told me to take my passport. At lunch I mentioned the note to a couple of my close girl colleagues.

"You lucky little thing. I bet it's some cosy pub in the country."
"Yeah, or maybe a boutique Brighton hotel."
"I'd be happy going anywhere with Jake. I'm sure you won't be spending much time out your room Sal!"

The three other girls broke into a fit of giggles and I just smiled and blushed. They had only seen Jake in some of the few wedding photos I had brought in. In the pictures his wavy brown hair and pronounced cheek bones were set off by bright grey eyes.

He was a handsome man, especially in those pictures wearing his suit. Only I knew, however, that he looked fantastic underneath as well, but that was definitely not an insight I was going to share with the girls. Well, not today anyway.

The afternoon dragged on. At last it was time to leave. I walked past my grinning colleagues and out the door, heading for the underground.

St Pancras was busy with commuters and leisure travellers. Through the bustle I spotted Jake at a table at the decadent bar that occupied one end of the platforms. I couldn't help the smile that spread across my face. My beautiful man was wearing a dark suit and white open necked shirt, his eyes lifted and met mine.

I had on a blue dress that swished above my knees. Underneath I wore stockings that, although not visible to anyone else, made me feel extremely sexy. And so, full of confidence, I strutted past a gaggle of ogling businessmen on my high heels and straight into the arms of my man. He gave me a deep kiss and brushed my ass, making it perfectly clear to the other men that I was his.

Over cocktails Jake flourished our passports. "Let's go to Brussels." he casually said. My heart leapt with excitement. I threw my arms around him and again we kissed.

The 19:36 Eurostar service to Brussels was busy with tired workers and lovestruck couples. We were in Standard Premier class and had a table all to ourselves. I sat back and crossed my legs, allowing Jake a glimpse of the top of my stockings. He smiled and caressed my thigh.

I'd have loved to go further but a young, suited gentleman across the aisle kept looking in my direction. I could tell his eyes were on my legs and breasts but I didn't care.

I'm proud of my body. I keep slim through attending regular yoga sessions. Up until my mid teens I had hoped to be a ballet dancer, but my 32 D breasts soon grew and put paid to that particular dream. My hair was the same shiny dark brown as Jakes, my eyes a light green.

The inhabitants of Brussels had kicked off their weekends by the time we arrived. The streets were full of revellery. Our taxi whisked us to the 5 star hotel and the pretty blonde receptionist got us swiftly checked in and into the room.

Lit by dim lamps the room was a picture of elegance. At its centre was a king size bed covered in white soft cotton sheets. After unpacking my things I went into the bathroom and stripped. I deliberately left the door slightly ajar.

Unzipping myself from my clothes I stood naked in front of the mirror. I heard Jake moving around the bedroom. The walk in shower was large and the water hot. The soothing water trickled down my neck and felt sensuously warm on my breasts.

I became aware of a presence behind me. Jake sat on the bathroom counter and watched as I soaped my ass and breasts. I lingered on my nipples and in the crevasse of my butt. Teasing him made me ache in anticipation.

As I towelled off afterwards Jake went to order room service. After a light meal of chicken salad we lay together and made plans for the next day. We were exhausted but horny.

Jake stood at the end of the bed. He shrugged out of his suit jacket, stepped out of his trousers and unbuttoned his shirt. Wearing just his short, clingy black boxers I smiled widely in excitement. I beckoned him over.

Hooking my fingers into his waistband I slowly revealed his naked form. His semi-hard cock was inches from my face. I ran my hands over his legs to his strong ass. Taking him by surprise I jerked him onto the bed so that he fell next to me.

I was still naked and glowing from my shower. I pulled the bed covers from me and allowed Jake to gaze at my body. His fingers traced around my nipples and then down the arch of my spine. As one hand moved over my curvy behind the other found its way to my pussy, smooth except for a small tuft of hair.

My clit became engorged and ever more sensitive to his touch. We were both still tired but ready for each other. I turned over and presented myself to him, then gasped as his thick, hard penis penetrated.

With him spooning me, one hand clasping my breasts, the other rubbing my clit, we made fast, but highly satisfying love.

The next day was filled with sightseeing and good food. It was fun getting to know the city but we both knew why we were here. That hotel bedroom called to us and at last it was time to return to it.

Neither of us wanted the excitement to be over as fast as it was last night. So we put swimming things on under our clothes and headed for the hotel sauna.

There was no one else around when we arrived. Slightly shocked I read a sign stating that swimsuits were not allowed. I forgot how at ease Europeans are with nudity. Emboldened by the fact that we were alone I removed my bikini and stepped into the heat.

As I lay on my towel I looked down at Jake's naked form on the bench below. Sweat beaded between his pecs and abs. His member was slightly swollen in the warmth.

Just as I started to relax the door opened. A handsome blonde haired man stepped in. I hadn't even realised he was outside the sauna and now here he was beside me. All three of us were naked.

To his credit the stranger only glanced once or twice at my breasts and between my legs. I could tell he was trying hard not to get erect. In a mischievous mood I rolled onto my stomach and swung one leg down onto Jake's bench. The other man now had a perfect view of my ass and pussy.

Jake grinned and played with my toes. He conversed with the stranger, a businessman from Stockholm. I just lay there quietly amazed at how quickly I was able to forget my inhibitions. At last Jake sat up.

"I'm sorry but I've got to take her away from you now, it's too hot in here." he said.
"No problem. And thanks, it was great to meet you both."

I turned and stood and saw that the stranger had covered himself with his towel, under which was a large bulge. I smiled at him then strode out the sauna, a little extra wiggle in my hips.

Jake followed and, after shutting the door behind him, grabbed my ass.

"I think you made his night." he whispered.
"Oh yeah?" I replied, "Well how about I make yours too?"

We both dressed and hurried back to our room. This time, instead of showering alone I invited Jake to join me. He lathered up a cloth and covered my body in bubbles. I watched bemused as he fascinated himself with feeling my smooth, silky skin.

I stood under the jet of water and sluiced away the soap. But not before easing a couple of fingers into my pussy and then my ass. I wanted to be absolutely squeeky clean for my man.

Taking the cloth from Jake I traced his muscular contours and made him turn around so as to focus on his gorgeous butt. His member quivered in anticipation and a last I squeezed some suds over it and held him in my hand.

With the lightest of touches I ran my fingers over the shaft. After gliding up and down several times I played with his balls amd then further back to his smooth perenium. I slipped a soapy finger inside him until he was as clean as I.

We took our time drying each other off. I made Jake go and wait in bed a I pulled on some fresh, clean lacy underwear. With my make up reapplied I was ready.

There was just one bedside lamp on, creating dark shadows throughout the room. Jake was in bed with the covers just above his stomach. One hand was down there as he played with himself and watched.

I paraded at the foot of the bed and wiggled along to an invisible tune. With my back to him I bent over and stuck my g-stringed ass way up in the air. Slowly rising back up my hands move up my back and removed the bra.

His eyes went to my breasts. I pushed them up then let them full before taking hold of my nipples between finger and thumb. Turning once again I took hold of both sides of the g-string. Slowly, slowly I rolled it over my ass, bending over as I did.

Just as slowly I stood back up, now dressed only in high heels. For one last time I walked the room, the heels and my mood putting an extra sway in my hips, and making my boobs stick up and out.

I kneeled on the bed and felt Jake's excitement beneath the covers. He pulled me into a lying position and we gently brushed lips.

"Did you enjoy that?" I ask with a smile.
"What do you think?" He replied.

I moved my hand back to his groin and giggled. I needed to see him naked and so pushed down the sheets, exposing him. I licked his nipples then kissed his stomach. Then I took his firm member in my mouth.

I relished the hot, smooth feel of him and flicked my tongue at the top of the shaft. My lips tightened as I moved my head back and forth. When he let out a deep groan I increased the pace a little, and slid a hand underneath to caress his ass.

He was starting to enjoy my sucking and licking a little too much and so I moved my mouth back to his stomach, his nipples then his mouth.

"Lie on your front" he instructed me.

I did as I was told and felt him climb on top of me, his weight carried on his legs either side of my hips. His strong hands began kneading my back. He massaged my shoulders for several minutes. When he occasionally bent down to kiss my neck I felt his large manhood press against my bottom.

He turned me over and began squeezing my breasts before moving in to lovingly lick and suck my nipples.

"Put this cushion under your ass and spread yourself for me"

My lover was obviously in the mood to take charge tonight. Just as well, then, that I was feeling submissive. He always knew exactly what to do with me, moulding my body into different shapes to fondle and finger as he liked. If it was anyone else it wouldn't be quite so pleasurable but Jake could play me like a violin.

Lying as he wished he slid down the bed to lick and kiss the inside of my thighs.

"Oh, oh yes I like that. Please Jake, my clit wants you."

He ignored me and sent me into a dizzying rush as he left my sweet spot untouched.

"Please Jake, please!"

I felt his wet tongue lightly press on my clit. I thought I was going to explode right then.

"Oh god yesss!" I shouted.

His response was to lap at me and circle my pussy in random patterns. His hot mouth pressed harder on me. I then felt his middle finger ease inside me. Immediately he found my G spot.

With his fingers and tongue taking me to ecstasy I surrendered myself entirely to him. I was all his to do with as he pleased. Looking down I could see that he wanted me - he was still rock hard from earlier.

"My cock wants to be inside you Sal."
"Mmmm, give it to me. Come here big boy."

We kissed passionately, tongues writhing over each other. I raised myself further and held my legs at the back of my knees. His large manhood grazed my clit then slid inside. His erection was huge, but I was so wet and turned on that he moved inside comfortably.

"Oh, oh you're so big."
"Uh huh? You like that?"
"I do, yes, I want more."

I felt him go deeper until I felt entirely complete.

"Mmm Sal, you feel so good."

His thrusts back and forward were slow and gentle. I wanted him to go faster but knew he was in control and so I just lay back and revelled in the feel of him filling me and rubbing against my clit.

He leaned down to kiss me on the lips and then kissed my breasts. He then sat up and pulled out.

"No! More, give me more!"
"Don't worry, we're not done yet." he said. "Get on all fours."

Once again I did as I was told. I got on my knees then bent over to rest on my arms. My back was arched and so my pussy and ass were in the air and all his for the taking.

He didn't penetrate immediately, instead choosing to tongue my clit and ass for a few minutes. I submissively awaited his cock.

Jake felt even larger than before. When he was all the way in he cupped my tits and resumed his slow thrusts. The feel of his cock taking me from behind, his hands grasping my breasts, or occasionally caressing my butt, made me give even more of myself over to him. Whatever he did with me now I knew that it would cause intense pleasure for both him and myself.

His hardness was pressing on my G spot again. I was going to orgasm so hard. But again he stopped and took his cock out of me.

"Where do you want me now?" I asked in a high, breathy voice.
"Lie down on your side and bring one knee up to your waist."

He stroked me as I got into position. My left leg was out straight, my right brought up beyond my waist and bent at the knee. My torso twisted slightly so that he could look at and play with my breasts should he so desire. My pussy, anus and clit were presented for him.

Now he felt larger again. I reached back and held his cock, slick with my juices, as he penetrated. I was in servitude to this cock, my role tonight to pleasure it with my heaving tits, my pert ass and, of course, my soft pussy. It was a role I was enjoying immensely.

The curve of his manhood and the swollen head at the end pleased me more than any dildo ever could. Suddenly I was overwhelmed by a dizzying feeling of absolute release.

Jake was in charge but I wanted to touch him. I put my hand between my legs and fondled his large balls, then back to the perfectly smooth area between the base of his cock and his ass.

As I probed his orifice I peaked and climaxed over several minutes until at least I was totally spent. I looked behind me into his deep conquering eyes. They were full of desire but he knew I would be feeling tender and so he just rested and stroked my back and ass.

He pulled out of me and lay behind, cupping my breasts and tracing the contours of my body with his fingers. He kissed my neck and I felt the fullness of his pent up lust nestle between my buttocks. I could tell that he wasn't done with me yet, but I also knew that he wanted me to bask in the afterglow of my orgasm. I felt enveloped by the expensive sheets, the warmth of the room and the totality of his love.

"Do you still need me?" I asked demurely. I was still enjoying being submissive. Don't get me wrong, I'm a strong minded independent woman, and there have been plenty of times when I've taken charge in the bedroom. But tonight I had given myself completely to him.

"Yes, I'm not done with you yet gorgeous." He replied in a deep voice infused with passion.
"Where do you want me?"
"Right where you are. Are you ready for me now?"

Again I twisted around to present by breasts and arched my back to offer myself to him. He was still hard from before and so didn't hesitate before re-entering.

It was so exciting acting the part of his sex toy. I was slick with his saliva and my earlier orgasm. His thumb circled and then penetrated my ass giving me a whole new thrill.

In this position, thumb inside me, the rest of his large hand holding my butt and the other squeezing my tits I felt him harden even more.

"Ooo yes Jake, I'm all yours, cum deep inside me."

He groaned in response. His swollen member pistoned and pumped as he ejaculated hard. He emptied himself as far inside me as he could which brought me to a surprising second climax.

For a minute he prolonged his pleasure with me until at last he stopped and gradually withdrew, leaving a small trail of his juices on my pussy and butt.

As we held each other I relished this moment of pure tenderness. My man was so familiar with my body, and I with his, that I knew I could look forward to many years of great sex like this.

We fell asleep in this position with his arm holding my breasts, his spent manhood, which I adored at that moment more than ever before, resting hopefully on my ass. I rested and waited for the moment when I was needed again.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Getting her signed up Part 2

So here's the deal: G would come along to the naturist spa and I...would joun her at a yoga class.

I've come to realise that G got the sweet part of this particular deal. She loves saunas and Jacuzzis and, as I've mentioned before, she isn't afraid of stripping off.
I, on the other hand, was feeling a bit ridiculous. Clad in shorts and t-shirt, feet bare, I twisted and stretched in ways I'm sure men aren't supposed to. I had on black Diesel boxers in case I was made to stand on my head and the shorts revealed all, but fortunately this wasn't the case.

The room was full of lithe, stretched out ladies, and a few odd gents. I found it difficult concentrating on my breathing and movements - G was wearing ultra-tight lycra and her pert butt was bent over just inches from my face.

Yoga was more of a work out than I thought it would be. I ached all the next day. The good news is that G is definitely game for the spa, she's even considering a full-on sex club but there's an issue with confidence.

I don't have a problem with how I look. I'm a keen cyclist and swimmer, I have a toned body and don't mind showing it off. G has a gorgeous body but she's not so sure of herself. The pictures we've taken of each other have convinced her that we're an attractive couple, and the yoga proves we're pretty good at bending every which way.

We just need to find ourselves in the right company. We've been encouraged by the sexually liberated Londoners who have already been in touch. Bit by bit we'll gain confidence. Next step: some showing off in the spa, which will likely happen on 28 Jan (hope it's warm).

Monday, 9 January 2012

How sexy IS London?

How much is going on behind those closed doors? Well, lots actually. If a night of adult entertainment is what you're after, there's no excuse. Here's what I've found so far:

Burlesque clubs: at least 10
BDSM events in Jan: 27
Sex clubs: at least 24
Sex shops: loads, including 12 Ann Summers
Strip clubs: 40
Independent escort agencies: 59
Pole dance class establishments: around 11
Full time male strippers: 58 (then lost count!)
Number of 30 year-old London women on playnaughty.com looking for 'alternative sex': 38
Number of 40 year-old London women on playnaughty.com looking for 'alternative sex': 26
Number of 30 year-old London men on playnaughty.com looking for 'alternative sex': 129
Number of 40 year-old London men on playnaughty.com looking for 'alternative sex': 109

So there you have it. There's probably more I should be measuring, but numbers freak me out.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Reunion sex

Ah reunion sex, there's nothing quite like it.

As previously mention G and I hadn't been able to get our hands on one another for a good few weeks. At last the time came when we found ourselves all alone and very horny. Chores had to be done first though, but I decided to spice things up a bit.

Like a kid in a candy store I pawed through G's extensive lingerie collection. Eventually I selected some dinky and frilly knickers and a black corset on top of which she sheathed herself in a clingy silk slip. G then proceeded to do some cleaning and tidying, bending over towards me every now and then to reveal her deep cleavage, or in the other direction so that the slip clung tightly around her buttocks.

My turn. G has a thing about me ironing in my underwear. She picked out tight white boxer shorts (which I'm happy to wear as I love how I look in them. For half an hour I leaned over the ironing board and gave her a proper eyeful.

Chores done, and both horny as hell. I slid the slip's straps from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor then pulled her close to get a good grope of her bum. I turned her around and peeled her out of her corset then cupped her 32C breasts. She was in a squeezing mood tonight and I tweaked her nipples for good measure.

Next I untied the bows at the sides of her knickers and slowly pulled them away revealing her smooth buttocks and freshly shaven pussy (bare except for a tiny patch of hair.) I picked her up and carried her to bed.

 We nuzzled and snogged, cuddled and fondled. I kissed her neck and stomach. She spread her legs and I licked the inside of her thighs, slowly, slowly. At last I moved to her soft pink labia and licked and sucked until soon her moans were getting louder and louder. I slurped and lapped her up and slipped my finger, then two, inside to probe her G spot. She orgasmed.

After a brief rest I turned her onto her stomach and gave her a deep (hands only) massage. Tonight she wanted to focus on her buttocks. Fine by me. I kneaded and spread and lightly ran my finger tips along her spine and ass. She turned over.

"Come on then, take them off." She said.

How to create a human vibrator...turn him on, turn this on...

I stood and pulled off my shorts then stood there naked for her to admire. I got back into bed for her to take me in her hands and gently masturbate me. After so long I was huge with pent up sexual need. She was still wet though and so I entered her easily.

It felt so good to be inside G again, to have her unclothed body writhe in ecstasy beneath me. She put her legs down and ordered me to straddle her. Her pussy tightened around me and I rode her gently. She reached for the vibrator on the bedside cabinet.

In this position my buttocks are spread wide, and G loves to fondle me down there. Tonight she pushed the vibrator a little way inside. The vibrations coursed through me, through my stiff hardness and into her. I was her human vibrator and this pleased her so much she came again, hard and fast.

By now she was exhausted, but she (and I) didn't want to end tonight without me cumming inside her. She moved back onto her front then drew her leg up so as to present herself to me.

Knowing she would be feeling tender having orgasmed twice I slowly re-entered. She leaned back so that I could play with her breasts. Her buttocks were also easily accessible, I love stroking her little hole. My penis grew and grew then throbbed hard as I reached my climax.

"Oh, oh yes." I sighed.

We lay holding each other. One very long orgasm for me, two and a half for her - a very enjoyable afternoon. Although G had to shower to clean out all those pent up love juices. Sorry G! Sorry neighbours! (Not that sorry tough...)

Monday, 2 January 2012

The lake trip

You know the soft yellow light you get at the end of a summer's evening? That's what greeted Carly and Tom at the end of a perfect day's hike.

The trail they were on wound for miles and would take them a couple of days to complete. But they were in no hurry. For them this was all they could hope for, and they felt as though time was endless.

This is a feeling common to most new lovers, Carly and Tom had been together for almost five years now but still felt that strong addiction to each other.

Tom was carrying a tent which they erected a little way away from another at the other end of the tiny site. And what a site it was.

A good distance from any forms of civilisation, it was surrounded by pine clad hills and on one side lapped by the most exquisitely serene lake you have ever seen.

Tom stripped off his sweat soaked shirt and Carly couldn't help but let her eyes wander over his athletic torso. He went into the tent and came out wearing his tight swim shorts.

Carly ducked in and quickly stripped to put on her bikini. When she emerged Tom grabbed her around the waist to give her a long, slow kiss. He closed his mouth to her foraging tongue; he didn't want an erection in these shorts whilst there may be others around.

She took his hand and led him to the shore. Testing the water with their feet they found it to be just slightly too cold. But they were still hot after the day's exertions and so took a breath and dived into the clear lake.

After a few minutes of swimming to warm up, they stopped and floated a while to take in the beautiful scenery. Carly found that her feet could reach the lake bottom. She stood so that her large breasts were just above the water line, with nipples visibly pointing out through the thin material.

Being just thirty years of age Carly still had a body that caused heads to turn in the pool. Below those breasts was a flat stomach and long legs topped with a tight, round ass. She knew she looked good, but she was amazed that her boyfriend didn't share this body confidence.

Her hand brushed his well-defined pecs and gently pinched his nipples. Down it went to his abs and then back to his magnificent strong buttocks. She turned him so that she could take a good long look at them, so tempting in their black lycra encasing.

He turned back and looked at her lustily through brown eyes that almost matched the hair that dangled just above. She felt that familiar tingle at the pit of her stomach.

"I'm so lucky to have you." She said.

Tom smiled and drew her closer. They kissed again, this time with tongues gently searching lips and beyond. He let out a deep sigh. That  turned her on even more and she moved closer.

His penis was standing perfectly straight, stretching his swim shorts which were thankfully below water. She began rubbing herself against it and, with one hand on his chest, caressed his buttocks with her other.
She wanted him inside her so badly. By the way he moved his hands all over her, unable to settle on breasts, ass or thighs, she knew he felt the same.

"Oh hi there!" Came a loud voice across the water.

They both turned to see a handsome woman in her mid forties, waving with her free hand. In her right hand she held a pan. This must be their neighbour.

"Hi." Carly shouted back. "Come on, let's go over there." She said to Tom in a disappointed voice.
"You go on," he replied, "I need a minute here."

She grinned and gave him a last squeeze before gliding back inland. Tom had to look away otherwise it would take him ages to recover.

"My name's Aggie." Began their fellow camper. She had a kind face and shoulder length blonde hair. Beneath her hiking clothes she seemed to have an athletic body.
"I'm Carly, that's my boyfriend Tom, standing out in the water like he doesn't know what to do with himself."
"Pleased to meet you. It's nice to have some youngsters to share this paradise with, although I'm not entirely alone. My friend Deb has just gone for some wood and will be back soon."
"It really is wonderful out here isn't it?" Carly said.
"Simply gorgeous, like the two of you." Aggie said this as Tom approached, no longer in a state of excitement.

Her smile widened as she shook hands with him, and she self consciously licked her lips.
After a brief chat about where they had all walked from they went their seperate ways. The sun was beginning to set and so Tom got started with dinner, having changed back into less revealing clothes.

As they ate they saw a second lady around the other tent. This must be Deb. They decided to go and introduce themselves the next morning. Right now they had much more important things to do.

Having cleaned and tidied away dinner they slipped into their tent. Carly pulled off her top and wriggled out of her skirt. She turned her back to Tom who deftly unclasped her bra.

She lay back down and looked up at him as he began tracing her body with his hands. He reached her thong and slowly slid it over her buttocks and down her legs.

Lying naked beside him Tom drank in her slim physique and full curves. They kissed, starting with each others mouths before he moved his soft lips down to her neck. His hot breath made Carly groan in pleasure.
He briefly brushed the soft lips and opening between her legs. Apart from a small triangle of light strands above her vulva there was not a  hair on her body from the neck down. He revelled in the delicate smoothness beneath him.

Her body was covered by his gentle kisses. Every now and then his tongue appeared to flick at her hard nipples, or to lick the top of her thighs. At last he kissed her down there.

An electric surge pulsed through her and she instinctively raised herself to allow his tongue to lightly brush her clitoris.

"Mmmmmm." She uttered. "Oh that's so good."

With one hand teasing the underside of her breasts he move the other to her ass which he squeezed and kneaded whilst pleasuring her orally.

Every now and then he slipped a finger inside her and began massaging her G spot, preparing her for what was to come.

She was close to ecstasy but wanted him inside her. He peeled off his clothes to reveal his throbbing manhood, aching to be enveloped by her softness.

Climbing on top of him Carly guided him inside. She let out a deep sigh as he penetrated. He felt her juices guiding him in as he slid deeper.

They were both in a state of high excitement and she insisted on riding him hard and fast. With his hands clasping her pert backside, and a finger gently stroking her anus, they both came together with an intense dizzying force.

Next day they woke late. Another day of enjoying the lake lay ahead, before they had to continue on tomorrow. Just outside their tent they found some chopped wood.

Aggie and Deb were also staying another day. Carly had decided to go over and say good morning just after breakfast.

"Hi Carly." Said Aggie.
"Good morning." She said before turning to Deb. "Hi, I'm Carly."
"Nice to meet you, I'm Deb."

Deb was of a similar age to Aggie, and with the same athletic figure. But her hair was dark and she wore heavy eyeliner.

"Thank you both so kuch for the wood, it's really very kind of you."
"You're very welcome sweetie."
"So what are your plans today Carly?"
"Oh we're just taking it easy today. Plenty of swimming I think."
"Sounds good, I can't wait to see Tom in those shorts again, what a hunk!"
Carly blushed at this candid description of her man.
"Sounds like the two of you had fun last night."
Carly's embarrassment was complete. "Oh my god I'm so sorry."
"Oh don't be honey. If I had a guy like that in my tent I wouldn't hold back either."
"Well, he is pretty special." Carly smiled.
"That he is."

The two older ladies seemend distracted by something behind her. Carly turned to see Tom stride down to the water in those tight swimming shorts.

"Well if you ever feel like sharing I'd be happy to take him off your hands."

Deb elbowed her friend in the ribs. Carly just smiled and after saying goodbye joined her boyfriend at the water, squeezing his buttocks knowing full well that the others were looking on.

"Mmm hmmm, I could watch that ass all day long." Giggled Deb.
"We should invite them over later. Let's get some wine chilling in the lake."

Another present had been left outside their tent, with a note underneath. It was a bottle of wine and the note read 'Join us for sundowners? A and D'

Carly once again thought how kind and friendly the two ladies were. She had to find a way to repay them.
Later in the afternoon they dressed in casual clothes and went over to Aggie and Deb carrying the wine.

"Here they are." Exclaimed Aggie.
"Good evening ladies."
"Hi guyes, make yourselves comfortable."
They had laid out a few cushions and some logs to lean against. Deb passed the young couple some glasses and they poured out some wine.
"Here's to young love." Said Aggie with a wink.

They clinked glasses then reclined on the cushions. For just over an hour they chatted about their hiking trip, how Carly and Tom had met and how Aggie and Deb became friends.

Having got through a few bottles they were all feeling a bit tipsy. Aggie and Deb had been making the lovers feel very welcome, although Carly had noticed that their questions about love and relationships was becoming ever more personal.

It may have been the wine that set it off, but she suddenly had a very devious idea for how to pay back her new friends' generosity. She stood up.

"Tom, are you still wearing your swim shorts?"
"Er, yeah. Why?"
"I fancy a little dip. Will you join me? Please?"

Tom looked into her pleading eyes. He couldn't let her go into the water alone. And so, feeling the eyes of the other three all over him, he stripped off his shirt and trousers.

They walked hand in hand to the lake. The wine dulled the shock of the cold water and they were soon frolicking and splashing about. Carly realised that now was the time.

She edged through the water towards him. They reenacted the scene from earlier on. Pretty soon they were fully engaged and Tom had forgotten about the two women watching them from land.

Once again his firm penis throbbed painfully against the tight lycra. This time Carly decided to help and released him. Tom thanked her for freeing him by pulling her closer and intensifying his kisses. She held tightly to his shorts.

Slowly she began edging backwards, taking him with her. His incredible body and full, gentle lips almost distracted her from her task. But she continued, bit by bit towards shallow water.

She turned so that she felt his fullness against the crevasse of her buttocks. Then, suddenly, she flung his shorts to the shore.

Before he could react she took a large step forward into the shallow water, and then another until she was knee deep and out of reach of Tom.

Her boyfriend just stood there with a 'what are you up to' look on his face. He knew he was trapped. If he came any closer he would reveal himself in all his erect glory to Aggie and Deb, who were paying even closer attention than before.

Carly walked all the way out of the lake and retrieved the shorts. Instead of tossing them back she continued towards her tent. She grabbed Tom's towel and all of his clothes. She then padlocked the tent zipper and returned to her neighbours.

"Ladies," she said "I wanted to give you something back for all the kindness you've shown us."
"Oh Carly," said Deb "It's the best present I can think of."

They recharged their glasses as they waited. Tom would soon grow cold and he would be forced to come in. Their anticipation grew and grew.

At last he resigned himself to his fate. With his hands clasped over his manhood he strode out of the water. There was no point going back to his tent; he had seen what Carly had done.

Bemused, a little annoyed and very embarrassed he walked over to the three ladies. They drank in his strong legs and pwerful torso in the soft yellow light.

"Well well, what have we here?" Grinned Aggie.
"Tom, I must say this is a very pleasant surprise. It's almost as if you knew exactly what we wanted." Said Deb.

Having had a good four glasses of wine, Tom soon forgot any anger and began to see the funny side. He was also slightly turned on by all the attention.

"So what do I have to do to get my clothes back?"
"Er, I dunno."
"Let's see...why don't you show us what you're hiding under there."
"Oh really? Hmm, well I'm sure Carly might have something to say about that."
"You're right, I do. Move your hands!"
"You traitor! OK, fine. You win."

Slowly he slid his hand away until they rested at the top of his thighs. He revealed his manhood for the three ladies to ogle. Despite the cold of the lake it hung low and thick. His brown balls were perfect orbs beneath, and his entire skin glistened with lake water.

"That's beautiful." Uttered Deb.
"You're a lucky girl Carly." Said Aggie without taking her eyes off of the naked man before her.
"Why don't you come over here and give me a kiss?" Carly ordered her man.

She was positioned facing the two older ladies. In order to kiss her Tom had to step into the circle and turn his back on them. He did so, revealing his firm buttocks.

He leaned down to kiss Carly. She wouldn't let him get away with a simple peck, but went for a full, deep kiss. The kiss went on and on, and Tom tried desperately to not grow too excited. But it was a hopeless endeavour and soon blood was coursing fast through his groin.

Carly reached down to fondle him. Again Tom grew self conscious but knew this was what his girlfriend wanted and so gave himself to her. Behind his back she beckoned Aggie and Deb over.

By now Carly had reclined and Tom was kneeling and resting on his arms to fulfil her wishes. The two older ladies sat at his rear and soon had their hands all over his strong back and tight ass.

He felt them touching him and realised that his most private intimate part was fully exposed. They stroked his perenium then circled the hole. Aggie couldn't hold herself back and leaned in to kiss and lick him there.

Carly surrendered his cock and balls to Deb who gently fondled him whilst moving her fingers up and down his shaft. The younger girl slid out of her skirt and thong and Deb guided Tom's penis inside of her.

He began slowly thrusting but none of the other three relinquished their hands from him. Carly pushed up her top so that her boyfriend could suck and delicately nibble on her nipples.

Her legs had been in the air so as to allow the deepest penetration, but she now moved them down to the ground.

"Stay inside me and spread your legs." She told Tom.

He did as she ordered. She moved her legs until they were inside his. He was now straddling her, his erection curved up to tease her G spot, his pubic bone rubbing against her clit.

His ass was now spread even more and so allowed the older ladies to resume their licking and stroking in earnest. His cleft was now covered in saliva, which Aggie used to carefully probe his orifice with her finger. All three ladies moaned and groaned in pleasure.

Carly looked up into Tom's gleaming eyes. She was amazed at how just having him naked and performing a sex act could bring so much ecstasy to three people, four including himself. She was pleased to see that he appeared to be enjoying himself as well. Her gorgeous man was so generous as well as sexy, she once again thought how lucky she was to have found him.

A warm glow flowed through her and she became intensely aware of Tom inside of her, and her engorged clitoris being stimulated by his movement. She knew she was close to orgasm and her moans grew loader. Tom's breathing came faster and he made excited sighs and groans.

Aggie and Deb knew the young couple were close and so they doubled their efforts. Deb squeezed Tom's balls harder and Aggie pinched his buttocks and renewed her fingering. She had found a very sensitive spot inside of him and he responded by groaning loudly and turning to see how she was making him feel this way.

What a privilege it is thought Aggie to be able to play with such a fine example of the male species like this.

Carly felt Tom swell and she surrendered herself to the dizzying orgasm. Tom's warm juices filled her and doubled her ecstasy. Their cries echoed around the small clearing. They gazed into each others eyes then hugged closely.

The other two removed their hands and sat back to take in the intimate scene. They allowed Carly and Tom to enjoy this special moment with each other. Tom's penis had slipped out of Carly. Deb stared at the white liquid that issued from him onto his girlfriend's toned stomach.

Eventually they stood. Tom no longer felt in anyway embarrassed about being naked in front of the older ladies. He went over and kissed them goodnight on the cheek and, with a slap on his ass from Aggie, gathered his clothes and wandered back to his tent.

"We got a few more bottles of wine sweetheart, same time tomorrow?" Deb asked hopefully. "We'll see ladies, right now I'm exhausted." Replied Carly as she dressed.

She bade them goodnight then followed her man's wriggling backside back to her bed.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Getting her signed up Pt 1

Turns out that G made it easy for me to broach the subject. I was wondering how just saying so, how about getting naked in front of other people? would go down.

But G spared me when I caught her reading that very same article about a high end London sex club.

"Interesting isn't it?" I asked hopefully.
"Hmm." She said.

So far, so noncomittal. I was encouraged, though, that she read the article all the way through.

I had always wondered what G's thoughts about public nudity and swinging may be, but never felt the need to ask. Once, when we were on holiday in Croatia, we were on a nudist beach. She was stripped down to just a thong when a man approached us. G remained almost naked and didn't seem in the least bit embarrassed.

After some small talk he got to the point.

"So," he said, "my girlfriend and I are into swinging, would you be interested?"

We were quite young and this bloke was not the most attractive person I'd seen that day. Without asking G I replied.

"No, thanks."

He shrugged, wished us well and walked away after a last wilful glance at G's breasts. G hadn't said a word although she now had a slight smile on her face. I hadn't thought much about it since.

Once G had finished the article I asked if she may like to give something like a high end sex party a try.

"I don't know." She said. "Seems expensive."
"Hmm, well think about it for me yeah?"

I didn't want to push it. I'd do some more research and come up with something I'm sure she'd be comfortable with.

In the meantime we have a house guest, and not the sort to have fun with. They're leaving tomorrow, but we've had to put up with some innocent stroking at night. G got a bit too excited and took held of me and tongued me deeply on the mouth. I had my tight boxers and I was straining against them. Before things went too far she turned over. I gave her her good night slap on the ass and I was left alone for the night.