Sunday, 2 September 2012

Anal sex

In the earlier years of our relationship we experimented a lot with our bodies. We still do now, it's just that we've found a number of favourite ways to get maximum enjoyment.

One of the activities that fell by the wayside was anal sex. We both enjoyed it. G got a huge kick from my cock filling her ass whilst I stroked her clit. I got a thrill from the feeling of tightness and the sheer intimacy of it.

However, it didn't compare to vaginal sex. The muscle walls in G's pussy caress my cock from base to tip and she gets wet - something that excites me and, of course, helps when I'm particularly hard. G can orgasm very fast from vaginal sex and she gets a much greater kick out of it than anal.

It was fun filling her ass with my cum, but now anal play is restricted to fingers and toys (for both of us). That said, we haven't tried it in a while...maybe it's time again...