Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Review: Tenga 3D

Now this is special. A piece of art that you can put your cock into. It's immediately apparent that this toy is something special, displayed in a thick plastic cylinder. It is also a design wonder. If Star Wars ever featured a sex toy, this is what it would look like.

The Tenga 3D comes in five forms:


I have Pile. Wait, that sounds wrong. Anyway, Pile consists of 4.75 inches of soft, white stretchy plastic covered on the outside in textured triangles small and compact at the base, getting bigger towards the top. The design, whilst compelling to look at, also serves a purpose, that being to harmonise 'soft and hard sensations'.

Finger test. Does it feel like the real thing? Yes, very, amazingly, similar. If a bit cold. The Tenga 3D can be warmed up by popping it in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes unless of course, necrophilia is your thing. It's not mine, but when I took it out the water the intricate design made the outside rather soggy. A towel got rid of most of the water.

98% of robots recommend it: the Tenga 3D
Once the toy had been lubed I entered it. Uncanny. It felt almost exactly like entering a real woman - soft, squidgy and velvety. The 3D design on the outside provided wonderful, stimulating textures, though the 'hard and soft' promised was mainly just soft. It's important to ensure all the air is squeezed out so that the toy is able to cling to you as tightly as possible.

With a sensation as electrifying as this you'll want to take it slow and thoroughly enjoy the feeling. This is difficult as the Tenga 3D is very adept at hitting all the right spots in just the right ways. It also makes lovely squelchy sounds and expands and bulges around your cock (it can accommodate all sizes).

So, it all sounds wonderful, right? Well, not quite. The intricate design makes it slightly difficult to get a proper grip and it's slightly uncomfortable for this uncircumcised man. The inability to give yourself a good tight squeeze means that the orgasm wasn't all that great. These toys are also messy, with lube (supplied in a small sachet) drooling everywhere.

It's very easy to invert, rinse and dry. There's a clever stand on which the Tenga 3D sits to dry thoroughly and hygienically. The toy, it's container and this stand all point to high quality and the sturdy material will ensure the good times will keep on rolling.

Although the orgasm won't blow you away the enjoyment to be had until climax makes this a good toy to have in your collection. With all the lubey mess involved it's worth getting naked and making an evening of it. Plus, of course, it looks good enough to keep on your mantelpiece, next to the lightsabers.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Tourism, gender and sexuality

I am continually horrified by the disgraceful, inhuman actions of certain regressive governments towards their female and LGBT citizens. Such governments can be found in countries that are tourism hotspots. I therefore thought I would combine my knowledge of the travel industry with my desire to highlight such evil injustices, and provide alternatives to these intolerant tourist idylls:

The Maldives
Example of why you shouldn't go there: A 15 year-old girl was raped, but is being punished for this with 100 lashes.
Where you should go instead: Lakshadweep Islands. Located just off the coast of India, these perfectly tropical islands have everything the Maldives have, just without the nasty laws

Why you shouldn't go there: Draconian and particularly harsh punishments against LGBT people.
Where you should go instead: South Africa. One of the first countries in the world to legalise same-sex marriage, South Africa has most of the wildlife you can find in the rest of the continent, as well as those magnificent African savannah landscapes

Jamaica, St Lucia, Antigua, Barbados and many other Caribbean islands
Why you shouldn't go there: Risk of violence towards gay couples, harsh laws and penalties against LGBT people
Where you should go instead: Puerto Rico, where San Juan is considered the gay capital of the Caribbean plus CuraƧao, US Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands, which are courting gay tourists. All have everything you could want from a picture-perfect Caribbean island, minus the homophobia and hate crimes

The Bible Belt, USA
Why you may not want to go there: Being openly gay can still be dangerous in certain parts of the Bible Belt (south eastern and south central USA), plus ruling politicians and general public opinion can be homophobic
Where you should go instead: Unfortunately the architecture and culture of places such as rural Deep South towns cannot be found elsewhere. The good news is that there are havens for LGBT travellers, such as southern Florida and New Orleans. The excellent LGBT Havens map displays details of incredible people willing to help LGBT travellers out, or just listen, in places throughout the States

Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Egyptian Red Sea
Why you shouldn't go there: Harsh punishments for homosexuality and transvestitism
Where you should go instead: The Israeli resort of Tel Aviv boasts long sandy beaches on the warm Mediterranean Sea, along with good weather and fantastic nightlife

Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico
Why you shouldn't go there: Local women and girls face high rates of murder and rape - 710 were murdered in Guatemala last year, and the vast majority of cases are not investigated. Honduras faces similar problems and has banned emergency contraception
Where you should go instead: Belize, where you find Aztec ruins and perfect Caribbean beaches (although very poor for LGBT rights). Costa Rica for more beaches and pristine rainforests

Most of these are third world countries and depend on tourism income. I would be loathe to actually think that no-one should visit these places but I think it very important to be aware of what local women, or fellow travellers, have to suffer. Perhaps, in the right situations, travellers can serve to educate those they meet. Joining an organisation such as Amnesty will also help petition and raise awareness of those governments that officially sanction such abuses.

If there is anywhere that I have missed off, please do let me know.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Who are you?

Clouds darken above the soaked city
Rain snares hard on my dripping helmet
Tyres hiss along roads so gritty
Lycra clinging to me tight and wet

I'm warm, but where am I?
Who is this looking concerned?
She sits down and strokes my thigh
Says "Do you know how I've yearned?"

I'm entirely nude
Was it an accident?
I'm completely confused
Don't know where my clothes went

Then I remember
The woman next door
I've always liked her
Want to see her more 

She found me there
Thought I was dead
Led me to where
I am in bed

She strokes me
She's amused
I'm happy
Not confused

Her lips
Our kiss
She grips
My bliss

Submitted as part of (my first ever):

Wicked Wednesday

Sunday, 17 March 2013

G is away

G is away. She goes away at lot for work. I'm quite the horn monster when she's around, but even more so when she's away. It really is a case of wanting what I can't have. 

So, how do I cope with this (apart from the obvious)? Usually, I buy underwear, occasionally for myself, mainly for G. Agent Provocateur benefits greatly from G's sojourns, however, sometimes when I'm feeling particularly horny I'll buy her the teensiest tiniest thong.

The enjoyment, you see, is picturing her wearing whatever it is I see on screen. When I was single the girls I saw on screen remained entirely 2D. Now I have the joy of having my very own, beautiful real-life model. Anticipation is a wonderful thing but nothing beats having G return and slip into whatever it is I've bought her for me to enjoy.

Now, what can I get her this time...

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Her man in bondage: wrath

Summer sun blessed the large country kitchen, mingling with the thick aromas of coffee and toast. Lee looked at the calendar to confirm what he had been thinking. Three years ago today. The beep of the coffee machine drew him out of his thoughts and he filled the cup with hot black liquid, placing it beside the toast on a tray. Wearing his collar and tiny, tight black leatherette shorts he carried the tray through to the conservatory.

This morning ritual had been repeated hundreds of times, yet Penny had not grown at all tired of it. She still couldn't help but sit up and divert her attention to the man she considered hers. Over the years she had commanded him to enhance his already beautiful body through any natural means available. His tousled brown hair and wide green eyes were of course unchanged. But now his torso was a mountainous landscape of stone hard pecs, pebbly abs and tight obliques drawing her eye to his groin.

Penny had acquired her man by offering him a two-year contract he could not refuse. That contract had ended a year ago. After those two years Lee had become entirely submissive and his wandering mind had become totally focused on serving his mistress. He was free to leave but did not, nor could not. He was happy with his role and, more importantly he was no longer confident about being released into the world by himself.  In return he had all the sustenance he needed. He slept in a cage furnished with blankets. His sexual urges were met by the gentle hand of his mistress who, at her pleasure, would play with her man, or mount him, or occasionally share him with friends.

"You've been mine for three years."
"Yes mistress."
"Speak honestly now. Are you happy?"
"Yes." He replied without hesitation.
"Remove your shorts and come here."

Reaching behind him she placed her hands on his buttocks. This was her favourite body part. She adored those smooth, strong cheeks and how they twitched beneath her touch. She also enjoyed the power she held over her man simply by delving within to toy with his most sensitive spot.

Of course his cock was also a source of great delight. As ordered, he kept his genitals completely free of hair. She had considered getting him circumcised but then realised it would have only been out of curiosity, and that in fact she very much liked the look of his long, thick shaft with the crown of skin at the tip. She was, after all, a responsible owner. As she sipped at her coffee she turned him around so that she could look at the tattoo above his butt. 'PK' for Penny King - the mark that showed he belonged to her.

When Lee had disappeared to clear away breakfast her attention returned to the laptop screen. She had been undertaking research for several weeks but now she thought she'd found the perfect event. It was something that she needed and, as an afterthought, something that Lee may possibly enjoy. Her salary had grown even more considerable since she had enslaved Lee and so she unhesitatingly booked two first class tickets to San Francisco.


There was no question that Lee had to wear clothes in public. For this trip he wore a shirt so that he could wear one of his leather collars beneath. She had inserted a small plastic butt plug before they left so that he had a constant reminder of his position. Most of the passengers on the British Airways flight no doubt thought that he, with his smart business suit, held the power in the relationship. If only they knew pondered Penny.

A limousine collected them at the airport and whisked them to the resort. Penny had a considerable amount of baggage, a great deal of which contained toys and equipment for her man. They were accommodated in a huge suite overlooking the ocean. Her king-sized bed was smothered in luxurious silky covers. Lee had a small room to himself, the resort had provided a cage. This, after all, was no ordinary resort.

There weren't many places like this in the world. It catered solely for dominant women and their men. Most of the time people came to use it as a hotel, where the only dress code was that men were not allowed to wear clothes. 

In the morning Penny left Lee in the room and went to meet the others. The breakfast lounge was populated by about 30 women, the youngest of which was in her late twenties, the oldest in her sixties. Penny felt comfortable in being about the median age of the group. Every woman here was in the same lucky position as her; they all possessed a man in bondage.

The idea of this gathering was to undertake specialist training for the men. Lee had opened himself up to more and more of his mistresses various perversions, which ranged from tying intricate knots around his cock and balls, to making him swim laps naked in the pool. But he confessed to feeling uncomfortable around other sub men. He possessed no homosexual tendencies but yet considered himself open-minded. Penny had told him he was being taken to this retreat but not to worry; there would be no touching, the only aim being to normalise the sight of other naked men.

In the room Lee stretched out in his cage. He wore his collar and a chastity device so that he could not touch himself. His mistress had not allowed him to cum for several days now - she told him that she wanted to show off the huge loads that he was capable off and so his balls felt full and more than ready to be emptied.

He looked at the lock on the cage and considered his relationship. She was now the only significant person in his life and, although he wasn't in love with her, he trusted and devoted himself to her. He knew that, if there was a fire, she would come running straight here to release him. It was a strange but comforting feeling. She had once ordered him to stop shaving and waxing his cock and balls. When the hair had grown a little bit she had bathed him and used a cutthroat razor to ever-so carefully scrape it all away. She had spent hours enjoying the task. It was as if she were sculpting his smooth genitalia from a piece of marble. He had total trust putting his body in her hands.

The door to the room opened and Penny walked in to open the cage. She attached his leash and led him downstairs and outside. He stood in a line with other naked men beneath the hot Californian sun.

"Ladies, please remove their cock cages. They need to be completely naked."

Some of the men had two or even three mistresses. In total there were eight exposed members that had to be released from the cages. Penny had been with a few men in her time, but this was the first time she had the opportunity to compare several together. She was immensely proud to see that her man's cock was one of the smoothest and most beautiful.

The morning was spent forcing the men to look at each other in various states and positions. Bending over or erect. Masturbating or simply just standing there doing nothing for several minutes. The exercise that Penny had been looking forward to came in the afternoon.

Each man was partnered with another. Lee had been put together with a man ten years his senior. This other man's mistresses treated him with contempt, rather than the love with which Penny had for hers. Penny's counterparts were told to take their man's cock and start masturbating him. Lee was ordered to put his hand out to catch the cum which ejaculated out in no more than two minutes.

The other man's goo felt strange to Lee, thick and warm. By now he had grown accustomed to the other men's bodies, but this felt much more intimate. He was allowed to wipe the cum away because now it was his turn. Penny knew exactly how to touch him. She pumped her hand up and down the full length of his stiff penis, with the occasional fondle of the electrifying place just below the head. 

Five minutes had passed and yet the other women were not growing bored. They were clearly excited about seeing this fine specimen and knew that his heavy balls contained a large surprise for their man. Lee had been oiled up and his cock covered in lube, and now sweat dripped between the canyons of his muscles and tickled the top of his bum. One of the other women asked and was permitted to have a quick feel of Lee's cock. Penny watched with glee as the other woman jealously fondled him, the large gold rings on her fingers rubbing along his wonderful manhood.

Penny took her cock back and felt her man grow large and harder beneath her hand. She knew he was ready and told the other man to hold up his hands. Her grip tightened and pace quickened and she very soon felt the surge of cum pump out of him. The other man was left with a good cupful in his hands and Penny earned a round of applause from the other women for her efforts. Some  were hollering for more.


Penny awoke the next morning with a smile on her face. She was recalling yesterday afternoon and the pride she had felt having displayed her man's delicious body and what he was capable of. All of the other mistresses had come over and praised her for having such a wonderful sub.

There was one point in the afternoon that she felt a little guilty about. The woman in charge, Debbie, had selected Lee and another equally attractive sub and had asked their mistresses to lead them over to a large, low table. The other men were tied up away from the table around which the women had gathered. Debbie had produced a double-ended dildo and slathered it in lube. Lee was ordered to lie on his back on the table and lift his legs in the air, grabbing the backs of his knees. The other man was made to do the same opposite him.

Penny lubed up her man's arse and Debbie gently slid in one end of the dildo. The other end was inserted into the other sub. Penny and the other mistress played with their men's cocks as they were ordered to slide back and forward along the rubbery appendage. She knew Lee would feel uncomfortable about being connected in this way to another man, but she reminded herself that she was in charge and that her man should do whatever she wished.

She rolled out of bed and enjoyed a long shower. She then put on a robe and went into the other room to check on Lee. The cage was there but it was empty. Had she left it open? She called his name but there was no response. It was then that she noticed that the lock had been broken. There was no way that Lee could have done that. Someone had taken him.


The room was dark and felt damp. Beneath his feet a rough concrete floor, behind his bare buttocks a brick wall. His hands were tied above his head, his feet tied and spread. He was completely naked - even his collar had been removed. He still felt a little drowsy. All he could remember from the night before was the external door to the room being quietly opened and then a cloth had been thrust through the bars of his cage and forced over his mouth. It must have been chloroform because he had immediately blacked out.

Where was he? He hadn't seen anyone since regaining consciousness. His arms ached from being tied up, but otherwise he felt OK. Nothing else on his body appeared to have been touched. Whoever it was that had taken him had resisted the urge to play.

He succumbed to sleep again but then was awoken with a start when two women stormed into the room. He recognised them - they were the owners of the sub who had came into his hands. One, an ageing coffee-skinned brunette no taller than 5.4 feet, was dressed head to toe in black leather. Her companion was similarly dressed, and of the same age - maybe mid-fifties - , but she was taller with blonde wavy hair.

The taller woman picked up a hose which was connected to a tap. She turned the tap on and proceeded to spray cold water over Mark. The other woman then stepped in and sponged soap suds all over his body. She also produced a douche which she squirted several times inside him. The tap was turned on again and the hose sluiced away all of the soap. Before they left the women slipped a cock ring onto the freezing cold man and switched on a heater.

Mark was bewildered. Where was Penny? Who were these women! Was this all part of the program? He shivered but the heater began warming the room. Soon he was dry again. He had to wait another hour.

The blonde woman came in with a dark look on her face and an atomiser in her hand. She went straight towards Lee and ran her free hand all over his exposed body.

"Oh I'm gonna have some fun with you. Just a few minutes, though, then I gotta give you away honey." She had a gravelly southern USA accent, and her breath reeked of cigarettes.

She squirted what smelled like baby oil all over him, then took his cock in her hands and began playing with him. When he had lengthened to a few inches she excitedly wrapped her lips around him and began to roughly suck and pull. One hand slipped around to his butt and she painfully pinched and slapped him, every now and then fingering his tight anus.

He was now fully erect and still very confused. He still wasn't sure whether Penny had given permission for him to be used like this, but he assumed that, as his current captor had said, he would be given back to her soon. What he was particularly worried about was whether or not he was expected to cum but before he had got that far the woman suckling at him abruptly stopped.

"Mmmm, I could do that all day long but we gotta go sweetheart."

She went and fetched a collar - not his own - and fastened it around his neck. She attached a leash then released his arms from above his head and his feet from the iron rings in the floor. Still cuffed he was led from the room, up some stairs and into another darkened room.

This room, though, had a small stage at one end and an audience of half a dozen women and one man. They all turned and stared at Lee as he was pulled on to the stage. Here the other mistress stood and, as soon as the blonde had handed over Lee's leash, she began talking.

"I have a real treat for you now ladies and gentleman. This is Lee from England and, as you can see, he's been well looked after and we can promise that he produces a huge load of cum. Let me show you what he's capable of."

So, thought Lee, this must be part of the program. An auction fantasy with a man planted in the audience to help him overcome his unease of being touched by other men. He still couldn't see Penny but realised that there must be hidden cameras somewhere.

His cock still hung fairly heavy after the blonde's blowjob, but she obviously wanted him hard again. She had a vibrator in her hand and was teasing the sensitive spot at the base of the head. It didn't take long for him to reach his full potential. The small mistress took a tape measure to him.

"Seven smooth, hard inches and a girth of five. As you can see he's not circumcised and has beautiful balls. Please turn him around." Her partner took the leash, forced Lee to turn and bend over.
"Now ain't that a gorgeous ass? I've gotta say, I ain't ever seen much better. Let's see what he can take."

A butt plug was produced and covered in lube. Lee felt a cold finger delve inside him followed by the greater pressure of the plug. The woman had to press hard but his tight ring soon yielded and enveloped the fat piece of plastic. He was rewarded with a hard spank.

"Oh yeah! Beautiful. OK, so, as you can see, a prime piece of ass and the perfect sub. If I can just ask my partner here to stand him up and turn him around we can get going. Thanks. So, I'm starting at 50."
"60." Said a sunglasses-wearing redhead, after some hesitation.
"70." Said the man.
"80." Said another woman.

The room went quiet except for the soft purr of the vibrator keeping Lee erect.

"Can I get higher than 80?" No reply.
"He really is one of the best I've seen. No? Let me show you."

The brunette took Lee in her hand and began furiously masturbating him. Her partner started sliding the plug slowly in and out. Lee's nerves were singing and his muscles danced helplessly in time with his captors' efforts. Before long he was at that point of no return when he knew he couldn't hold back. Where was Penny? Why was she letting this happen?

Large shots of thick cream spurted forth. The brunette managed to catch most of it in her other hand. She then offered his cum to the audience who admired the quantity. One or two even dipped their fingers into it, bringing it to their mouths to sample his essence.

"100." Shouted the redhead.
"Oh fuck that's too much for me." The man grumbled before storming out of the room.
"110." Said the redhead's rival.

The bidding stopped. The redhead was clearly in a quandary. She desperately wanted Lee but the price had gone so high. She went up to the slave, took his cock in her hand, kissed it then sighed.

"He's all yours hun."

Lee raised his eyes to look at the winner. She was about the same age as him, expensively dressed and attractive. She wore sunglasses too, so he couldn't see her eyes, but she had an inexplicable unhinged way about her. Where the fuck was Penny?


Penny was frantic. She had run to reception and all but screamed at the staff. She felt totally helpless. Going to the police was not an option - it could ruin her career and life. Besides, the organisers of the event would deny everything to protect themselves. They were, however, taking the kidnapping extremely seriously and were poring over CCTV footage.

At last they were making some progress. Penny had watched in great distress as, on screen, her man had been secreted out of the room on a housekeeping trolley and into a service elevator. They next watched as another camera picked up the captors' movements in the basement garage. They had driven off in an unmarked van.

"Shit, we won't be able to trace it."
"Wait," Said Penny "zoom in here, on the hand." The picture was enlarged.
"There, do you see it? Gold rings. It's one of the mistresses from yesterday."
"I know her. Carla. We took a copy of everyone's ID so we should have her address.

Sure enough the address was found. Using Google Maps they saw it was a small ranch just east of Los Angeles. A task force of Penny, hotel security and the event organisers were soon on the road. It took a few hours before they arrived at the ranch. Penny leapt from the car, full of wrath, and thumped on the door. Carla opened it.

"Oh hi!"
"Fuck you, where's my man?"
"What do you mean, I don't..."

Before she could finish Penny had pushed her way past. Carla protested but was held back by the burly hotel security woman. Going from room to room Penny shouted Lee's name. The blonde appeared and she, too, was quickly restrained. 

They had been searching for an hour but there was no sign of Lee. Penny began sobbing but immediately pulled herself together. She decided to go back down to the basement where the mistresses sub was tethered.

There, in a dark corner, she saw something she had missed the first time. Lee's collar. She picked it up, paused, then went over to the sub.

"Carla said it would be here. She told me to ask if you had fun with my sub yesterday."
"Yes mistress."
"Good. Did you play with him today?"
"Oh that's a shame, why not?"
"He's gone. I mean.."
"Gone? What do you mean gone? Gone where?" 

He didn't respond so Penny took his flimsy cock and balls and squeezed so hard he yelped.

"Tell me where the fuck he's gone."

But it was no good. This sub was used to extreme punishments and Penny realised she wasn't going to get anywhere with him. She went back upstairs and made straight for Carla. By now Penny was furious. She knew these bitches had stolen her man and so she didn't hold back. She bent Carla's middle finger back a long way. The other woman screamed.

"Where the fuck is he?"
"Fuck you."

Penny expected that and so, with the help of the security guard, dragged Carla by the hair down to the basement. The others remained upstairs with the blonde. They heard shouts, screams and slaps from downstairs. Then a gunshot.

With nothing but silence behind her Penny returned upstairs. In her hand was the security guard's gun, from which issued a thin line of smoke.

"Oh shit. Fucking bitch." Screamed the blonde.
"She wasn't helping. So, how about you?" Said Penny.
"Fuck. No!" The blonde sobbed. Penny raised the gun.
"He's gone alright? We fucking sold him!"
"Sold him? To who?" The blonde just wept so Penny pressed the barrel of the gun to her forehead.
"To who?" She repeated.
"Lexi Gray."

Penny, the guard and the organisers were stunned into silence. Did she mean Lexi Gray, the actress? The beautiful Lexi Gray who had been in a string of blockbuster films? Why would she kidnap Lee?

"Lexi Gray?" Queried Penny.
"Yeah. Crazy bitch. She's bought a bunch of guys from us. Fuck only knows what she does with them, but she always pays good."
"I know where Lexi Gray lives." Said Debbie. "Not far from here."

They tied up the blonde and deposited her with the very much alive, ball gagged Carla and their sub. Locking the basement door they raced away to where the actress lived.


Lee was so tired. He was also in a great deal of pain. Lexi Gray, who he now recognised without the sunglasses, had treated him like an unbreakable sex toy. She was obsessed with masturbating him and had made him cum four times this evening already. 

When she wasn't satisfying herself with his cock she entertained herself with inserting various objects into his butt. She had even taken an expensive bottle of champagne from the fridge, shaken it and thrust it inside him. Freezing cold spumes of bubbles squirted deep inside and dripped from his orifice. 

"You are magnificent. I love your cock and your ass is just sublime. I'm gonna put so much up there cos you're all mine. I'm gonna dine on your cum and you better keep producing it. Fuck you have a gorgeous tight ass. Do you want me to suck you again?"

Lee knew that something was wrong but he could do nothing about it. He had been gagged and tightly bound to some rings in the ceiling and floor. He couldn't move and so was forced to watch the deranged starlet abuse his body.

Now Lexi had decided to try and resurrect his erection using her mouth. She lapped at the silk purse of his balls, tongued the champagne from his arse and adoringly licked his cock, her thick lips clamped tightly as her head bobbed backwards and forwards. Slowly, against his will, he began to grow hard again.

It was this scene on which Penny and the others had burst in. She went straight to Lexi and kicked her away from Lee. The security guard quickly took over and held the film star in her strong grip. Penny went to her man. She released him from his binding chains, gently removed a large butt plug and carefully, lovingly caressed his tortured cock and balls.

"Let's get you back to the hotel." She said.

Lee was too tired to answer. She placed her hand on his butt and guided him out of the torture chamber. Debbie and the others were searching through the building, trying to find any other men that might still be there.


Lee slept deeply on the flight back. Penny had allowed him to travel without his plug and cage and she planned to continue her gentle caresses of his cock and arse until he was no longer in pain. She picked up the newspaper.

It was headline news. An anonymous tip had brought the police around to Lexi Gray's house. They had found her striding around ranting and raving, a madwoman. Downstairs in a basement they also found three naked men. All were bruised and had massive dildos stretching their butts and heavy weights tied to their cocks. It was immediately apparent that they were being held against their will. Lexi Gray was going to jail for a very long time.

Penny slipped her hand into Lee's boxer shorts and held him. Her man, her cock, her balls, her perfect arse to enjoy. She had so very nearly lost him.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The soundtracks of sex

When we're in the mood, this is what we like to get down to:

Pulp (A Different Class)
I'm feeling frisky like a dirty old man and G keeps bending over in her pencil skirt. Perfect music for when I want to fuck like a perv who got lucky

Air (Moon Safari)
Mon amour, you are looking particularly delectable this evening. Lights out, candles lit, hot bodies grinding slowly together with tongues used to great effect...this could go on alllll night (is that the third time Sexy Boy has been on?)

Green Day (American Idiot)
Dirty, fast, hard over-excited-teenaged-boy type fucking

Goldfrapp (any album)
I'm going to watch you strip then you're going to dance for me. My hands all over your body as you writhe and sway in time to the music. The sex will be slow and sensual and I'll make love to you and treat you like the goddess you are

What are your favourite sex tunes?

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Leash love

I had G collared and leashed last weekend...looks like it's my turn!

Submitted as part of Sinful Sunday...join in here:

Sinful Sunday