Sunday, 19 August 2012

Skinny dipping

This heat has awakened in me a memory of the times we went skinny dipping. We have a photo of me at just such a time on a beach somewhere in South East Asia.

We had the image printed on canvas and this is it hanging on our wall for all our friends to see. Needless to say they don't know I'm naked in it...

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Sinful Sunday

Thursday, 9 August 2012


In a quiet part of the Surrey countryside there grew a large pine forest. Amidst this sylvan wilderness a group of friends had met.

The friends were all graduates from the same university. It was at university that they had first come together, ten years ago. There were five Britons, two American men, two Italian women and a Frenchman.

Dressed in fatigues and wearing goggles, they each held in their hands a paintball gun. Having split into two groups, the five Britons in the blue versus the others in red, they spread out into the wind tousled trees.

Kelly was one of two girls in the blue team. Her blonde hair was tied into a tight ponytail, her large breasts restrained by a sports bra. She felt she had to prove herself in this macho pursuit and so was taking it seriously. For the past few weeks she had trained relentlessly to get herself in shape. She admitted to her teammate Sian that she wanted to play in her bikini to show off her toned body.

Sian was not jealous of her friend's body for she herself had a physique to be proud of. She in fact made Kelly seem reserved, having unashamedly stripped to her skimpy underwear in front of the others to don the green and olive protective clothing.

This was a close group. Kelly, Sian and the two Italians Ellie and Alessia had each slept with more than one of their choice selection of male friends. Sian had boasted of fucking one from each nation. Cock shapes and sizes had, of course, been topics of conversation on more than one girly weekend away.

The soft chatter of paintball guns told Kelly that the game had started. She ran for a clump of bushes and lay next to her teammate, Jon.

Kelly liked Jon a lot. He was one of the few who hadn't had sex with any of the girls and so remained something of a mystery. Not that any of them hadn't tried, especially Sian, for Jon had the most compelling blue/green eyes you'll ever see.

His eyes almost distracted from his silky light brown hair and high cheekbones. They definitely didn't distract from his very strong legs and slim torso.

Crawling out of the bush the two edged forward. They were tasked with capturing the red team's base. Kelly saw a movement ahead and shot Seb, the Frenchman. Seb had a strange, but usually great sense of humour. Today he had brought with him a butt plug because he promised to "Fuck you Brits in the ass." He shook it at them in mock anger before trudging off.

They both stood then heard a rustle behind them. The Italians were raising their guns. Kelly and Jon sprinted off in different directions, dodging a shower of paint-filled bullets.

Kelly slammed through a thorn bush which punctured her clothing with spiky needles. She gasped but carried on, having seen the red team's base ahead.

From behind a tree she watched as Seb went into the hut to serve his penalty time. All was quiet. All she had to do was dash inside, retrieve the red flag and return to her base.

She sprinted across open ground and burst through the door. She quickly and quietly closed it behind her. A second door was open at the back. Seb must be out there, probably taking a pee.

She took a moment to look out the window. She was all alone. There were a few thorns sticking out of her fatigues. She decided to take off her top and see what damage had been done.

Apart from a few spots of blood there was no other injury. Turning around to retrieve the flag she stopped and saw Seb in the doorway.

"Aww, I thought you were gonna do a whole strip for me." He said in his mild French accent.
"Sorry, this is all you're getting."

Seb grabbed her top from the bench and threw it out the door.

"Maybe I should keep you here as captive."
"You can try but I don't mind running from here with my tits out." Laughed Kelly.

At that moment AJ, one of the Americans, and Alessia entered.

"Oh shit." Uttered Kelly.
"I wouldn't worry Kel," said Alessia, "you're team are starting to surround us."
"Appreciate you waiting here with your top off though." Quipped AJ.
"Well, if we're going down I want a last piece of action with our captive here." Said Seb.

He advanced on Kelly, brandishing the butt plug. Kelly couldn't help the grin on her face. Seb could easily have been a model with his looks, so she was happy to act a bit slutty like her friend Sian for once.

Seb turned Kelly around and ran his hands down her back.

"Ooo, you naughty Frenchman, what're you going to do with me?" Kelly said in a teasingly girlish voice.
"Well, as team captain, I'm going to ask my teammate Alessia here to come and kiss you."
"Kiss me?"
"Yes. A big, wet kiss on the lips."
"I'm sorry, Kel, but I have to do as he says." Alessia slyly uttered.

Seb took one of Kelly's arms, AJ the other. Alessia put her hand on the other girl's bare waist and slowly leaned in. She opened her mouth a little, closed her eyes and inched forward. Kelly watched Alessia's thick lips draw close. If this was to be her first kiss with a woman then she couldn't think of anyone more gorgeous than the one in front of her.

The two boys watched closely as the two girls' lips met. This wasn't a quick peck though. Flicks of tongue could be seen as the two passionately kissed. Alessia even emitted a few low moans.

Taking advantage of Kelly being distracted, AJ discreetly undid Kelly's trousers whilst Seb unclasped her bra. Kelly only became aware again of the two men when they tightened ropes around her wrists.

"Hey, what are you..."

The ropes were tied to the ceiling, Kelly's bra fell away revealing her full breasts and very erect nipples.

"I think I should go and support Ellie." Said Alessia, drawing a finger over her friend's breasts before walking out of the hut.

AJ was sliding Kelly's trousers over her long legs. She was now wearing only her boots and a lacy black thong.

"Oh that's very nice." Said AJ.

Seb gently caressed her breasts, occasionally giving them a hard squeeze. His long fingers traced her spine from her neck to her thong, which he took hold of and continued the downward movement. She was now completely naked, her pussy wet with anticipation.

AJ knelt in front of her as if he was worshipping her amazing body. He leaned in and began lapping his big tongue against her bare clit. The slow, sloppy slurps aroused her intensely.

The other man meanwhile was busying himself with her ass. His index finger gently entered her anus and proceeded to fondle her most private part. When she looked down she could see erections tightening against their clothes, and it made her so horny knowing it was her body that had caused this.

Being naked in such a strange environment intensified her senses. The damp, musky air on her skin, the wet sound of AJ's greedy mouth on her pussy, the salty taste of Seb's fingers before he plunged them into her orifices.

The Frenchman's hot breath was on her neck. She turned her head to kiss him long and hard. His finger had been replaced with his butt plug which he had slowly slid deep inside her. It gave her the most satisfying feeling of fullness and utter helplessness. A shout interrupted the frenzy.

"Guys, come quick, I've lost the others and Jon's coming."

It was Alessia. The two men stopped what they were doing with Kelly, grabbed their guns and ran out the door. Kelly yelled after them.

"Don't just fucking leave me here like this!"

She struggled against her bonds but couldn't break free. She felt very exposed, tied up naked in the damp, dirty hut. Closing her eyes she could still feel AJ tonguing her engorged pussy, could still feel Seb's finger inside of her. The butt plug was still safely nestled in her ass.

A small creak behind her caused her to quickly turn in that direction. It was Jon, who had come through the back door.

"Oh wow." He said, his eyes all over her naked flesh.
"Been having fun?" He asked with a grin.
"Jon, thank god. Can you free me?"

He didn't respond, instead he continued to stare at her quivering breasts, her perfect ass and juicy pussy.

"Jon!" She hissed, "Please untie me."

This time he obeyed. He quickly loosened the ropes, his arm brushing her tits. She reached around to extract the butt plug but before she could Jon whispered urgently.

"They're coming back. We're going now!"

He grabbed her hand and the red flag and pulled them into the woods. They ran as quietly as they could through the trees. The plug was small enough not to cause Kelly too much discomfort as she ran, but large enough to stay safely secreted inside.

They continued to run for several minutes until they came to a patch of nettles.

Without speaking Jon turned to Kelly and hoisted her into his arms to carry her over the hazard. She shrank into his strong body then faced him when he set her back down.

"Thank you." She said, looking deep into his eyes. "You saved me."
"How could I leave such a beautiful damsel in distress?"

She raised herself onto tiptoes to kiss him quickly on the lips. Instead of continuing to run they remained looking at each other. They were alone, all sounds of battle far away.

Jon put his arms behind her naked back to pull her in for a long, hot kiss that set off a tingling sensation coursing through their bodies.

Kelly took a step back and stood naked before Jon.

He walked forward and ever so gently traced his big hands over her breasts and then down over her stomach to the glistening slit between her legs.

Kelly turned around and bent over, exposing her plugged ass to him. His thick fingers took hold of the plastic and he watched mesmerised as he pulled it out, causing her soft pink ring to stretch and then contract around it's shape. A slight breeze blew cold against her exposed hole.

"My saviour." Whispered Kelly, turning back to face him.

He spread the red flag on the ground and then lay his jacket on top. Kelly reclined on it, waiting to reward her hero with her body.

Jon pulled off his vest, revealing pronounced pecs lightly covered in hair. He removed his trousers, displaying tight white boxers bursting with his full penis. Kelly held her breath as he uncovered a thick cock, not too long but definitely not small. It was so smooth and ever so slightly curved. It was perfect.

He covered her bare body with warm kisses, starting from her neck, running over her breasts and nipples and down to her thighs. He licked his way back up to her vulva which he kissed and briefly tongued, teasing her swollen clit.

Kelly spread her legs and held them back, with her hands clutching behind her knees, giving Jon the choice of her pussy or ass. He chose the former, delicately sliding his cock, which by now was positively vibrating with excitement, deep into her luscious passage.

His thrusts started slowly but Kelly was fast being brought to orgasm.

"Hurry Jon, I want you to cum with me."
"I want to enjoy this as long as I can."
"You're my rescuer, you can have me whenever you want."

Jon groaned in pleasure at this thought, his fleshy sword growing bigger, harder, doubling Kelly's pleasure. He put his hands behind her back, lifted her up and twisted around so that he was now beneath her.

She gazed up at the fine old English oak above them, covered in it's skin of bark. She felt so sensuous being naked in nature. Her eyes then took in her hero, a fine young English man with flawless skin covered in a thin sheen of sweat.

As she rode his upright member his hands greedily fondled her tits before moving to her tight butt. She moved faster and faster, close to orgasm and suddenly he felt his creamy juices course through his aching cock.

He sneaked a finger into her ass as they both cried in ecstasy. Kelly writhed on for almost a minute more until she was at last entirely spent.

Jon dressed, handing Kelly the flag to use as a skirt and his jacket to cover her breasts. They walked hand in hand to their base, unnoticed by the others who were engaged in battle.

Slowly their friends realised that the blue team had won and came back to Kelly and Jon.

"Kelly! What happened to you?" Asked Sian.
"Winning, and having some fun along the way."
"You may have won, but we still fucked your ass. How did you get away?" Said Seb.
"My knight in shining armour extracted me." She replied, winking at Jon before tossing the butt plug, still warm from her body, at Seb.