Friday, 28 December 2012

10 years

10 years ago this week I began a relationship with the most caring, beautiful woman there ever was. Together we have experienced incredible adventures, met a characterful cast of fascinating people and realised that all the troubles of the world are best faced together.

10 years, and we know every inch of each others bodies. We know how to bring each other to ecstasy, we enjoy those special places on the other's body that make us want more.

10 years, and yet we're still discovering one another. There are still surprises - just the other day G bought a butt plug that she wants to pleasure me with. I had no idea that such a thing would turn her on.

We have seen amazing things in this world, but our sexual adventure seems to only just be beginning. I love her entirely.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Giving herself

George was the last to get home.

"How was it?" Asked the others as he slumped into a chair.
"I really don't know, but I want to now forget about it until after the summer."

They all murmured agreement and someone handed George a beer. The six of them all stood and clinked bottles, toasting the end of their exams, and therefore the end of their time at university.

For the next week they did nothing but sleep in late and then head to the beach. Of the six of them Jess was the only girl. At the beginning of term she had felt very conscious about sharing a house with five men, but she increasingly felt at ease and now thought nothing of slobbing out in front of the TV in just her tiny shorts and tight t-shirt.

She had never, until this week, been with her friends whilst wearing a bikini and again, at first, felt a little shy, helped in no small part by their ill-concealed glances at her breasts and bum. 

The five boys adored Jess. She was just like one of them - she drank beer, told crude jokes and joined in with inane conversations about things like survival techniques. But, with her full 32C breasts, perky ass and shoulder length brown hair, she was so wonderfully different. She had luscious blue eyes and thick lips that all of them at one point had imagined kissing. They had all pictured her naked, and in her bikini this scenario was tantalisingly close.

Jess returned her friends' affection in equal measure. They were kind, generous and loyal. Yes, they could be a bit lecherous when they were drunk, but they respected her far too much to do anything that would make her feel in the slightest bit uncomfortable. George, Ari, Zack, Chuck and Baz. Her five best friends.

She admitted to having her own fantasy scenarios that featured her male harem. The boys ranged from OK looking to the drop dead oh-my-god looks of over-confident Zack. She was pleased to see, when they stripped to their swimming shorts, that they all had fine, youthful bodies. But she did have a favourite.

Chuck, although whilst not having the Abercrombie looks of Zack, was himself a very attractive man in a more understated way. Yes, being attractive gave him confidence, but he was so caring and considerate with it. She would have jumped on Chuck a long time ago but didn't want to jeopardise the cohesion of the group. 


It was now almost two weeks after their exams. They had all taken jobs that paid minimum wage - temporary positions until they were offered something they actually wanted to do. Coincidentally these jobs all had similar hours, starting early in the morning and finishing early afternoon.

Jess enjoyed her job the least. She was doing basic admin work for a small company of lawyers. There were just five employees in this law firm; herself, a legal secretary and the three lawyers. The legal secretary was a blonde bimbo, employed as much for her looks as her mental aptitude. Jess realised that she had been given a job for much the same reason (even though she had the brains of an A grade student), and suffered the leering eyes of the three older men.

One of the lawyers, Henry, had taken a particular shine to her, and he often leaned over her from behind to check her work, taking in an eyeful of her cleavage and resting a hand on her shoulder. She might have considered him to be a good looking man, with his tanned, angular face and wavy silver hair, but his unbecoming behaviour made her blind to this.

When 3pm came and she was released for the day she always made straight for the beach where Chuck, who had taken work at the local sorting office, was waiting. Within half an hour the others started to drift along and so Jess made the most of those 30 minutes when she had Chuck all to herself.

Together they compared their mundane days and idly chatted about the employment they hoped for in future. Jess had, over the last few days, started flirting more and more with Chuck. University was over and her desire for him was starting to outweigh her consideration of her other friends' feelings. 

She was pleased when she made him laugh about one particular incident that happened today. Her boss, Henry had made a clumsy attempt to seduce her and offered her the use of his summer house further down the coast one weekend. She had left him flustered by saying she worked as a professional dominatrix at the weekends and spent her Saturdays squeezing men's balls. 

As she recalled that conversation with Henry she realised that she had been somewhat charmed with the man. He hadn't made a lewd comment in reply nor at any other point during the day. Maybe she had been wrong about him.


Jess decided to try harder to make Chuck notice her body. She joined him on the beach one sunny afternoon and stripped down to a thong bikini. Her heart was racing at the thought of him seeing her bare behind, but she wasn't in any way ashamed. In fact it was Chuck who was the most embarrassed. Looking at his friend's beautiful, firm bottom, the two golden cheeks framed perfectly by the bright yellow thong, he found himself in a state of excitement. 

After taking her time laying out her beach mat Jess and Chuck fell into conversation. When the other friends turned up one or two made the obligatory 'nice arse Jess' comment but none of them said any more about it. Now Jess had to try another tactic; make him jealous.

Chuck had to work a little later than usual the next Wednesday. Jess arranged to meet with Ari in the place where they all usually gathered. It was another hot and sunny afternoon on the beach and there were a few ladies going topless. 

"You don't mind if I take my top off do you Ari?" Asked Jess. She was wearing her thong bikini again.
"Err, no. Please, go ahead."

Ari tried not to watch as she untied the bikini top and revealed her breasts. The white of her rarely bared flesh was punctuated by two small nipples. She thought it sweet how hard Ari tried to look her in the eyes as they chatted.

"Nice tits Jess." It was Zack who yelled across the beach. He was with Baz and George.

Eventually Chuck turned up and she enjoyed the way his eyes lingered on her, and the way in which he subconsciously licked his lips as he took in her naked torso. She found it surprisingly comfortable to be wearing just a thong whilst surrounded by her male friends. Just a tiny item, with less material than a handkerchief, was all that prevented them from seeing her totally naked. Maybe it was the beach setting that made her feel so at ease.

Apart from Jess's increasingly skimpy beach attire life had grown rather mundane for the friends. They were fed up with their jobs and, having not had a holiday that year, were desperately in need of a break. The problem was the complete lack of money.

"How about your boss?" Zack asked Jess.
"What boss?" She replied.
"You know, your sugar daddy. Doesn't he own a shag pad down the coast?"
"Well firstly he isn't my bloody sugar daddy, and secondly I think he wants to go there with just me."

They all took in her gorgeous body as they considered this scenario.

"I'm sure he wouldn't mind too much if we tagged along. In fact I'm sure if you wore that every day he'd be very happy indeed."
"Plus we'd be there to keep the dirty old bastard in check." Added Chuck.

Jess was pleased that Chuck thought he needed to protect her. Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea to go away after all.

The next day she waited until after work before knocking on Charles's office door.

"Come in."
"Hi Charles, I was just wondering. You know you mentioned your beach house down in Devon?"
"Oh yes, do you have the weekend off? Do you fancy going?"
"If the offer's still there. My friends would love to go as well."

The lawyer's face fell a little but he quickly recovered. He put a hand on her arm.

"Of course, my dear. I shall be there next weekend for a couple of days. I can show you all round then leave you to it. There's plenty of room."
"That's wonderful, thanks Henry." She pecked him on the cheek then sashayed out. She couldn't wait to tell her friends the good news.


The friends drove down in two cars, Jess making sure that she went in the same car as Chuck. They had been on a couple of surreptitious dates with each other, but Chuck was still nervous about upsetting the others.

When they arrived they saw Henry's Mercedes in the driveway. Jess was unsure how her boss would react when he saw that it was five male friends she had bought.

Henry hadn't been particularly impressed and had begrudgingly shown them around the property. Jess felt bad about deceiving him and so decided to reward him by stripping to just her thong on the beach that came right up to the decking at the front of the house. Henry was sat there with a gin and tonic, and now with a wide smile on his face.

The boys were all out mountain biking and so Henry had this luscious creature all to himself. He was far too much of a gentlemen to touch her or say anything inappropriate. Instead he enjoyed the couple of hours when he could take in Jess without interruption.

On the Sunday afternoon the gang of friends ventured out to a local pub for lunch. Over the course of the meal Chuck and Jess revealed that they had been dating. The others fell silent. 

"Look, we knew this may happen." Said Zack.
"The thing is, Jess, we're only concerned how this may affect our friendships." Added Ari.
"I know, I can see why you all may think that. But it doesn't have to change anything." She replied.

The bill came and they all paid in silence.

"There is, of course, that other thing we talked about mate." Baz said quietly to Chuck, out of earshot if Jess.
"I know. I'll talk with Jess now."

Chuck put his arm around Jess and made them deliberately walk slower than the others. Soon they were all alone.

"Jess, there's something I need to tell you before we get any more serious." He began. Jess realised he had something important to say and fell silent.
"Back when the six of us first got together us lads all made this agreement. You see, we could all tell you were special, that you were going to be as much of a lad as the rest of us apart from, well..."
"My boobs? She interjected.
"Yes. We also all fell instantly in love with you. You're drop dead gorgeous and we all wanted you. One night, when you were away, me and the other fellas went down the pub to talk about our relationship with you. We made an agreement. It was kind of Zack's idea..."
"Oh, I don't think I'm going to like this, am I?"
"Please, let me finish. We realised there would come a day when you would choose one of us. I'm sure you're aware of how pleased I am that it was me. However, the agreement was that you can't just have one of us. You have to take us all."
"You what?"
"Hang on, I'm nearly there. Now you must know how blokes think, and you must also know how incredible you look. If one of us ended up in a relationship with you it could only be on the basis that we got to share you."
"Share me? Like one of those weird religions?"
"Yeah, no, I mean like in the bedroom. I'd still be your only boyfriend, but I have to offer you to the others a couple of times a year."
"Are you kidding me? What if I don't want to be fucking offered?"
"Then I don't think we can take this relationship any further. I'm sorry Jess, this was something we all agreed to, and it's important to us."

They were back at the house. The other friends were waiting for them. Chuck told them that Jess knew

"I'm not sure I'm comfortable with you all thinking of me like that." She said.
"Really? You really don't think that any of us at any time thought of you in that way?" Said Zack unashamedly.
"Well, yes, maybe, and I suppose I had the same feelings back at times. But this just seems a bit...well, weird I guess."
"Look, we're not expecting this to be forever. We're all gonna get girlfriends too some day. We just thought it would be our only chance of keeping us all together. To release the tension."
"I need some time by myself. I need to think about all this." 

Jess walked up the stairs to her room. The boys decided to let her have some time alone and so went for a hike into some nearby hills.

She came back down to the lounge to watch sunset. The others still hadn't returned but Henry was there mixing a cocktail. He poured one out for her as well.

"Where are your friends?" He asked.
"Did you have a good day?"

The conversation stalled. They finished their cocktails and Henry fetched them two more.

"Forgive me for saying so dear, but you seem a little distant."
"I'm sorry Henry. It's just this conversation we had earlier."
"Oh? Did they say something to upset you?"
"No. No, not at all. It was just a bit unexpected."
"Care to share?"

Jess tried to give a very vague description of the situation, but found that she was unable to do so without going into detail. Bolstered by the cocktails she ended up telling Henry everything.

"I see." He said, when she had finished.
"It's madness isn't it?" She said, hoping for him to tell her what she should do.
"Not madness, no. In some senses it's perfectly sensible, but I can see why you may be a little perturbed."
"Oh I'm perturbed all right."

Henry fell silent. Eventually he seemed to make up his mind to tell her what he was thinking.

"I was in a similar situation, many years ago of course."
"Really? No, I don't believe it."
"You can believe whatever you wish my dear, but what I'm about to tell you is true. I was in my twenties and best friends with two chaps and a lovely little thing called Sue. All of us had been to the same college and us three men were desperately in love with Sue.
"Now, unlike your situation, it wasn't us who came up with our little, ah, solution. Sue was a very bold girl, especially for those days. She could see that our affection for her could make things very awkward. So she generously gave herself to all three of us.
"There was one rule: she didn't want to be with us individually. She was, at that point, in a relationship with one of us chaps, Jim. She felt that being intimate with us other two separately would feel too much like we were replicating the relationship she had with Jim.
"So, what? You all had her together?"
"To put it crudely, yes. Alcohol beat away our inhibitions the first time we did it. But it turned out to be immensely enjoyable and satisfying for us all. Then I met my wife, whom I'm delighted to say I'm still with, and I didn't need Sue in that way any more.
"Don't get me wrong, we still remained the closest of friends. But I feel that this was only the case because of our social arrangement. We needed each other in that way at the time, but then the friendship moved on. I'm still good friends with them all now."

Jess went over to Henry, gave him a kiss on the cheek and a hug. 

"Thank you Henry."
"You're quite welcome dear. Have I helped you to make up your mind?"
"Yes, very much so. Now I feel bad for being so distant from you."
"Don't worry about that."

Jess paused.

"What time are you leaving tonight?" She asked.
"About nine I think."
She smiled. "OK, good. I'll see you at nine."


George, Ari, Zack, Chuck and Baz came back just after it grew dark. They rustled up some dinner and worriedly speculated as to why Jess hadn't emerged from her room. Henry returned just before nine from the local pub.

"Have you seen Jess this afternoon?" Chuck asked.
"Yes, we had a chat earlier."
"How was she?"
"Well she's fine now I think." Said Henry as he started to gather his bags.

They heard stiletto footsteps on the stairs and turned to watch Jess, in five inch heels, low cut top and short skirt, as she sauntered down.

Open mouthed the six men ogled as Jess slowly lifted off her top, then wiggled out of her skirt. Wearing just her heels, a tight white lace corset and tiny white thong, she walked slowly through the quieted room to Henry.

"Thank you so much Henry." She said. "I've decided to take your advice."
"So I can see my girl."

She leaned up and hugged him then stepped back and spun around to let him have a good look. He ran a finger down the side of her corset then gave her bottom a playful pat. With a sigh he picked up his bags and departed.

Jess turned to her friends. She felt nervous and excited at the same time. Her friends were staring open-mouthed at her and she hoped they couldn't see her tremble. She took a deep breath.

"If we're going to do this, we're going to do it my way and all at once." Jess walked over to the kitchen counter and withdrew some matches and a sharp knife from a drawer. As the others stared at her perky ass she laid out four of the matches on a chopping board and proceeded to cut them to different lengths.

Once this was done she took them to the lounge area.

"Sit down boys."

The men all drifted over to the large white leather corner sofa. Jess could already see their excitement through their trousers. They were about to get even more turned on.

"Chuck, come here." He stood up and went over to her.
"Wow, Jess, you look incredible." He started running his hands over her but she slapped them away.
"Undress me for your friends." She ordered.

She turned around to show them all her thonged ass again. Chuck slowly released the clasps on the back of her corset, from her neck to the base of her spine. The corset fell to the floor.

She spun around and the men took in her breasts. Of course, they had seem them before on the beach, as well as her butt, but this situation was different. Now she knew she was uncovering herself for their pleasure, and they didn't try to hide the fact that they were smothering her with their hungry eyes.

Turning once again she took Chuck's hands and placed them on the thin lace sides of her thong. He took the hint and rolled the tiny piece of underwear over her curvaceous behind and off over her legs until she stood naked but for a pair of heels.

She led Chuck back to he sofa and made him sit. The V of of her pussy was perfectly smooth but for a thin line of soft hair. The thick lips were parted slightly to reveal her labia minora and the tip of her clitoris.

Now she went along the line of friends and slowly, sensually kissed them on the lips. She allowed them to gently touch her body, getting a feel of her tits, lovingly pinching her ass, testing the depths of that warm, tender pussy.

"Throw some cushions on the floor." The boys obeyed.
"I have two hands, a mouth, a pussy and an ass. Luckily for you boys there's something for everyone."
"Shotgun your pussy." Zack interrupted.
"You wish Zack. That's for Chuck only. He's the one I'm in a relationship with, he's who I belong to after tonight and he's the only one who goes there. If you're lucky you may get my ass."

She held out the matches in a way that didn't reveal their lengths for them all to pick. Ari was the first and drew a short match. Then George, who also selected a short match.

"Looks like I'll be playing with you boys with my hands. Feel free to touch me wherever you can reach, though."
"Come on ass." Said Zach, as he pulled a match from Jess's fist.
"Afraid not." Said Jess. "But I do give a mean blowjob."

She went to a drawer in a small table and withdrew some lube. She handed it to Baz then knelt on the sofa, her breasts resting on the back cushions.

"You can all help Baz and Chuck get me ready." She arched her back, spread her legs and revealed her silky smooth pussy and inviting, tight anus to her friends.

Baz stepped forward, squeezed some of the goo onto his hands and then proceeded to slather it on her butt. Transfixed, he traced the edges of her asshole then caringly, slowly, slipped a digit inside.

Jess closed her eyes and stuck her ass out even more as he did this. She had never been so aroused, had never wanted to give herself so completely. Zack took the lube from Baz. He looked at her pussy then at Chuck.

"May I?" He asked him.
"Sure, go ahead." Chuck replied.

Zack dripped lube directly onto Jess's spread pussy. The boys all watched in delight as it drooled down over her opening and onto her clit. Zack began lovingly stroking her, increasing pressure on her clit when she let out a low moan.

His fingers found their way inside her. As he slid them in and out Ari took over with her clit. The boys took it in turns with her orifices, with stroking her ass and with licking her tits and nuzzling her nipples. Jess revelled in being used in this way to satiate their desires, but she wanted to move things on. Her friends stood back as she got to her feet.

"I realise you boys may feel a little uncomfortable with being naked in each others' presence. Don't feel you have to strip off completely, but now I want to see your cocks."

She went over to each of them and unzipped and unbuttoned their trousers. Each of them had a full erection. She bent over and gave them thirty seconds of her mouth. Before they all got too excited she instructed Baz to lie on the cushions on the floor.

Checking that her ass was adequately lubed she asked the four who remained standing to pick her up. They had a leg and an arm each. She was spread wide and held over Baz's quivering cock. Inch by inch her ass was lowered on to it until he was deep inside her.

She had enjoyed having toys inside her ass before, but never before had she been penetrated there by a real penis. It felt soft but rigid, warm and throbbing.

Lying this way on top of Baz she invited Chuck to enter her as well. His thick, firm manhood filled her completely. It felt incredible, so arousing and so affirming. Jess felt full of life and satisfyingly sensitised to everything that was being done to her and for her.

She held George in one hand, Ari in the other, and began slowly masturbating them. Looking deep into Zack's eyes she took his cock in her mouth.

Baz and Chuck languidly fucked her. Zack relished seeing the look of arousal in her eyes as her tongue played on his slick cock.

Jess felt Ari grow suddenly harder. She increased her strokes then aimed him over her breasts. His stiff cock positively vibrated as jets of warm cum shot out and coated her erect nipples. Moments later George's thick white liquid mingled with that of Ari's. The large quantity of sticky ooze glistened on her chest.

Baz's cock felt so large in her ass. She couldn't see it but it must have been huge. At first it was a bit uncomfortable, but now it enhanced the feeling of intimacy with her friends and made her feel so exposed. Able to concentrate on what was in her mouth Jess tightened her lips around Zack's cock, giving the tip a quick flick with her tongue every now and then.

Zack was enraptured by the sight of two cocks sliding in and out of his friend's ass and pussy. The hole of her butt, so tiny before, was now swollen to accept Baz's massive member. To see such an intimate part of Jess doubled Zack's pleasure.

Jess sensed Zack's excitement. Moments later he groaned loudly and fed her several large shots of gooey cum. He tasted slightly bitter. She gulped the warm fluid down as she looked up at his satisfied eyes.

The two cocks inside her were rubbing at her G spot. Chuck also had his thumb on her clit, teasing it with small circles. Jess felt dizzy with pleasure. She felt so special, so lucky to have these friends who wanted her so badly. 

Baz had his hands around her waist, his strokes started getting faster and faster, his thighs making a slapping sound against her ass. Chuck could feel his friends excitement through the contracting tunnel of her vagina. He leaned in and kissed her now available mouth.

"Oh, oh god yes."
"Mmm, yes boys that's good.." Jess looked at Ari, George and Zack. "Did you enjoy me? Do you like seeing my ass and pussy being fucked with cocks?"

But she didn't wait for an answer to her breathy question. She let out an involuntary yelp as both the cocks inside her hardened at the same time. The thrusts came harder.

It was a strange but wonderful feeling. The soft fleshy penis pumping warm fluid deep into her ass. By itself it would have been glorious, but now she felt the pulsing denouement of her boyfriends joy.

She threw her head back and let out a guttural cry as divine delight overtook her. Her entire world became focused on the dizzying feeling from her clit, from inside her pussy. She became aware of the dribbling cum in her ass and on her breasts, and of the taste of Zack in her mouth.

She had given herself to her friends who had taken her to this transcendental state. When she, and the two men who were inside her, were done, the three watching helped Jess to her feet. Thick white slicks oozed from her ass and pussy. She went to all five of them, gave them a kiss on the cheek then teetered away to the shower in her en-suite.

"Wow." Said Zack.

They all agreed.


Jess didn't bother putting much on when she came down for breakfast the next day. She usually wore very little when she was alone. Now that her body belonged to her friends she wasn't shy about wearing just a bra and thong in front of them.

They talked about last night, about today and about the future. Henry had told Jess that the friends were welcome to the house. All he wanted in return was to look at her in her underwear and remind himself of what a young, beautiful lady felt like beneath his hands.

The next few years saw other girlfriends come and go. Sometimes there were just two at their little gatherings, sometimes all five were there. One time Zack brought a particularly adventurous girl along, and the boys enjoyed a show in which Jess explored her bisexual side. 

Gradually they found themselves in long term relationships until it was just Chuck who found herself being pleasured by Jess. She had explored a large range of scenarios and positions with them, all of the boys having released themselves in all possible ways with her.

When she went to bed with Chuck now she did so with the happy knowledge that she had tried everything, had discovered and satisfied her kinks and fantasies. She now had a gorgeous man who gave her all the satisfaction she would ever need.