Sunday, 18 November 2012

Her man in bondage

He walked past her window every day, 7pm and always wheeling his bike. His cycle jersey unzipped to reveal his chest, glistening from exertion. His bulging thighs encased in tight Lycra. And, oh, his gorgeous masterpiece of a butt.

Penny lived two doors down from this man, Lee, and at 46 was almost 15 years his senior. She liked nothing more than to return home from work, pour a glass of wine then wait for him to amble along. She only wished he lived closer, but here on the edge of the countryside, houses were at least a five minute walk apart. No chance of peaking through windows here.

Her ex-husband had left her several years ago, but he'd also left her with a lot of money. The house was huge, more of a mansion, and much too large for her. But she enjoyed filling it with friends and parties. Her girl friends spoke openly of their jealousy, not over her wealth, but over her living so close to such a beautiful man.

At night Penny often lay naked in bed, touching herself. As her fingers danced over her clit with increasing rapidity she envisaged him undressing, now naked, now running his large hands over her body. Afterwards she would contrive  ways in which to make this fantasy a reality. But she knew it would never happen. She had barely ever spoken with the man.


Lee's time at the house was almost up. Mrs Shaw, the owner, was a friend of a friend who appreciated having someone to help her out. Lee filled that role and received free accommodation in return. He loved the old woman. At 86 she maintained a wicked sense of humour and sharp wit, but her greedy family wanted her out and in a home so that they could move in.

He had for many years enjoyed a transient life, drifting from one place to the next. Unfortunately, though, his imminent homelessness coincided with the approach of the end of his contract at the nearby garden centre. For once, his life of freedom was tinged with an unwelcome lack of certainty.

Penny learned of Lee's predicament through Mrs Shaw. "Damn", she thought, "he's going to leave and I never got to see him naked". She knew it was pathetic but he provided one of the few highlights of her week.

Her friends came around for their regular Thursday night gathering. Wielding a recent clit lit bestseller, red-headed and under- sexed lawyer Gina was the first to broach the inevitable debate on good versus bad erotica. Penny's friends surprised her with their x-rated views.

The group agreed strongly on one thing: they detested how women were always depicted as being so weak in porn. They were always being spanked, or fucking older men, or having cash thrown at them to get their tits out. Just for once they wanted the tables to be turned.

Penny went to bed horny, and with a devilish plan twisting through her mind.

The nursing home ambulance came to collect Mrs Shaw first thing in the morning. That afternoon her family had already started moving her things out. Lee came back from his last day at work to find a note informing him he had 24 hours to vacate the premises.

When the following day arrived Lee tried and failed to find a way out of this mess. A knock on the door sounded shortly after lunch.

Penny had decided to be bold.

"I hear you're in a spot of bother" She said after exchanging pleasantries.
"Yes, a lot."
"I may be able to help."
"Oh, really? How?"

She now decided to be very bold.

"I want to buy you."


After laying out her idea she left Lee to think things through. He had a contract in front of him, but he knew it wasn't legally binding. Still, it was the best offer he had, albeit totally out of the ordinary.

He thought of Penny. She was an OK looking woman with shoulder length black hair showing no signs of grey and a petite body. He looked at the contract again.

Two years in which he belonged entirely to her and had to submit to her every whim. She didn't hold back in describing what this could mean. "If I want you naked you will be naked." she had said, "I am buying you as my slave and as my toy."

Lee went to bed with his head in turmoil. Two years seemed such a long time to be in bondage, but on top of being being given food and accommodation, he would receive a large bonus when the time was up. It was a strange and disconcerting situation, but could this in fact be a good choice?


Penny thought that she would never see Lee again. He had received her offer with surprise and had barely said a thing afterwards. But, to her immense delight, she found him at her door the next afternoon with all his possessions in a large rucksack. He handed her back the contract which he had signed.

She showed him his room then together they spent the rest of the day shopping. Handcuffs, lube, a whip, chains, toys, even a large cage. She bought whatever it was she thought she needed to keep and play with a gorgeous man in bondage. This shopping list wasn't made up on the spot - she had been imagining a scenario like this for quite some time but never in her wildest dreams imagined it coming true.

After dinner she told him to go upstairs, get undressed then meet her down in the spacious lounge for her to inspect her new toy. She reclined on a large sofa as she took in for the first time her youthful, naked man.

She didn't know if it was from working out or from cycling every day, but his body was flawless. Protruding a little way from his body his pecs didn't jiggle at all as he walked - they were pure muscle. A sextet of abs led along his flat stomach. 

The diagonal lines that led between the tops of his thighs and his groin pointed to a penis that hung low and heavy. He was uncircumcised and about two inches long in his flaccid state. She ordered him to turn.

At last she could see his butt, which she had coveted for so long, bared for her. It was as magnificent as she had imagined. Perfectly round and firm enough to withstand a slap with barely a ripple. 

Several minutes passed as she took him in. She gently held his cock, lifted his balls, made him bend over and spread his cheeks. She examined him carefully and made up her mind.

"Tomorrow I'm taking you to be waxed."


Penny waited outside as Lee endured the pain of having hair removed from his chest, ass and genital area. Next she took him to a nearby tattoo parlour. The tattooist was instructed to ink PK, Penny's initials, at the top of his butt. He was her possession and she wanted to make this clear to everyone who saw him.

Lee went through all this in silence. He was still trying to make sense of his situation. Although he knew he had to submit to her, he drew the line at having his nipples pierced. Penny allowed this but told him she would have to spank him later for refusing.

One month had passed since Lee had entered bondage. Most of the time he was dressed in a thong or jock strap, the heating in the house kept mercifully warm. During the day, when Penny was at work, he carried out maintenance duties or cooked wearing tight leatherette shorts. He tended to the secluded garden when the weather was warm, and had maintained an even, light brown tan.

Penny had set up webcams so that she could ogle him whenever she wanted. He was only allowed off the premises with her permission and usually only then if she wanted him to get waxed again.

Because of all the accoutrements of keeping a slave, Penny had set aside a room in which to keep all of his equipment. He had been instructed to build a platform for the cage and ensure there was a hole in the bottom.

Lee had learned what the hole was for last week, when Penny told him to get in the cage. She had cuffed his hands and ankles to the floor of the cage. His cock dangled above the hole, through which she reached and grabbed hold of him. She slowly masturbated him, taking her time to revel in the pleasure of it (as she did every time she manhandled him). 

His rock hard erection, so smooth and soft to touch, was coated in lube. Penny was beginning to get an intimate understanding of her man's anatomy and so she anticipated when he would cum. She uttered words of encouragement as she milked him hard.


The time had come for Penny to tell her friends about Lee. She told Lee to make himself as perfect as could be. She wanted to try something new and handed him a douche, explaining to him how to use it. One last thing she told him to do was to lightly cover himself in baby oil.

Having prepared himself Lee came and took his position kneeling at his mistress's feet. For a moment she contemplated cancelling her friends. He looked incredible. The soft lighting painted shadows over the lines of his muscles, his brown hair stylishly tousled, his pale blue eyes focused down.

"You're clean?"
"Yes, Mistress."
"Good. I want you to set up the sturdy coffee table from the drawing room in here. Put it over there in the wall recess."
"Yes, Mistress."

The friends arrived shortly afterwards. Penny welcomed them in the conservatory with cocktails. Conversation was concentrated on one topic: Penny's new man.

At first her friends refused to believe her. How did she find a man willing to do this? When did she grow so bold as to do such a thing? Once they had reached an agreeable level of tipsiness Penny led them through the house and opened the door to the lounge.

The ladies gasped, Gina whistled, the youngest, Susan Sarandon lookalike Jane, swore quietly.

Lee stood on the coffee table, perfectly still and perfectly naked. He was posed in the style of Michaelangelo's David. 

"Penny, you cow, you've got a real-life David!"
"Only with a larger cock."

Lee's mistress went to a draw and withdrew a riding crop. She went to her man and began tracing his contours with the whip. As her friends gathered around they gazed in awe as she brought the crop to Lee's cock.

She gave it a couple of short flicks, then proceeded to draw the whip along his genitalia, shiny with oil. Her attention zeroed in on the tip of his cock, teasing the sensitive area under it's head. The action had a slow but sure effect. His penis grew along with the excitement of all those present.

Now fully erect, Lee remained otherwise stock still. Penny gestured for her friends to take their seats. They did so without taking their eyes off of the man for one moment.

"Lee, go and fetch drinks. Bellinis for us all."
"Yes, Mistress."

His glistening, tight buttocks were closely studied as he departed the room.

"Holy fuck, Penny."
"I want one. I want him."
"How much does he cost?"
"A little. He mainly does it for food and lodging."
"His body, it's wondrous."
"Oh, and that cock."
"That arse!"

They fell into awed silence when Lee returned bearing drinks. He handed them out then went to his default position: kneeling at Penny's feet. She instructed him to go to each of her friends.

As he did so they took it in turns to run their hands over his body, squeeze his butt or fondle his balls. There were gleeful giggles and gasps of shock and delight. Gina held his semi-erect cock close to her mouth.

"It looks delicious. Can I?" She asked Penny.
"Of course, enjoy."

She licked her lips then gulped down as much of the penis as she could. She sucked and licked and groped his ass until he was again fully erect. Penny marked her territory by kissing Lee passionately whilst her friend consumed him. He gave himself willingly.

Lee knew he was there to satisfy the women's desires, but he too derived some pleasure from being caressed. He also found it incredibly erotic discovering that his body could bring such joy. 

The feel of so many hands on his genitals and bottom, plus the hot, saliva feel of Gina's mouth, was wonderful. Lee had, over their time together, began to derive ever more enjoyment from his mistress who, over time, had discovered how to work her toy's body to full effect. She knew exactly where to touch him, with just the right amount of pressure and with just the right object, be it her fingers, a vibrator or her mouth. The other women felt good, but they did not compare.

"He's magnificent." Gina said when her mouth was no longer full. It was only after the friends had satisfied their cravings of Lee that they considered their partners. It hadn't felt like cheating. Penny had done such a good job of presenting her slave as an object that they easily forgot he was a real man.

A couple of them, both married, expressed their uncertainty and, after a final grope, regretfully announced that they probably wouldn't be a part of this sort of gathering again. The others, however, had no such qualms. Those in longer relationships considered telling their men about this new 'club' of theirs.

Penny promised them full access to her man once a month. They could suck him, fuck him, lick him, whip him, wank him, and more. But his ass was off limits. That belonged entirely to his mistress who knew that this most sensitive spot was the key to her domination over him. Penny was now looking hungrily at him.

She bade her friends farewell and promised to keep in touch with them via unique email accounts. They would receive frequent pictures of Lee, be given access to the webcams and be allotted their monthly time alone with him.

When the friends had been hustled out the door Penny slipped a collar around Lee's neck. She led him to a sofa and sat. He was instructed to bend over her knees, one leg on the sofa, one on the floor. His ass was on her lap, his cock hanging loose. After a few playful slaps she instructed him to use a hand to spread himself.

Emptying some lube onto his hole she carefully slid a finger inside. Her other hand busied itself with his cock. She was incredibly turned on and masturbated him hard, soon slipping another digit into him. When she heard him gasp she knew she had found his A spot.

Her fingers probed and fucked him furiously. She had him kneel on the sofa with his legs either side of hers so that she could continue playing with his ass whilst sucking a long, hot load of cum out of his cock.

She hooked the leash back onto his collar and led him back to his room. Returning to the lounge and reclining on the sofa she lifted her skirt and removed her knickers. As she played with herself she reflected on how powerful she felt. 

Her high powered job and small fortune did not compare to this feeling of total domination. She stroked herself slowly and plotted what next she would do with her man. The only thing restricting her now was her imagination, which grew wilder by the day.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Finding a venue

G and I are ready to visit our first proper sex club. However, we haven't decided when to go, or where. G insists we don't go anywhere in London and will only have sex in a private room, but she is happy to dress up (or rather not dress in very much at all) for the public areas.  Places that we're considering include:

Liberty Elite in Leicestershire (although not accessible by public transport)
Eureka in Kent (although would prefer a no-single-males night)
Cap d'Agde
One of the many places in Tenerife

Any other recommendations?