Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The parcel

When Anne had applied for the role of receptionist at the local gym she was at a particularly low point in her life. She had been divorced for several years and her only contact with men had been the occasional brief date that inevitably ended with awkward farewells and false promises of staying in touch.

At 52 years of age Anne had gathered about her enough assets and creature comforts to afford a life of stress-free coasting. After years of being a housewife she had found herself alone with good qualifications but too many years out of date. The new, part-time job was intended to distract her from her misery.

The first few weeks at the gym kept her mind occupied, as well as a little dulled by the mundanity of her tasks and nonsense chatter from the other, younger, bubbly receptionist who, through a mouthful of gum, had introduced herself as Teri.

It was with no small degree of relief to Anne that Teri announced her resignation. She was off to challenge her brain at university. Before Teri left she talked Anne through some of the jobs that would be handed over. The jobs ranged from the unsavoury (wiping clean the cycle machine seats) to the strangely arousing (clearing the locker rooms of discarded towels.)

Teri was insistent on one particular aspect of this latter task; always knock before entering. She did, however, add a wink after that particular instruction.

Anne began to enjoy her new tasks. Cleaning the cycle machines gave her the excuse to ogle the fit, muscley men's bottoms. Going through the locker rooms gave her the thrill of seeing those same gorgeous men wrapped just in towels.

One day Anne was distracted by some particularly tight, lycra-bound buttocks heading into the locker room, mesmerised by what looked like two black balloons rubbing against each other. The buttocks stopped moving and she realised she was in the men's changing room. She hadn't knocked.

Wide eyed and open mouthed she took in the delights before her. Firm, naked bums and a small range of cocks all on display. Only a couple of men covered up in shame, the rest carried on as if she wasn't there.

Anne collected a few discarded towels, pretending she had deliberately walked in and had a legitimate reason to be there. After stealing a few more glances at the wondrous flesh on display she exited.

A little later she shyly stared at the computer screen as the men started to drift out. 

"I was wondering how long it would be before we had another towel lady."

Anne looked up into the brown eyes of the handsome man who made this comment.

"Oh, yes. You didn't mind?"
"No, of course not."
"Great, I mean good, OK."
"I'll see you tomorrow." He said as he turned to walk away.

Over the following weeks Anne kept returning to the men's changing room, without bothering to knock first. She got to know some of the men and associated them all with their naked bodies. There was Grant, who was medium height, with very strong legs and thick cock. Isaac, dark haired, slim with a gorgeous circumcised penis. 

And Wes. The man who had spoken with her at reception. She loved watching Wes soaping up in the shower, the suds slipping between butt cheeks so hard they appeared to vibrate when he walked. Best of all, though, was his penis; not too long with a good handful in girth. 

She grew ever bolder in her visits until eventually she sat chatting with the men whilst taking in the view. She imagined what it would be like touching them, holding them, but knew this would be taking things too far.

Every time she made her illicit visits she felt her pulse bubble through her veins. Without realising she licked her lips. Predictably her knickers were soaked by her excitement. 

She had never before realised how beautiful men's bodies could be. So firm. Smooth muscles and solid, perfectly curved buttocks. Before she hadn't been a fan of how penises looked but amongst her own secret stud farm she noticed a few that seemed perfectly moulded. Long, unblemished members that hung as sublime finishing touches to these statuesque hunks.

There were a few of these sumptuous studs with whom she had regular friendly chats. They tended to be the ones without wedding rings. She wondered if they were chatting her up, but she had in no way enough confidence to pursue them.

After one post-work session her favourite stud, Wes, came over to wish Anne goodnight. They conversed briefly, mainly about Anne's difficulty in organising her friend's hen party. Her friend wanted to keep it small, just three ladies in total, which made hiring a venue pointless.

"How about a girls night in, maybe with a stripper?" Suggested Wes.
"I thought about that but it seems a bit tame. We were thinking of something a bit more exciting."
"Well I'm out of ideas but if I can be of help let me know."

As Anne watched Wes walk away a thought struck her. She licked her lips.

Gathered in Anne's living room were her two close friends. It was the night of the hen party and all three had imbibed two cocktails each and were moving on to bawdy jokes. 

The bride-to-be, Amanda, was in her early forties and wore clothes typically worn by girls half her age. She looked great, and had the sparkling eyes, pretty face and smooth complexion to get away with wearing what she liked.

Similar in age to Anne, Jill had given up on men and makeup. Sex for her involved a range of vibrators and occasional online pornography. 

All three ladies turned their heads on hearing three knocks on the door. Anne led Wes in. He kissed them all on the cheek before being taken into the bedroom.

Anne pointed at the jockstrap, thong and tiny, lycra shorts on the bed. She then slapped his ass and left him to it.

He returned to the living room wearing the three layers of underwear. Anne turned on a piece of prepared music and the three ladies started passing Wes between them. The music stopped in random places. Whenever it did so, whomever had Wes in her hands was allowed to peel away a layer of his underwear.

Anne and Jill had both had their turns. The music stopped at Amanda's turn. She took a moment to take in Wes's beautiful jockstrap-clad ass. She then slowly unrolled it over his muscular cheeks and down his legs.

He was naked. Anne was the first to reach up and stroke his ass. Jill soon joined in then Amanda. Anne gently turned the man around until his smooth cock was in their faces. 

"Show him your skills Amanda" Screechd Jill.
"No! Can I?" Amanda replied. She was looking at Wes but Anne answered for her.
"Of course you can!"

Amanda gently took Wes in her hand and began slowly masturbating him. As he began to harden she licked him. He hardened faster. Her tongue ran from shaft to tip and flicked at the small hole there.

"Please can we give her her present now? Please please please?" Said Jill.
"Yes, let's do it." Said Anne who hadn't stopped staring at Wes's gorgeous cock.

The two older ladies handed Amanda a long box. Amanda unwrapped it then gasped and giggled when she saw what was inside. She withdrew a glass dildo and some lube.

"He's clean, don't worry about that. Now if your future husband lets you do this I think you're in for a long, happy marriage."

Both Jill and Amanda were giggling. They eagerly watched as Wes obeyed Anne's instructions to turn around and bend over. He rested his shoulders on a table and used his hands to spread those strong cheeks.

Amanda stood and went to his rear. After being joined by the other two she squirted some lube on Wes's beckoning hole. It felt cold and wet on his most sensitive spot.

Jill noticed that he was going soft and so kneeled down to take him in her mouth. Meanwhile Anne was lubing up her finger. She circled Wes's ass then slipped a digit inside. She revelled in the warm, soft feel of him and the ultimate intimacy she was being allowed. She pulled out to allow her friend to careful penetrate the man with the dildo.

They all watched entranced as his ass consumed the glass rod. It slid in deeper and deeper. Jill resumed slurping and sucking at his cock whilst Anna and Amanda entertained themselves with his ass.

Amanda let go of the dildo to go and kiss Wes deeply on the lips, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. Anne meanwhile continued to fuck his ass with the dildo. She then copied Amanda and amused herself with Wes's mouth when the other lady was done.

Anne wanted this stunning man in her mouth and so nudged Jill out of the way to get a taste of his cock. Jill kissed Wes and he tasted his own pre cum on her lips.

"Do you want his cum? I think he's ready." Anne offered the cock to Amanda who grinned widely and took her place orally tugging at the divine rod and dangling balls. 

Jill was squeezing Wes's ass, pulling the cheeks apart for Anne to tongue him deeply. He moaned and bucked and released a warm load of juicy cum into Amanda's grateful maw.

When the frenzy died down Anne told Wes to stand. The ladies took it in turn to kiss him and squeeze his cock before he was allowed to dress. 

After he had departed Amanda thanked her two friends profusely. Already Anne was thinking of another reason to have Wes around to perform again.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Time to admire

Every now and then we like to put aside time to turn up the heating and strip. Occasionally we take it in turns to get undressed and during such times just sit back and admire the other's body.

G gets a kick from teasing me. Sometimes she makes me stand naked so that she can watch me get erect by simply admiring her form. This picture shows one occasion on which I remained clothed, sat back and enjoyed the show. I could gaze at her all day long.

It takes effort to resist the urge to run my hands all over her, but when I (or she) finally allows it happen the prolonged anticipation makes the feel of her body all the more enjoyable.

Sinful Sunday