Thursday, 29 March 2012

5 sexiest hotels

As soon as I step into a hotel room I become a total man whore. I'm 100% horny as soon as I hang up the 'Do not disturb' sign. Why? Subdued lighting, clean sheets, no worries about embarassing your neighbours, the feeling that you're in someone else's room, the potential of meeting other couples...there are plenty more reasons...

Of course, the hotel itself makes a huge difference. Here are the top 5 sexiest hotels I've ever stayed in:

Raratonga Backpackers beachfront, Cook Islands. 
Perfect South Pacific beach, bath water-warm water and no-one else around. Living day in day out in nothing more than skimpy swimwear results in sex. Lots and lots of sex.

Lake Crescent Lodge, Washington State, USA. 
Stay in a log cabin with a fireplace on the shores of one of the mlst beautiful lakes you ever did see. After swimming in the clear waters and building a fire there's nothing to do but have sex over and over again.

Barcelo Raval, Barcelona, Spain. 
The dark tones of the lobby make it feel like a sex club. The pink and purple lighting and long silver pole in the bedrooms make it feel like a strip club. OK, the pole has a TV attached to it, but the sexiness continues in the sauna and gym, and on the wrap-around roof terrace on which guests can frolick in the pool whilst looking out over the city.

Grand Hyatt, Kiev, Ukraine. 
Hyatts by their very nature have a kind of sexy opulence what with their thick carpets, huge beds and walk-in showers. This particular property, though, comes with a bevy of supermodels-to-be Ukrainian girls and the gym has frosted glass changing rooms and more beauties doing laps in the pool wearing thongs.

Secret hotel, Venice, Italy.
Luxuriously furnished, flowing curtains and a balcony over a quiet canal. This place, which I'm selfishly keeping to myself, used to be a palace and the bed is perfect for tieing your princess (or prince) to and exploring some more canals.

If I were a tourist in London I'd probably go to The Soho Hotel or W Hotel as they seem pretty hot to me. Unless I'm forgetting somewhere?

Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Marketing Assistant

Anthony lived in a grey and cold bedsit above a fried chicken purveyor in King's Cross. He often wondered why he had left the idyllic countryside of his youth and regularly reflected fondly on his imaginative childhood adventures.

He recalled one day when he had been chasing an army of aliens, one of his favourite games. He heard a girl yelping. Worried that she may be hurt, but scared about what he may find, he proceeded cautiously to where the sound had come from.

His eight year-old mind didn't fully comprehend what he saw. The girl, quite a bit older than him, wasn't wearing any clothes and was sitting on top of a man. She was still squealing but was obviously not in any distress. Anthony had backed away, not wanting to be spotted and get into trouble.

14 years on and he was a little more experienced in sexuality, one of the better benefits of university. He had soon realised that his floppy brown hair, tall well-built frame and blue eyes were irresistible to his liberated female friends.

He had come to London three months ago in search of fortune, like all men and women of his age. He looked at the letter in his hands.

Thomas and Hall Marketing
38 Charlotte Street
Nw1 3DR

Dear Anthony,

Thank you for coming in to interview for the position of Marketing Assistant. I am pleased to say that you have been successful.

On his first day Anthony had arrived in what he thought of as smart casual attire. Brown ankle length shoes, chinos and a white shirt. He was embarrassed to find that his new colleagues dressed much more casually, making him stand out even more as the new boy.

Tanya was the office manager, a middle aged and overweight lady who wore colourful earrings beneath her long brown hair. She showed Anthony through the small office of Thomas and Hall. There was one main room populated by five female marketeers and two small offices in which the owners Pippa Thomas and John Hall worked.

He was also taken to the design room where four designers worked, all but one of them female. Anthony's eye was caught by a young woman at the back of the room. Tanya introduced her as Megan, who had started at the company only two days ago, also straight from university.

Megan had the blonde haired, blue eyed looks of a Scandinavian beauty, but the accent and laid back charm of a Sussex girl. Her delicate hands felt smooth and frail in Anthony's as they shook hands.

She was the type of woman that made a man constantly consider his appearance. Anthony was good looking and had an infectious smile. But, despite his successes at university, his was not an obvious beauty. He had to be studied until his masculine handsomeness made an impression. But once that had happened, his good looks became hard to ignore.

Towards the end of his one month probabtion period Anthony was called into John Hall's office. The time he had spent at the company had been pleasant and he was nervous about the meeting. He was surprised that it was John who had asked for him. The man, in his forties and showing some grey in his full, black head of hair, was extremely good at his job, but seemed to take a less dominant position than his partner Pippa.

"Come in Anthony, take a seat. We're really pleased with how you've been getting on here and would love to keep you on. However, there is something we didn't mention in your interview. Something which, if we had, we'd have likely got into trouble. It's Pippa's idea and she would like to be the one to tell you about it, so please wait while I get her."

He returned with Pippa. Pippa was also in her forties but with no signs of age in her deep red hair, nor on her pale creamy skin and most definitely not in her lively green eyes. Anthony had developed a small crush on her but nothing like the one he had on Megan.

"Hi Anthony, I understand John has said we'd like you to continue with us which I really hope you do. Before you answer I need to tell you how this office normally works. I got this idea a few years ago when I was doing a job for some feminist organisation. Some of their ideas were a bit wacky, but one stayed with me and I realised it was very sensible. A way to balance out the gender divide and to make women more confident in the workplace. In this office we ask that men work naked."

Pippa went on to explain how exactly this rule was carried out. If there was a meeting with a client the men were allowed to wear clothes, unless it was with women who knew and supported how the office was run.

No one was allowed to touch him, this was a strictly non-sexual arrangement. The office was kept slightly warmer than other offices and the men were expected to stay clean and trimmed. Finally, if Anthony decided to complain about this to any authority outside of the office, everyone here would deny all knowledge and he would be fired on the spot. After all, who would believe his story?

It was towards the end of a Friday afternoon. When Anthony went back into the main office he saw that Tanya had gathered the rest of the office together and had set out drinks. Everyone was chatting and trying not to look at him.

"Team, please join me in welcoming our two new colleagues - Megan and Anthony. Cheers!"

The office toasted the newcomers. Anthony noticed that the women were looking at him differently than they had before, almost as if they were assessing him. Megan simply avoided his eyes, she had obviously been told about how this office worked.

He hadn't yet agreed to the strange request and had been allowed to think about it over the weekend. But he knew he didn't have much choice. Anthony knew that the strong-headed, well connected Pippa could make his life difficult if he refused to do as she requested. Jobs were extremely scarce and he really did not want to join the long term unemployed, especially when he had found work at a company with a good reputation.

On more than one occasion on Saturday and Sunday Anthony stood assessing himself in the full length mirror. He was pleased with his body, his strong legs developed through many hours on a bicycle, fairly well defined abs and pecs thanks to regular crunches and push ups.

The one thing he made sure to do was to trim the unruly hair around his balls and penis. If he was going to be naked in front of his colleagues he wanted to look presentable. Although he was happy with the size and length of his manhood, cutting away some of the hair around it would help his confidence.

Monday morning soon came. Jay, the man who worked in the design office, met Anthony at the front door of the office. He suggested they go for a coffee.

"It really isn't that bad." he assured Anthony. "You'll soon find yourself not noticing. The only time you may is when you see John or myself, but we all work in seperate areas so that won't be too often."

"One other thing." They were now back outside the office. "Pippa likes to show she's in control. If you ever get over-confident she'll put you back in your place by slapping your ass or something. Don't worry though, you'll be fine and I'm always here if you need to talk."

Pippa was in a meeting in John's office and so invited Anthony to use hers to undress. The blinds in the door's window were closed. Anthony stripped. It felt very wrong being unclothed in such a normal office setting. The air conditioning felt cool on his bare skin, the thin, durable carpet slightly rough against his feet.

He gave himself a brief fondle to slightly swell his penis. His heart was racing as he gathered his clothes and opened the door. 'Oh god, this is crazy' he thought. His cock swung as he walked free from the constraints of clothing.

He was surprised at the reaction of his colleagues. He had expected them to at least try to act nonchalant but instead they looked unashamedly at his cock as he walked to his desk. He was glad to reach his own space which he considered some sort of sanctuary.

Although the women he worked with were all attractive he was most dreading appearing before Megan unclothed. He hoped desperately that he wouldn't get an erection. Fortunately he very rarely saw her during the day.

His first day as a naked worker passed quickly. He had managed to make it through without seeing Megan but still felt uncomfortable in his compromised state.

People were starting to leave the office, making sure to say goodbye to Anthony on the way out. Just before switching off his computer he received an email from Pippa inviting him to get dressed in her office.

"Feel free to use this as your changing room Anthony." she said, without taking her eyes from her computer. "How did it go? Honestly?"
"Honestly? A bit embarrassing. Everyone kept looking at me, you know?"

Pippa ran her eyes over him as she replied. "Well, you are an attractive man. But I hope it didn't affect your work."
"Oh no, I was able to work just fine. I still really enjoy working here."
"Good, I'm glad."

Anthony managed to avoid Megan until the end of the week. On Friday  one of the account managers, a petite mother of two called Kara, came over to his desk.

"Hi Anthony, you have a moment? I need you to go over some amends to this ad with Megan, is that OK?"

She watched as he walked away and into the design office. All eyes looked up as he entered, including Megan's. Jay gave him a nod then looked back down as Anthony continued over to Megan's desk.

"Oh, hi." She said. Anthony caught her glancing at his cock before she sheepishly shifted her gaze to his eyes.

They spent an hour working together. In normal circumstances Anthony would have been unconsciously flirting with this girl, but in his compromised state he was more demure. Megan was in control and it was she who was flirting with him.

Pippa was in her office as Anthony got dressed later that day. This time she paid full attention to the naked man, licking her lips without realising what she was doing. Outside in the main office the team was in a boisterous mood as they readied themselves for after work drinks.

Megan sought out the seat next to Anthony in the pub, disappointing his other female colleagues. Outside of the workplace they felt less restrained and weren't afraid of stroking his arm or brushing his thigh.

Anthony knew his place in the group and, after a couple of rum and cokes, let them enjoy his body. The women had been growing ever more sexually frustrated at having this gorgeous naked man amongst them all day every day and were now making up for their restraint.

Megan had always enjoyed and exploited her looks. She had experienced sex for the first time at the age of 15 with her friend of the same age. Finding men to satisfy her had never been a problem but, presented with a beautiful man like Anthony whom she had already seen naked, she now found herself the one grateful to be in his presence.

When Anthony announced he was heading home Megan accompanied him to the underground. She mistook his continued embarrassment as disinterest. However, tonighr she had drunk enough to be bold. She pulled back her long blonde hair, put a hand on his broad shoulders and whispered.

"You have a great body you know?"
"Thank you."
"It's fun seeing you naked in the office."
"I'm glad you're enjoying it."
"Don't you?"
"The others like to touch me a lot. It's fine, but, well..."
"You get a bit excited?"
"Uh huh."
"Wow, that's such a turn on."

They said nothing else to each other. Megan took his hand and guided him onto her train. She took him home and when they got in took off her skirt and knickers. She guided his mouth to her pussy.

As they made love she pinched his ass, stroked and fingered him. She made him hers.

But in the coming months she had to share him during the day with her colleagues who grew ever bolder in their groping. On the occasional Friday as Anthony dressed at the end of the day Pippa asked if she could suck him. He couldn't say no, nor did he want to.

The other two men in the office eventually found work elsewhere.

"I only wanted them naked to counter their testosterone driven ambition." Explained Pippa. "You, on the other hand, you're smart, professional and good to look at."

Pippa kept Anthony, now the only male in the office, as a perk for her other workers.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Hmm, how best to explain this? Well, I'll start by telling you a little bit about her (not too much - she wishes to remain anonymous). 

She and I once worked together, but that was a while ago now. On one my last weeks at work we went out to a social event together. We got drunk, talked about things colleagues don't usually talk about (for example, do you like looking at your naked body in a mirror?)

My gorgeous favourite lady and wife G knows all about her. It was in fact G who suggested I hook up with her as an occasional fuck buddy. G has had more sex experience than me and wants me to catch up. She really does. Great huh?

I meet my fuck buddy very rarely, just a few times a year. She has dark black hair, curvy body and is a few years older than me. G has drawn up an agreement for me, my FB and whomever else may want me in future. 

Here it is:

1. C is my husband, he will always be mine and is being loaned to you for a brief period only because I am allowing it.
2. He is being given to you in a clean state, please return him in this way.
3. No bites, scratches or other marks.
4. If you see him more than twice I first need to meet you. Maybe we can all have fun together.
5. No anal sex.
6. Once again, he is mine and this is only a loan. Please enjoy responsibly.

G also requires me to provide a full description of whoever wants me, as well as a picture. She has banned ugly girls, anyone under 20 or over 50. At times I feel the luckiest man alive...

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Erotic art

Yesterday we went to our first erotic art exhibition, and both really enjoyed it. Whenever I become rich (any day now, surely?) I shall furnish my luxury apartment with images of gorgeous models in various nude poses.

G came away from the exhibition suggesting we find a photographer to take artistic nude photos of us. If anyone can recommend one, please let me know.

Here are our favourite pictures from the day, the first two are G's favourites.
Mick Payton: Belonging
Mick Payton: Always remember your first
Mick Payton: Adorable
Mick Payton: Arrow of Adonis
Stephen Perry: (unknown)
Stephen Perry: Sphere

Igor Vasiliadis: Clumba and Maria in Hong Kong No 2

This last one is my no 1: I like the situation, I like the casual nudity and I like thinking what has already happened and what is about to happen. Sphere is also a beautiful picture and I love how Mick Payton presents the human form. 

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Splitting personalities

At times I feel incredibly dominant. If G is happy to submit, she strips naked for me and stays that way all evening, coming to me when called for the occasional fondle. I'll tie her to the bed, then satisfy my cravings with her. Touching, fingering, penetrating.

At other times I am overwhelmingly submissive. I will have a bath and shower then go and find G whilst wearing her favourite boxer shorts. She doesn't need much tempting to take control. Soon her hands will be all over me and I'll be told to get naked. She'll either then take me in her mouth or get me to straddle her whilst she fingers my ass.

In the BDSM community you can be dom, sub or switch. Switch is where you are dom one day, then maybe sub the next. I believe that the sort of person you become when you are dom or sub should be so consuming that you should always present yourself in the same way. If someone saw you with a girl on a leash one day, it would be incongruous to see you being fucked with a strap on the next.

I have therefore decided to split personlaities, to become two different people presenting myself in two different ways to two different sets of people. I live my life as a sub and I live my life as a dom.

Of course my sex life won't all be about BDSM. I want to continue exploring other sexual adventures too. The only place where I'll talk about all aspects of this life will be here on this blog.