Wednesday, 22 February 2012

London's dildo skyscrapers

If London's skyscrapers were dildos, which would be the one for you? This personality quiz (endorsed by the Ron Jeremy School of Psychology) will give you an insight into your kinks and perversions based on your answer.

The BT Tower
What for? Deep penetration with a teasing head on the end.
Who for? Those who want a shape that mimics all the good things about a penis
You are: Kinky, but right now just want pleasure without all the fuss

Canary Wharf
What for? High end, glass constructed decadence
Who for? Girls and boys who like their dildos to come with diamonds on the top and who like to show off (it's even got a flashing light on the end!)
You are: So bling, darling, and you want everyone to see

Crystal Palace TV Mast
What for? Medical-based syringe plunger fun
Who for? Anyone with a thing for enemas and dressing up as doctors and nurses
You are: Edgy, a fantasist, and like having water squirted up your behind

The Gherkin
What for? This actually is a dildo, it just happens to have people working inside
Who for? People new to this kind of thing
You are: Looking for a straightforward orgasm

St Paul's Cathedral
What for? Stretching. "We're gonna need some lube!"
Who for? Bold kinksters with a penchant for pain then pleasure
You are: The type who likes to show off with something big but probably can't see it through

The Shard
What for? S and M adventures
Who for? Those who get off on pain
You are: In need of a spanking

Centre Point
What for? Who the hell knows?
Who for? Dark, dark people
You are: Beyond redemption

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Dirty weekend in Brussels

Last weekend we enjoyed a dirty and decadent weekend in Brussels. Initial thoughts that the city was a bit vanilla were dispelled when we passed gallery after gallery of erotic art - a statue of a girl bending over here, a painting of a lady pulling her thong away from her pussy there.

Most of the action took place in the hotel bedroom. Here's an account of just some of what we got up to (illustrated, as usual, by my gorgeous wife and I)


She was biting her bottom lip. In a mischievous mood then, and turned on too.

Under the subdued hotel lighting I stood perfectly still and allowed her eyes to roam over me. The lift pinged and we stepped in with a trio of French girls. She placed a hand on my butt.

The girls exited on the floor below ours. Back in our room I went over to the ice bucket and extracted the bottle of champagne. After we had both finished our glasses of cool, crisp bubbles I went and changed into the underwear that G liked me to model.

I pulled on some skin tight black leatherette shorts, but wasn't allowed to keep them on for long. Having dished out a quick spank she instructed me to remove them. Underneath I had on a thong that framed my butt and nestled my genitals in soft, silky cotton.

G's hand traced the crescents at the base of my cheeks. Her fingers hooked the sides of my underwear and slid it over my ass and down my legs. She pushed my back and bent me over a table. This was her preferred position for me.

She reached between my legs to fondle my full, dangling balls. What had she in mind for me tonight I wondered.

I was led over to the bed.

"On the bed, on your hands and knees." I couldn't help but harden a little at the sound of her confident and desire-laden voice.

The warm air in the hotel room felt cool on my exposed hole. The next sensation I felt was her mouth enveloping my cock. Within seconds I was growing harder, filling her sucking maw.

Her slithering tongue probed at the engorged head. Without realising I had arched my back, offering up my ass for her.

A lubed finger lingered there then penetrated. I was momentarily distracted from her hungry mouth. I inhaled sharply when the finger was replaced with a small vibrator, the slick goo feeling so cold inside me.

"Oh you like that?"

I remained silent. The totality of her domination was delicious, her conquering of me down to two simple facts: she had control of my ass and her lips on my cock.

She turned the vibrator on and I stifled a gasp. For failing to remain silent I received a sharp slap on my taut butt.

By lying on her back with her head under my long erection she was able to take me deep in her mouth whilst leaving one hand free to pull at and squeeze my balls. The other grasped the vibrator and gently slid it in and out.

Her strong lips gripped my shaft as she slurped me greedily. I could tell she wanted me to cum soon and I didn't dare disappoint.

It started deep in my stomach and rolled over my entire body. The darkening, inevitable throbbing soon flooded into my saliva coated cock which pumped out a flood of thick white cum into G's welcoming mouth.

At the same time she pulled out the vibrator so that I was left feeling entirely empty, shivering cold and unquestionably possessed by her love and lust.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Friends in bondage

She arrived by taxi. If she can afford a cab then she could have paid for a bloody hotel I thought.

I watched as first her spiked heels and then her long, slim legs stepped out. Marie went out to greet her and I moved to the open door.

"Hi Tara, it's so good to see you."
"Marie, darling!" They air kissed and then Tara noticed me.

I walked down the steps and gave her a peck on her cheek.

"Welcome to London, Tara, how was the flight?"
"Oh, fucking awful, but it feels great to be back here."

I took her heavy, expensive luggage into the house and straight to the guest bedroom. Marie had furnished it with a vase of fresh flowers, fluffy white towels and a robe. She had moved the handcuffs, paddle and other equipment into our room a couple of days ago and had repeatedly checked that nothing had been left behind.

As I walked back downstairs and into the kitchen I heard Tara was gabbling on about how truly dreadful the weather had been in New York.

Tara was a friend of Marie's from university and they had known each other long before we were married. She was in London on a business trip having snapped up an opportunity to work in the US for a couple of years.

Watching her gush with praise for how great Marie looked I took the chance to reaquaint myself with her tall, slender body, her long lashes and blue eyes and her silky black hair that was tied in a plait to mid-waist. As is always the case I was admiring her breasts, not particularly large but a good handful nonetheless, when she turned to look at me.

"And Will, you're still looking fabulous too. Still swimming every day by the looks of it."
"Uh huh, it's a great way to clear your head."
"I'm sure it is sweetie, but all that yucky chlorine. No thanks."

Marie offered to show Tara to her room, and as I watched the two ladies climb the stairs I was reminded of a couple of stories Marie had confided me in.

They had only met each other properly on a field trip to Belgium in their second year. Until then Marie had kept her distance from this seemingly over-confident loud mouthed whirlwind.

But they had been forced to share a room with each other and, gradually, Marie had come to realise that, beneath all the bluster, Tara was in fact a very generous, thoughtful person who was great fun to be around.

On the last night of the field trip the two girls had been drinking in half a dozen bars, ignoring the unwanted attention of leery businessmen. When they returned back to their room they had collapsed onto the bed.

Tara attempted to get up and have a shower but her arms slipped from beneath her and she fell on Marie. Now, eye-to-eye, they both giggled and Marie licked her lips. Tara took this as a sign and moved in to kiss.

Shocked at first Marie soon grew excited and returned the flicking tongue. Drunkenly, but quickly, they undressed. This time Marie was the first one to make the move. She had slid her hand down between Tara's legs and gently stroked her clit.

She had exulted in Tara's pleasured sighs and moved down to use her tongue. Now her own pussy was within reach of Tara's mouth and, in this position, they had licked and sucked each other to a wonderfully satisfying climax.

Back home the two friends had sex with each other only very occasionally. They both had boyfriends and, over the years, the sex stopped altogether.

Sometimes, when Marie was tied up and I was taking her from behind, I made her describe to me the adventures she had enjoyed with Tara, and a couple of other girls too. The vivid descriptions she gave made me so hard and full of desire.

A couple of days into her stay with us and Tara was getting on my nerves. I wanted nothing more than to bend Marie over a table and fill her ass with a butt plug, but any such activities were postponed until we were alone once again.

Tara also kept trying to sneak glimpses of me as I left the bathroom after a shower, or as I arrived home in my cycling gear. She needed to be taught a lesson.

During a rare moment alone I gave Marie some handcuffs.

"Put these under Tara's bed." I ordered. "And go and put your leather thong and bra on under those clothes."

Marie went off and obediently did as she was told. As well as being my wife and best friend, Marie was my submissive sex toy. If she was cooking I had to just snap my fingers and she would strip naked and get onto her knees with her chest to the floor and butt up high. She even did it when we were out walking in the country.

It was a relationship that we both got a huge kick out of. Now it was time to put all the lessons I had learned in training her into getting Tara to learn some respect.

At a certain point during the evening I realised that Tara was slightly drunk. We had opened a bottle of wine but I had contrived to keep our guest's glass topped up whilst Marie and I drank very little.

When the bottle was finished Tara went off and showered. She returned wearing a bath robe and carrying the handcuffs that Marie had placed under her bed earlier.

"You guys are so naughty!" She squealed.
"Oh god, how embarrassing." I muttered, unconvincingly.
"So, whose are these?" Tara continued, undeterred.
"They're for Marie, but you're welcome to give them a go."

Tara turned red but also gave a sly grin. She passed the handcuffs from hand to hand as if weighing up her options.

"Marie you little minx, you never told me this is what you get up to."
"I belong to Will. I do whatever he tells me too."
"Oh, is that so?"

I could tell that Marie had switched into her role as my pet, and that she was keen to play her part tonight. I could also tell that Tara was intensely curious.

"Marie, stand up and take your dress off."

Tara giggled and clapped her hands as Marie obeyed me and unzipped her dress. Now clad only in her leather thong and bra Marie came and knelt before me.

"Wow sweetie, you still have a great ass."
"Tara, be quiet and stand up."
"Yes sir!" She replied.
"I said shut the fuck up. Marie, take her dress off."

Ready and willing
At last Tara showed some doubt, but she stood still as Marie unclasped buttons and undid zips so that our guest was just wearing bra and knickers.

"Do you like the look of her?" I asked Marie.
"Yes sir." Marie replied.
"Do you want to see her naked?"
"Yes sir."
"Do you want to lick her pussy?"
"Yes sir."

Tara bit her bottom lip. She looked as though she was enjoying the attention.

"Tara," I said, "this is your last chance. Are you going to behave or do I have to punish you?"
"Mmmm, I think I've been a naughty girl. You're going to have to punish me."

I went over to her.

"Any time you want out, the safety word is 'street' OK?"

She nodded. I pulled down her bra to reveal her tits.

"Big tits aren't they Marie?"
"Yes sir."

My hands cupped Tara's full breasts and squeezed. I pinched her nipples.

"Ow, shit!"
"What did I say about shutting up?"
"Come and lay on my lap."

I sat on the sofa and Tara lay across me. I pulled down her knickers. Her ass was firm and smooth. My hand gently spanked her. The strokes got harder and harder until I heard her whimper.

"Go and kneel next to Marie" I ordered. I admired her red butt as she took her place next to my wife.
"Marie, come here."

I liberated Marie's breasts from her bra then tugged her thong over her ass and over her legs.

"Do you like her body Tara?"
"Yes sir."
"Would you like to lick her pussy?"
"Yes sir."
"Marie, go back and kneel next to Tara, then both of you get on all fours."

The two girls were on their hands and knees. Two pairs of pert buttocks, two perfect pink pussies and two tight assholes were before me.

I stroked them both, paying particular attention to their orifices. I slipped my finger into them both.

"Both wet, hmmm, you're obviously enjoying this too much."

In one of the cupboards was a large box filled with vibrators, whips and other sex toys. I pulled out a couple of collars and leashes - luckily I had a spare.

I fastened the collars around the girls' necks and attached the leashes. I then ordered them to walk ahead of me, down the stairs to the spare bedroom. Watching their wiggling butts made me so hard.

When we got to the bedroom I ordered Marie to put away the bed and fetch the bondage table.

The table was a large leather padded X which, when someone was tied to it, forced them into a spreadeagle position, their genitals open and their breasts dangling.

Tara was led onto the table and secured face down onto it with wrist and ankle cuffs.

"Have you been a good girl Marie?
"Yes sir."
"Do you want to lick her pussy?"
"Yes sir."
"Very well then."

I removed Marie's leash and she immediately went to Tara. She got on her knees and crawled between her friend's legs. After a brief pause she began lapping at the bare, quivering mound in front of her.

Immediately Tara began moaning. She arched her back and stuck her ass out further so that Marie's tongue could penetrate her pussy further.

Tara's breasts were unattended and so I moved over to the table and took them in my hands. They were warm and heavy, soft except for the nipples standing at full attention.

Walking to where the restrained girls head was I unzipped my trousers and pulled down my boxers. I offered her my semi hard cock which she gratefully received in her mouth.

As her tongue flicked over the tip of my penis I watched my sexy wife lick her out. The heat of her mouth and her wet, strong tongue made my cock throb and throb until it stood fully erect.

"Mmm, oh I love the taste of your pre cum." Tara whispered.

I pulled away from her. She wasn't allowed that much enjoyment. I went to where Marie was kneeling and ordered her to move back. I replace her tongue with my cock and pushed it inside Tara's glistening hole.

"Marie, go and get a couple of butt plugs and lube them up."

She returned with the gooey toy. I circled Tara's butt with it, noting with pleasure the frown on her face on one of the opposite wall's mirrors. I gently slid it into her ass and watched the frown turn into a look of incredulity, then delight.

"Come here and bend over."

When her ass was presented to me I pushed a butt plug inside her as well. I made her stay in that position for a while so that I could enjoy the view.

"Marie, go and sit on the front of the table and face me."

She did as she was told and now sat straddling Tara's head, one cheek on each arm of the table, the plug sticking clearly out of her butt.

"Tara, lick her."

As I slid in and out of Tara's tight, deep pussy I savoured the view of Marie being eaten out by a girl who seemed hungry for anything that was put in front of her.

My muscles tensed as I felt my inevitable orgasm approach. The two girls were both squealing and shrieking in pure ecstasy. Just before I exploded I pulled out. Masturbating hard my hot spunk covered Tara's ass and dripped over her anus and pussy.

Marie was ordered to lick up my cum from the other girl whilst Tara sucked off the last few drips.

Tara left the next day gushing about how much fun she'd had.

"Well you'll enjoy next time too." Said Marie. "Because next time we're get to take charge."