Saturday, 27 April 2013

Post-sex perfection

Sex is great. We all know that. But something special happens immediately afterwards...

Not wanting to jump out of bed and clean up, G lies stretched out (take that as you will) on her side, the leg on top slightly bent. She keeps my cum inside her for as long as possible. I kneel, often exhausted, at her feet and take in the sensual pose of this beautiful naked creature. Her breasts rise and fall as she gulps in breath, her nipples hard. 

The way in which she lies pushes her soft, creamy arse out. Her long, long legs completing this sexy repose. My hands stroke her lovingly and, even though the orgasm was sublime, I find myself wanting her again, and again, and again.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Her man in bondage: gluttony

Happiness had descended on Penny's house. The large oak in the garden seemed to be spreading its thick boughs in a wide embrace for the grand 6-bedroom property. In the garden Lee knelt besides a flower bed, his strong buttocks pointing towards the sky beneath skin tight leatherette shorts. His digital watch beeped an alarm.

Penny guided her brand new Audi through the fading Friday evening, her mind full of Saturday and Sunday anticipation. After another intense working week she was glad to arrive back to her expansive home. Lee had changed into a perfectly tailored pin stripe suit. He wasn't wearing this on a whim but on instructions from his mistress, who knew she shouldn't get used to her man being almost naked all the time.

The door was opened by her besuited slave. She absorbed his handsome profile. His slightly tanned face, where prominent cheekbones underlined large green eyes, could have graced any fashion magazine. He had spent the past hour preparing for her arrival by starting dinner, grooming and getting dressed and running a massive bubble bath to which she now headed.

Her bathroom was immense and covered in either warm sandstone tiles or marble. The bath could easily accommodate several people. The warm, slightly perfumed water was topped by creamy bubbles. Lee lit several candles, switched on some calming music then left to fetch his mistress a freshly prepared gin and tonic.

Penny undressed and sank into the bath's liquid hug. She was neither proud nor ashamed of her body. Having passed 40 a little while ago she found it harder to keep the wobbly bits away, and she was too embarrassed to stand naked in front of her gorgeous man slave's gaze. Whenever she wanted to be pleasured by Lee she was never entirely unclothed, the only times when she would remove everything was when she wanted sex.

When Lee returned with her drink she ordered him to remove the suit jacket and shirt. Under the protective veil of the bubbles she lay back and spread her legs.

"You know what to do." She said.

Lee got to his knees and put his right arm in the water. His hand found his mistresses thighs which he gently squeezed and stroked. He ran his fingertips over her stomach and breasts then traced back down along her legs. Her heart thrummed in anticipation then exalted as his soft touch rested between her legs. Immediately he found her engorged clit and proceeded to stroke, circle and squeeze. 

For some reason Penny's thoughts turned to the woman who had recently enslaved Lee. The woman who had an unhealthy obsession of sucking her man dry as hard and as often as possible, despite his discomfort. Her thoughts were swiftly returned to the present. That golden touch of his, honed after so many years of pleasing his mistress, could bring her to orgasm in minutes.

He increased his devotion to the soft pearl above her opening, probed inside her to focus on the delicious g-spot. Contractions gulped at his strong fingers and Penny was lifted from her bath to a place of absolute pleasure. When she opened her eyes she was still there in the bathroom. A wealthy, independent woman with a man slave that knew how to make her life perfect.


It had been a couple of weeks since Penny last had sex with Lee. Since then he had pleasured her in many other ways. She had even succumbed to the temptation of asking him to employ his skilful tongue on her eager vagina. This was a treat that she rarely allowed herself as it exposed her entirely to Lee. She was well aware of the hypocrisy of demanding nudity from her man for her viewing pleasure whilst she shied away from any such exhibitionism, but theirs was a relationship with an unwavering power structure.

Today, Saturday, Penny was undertaking a little light reading. Her thoughts, though, were still being pulled back to that awful woman, the deranged succubus. Lee was most likely in the garden, his favourite part of the house. He was wearing only jeans and a cock ring. The ring had a tiny vibrator attached. It was operated by a powerful remote control, which Penny now picked up. She switched it on, thus signalling Lee to come and serve her.

"Remove your jeans." Penny said as her man entered.

He unfastened the belt, button and zip then turned his back on her to pull off the jeans. He knew that she liked to watch him from behind as he bent over to undress. His body hair was carefully trimmed, his back, chest and genitals waxed smooth. The PK tattoo at the top of his left buttock had faded a little since she had first taken him to get the mark over three years ago.

Penny insisted that Lee keep himself toned and that he remained clean throughout the day so that she could play with him at her whim. He turned around and she watched his languid cock swing from side to side as he walked over to where she sat. She instructed him to kneel astride her legs. His beautiful 33 year-old cock presented itself to her mouth. She happily obliged it.

The pliant penis felt warm from his exertions in the garden. It tasted faintly of coconut - the soap that she liked him to use. Her childlike enjoyment of sucking on this object had the inevitable effect of making him fully erect. She asked him to adjust his position so that she could more comfortably continue to focus on the tip of his seven inch cock. Her hunger for the magnificent manhood manifested itself in the ribbons of drool that dribbled down him and dripped from his smooth pendulous balls.

"Would you like me to cum?" He obediently asked.
"Yes." She replied before eagerly returning to the task in hand.

Lee allowed himself to stop holding back. He gave himself to the slurping mouth and busy tongue. Penny took Lee's balls in one hand and squeezed his firm arse with the other. Lee's cock, her cock, thrummed and stiffened before releasing thick bursts of unctuous ooze from its tiny nozzle. She gobbled it all up and made him remain where he was so that she could lick every last drop he produced in the minutes after his orgasm.

"Mmm, yummy. I'm sure that tasted of pineapple."
"Are you sure it wasn't the coconut soap you tasted mistress?"
"No. Definitely pineapple."
"It could have been the pineapple I had the other day."
"Maybe. I'll have to feed you more of that."
"Yes mistress. Mistress, with your permission, I was thinking of going on a long bike ride this afternoon."
"Very well. You can wear your tight blue Lycra shorts."
"Yes mistress, and thank you for making me cum mistress."
"You're welcome. I, as ever, enjoyed it too."

She watched his bouncing butt as he exited the room. I wonder if that other woman appreciated the taste of my man, she thought. What else can I make him taste like?


Dinner that evening had started with a few light pieces of sushi, followed by an exquisite noodle and aubergine dish. Mango creme brûlée rounded off the meal which had been created by Lee from scratch. For his meal Penny had fed him minestrone soup and leftover mango. He had returned from his bike ride soaked with sweat and she had, of course, immediately asked him to strip to assess his muscles. As ever he passed the visual and touch test with flying colours.

Having cleared and cleaned the kitchen Lee was returned to his cage in the plush living room. Penny fed him some more mango between the bars. She finished her book then went and fetched one of her many vibrators. The hand that wasn't holding the tiny bullet vibe reached in and took hold of Lee's leash. She pulled him to the floor of the cage and manacled his wrists and ankles. He was now face down with his voluptuous buttocks exposed. Through a hole in the bottom of the cage his balls and penis dangled. 

The cage was raised on a bespoke crafted frame, beneath which lay several large cushions. Penny now lounged on these cushions, her man's genitalia hanging before her. She blindfolded Lee then undressed. The tiny vibrator purred when she switched it on. She held it against herself then grasped the drooping flesh fruit. Lee received about two or three blowjobs a week, four if Penny was really treating herself. He had never, until today, had two within the space of a day.

She came twice during this particular session. The first was fairly mild. She had been so engrossed with performing fellatio on Lee that the orgasm took her by surprise. She had to lay back and rest for half an hour before she could continue. During that time she entertained herself with Lee's hanging goodies. She let it shrink then gave it a fondle to bring it back to full size - an exercise she repeated several times.

It was when she was approaching  her second orgasm that she realised she was salivating more than usual. She was so keen to taste her man and therefore pulled and sucked harder so that he came just as a dizzying, stupendous orgasm washed over her. She lay back and held his cum in her mouth for a few seconds, savouring it. There was definitely a hint of pineapple. More cum spilled from his retreating erection, pooling between her breasts. She dipped her finger in it and tasted more of the viscous ooze. Delicious.


After only a week Lee realised that Penny was up to something. He had been ordered to strip and present his cock for her to indulge her oral fixation every day this week, sometimes twice a day. His diet had consisted of fruit and vegetables, mainly pineapple, mango and celery. He never thought it possible but he was getting a little numb to the feeling of her mouth on his cock.

The doorbell rang. Lee looked through the peephole before opening the door. He was, after all, only wearing a thong. It was Gina, Penny's friend. Lee let her in then showed her to the conservatory. Gina looked at Lee's wiggling arse all the way, her mouth agape. 

"Hey Geegee." Penny said as her friend entered the room.
"Hi sweetie." Gina replied as they kissed on both cheeks.

Gina was one of Penny's closest friends, one of a small group with whom Penny had first confided about her ownership of Lee. A group so special that Penny gave them all access to her slave once a month in order to satisfy their deepest desires. Four ladies, including Gina, meant that Lee had an appointment once a week.

"Is it me or is his arse even more gorgeous today?"
"It's not you, Gee, and it's amazing that I never tire of seeing it."
"I bet you don't. Thanks for the teaser pics by the way, looks like you've been treating him to some new underwear?"
"Yeah, I can't help myself. Is there anything you want him to wear today?"
"No, thanks, I like what he's got on at the moment."
"I thought you would. Well, enjoy yourself."
"I always do, Pen."
"Oh, one thing, let me know what you think he tastes like."
"Tastes like? You mean...?"
"Yeah, his cum."

Gina went to find Lee, who she knew would be in the special room that Penny had furnished with leather sofas, a large bed covered in black silk and a jacuzzi in the corner. All along the black walls were chains and  iron loops. There was also a large cabinet of sex toys and another filled with an array of whips, handcuffs, wrist cuffs and spreader bars.

In the middle of the room stood Lee. Gina went straight to him and kissed him deeply on the lips, whilst pushing down his thong and taking hold of his cock. God how she loved the feel of him, his muscled torso and pert bum. He went and assumed the position she liked him in - chained to the wall.

"Good boy. You won't believe how much I've needed to fuck you this month."
"I hope I meet your expectations."
"You always do, gorgeous. I really want to do wicked things to you today."
"As ever I have cleaned thoroughly for you to do to me what you will."

Gina responded by falling to her knees and sucking furiously on his cock. She then locked his ankles in cuffs that were attached via a rope and pulley to the ceiling. She pulled on the rope and kept going until Lees legs were at the same level of his eyes. She then threw a large cushion beneath him then gazed hungrily at the fully exposed pink-lined chasm of his butt. Unconsciously licking her lips she took hold of his enlarged cock then thrust her soggy tongue into him.

His moans encouraged her to probe deeper but she stopped before he became too excited. She released his legs and wrists then took his leash and led him to the bed, the four corners of which had more restraints into which he was locked. Unlike Penny Gina didn't care what Lee thought of her body. She stripped naked, her large breasts and shaved pussy causing the slaves cock to kick in excitement. She guided it inside her then proceeded to writhe in pure rapture. His perfect appendage was slightly curved and so satiated the yearning of her inner desire.

She grabbed a slim vibrator, coated it with lube then slid it into Lee and turned it to full. His platinum hard cock now vibrated and so doubled her pleasure. Now she took a much smaller vibrator to her clit. After almost an hour of fucking this hot piece of flesh a powerful orgasm released itself from deep within Gina and she gushed warm, sweet liquid all over the slave. Lee knew what  was now expected of him and so he stopped holding back his own orgasm. The resulting extra hardness caused Gina to cum all over again.

When she dismounted Gina reached for a towel and wiped herself down. She looked at the last few drops of semen beading at the tip of Lee's cock. Taking him gently in her hand she leaned over and licked him clean. Before returning to the conservatory she unlocked Lee's wrists.

"I swear you keep getting better Lee."
"Thank you."
"See you next month."

Gina paused to take in his thrilling body one last time before seeking out her friend. Penny gave her a quizzical look.

"Fucking fantastic, of course. He always is."
"No, I mean yes, I know that. I meant his cum?"
"Oh, well yes, I guess he tasted a bit better than usual."
"Yeah? Did he taste a bit like pineapple?"
"Hmm, now you mention it he did."

Penny pressed the remote control to summon Lee. Now wearing jeans he arrived a moment later. With a slightly strange look in her eyes Penny rapidly unbuttoned her slave and stripped him of his trousers and underwear. He hadn't yet had a shower and Penny shovelled his cock into her mouth. She sucked and sucked, drawing just the tiniest remaining drop of cum from him.

Gina was slightly embarrassed at this very intimate, strange scene. A little bit of her wondered if Penny could taste her, too. 


 Greased with oil the chain clicked rhythmically between Lees legs. The tyres purred along the road and sweat was whipped away by the breeze. He guided the bike down the lane that led to Penny's mansion. This was his second ride today and he was exhausted. His mistress was insisting that he take ever more exercise. So much, in fact, that he had dared to question why. In return for his question he received a mild flogging and then the answer.

"I need you to produce more cum."
"But mistress, I thought I produced more than enough for you?"
"I want more!" She gave him a painful thwack for his insolence.

This was one of only very few occasions when Lee found himself not enjoying his role as sex slave. In general his life was perfect. His mistress accommodated in comfort in her mansion, he ate only the best food and wore only the best clothes. He was very well looked after and wanted for nothing. His sexual urges were met by Penny and her visiting friends. But this past week she had demanded more and more from his manhood. He hoped it was just a perversion that would soon pass.

Penny was there waiting for him when he came through the door. She locked a collar around his neck then attached a leash. After taking a moment to fondle and caress his strong body through the Lycra she tore the thin fabric from his body then led him to one of the several showers. He soaped himself up then rinsed his body down whilst Penny ogled. As soon as she thought him sufficiently clean she turned off the shower and threw him a towel. 

Lee already knew what was coming. In his mistress's left hand was his particular kryptonite - a slim metal vibrator that bent just so to tease his most delicate spot. Penny squirted lube on it and on her finger which she unhesitatingly eased inside his pinched hole. The shiny toy slid in easily and his penis responded almost immediately to the gentle burr. Penny dropped to her knees and then lapped at his growing cock which she took deep into her mouth.

His mistress sucked and pulled hard, desperate to extract his juices. Lee realised that he felt slightly numb to her efforts. Before there was nothing more exquisite than having his mistress toy with his arse whilst pleasuring his cock with her mouth, but now she no longer approached this activity with passion. Now it seemed she had a weird obsession with manipulating and sampling his flavour.

The orgasm came without feeling and she gulped him down. She also squeezed the last few drops from his cock into a glass. Penny then stood and walked away without the usual kiss and look of lustful wonder on her face. Lee wiped himself down and pulled out the toy from his bum. He was now certain that his mistress had developed an obsession with his cum and couldn't seem to get enough of it. But what could he do? His role was to do only what she wished. To show any independence of mind would no doubt damage their relationship.

Penny decided to forego lunch. Instead she pressed the button on Lee's remote control. This time she decided to leave it on. Within a minute her man walked in, that unmistakeable buzz emanating from his groin. She could see that, beneath his figure-hugging white boxers, he was already growing hard. 

"Take them off." Her favourite phrase.

Beside her were two glasses; one was empty, the other half full of a viscous liquid. Lee gasped when he realised it was the same glass she had emptied him into this morning. His cum had been mixed with water like some sort of kinky cordial.

"Give me your cock."

Again she slipped that toy inside him, again she immediately went to work on his cock, first with hard tugs from her hand then the salivating confines of her mouth. The process was entirely joyless and Lee performed as expected. Penny savoured most of his pure cum, then dripped the rest into the empty glass.

"Good boy. Now, why don't you go for a bike ride?"
"Yes mistress."
"Oh, and there's a mango in the kitchen. Eat that first."
"Yes mistress."

OK, she was definitely unhinged. Lee knew that the past week had been challenging for Penny. A contract she had been pitching for at work had nearly fallen through. This had happened before, but previously her frustrations had been taken out on Lee with the sting of a whip.

He cycled for almost two hours, thoughts of his mistress racing through his mind. When he returned he showered then began preparing dinner. Tonight he would concoct a Vietnamese chicken and noodle broth, followed by an exotic fruit salad. The kitchen had underfloor heating, a feature that Lee greatly appreciated because of the requirement for him to wear nothing but tight shorts that barely cleared the base of his arse.

Penny ate dinner whilst listening to the news. Her eyes often flicked to her man slave who stood waiting for her instructions, and for her delectation. His increased exercise regime had not had much of an effect on his body, which already bristled with muscles. The twin globes of his butt remained as delicious as ever. She looked forward to gently biting them later. It wasn't long before she took in the bulge in his pure white cotton boxers.

"Show me your cock."

He hooked his thumbs under the waistband and slowly slid off the underwear. He straightened and clasped his hands behind his back so that his mistress could enjoy his body. Around his neck was a black leather collar. A long leash was locked to a shiny metal ring, the other end resting in Penny's lap. She tugged on the leash, pulling Lee slowly towards her.

His pensile manhood jiggled as he padded over to the table. Penny breathed his musk in deeply, then licked her lips. She spooned in another bite of the exotic fruit salad. 

"Let's see that beautiful bum of yours." He obliged and was rewarded with the clap of her hand as it smacked him gently.
"Go and get lube and a plug."

In this house of kink there was always a range of toys and kinky accoutrements close to hand. Lee walked to the far side of the room and bent over to open a drawer. He withdrew a small black rubber butt plug and bottle of slimy lube. The bare landscape of his genitals bewitched Penny as she watched him return to her.

Another spoonful of fruit disappeared between her lips. She swiftly followed it with Lee's cock. He felt her writhing tongue, as well as the cold mush of fruit, which she patiently swallowed down. Another spoonful of fruit was raised, but now Penny let the pieces of kiwi, passionfruit and papaya tumble down her man slave's projecting sex. She repeated this process, bending down to catch the juices that dripped from his tip.

Something switched behind Penny's eyes. She put down the spoon and grasped Lee. She thrust him in her mouth and pulled and sucked. On the table were two glasses, both with that viscous liquid. Penny occasionally paused from her blowjob endeavours to drink from one or the other. The lube was introduced to the plug which in turn was introduced to the resisting drawstring-purse of her slave's anus. His butt surrendered to the black plastic and his cock responded to her sensuous mouth. Penny felt his excitement and doubled her efforts.

"You like that plug don't you slave." She moaned when she pulled away for breath.
"Mmm, yes mistress. Thank you."
"Your cock is so fucking lovely."
"Thank you mistress."
"I want your cum. Now! Give me your delicious fucking cum!"

The remains of her fruit dessert dribbled down her chin as she frantically bobbed up and down the overworked penis. She violently removed the butt plug and replaced it with her slender fingers, first one, then two, then three. His pursed hole widened to accommodate her probing digits. She sought and found his prostate and proceeded to rub and circle it with her lube-slathered hand. 

Her gluttony knew no bounds as she gobbled at Lee, desperate for his tasty ooze. He responded with a sharp, pained intake of breath, something that Penny had never caused him to do before. The news continued indifferently in the background.

"The actress Lexi Gray has lost her appeal against her sentence." Began the news story.

That incomprehensible switch in Penny's mind was thrown once again.

"She was sentenced earlier this year after being found guilty of abusing several men. Her lawyers have said that they will continue to fight for their client."

Lexi Gray. That bitch who had stolen Lee and who had frequently been lurking in Penny's thoughts. Her hand slipped out of her slave. She returned her concentration to the naked man before her. Immediately the realisation of what she had been doing shivered through her. Shame and horror fought for prominence in her mind. 

Lee's softening cock bowed just inches from her lips. Although she now realised how badly she had treated her slave she retained enough of her dominant spirit to not fall apart in front of him. She wouldn't apologise, instead she would express her regret for what she had done by giving Lee what he liked best. She wiped her hand and chin, gently stroked Lee's cock and balls then stood. 

"I think that'll do for today. You can have the night off. Come to my bedroom, tomorrow morning at 11."


Lee woke up in his cage to find the door already unlocked. On the small table, where she usually left whichever piece of underwear he was expected to wear, there was a note:

Good morning slave.

Today you are to wear nothing. Remember to be at my bedroom door at 11. Bring 4 mimosas.

He knocked on the door as the elegant grandfather clock chimed. In his right hand he carried a silver tray with four flutes of mimosa. Out here in the corridor there was a slight breeze that whispered over his bare cheeks. He heard laughter inside then the door opened. It was Gina.

"Well hello handsome, come on in."

Gina stood aside and put a hand on the slave's bum as he walked past her into the room. Penny was reclined on her massive bed. Either side of her were her two other closest friends, Felicity and Amala. These four ladies were the only ones allowed access to Lee and his many talents. Everyone in the room, apart from Lee, was clothed.

"Come and lie on the bed, on your back." Instructed Penny.
"Yes mistress."
"Your cock looks particularly magnificent today." Uttered Amala.
"Thank you mistress."

Within seconds the women had fallen upon Lee. Their hands covered him in seductive caresses. Each of them had their task; Felicity and Amala were to play with his cock and balls, Gina was to satisfy her obsession with his arse and Penny had his chest and head all to herself. He was rolled onto his right side and Felicity and Gina held his left leg in the air.

Four tongues met his warm flesh. One gouged his exposed anus, another wrapped itself around the soft velvet of his balls. Amala teased the tip of his cock whilst Penny's tongue danced with his own. The women ecstatically devoured their man and were spurred on by his irrepressible sighs. He was soon shiny with saliva.

Penny ran her hand over his corrugated stomach, pinched his nipples and occasionally took possession of his popular genitals and butt. Lee was in paradise. He didn't know what he had done to deserve this attention. He also knew that those who now feasted upon his treasures derived immense pleasure  from doing so. After an hour of putting up resistance to this oestrogen orgy Lee could feel his defences weaken.

"May I cum for you mistresses?" He sighed.
"Fine by me, how about you ladies?" Replied Penny.
"Sounds good."
"Yes please."
"Save some for me." Giggled Gina.
"Go ahead and cum for us slave."

With Gina pressing on his most sensitive button deep inside with her finger, Felicity toying with his balls and Amala's thick lips worshipping his cock Lee succumbed to the electric stroke of rapture that swam through his body and spurted out hot gushes of cream for his adoring mistresses. Penny kissed him passionately. 

"You're my delicious piece of ass." She whispered in his ear.
"Yes mistress."
"I'm going to stop making you cum so much. I've had my fill for now."
"Yes mistress."

The friends all kissed Lee before departing. Soon mistress and slave were alone, and happy, again.