Monday, 21 January 2013

Wet in the wild

The other day I visited the New Forest. I had asked to be dropped off in the middle of nowhere so that I could get myself lost and trek towards a train station I knew to be in...that direction.

Eventually I ended up in some woods that seemed familiar. Now I remembered. This is where G and I had come early on in our relationship. It had been a hot summer day and we were feeling more than a little frisky. I had my hand on her bum, squeezing it every now and then, marvelling at how this gorgeous creature was mine to feel and ogle.

It had been summer and it had been warm. I was wandering what sort of kinky things this girl was willing to try when she said to me "Let's have sex." I almost ripped her clothes off there and then but decided instead to get off the path first.

In a secluded spot I took off my shirt and lay it down for her to lie on. I pulled her t-shirt off over her head then reached around and unclasped her bra. I spent a while caressing her tits and licking her nipples. My hands found the buttons of her jeans and undid them slowly. The tight jeans were slid over her bum and off her legs. She stood naked except for a black lace g string.

I knelt before her and groped her smooth curvy butt. Unable to resist any longer I gently relieved her of her underwear. This beautiful woman now was perfectly naked in the great outdoors. Her pussy, shaved but for a small patch of light brown hair, invited kisses and a minute of licking. I picked her up and lay her down.

Hastily removing my trousers and boxers I carefully guided my hard cock into her. G announced that she was uncomfortable on the ground and so we swapped positions. Now, with her on top, I could play with the tight aperture of her ass whilst being mesmerised by her large bouncing tits.

At that moment a train had roared past no more than 10 metres away. I wanted to carry on but G was uncomfortable - she hadn't yet developed her exhibitionist side. We dressed and sought out the path again. But I wasn't done yet.

We found a clearing in the forest. This time I didn't undress. Instead I turned to face G and met her lips with mine. My tongue danced around hers, probed into her mouth. Again her top came off, again her bra was removed, again I took immense pleasure in removing her jeans and knickers. Wearing just her trainers, G put her arms behind her back and thrust out her tits.

Suddenly my mouth was all over her, lips mapping the contours of her body and savouring the texture of her smooth, soft skin. My kisses, licks and nibbles travelled up the inside of her thighs. She knew what was coming and sighed loudly in anticipation. I kissed the tantalising triangle between her legs, parted her lips and flicked at the folds within with my glistening tongue.

The white orb of her clit appeared and was welcomed by my hungry desire. I moved my hands from her exposed butt and slid a finger into her pussy. Then two, eventually three. Her legs had spread to give herself entirely to my thrusting fingers. 

Faster and faster I fucked her like this. Harder, harder. I had to support her weight with my other arm as she surrendered to me. Squeals of pleasure followed and still I did not stop. 

One hand on her ass, the other busily penetrating her pussy a jet of clear liquid squirted from this beautiful girl, covering my arm. She screamed in delight then, after a minute, looked in horror at what I had done to her. She quickly dressed.

On the way out of the forest I explained that it was perfectly normal, and that I was honoured that I was the first man to make her squirt. She held me closer.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Review #2: Pulsatron

The 'famous' Pulsatron vibrator looks vaguely medical with its white plastic casing and pulse sign logo. You actually get three vibrators for your money, each of them to be connected to a small (about the size of a pack of cards) power unit. Whoever wields this holds the power in more than one sense - with this you can also select seven different vibration levels, from a gentle buzz, to random short sharp thrills, to a very powerful constant vibe.

If you're in a sharing mood the Pulsatron has the ability to drive a girl wild. The small bullet shaped vibrator is perfect for focusing on the clit. With the ability to start slow and build to that frenzied level seven it's easy to orchestrate a screaming orgasm.

Once you've got her looking at you in wonderment show her the largest vibrator. At about 10 cm long, and slightly crooked like a beckoning finger, this toy is made for prostate fun (although it also has a soft rubber sheath, if you're being a really good lover who wants to continue pleasuring his lady). With it's gently curved tip it slides into the ass easily and finds that magical spot almost straight away.

Apart from this prostate massage and the small bullet vibe, the mama bear of this particular family is a 6cm elongated egg shape. We couldn't work out who this was for so we both gave it a go. It was too basic a shape to do anything for me, although it did have a pleasant thickness. But she seemed to enjoy it, in a penetrative sense. It lacked the precision vibes of the bullet, but it worked well when inserted into her, thanks to the smooth shape and those seven levels of heaven.

This package also comes with a cock ring type attachment. This can be slipped over the prostate vibe to entertain the clit. We tried it briefly but the bullet was just too good. 

There's a downside to this wonder toy. The wires and seams in the toys make it hard to clean, and you have to be especially careful when cleaning them in water as the wires enter the vibrators through unsealed holes. 

You can now get this exciting little package for around £40. Make sure you have good, thick walls though. Not only do the more powerful settings make a hell of a racket, when this toy is on full blast so will you.

Review #1 Anal beads

The Black Thai Anal beads, at £3.99, are about as low cost as a sex toy gets. But low cost doesn't mean low quality. No, this won't be the most elegant toy in your collection, but they do offer good old straight-forward enjoyment. More importantly, for a toy that gets inserted up there, they are formed from just one piece of plastic and so there's no chance of a bead getting cosy and refusing to come back out.

Black is a good colour for an anal toy. For all the douche, enema and/or finger cleansing you may do, it's hard to get 100% clean, and black easily disguises anything you may have missed. These beads come encased in cheap plastic, with a picture of a lonely half-naked lady in apparent ecstasy on the front. Unlike her, I have a prostate, as well as a partner who was keen to seek it out.

Lube was liberally applied to the toy and to myself. The beads taper from 3cm wide, to one smaller than a pea. It's therefore hard to tell when they're first inserted, but four of five beads in and you soon start to become aware of something there.

25cm long, I was concerned that when they all went in it would cause great discomfort. It was surprising, therefore, when I heard "that's all of them" and instead had a pleasant feeling of fullness. But that was the only feeling I got from the beads. Although there is a slight bend in their form, they did not come close to hitting the P-spot.

There are no blemishes in the surface, meaning no unwanted scratches and easy cleaning. As with all anal toys, hot soapy water is the best way to get them clean.

As a comfortable introduction to anal play these beads are perfect. They won't drive you wild, but they do provide good, simple fun and, if you discover that this isn't really your thing, well you've only spent £3.99 haven't you?

Monday, 7 January 2013

Aphrodite's arrow

There's a part of the human body that I find more sensual than any other. Genitalia, boobs and bum are, of course, wonderful and provide endless entertainment. I could stare at these parts of G's body for hours and be a very happy man, but instead they always spur me into action. I can look for about a minute, but I cannot stop myself from getting my hands on them.

The part I'm thinking of, that oozes sex appeal, that advertises the possibility of pleasures to be had is called...well, annoyingly, I can't find a name. I can find the medical term for the bone beneath - the iliac - but not the lovely part on the surface.

It begins either side of the navel, a small dip in the abdomen that moves inwards and down to the groin. It accentuates the top of thighs and seems to me like an extension of the genital area, except it is entirely visible when wearing underwear or swimwear.

The pointing shape of it, the promise of what can be found at the end are what make it so incredibly sexy. Until someone can find a name, or come up with a better one than mine, I'm going to call it the abdominal arrow.


Aphrodite's Arrow sounds much better, still don't know the actual name though.


They're apparently called obliques. Prefer my name.

Friday, 4 January 2013

New Year sub

G and I had been apart for several days. We were to meet again in a hotel on New Year's Eve. Before leaving G had bought me some new boxer shorts with instructions to wear them on the day. She had also told me to pack some toys: a butt plug, anal beads, cock strap and leash.

It was a rainy day. Heavy, tropical downpours thrummed on the hotel room windows through which I could see the flooded Thames creeping up to the walls. I slipped into my tight lycra swimming shorts and went down to the hotel spa. Lounging in the Jacuzzi I watched as G entered. 

She was wearing a black bikini. Her large breasts barely contained by the top, her lovely bum squeezed into the tiny briefs. We kissed then caught up on what each of us had been up to since we were last together.

Back in the room I showered then put on the boxers she had bought me. She stroked my package and let me know her approval. I dressed and we went downstairs and got drunk at an open bar for a couple of hours. For too long we were stuck talking with a very dull couple. Once they were gone G asked me what we should do now.

"I want you to fuck me in the arse." I replied.

She giggled, then led me upstairs. I followed her tight, wiggly bum, now sheathed in a tight, low-cut dress, to the room where I stripped, put on my cock strap and attached the chain leash. I walked to the bed where she was reclining and handed her the leash.

G knelt then used the leash to make me walk around the bed. I was made to turn so that she could caress my naked butt. She took great pleasure in fondling my cock and balls, making me erect and filling the cock strap.

Having prepared myself earlier, G pulled me onto the bed. She made me turn my back to her and bend down with my chest on the bed, my arse in the air. I felt the cold ooze of lube on my hole. She smeared it around and slipped a finger inside.

I next felt the tip of the anal beads being inserted. Slowly, bead by bead, she pushed them in.

"Wow, they're all going in." She exclaimed, pleased with herself.

It felt wonderful, giving myself to her so completely. The beads also felt great, touching all sorts of sensitive areas. It was immensely pleasurable. She patted me on my butt.

"Good boy."

She pulled up her dress then slipped off her knickers. Her pussy was shaved but for a tiny patch of fuzz. She took hold of the leash and pulled me around and then made me straddle her in the 69 position.

"Lick." She said.

I started by kissing along the inside of her thighs, then replacing the kisses with long, slow licks. I kissed her spread lips, kissed the soft velvety skin beneath. Her clitoris presented itself and I met it with the tip of my tongue. Her mouth sought out my cock and, as I began licking her pussy she groaned and intensified her sucking.

My tongue penetrated her then my fingers. G was writhing with pleasure, as she licked my cock and balls, she fondled the end of the beads still buried deep inside me. I heard her squeal as I brought her to orgasm, her thick juices coating my fingers.

She ordered me back to the kneeling position whilst she recovered. After a couple of minutes she came over and spanked me hard for not cumming. She then took hold of the beads and slowly pulled them out. She wasn't finished with my arse, though. I felt the soft rubber of the large butt plug. 

G pushed hard, but this thing was huge. I arched my back even more and used my hands to spread my butt as much as possible. She pushed and pushed and almost got it all in but I could take no more. I pleaded with her to stop and at last she relented.

"We'll have to save that for another day." She said, before spanking me again for letting her down.

My cock was tugged by the leash and I obediently stood and turned around. G lovingly unclasped the leash and removed the cock strap. Again she lay on her back, but this time I was ordered to fuck her.

I was allowed to caress her bum, her tits and pussy as we fucked in various positions. Midnight was five minutes away. She couldn't keep her hands off my butt.

"God I love your tits." I uttered.

She moaned, she whispered filthy things about my cock. I grew harder and harder, doubling her enjoyment.






I saw in 2013 with a hot, consuming orgasm, my considerable load of cum causing my cock to throb, making G orgasm again. Fireworks flashed and banged outside, we echoed them with cries of sheer joy.