Friday, 5 October 2012


There are parts of the New Forest in Hampshire that are frequented by witches who wish to practise the darks arts of Black Magic in seclusion.

Abby and Joe were a couple in their early thirties who had escaped the city for the weekend for some adventure. They had come to the New Forest and strapped to their backs was a bundle of camping equipment and clothes. It was a hot weekend, very hot.

Because they were tracing quiet paths through remote parts of the forest Abby was happy to strip off to her bra. Beads of sweat tickled her cleavage, her breasts bouncing as she marched. Her slim midriff glistened with the effort of hiking in the heat.

Joe had also removed his t-shirt, distracting his girlfriend with his strong body. It was so quiet in the woods, only the occasional bird call punctuating the silence.

Towards the end of the day they decided to stop and set up camp. They had just passed by a few trees that had some broken mirror and various other items dangling from the branches, and now came to the banks of a stream.

The remains of a small bonfire indicated that others had stayed here previously. Someone had constructed a strange X-shaped bench, about waist high, from smooth planks. They decided it was for sitting on, melting marshmallows in the fire.

Having erected the tent and knowing that they were some way from civilisation the couple stripped naked and stepped into the cool waters of the stream.

They threw water at each other then, wet and cooler, they held each other and kissed as ripples of water gurgled just below their thighs. Joe started to grow hard and Abby couldn't resist taking hold of him. His seven inch cock completed the look of this powerful creature. She slapped his firm butt and made him watch her unblemished peachy ass as she climbed onto the bank to dry off.


Later in the evening, having enjoyed a surprisingly delicious camp meal, they snuggled up outside the tent before a small fire. It was a comfortably warm evening and all around the forest was silent.

Out in the silence they heard footsteps. The faint glow of a distant torch grew stronger as it approached their position. From the gloomy trees emerged another camper, a young woman in her mid-twenties with long wavy brown hair tucked in behind a small rucksack.

"Hi, good evening." Said Abby, somewhat startled.
"Good evening. This is a lovely spot, isn't it?" Replied the stranger. She had a high, whispery voice and an elfin grin when she spoke.
"Great for rough camping, and plenty of space too." Joe chimed in.
"I'm Hattie." She shook their hands as they introduced themselves.

To the couple's surprise Hattie didn't unpack a tent but instead pulled out a blanket on which she sat and crossed her long legs. She had on a long and loose black skirt and a tight fitting brown t-short which (Joe couldn't help but notice) stretched across breasts much larger than would be expected on someone with a body as small as hers.

From her rucksack Hattie produced a plastic glass and a bottle of something. After eating a brief meal of bread and cheese she poured out a clear liquid. She drank it down quickly then wiped her hand across her mouth.

"Oh, where are my manners? Would you like some?" She asked, remembering that Joe and Abby were in her presence.
"What is it?" Asked Abby, shuffling over.
"Apple schnapps. Strong, but delicious. Here, try a bit."

Abby knocked back the liquor then coughed and laughed.

"Christ, that's bloody strong!" She exclaimed.
"Here, Joe. Have some." With a glint in her dark eyes Hattie handed the glass to Joe.


The fire was...much larger. And, and there were people standing around it. Wha...what were they saying? Where's...where is, er...

It's dark. Now completely dark. Just sounds, the faint hush of a light breeze playing on the leaves. Voices, female voices. Happy, excited.


Something is tied around me, I can feel it restraining my wrists, ankles and waist. I can see now, it's rope. My shirt is gone and it looks as though I'm only wearing my boxers. Yes, I can feel the rough bark of the tree to which I'm tied on my bare legs.

What the fuck is going on? OK, try not to panic. Deep breaths. There's Abby. Oh, thank god, she looks alright. She's sitting on Hattie's rug and looks kind of...mellow. There's definitely something strange about her.

What happened? We were outside our tent then that girl came along.  Hattie! She gave us something to drink and then...that weird dream.

Looking to my right I can see them. It wasn't a dream. The fire's there and around it are four, no five women. They're chanting something, I can't hear. Where are my clothes? I try and struggle free but it's impossible.

"Abby! Hey! Abby!" I'm talking in a loud whisper but I know she can hear me. Still, though, she just sits there with that distant look upon her face. I've had enough.

"Oy! Come over here! Get me out of all this." I shout to the women.

They stop immediately and look over at me. Shit, I'm suddenly very scared. Hattie is the first to break away and walk towards me.

"Good, he's awake."
"Hattie, what is this?"

The rest of the group join her. They're standing a couple of feet in front of me making no attempt to help, just looking me over. I feel extremely self conscious. 

Hattie is the youngest of the group. The oldest is maybe around 45. They are all dressed in the same dark clothing but there the similarities end. 

One of them, a thin, short haired woman several years older than Hattie stepped forward. She said her name was Flo.

"Do not be afraid. We aren't going to hurt you. We need you, we need a male."

The others broke into a chant, repeating her last word. "Male, male, male, male."

"You are the Earth's strength, in you is contained her seed. You are our offering."

From beside her a tall woman, pretty and blonde-haired stepped forward. She tied a rope around my waist then attached a collar around my neck. To this a long leash was fastened. Another of the group loosened the other ropes.

I was pulled forward by the rope around my waist. Flo produced a large knife. Shit, they're going to stab me! I have to get away. But as much as I struggled there was nothing I could do. They had me held firm by the ropes and leash.

I had to just watch as Flo walked behind me. From the corner of my eye I saw her lower the knife. This was it. I could no longer see what was happening but felt something press against my underwear. She was cutting away my shorts, making a slit up the cleft of my buttocks.

Once she had finished the shreds of my boxers fell away. I was now entirely naked. Their strange chant began again. "Male, male, male, male." For a few minutes they did nothing but stare. 

OK, so they probably weren't going to hurt me. Should I be enjoying this? Five women all enjoying my naked body - it's the stuff of fantasies. But no, it all still seemed so strange. I then remembered the walk to camp. Those things strung up in the branches. Of course, they had to be. Witches.

Despite this fantastical situation I felt very self conscious. To be unclothed and the focus of all this attention made me feel extremely uncomfortable. I'm proud of my body, I keep myself trim and down there is, well it's not huge but it's certainly nothing to be shy about.

As I was starting to have these thoughts one of the women took hold of my penis. Despite being in a flaccid state she was able to take a good handful. I looked at her face, trying to anticipate what she had planned for me. 

She looked happy and at peace. Her blue eyes, framed by long, straight, jet black hair had a youthful appearance. I guessed her age to be not quite forty. All of my bonds except those around my waist and neck were removed. With a firm, but gentle grip on my cock the woman led me to the stream. 

I knew it was futile to resist. The other four still had hold of the other ropes. I was pulled into the water. It was freezing and therefore all the more shocking when the witches proceeded to splash water over me.

"You are now cleansed." Said Flo, once the splashing had stopped.

I was led out of the stream to the X bench. I now noticed that ropes had been fastened to the four tips. Hattie gently prodded me in the back. "Lie on your front."

Turning to look at them all I decided to comply. What else could I do? Although I could no longer see the knife, they all seemed to be in a benevolent mood and I didn't want to do anything to change that. Abby was still sitting there motionless and seemingly unwilling, or unable, to help.

Lying face down on the cross each arm and leg were tied to a strut. My butt felt very exposed. I watched as one of the women, one of the witches, picked up a freshly cut bushel of twigs. She held them in the bonfire which caused them to blacken and hiss. They were too green to catch fire immediately and she withdrew them before they could.

She handed out half to Flo. With those that she still held she began lightly stroking my body. That chant began again and the witch started whipping the twigs against my bare flesh, harder and harder. It caused a brief burning sensation each time they struck.

Flo held the other twigs over my back. From them dripped hot sap which made me jump at the sting each time they spattered on me. These people had said that they weren't going to hurt me but...well, actually, although the thrashing twigs and burning sap caused me pain, at the same time it was immensely pleasurable.

Once they were finished whipping me I was untied from the cross and, with someone at either end of the rope around my waist, one pulling at my leash and another tugging at my cock, was taken back to the stream.

The cool waters eased the burning. The relief felt almost erotic. I sat down and spread my legs, beginning to enjoy the flow of the stream against my genitals and ass. But then I received a tug on my leash and I was led back to the cross.

This time I was tied face up. Abby had drifted over. She didn't take her eyes off of my penis. The older witch began running her hands over me and, whilst the others watched leaned over and took my cock in her mouth.

She licked and sucked and, as much as I wanted to retain some control over my own body, I couldn't stop my erection. When she had made me as big and hard as I could get she pulled away. Hattie had in her hand a band made of what looked like a thin green root. She slipped it over my erection and slid it down, pulling my balls through. It felt very soft against my skin.

A bench was slid under the cross. Abby stood on this then reached under her skirt and slid down her knickers. Whilst this was happening the witches were each licking and sucking my cock. Abby lifted a leg over me and then eased herself down onto my erection.

I was slick with the saliva of the other women, and Abby felt as though she'd been getting very excited. She rocked her hips and had sex with me, my cock deep within her.

For an hour she grinded away. Hattie, Flo and the rest chanted whilst stroking me. Their hands were everywhere, running from my feet to my neck, occasionally squeezing my balls or tracing circles around my anus and slipping a finger through the aperture.

The chanting stopped and I felt Abby tense. She worked harder and harder until she arched her back and reached a screaming orgasm that lasted much longer than usual. 

I was stimulated but no way near ready to cum. I had been sucked and fucked but I remained hard, when on any other occasion I would have climaxed ages ago. What had they done to me? Abby returned to the blanket where she lay in blissful peace. 

The witches came to my cock and took it in turns to lick Abby's juices from me. Five hungry mouths with silky lips devouring me, making sounds akin to one consuming a juicy plum. They then took it in turns to hitch up their skirts and ride me.

Each of them reached orgasm within minutes. I remained hard but otherwise unaffected. I have, before now, had sex with two other women apart from Abby, but never in quick succession like this. It was amazing to experience how different each woman's pussy felt from one another. Some tight, some very wet, some with amazing control of their muscles.

Once they had finished pleasuring themselves on me, three wooden cups were produced along with a thick stick, smooth and polished. Hattie smeared the shiny tip with some sort of creamy poultice. As one of the women took hold of my erection Hattie carefully slid the stick inside me.

At once I felt intense pleasure. For ten minutes I was masturbated and fucked in the ass. The stick provoked a sensation I had never felt before: fullness and intense awareness of the nerves at the tip of my cock.

Hattie had now taken over pleasuring my cock with her hands. The thrusts of the stick came faster and faster and...oh, oh here it is, I have no control, my body belongs entirely to the witches and I give myself up as a wave of ecstasy overtakes me. I cum hard. 

But this is different to when I've cum before, for it lasts for at least a minute. Over 60 seconds of orgasm, during which time a rapid succession of my hot juices spurted high into the night air.

I felt so out of control, so happy. Three of the women caught my cum in the cups. When it was over they began chanting. One of the women put a cup to her mouth and began drinking. She licked her lips and looked at me before resuming her consumption of my thick cream.

Two other women took the other cups, one to the river, the other to the fire. As they poured the contents into them my world turned hazy then black.


Abby and Joe were woken by the warm sun on their tent. They looked at each other and both described the exact same strange dream. Joe climbed out of the tent and looked at the remains of a bonfire, smouldering away.

They packed up their things and, feeling extremely content and at one with Nature, started walking out from the campground. On their way they passed a thick stick, smooth and polished.

Abby tightened the grip on Joe's hand, looked into his face and smiled. "We should come here again."