Sunday, 21 July 2013


Yesterday I paid a visit to the my local magnificent menagerie with a lovely group of folks (highlight: Welsh cakes and monkeys). Afterwards we paid a visit to my even more local munch (an informal gathering of BDSM-minded people). I had been hoping to go to this for many months now but holidays and other such plans always got in the way.

A most lovely gentleman and beautiful lady escorted me as I dipped my toe into this event. I chatted with a few attendees and soon discovered what an amiable munch bunch they are. Dress included a healthy quantity of latex and spankings were doled out frequently. 

In short, I almost felt at home here, especially as the munch is always held in one of my local drinkeries. My gratitude to those who made me feel so welcome - I look forward to the next one.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Her man in bondage: sloth

The revolving doors clicked and swished quietly. Apart from the security guard the building's lobby was deserted. The soles of Penny's trainers squeaked on the polished floor. She glanced at her watch and, noting the time (just past 9pm) for the first time today, realised that something had to change.

A couple of years past 40, the senior lawyer had amassed a small fortune. She had, once upon a time, enjoyed her job, and the politics that came with being a woman who had climbed so far up the career ladder. The glass in the revolving doors reflected someone who had become tainted with stress and tiredness. That ghostly face strengthened her resolve.

She was going to drastically cut back her hours and let go of the power she had. No more late nights, just a couple of days in the office each week. It was not possible to climb further, being as she was partner of her own firm. And a hugely successful firm too. She turned and looked back at the building, her building, and smiled the smile of someone who was sure that she had made the right decision.

Although she could easily afford one, she shunned the idea of having a chauffeur. Her gleaming red Audi was too much fun to drive. As she waited at some traffic lights she dialled Lee and let him know she was on her way home. Just that brief, mundane conversation had her tingling with excitement and anticipation.

Despite owning a luxury car, law firm and massive mansion, Lee was by far her best ever acquisition. Plus she felt a far stronger sense of ownership over him than anything else. After all, what better object could there be than having a gorgeous, younger man-slave at your beck and call? 

The delicate smells of an exquisite dinner welcomed her when she at last arrived home. He was, through not a little practice, an accomplished cook too. And here he stood, with a glass of champagne on a tray.

"Congratulations." He said, before handing her the glass.
"Thank you."

She had informed him of her decision over the phone. Now she realised that she would have even more time to enjoy him. He had as ever dutifully put on his uniform; a tiny pair of clingy black leatherette shorts and nothing else. Following him into the dining room she exalted at the sight of his tight bum, the two perfectly curved buttocks writhing against each other.

He served her dinner then stood and awaited her next instruction. Penny was in an exultant mood and was also feeling particularly propietorial. She told her slave to remove his shorts. As she ate her gaze wandered up and down her beautiful man.

She noted immediately that he had obediently waxed around his cock and balls. A thin covering of hair did not conceal his bulbous pectoral muscles and crepuscular abs. His thighs bulged in a way that betrayed the fact that he was a keen cyclist. But, as she finished dinner and started in on dessert, his lovely genitalia proved to be entirely distracting. She masticated and admired the dangling appendage, thick but not too long, which had brought her so much pleasure.

Alas, this evening Penny was much too tired to enjoy her man. After eating the last delicious morsel she told him to approach. When he stood, fully naked, before her she took one last look of his proud manhood. She then gave it a long kiss, stood, slapped his tight bum and went to bed.


She awoke at 6am as usual. The alarm had been switched off but her internal body clock had not been informed. For a brief moment she began mentally preparing for work, but then she remembered that work was not expecting her. She had retired and was a free woman. With that thought her eyes closed and sleep returned.

Sunlight penetrated the curtains and caressed her into wakefulness. This time the bedside clock informed her that it was a little after 9am. She reached over and picked up a small remote control. After pressing a button she reflected on the fact that, at that moment, people were starting their working days whilst she had just summoned her perfect man slave. Life was good.

Lee walked in wearing jeans that dipped just below his waistline to show his Diesel boxer shorts beneath. He was topless and carried a tray on which there was a freshly picked rose and a breakfast of yoghurt and Danish pastry. Penny was naked beneath the covers which she now gathered around her. Whilst she was of course happy for her man to be naked in her presence, she was still somewhat embarrassed about being unclothed in front of him, unless, of course, she was having sex with him, or receiving oral pleasure.

After a lazy morning Penny decided to join Lee on his afternoon bike ride. She was comfortable enough about her body to don Lycra shorts and tight cycling jersey. The surrounding countryside was veined with many miles of quiet tracks. She instructed her man not to go too fast, and to ride ahead of her so that she could enjoy the view of his bum in Lycra.

A light breeze tousled the leaves in the trees. They hadn't passed another soul after an hour of riding. Penny spotted a small glade through the trunks. She pulled on the brakes and shouted ahead.

"Lee! Let's stop here." He stopped and turned back to join her.
"Yes mistress. Would you like a gin and tonic mistress?"
"That would be lovely. Let's sit over there."

She led the way to the small unforested patch which was covered in short grass and bright yellow flowers. Lee produced a blanket and inflatable cushions from his backpack. He lay them out so that his mistress could relax whilst he took out the bottles of gin and tonic as well as a glass and ice bag full of frozen cubes. After handing her the drink she invited him to sit with her. 

Once she felt fully refreshed she rummaged in her own small backpack and produced four lengths of rope. Lee eyed them curiously, but knew that they were intended for him.

"Stand and strip."

Without hesitation he did as instructed. A small part of him was aware that anyone looking through the trees from the track would be able to see him. A much larger part of him obeyed his mistress unquestionably. His powerful body had a sheen of sweat. Penny allowed him to keep his trainers on then, with one hand carrying the ropes and the other grasping his penis, she led him over to a pair of trees.

"Tie this rope on that branch, and this one on that one up there."

As her sub began tying the ropes she took the other two and fastened hem to the bases of the same two trees. When he was finished Penny tied his right wrist to the rope dangling from one tree and his left wrist to the other. Both arms were now stretched wide above him. Now she tied his ankles in the same way.

She paused to admire her efforts. His cock was swollen in the heat and also with the anticipation of what was expected of it. His hard butt was slightly spread because of the wide stance he had been forced into. She fondled his glistening cheeks and sought out his tight hole. Then she moved her hands to his cock and balls which hung invitingly. Her fingers stroked, teased and gripped until he was fully erect.

Now she went and stood in front of him, turned and pulled down her shorts. Lee was a few inches taller than her, but because of his outstretched legs his cock was at just the right height for her eager pussy. She held his full manhood and slowly backed onto it. There was sufficient pleasure to be gained by just the feel of that warm, smooth dick inside her that she almost orgasmed immediately.

After a minute of enjoying the feel of him she began sliding back and forth along his fleshy hardness, now coated with her excitement. He throbbed and twinged as her tight vagina unleashed waves of uncontrollable ecstasy, which travelled constantly along his tense nerves. Growing harder still, Penny responded by fucking him faster and faster.

She stopped and edged forward, allowing him to fall out of her. Now she turned and, after a brief hesitation when she thought she may want to take his gloriously stiff cock in her mouth, she instead continued to guide him into her so that they could have sex whilst facing each other.

The tight top she wore was now punctuated by the two bullets of her aroused nipples. She reached around and took hold of his exposed bum, using those chiseled muscles as handles whilst she continued to ride him hard. Now, if anyone should be peeking from the track, they would see a bound and naked man with two hands grasping his behind.

The orgasm caught her by surprise. She dug her nails into his skin, trying hard to support her body weight whilst her spirit was lifted into the blue sky above. Guttural groans bounced from the trees which looked down upon her primal delight in natural affinity. When her eyes refocused they first noticed the verdant canopy, and then the intricate design of her fuck toy's vibrant green eyes.

She wanted more of him but her responsible side reminded her that having his cum leaking out of her whilst she rode home may prove to be unbearably uncomfortable. And so she dismounted and, after wiping away most of her juices, pulled up her shorts. Lee remained tied to the trees and, seeing his cock still so large and full of cum, decided to unburden him from the sticky nectar inside. 

"Now you're going to cum for me."

It took only these words of instruction, and a few pumps of her hand on his unwieldy penis, for him to obediently release a long line of hot semen onto the forest floor. Her responsibilities for her toy now done, she untied his wrists then waited and watched as he released his ankles, packed up the ropes and other things and, last of all, got dressed.


That wonderful afternoon in the forest had taken place over a week ago. Ever since then Penny had spent longer and longer in bed in the morning. It got to the point where Lee was unsure whether to bring her breakfast or lunch. He really didn't want to disappoint his mistress and therefore risk bring punished.

At midday, exactly two weeks after she had walked out of her firm for the last time, Lee knocked timidly on his mistress's door. She moaned in reply and he took this as an invitation to enter. Without looking up from the magazine in her hand she beckoned him over. He set down the tray which had on it only a cup of tea.

"May I bring you breakfast mistress? Or perhaps mistress would like some lunch?"
"Are you being cheeky slave?"
"No mistress, I would never..."
"Come here, lay across me."

He knew what she wanted. He had, somehow, upset her and now took up position lying face down across her waist. His bum was in her lap and so it was easy for her to pull down his skin-tight shorts. SLAP. She swatted his bared buttocks with her hand. SLAP. Each stroke was hard enough to sting. SLAP SLAP SLAP. Soon the mark of her hand could be seen marked in red on his skin. She spanked him, but not for as long as she usually would when meting out punishment.

"Oh sod it, that'll do. Stand up and pull up your shorts." 
"Yes mistress." He did as he was instructed.
"Go and get me breakfast, and, to remind you not to even think about being disrespectful, you can wear your large butt plug all day. Off you go."

After bringing her breakfast he went and found the plug. Penny had fitted closed circuit cameras in certain rooms and so would know if he had disobeyed her. He stripped naked and covered the toy and himself in lube. The only way in which he could insert the large object was to squat over it and slowly lower himself down. It caused him some pain and discomfort, but that was exactly what his mistress intended.

Every day, when Penny eventually emerged from bed, she found her man tidying, cooking or gardening. He also loved to read, and so she had instructed him to adapt a large room she wasn't using into a library. She then gave him money to fill it with books. This is where she found him today, perched awkwardly on a leather chair.

"You can take that thing out now."
"Yes mistress, thank you mistress."
"Actually, strip and kneel on that table."

Once he was in position on the varnished dark wood table Penny went up behind him. She stroked his cheeks then ran a finger around the gaping aperture within which was the large plug. She took hold of it and, with her other hand on his smooth balls, pulled it slowly until his anus popped it out. The dark, wide, tunnel between his buttocks momentarily transfixed her.

"Clean that thing up. I'm going back to bed."

Lee began to worry that his mistress had grown tired of him. He didn't know what he had done wrong, or what more he could do to make her happy. She spent so much time in her bedroom.


Wednesday was Felicity's day. Today she had come wearing a dark red maxi dress that accentuated her lovely curves. Her fingers twirled her auburn hair as she sat on a kitchen stool chatting with Lee. It was difficult for her to concentrate on the conversation, because the man before her was wearing only blue latex shorts. 

"I'm a bit worried about Penny." Lee said, and Felicity tried harder to listen to what he was saying.
"Oh? Why?" She replied.
"Ever since she retired she's been spending more and more time in bed."
"Lucky her."
Lee stood and made them both another cup of tea. Felicity ogled his muscular legs and bum. He turned around and she unashamedly gazed at his crotch. When her eyes eventually met his he saw that they were haunted by concern.

"Don't worry about her Lee, I'm sure she'll get over it soon."
"That's what I thought, but it's been over a month now."
"Hmm. Well maybe you need to give her a good reason to get up and about."
"I can try. But I have to be careful. If I overstep the mark she'll punish me."
"Good luck. Now, I've been waiting long enough to get my hands on you. Let's go."

She took his hand and led him out of the kitchen, down some stairs and into the basement. This part of the house had been converted into a couple of bedrooms and a fully equipped dungeon. BDSM wasn't really Felicity's thing and so she took Lee straight to a room furnished with a large king sized bed covered in satin pink sheets. Flamboyant mirrors hung on the walls and the ceiling was one large reflective surface.

Felicity had been regularly visiting Penny's house for a couple of years now, ever since her friend had acquired a man slave. Seeing Lee was one of the few highlights of her week. She had been single for almost six months, but this arrangement with her friend had ensured that her needs had been thoroughly met.

Leaving Lee standing, Felicity collapsed onto the bed. It had been a tiring day and she wasn't really up for much physical exertion. She hitched up her skirt then removed her knickers. Placing a hand over her hairless triangle she looked at the slave with anticipation.


Lee pulled down then stepped away from the only piece of clothing he had been wearing. Penny began touching herself, her fingers lightly teasing out her clit. She continued looking at the naked man whose cock was slightly emboldened by the sight of this attractive woman masturbating.


Now he could only hear the rustle of sheets as his audience increased her strokes. Soft gasps escaped from between her lips. His mistress insisted that he kept his back completely hair free, his bum was covered in light, fine strands that in no way hid the tanned skin beneath. Strong legs supported his honed and sturdy frame.

"Come here."

Felicity had stopped touching herself. Her hands were by her sides and her legs remained spread. Lee was now able to see her luscious silken pinkness which was being proffered for him. He mounted the bed, crawled between her thighs and bowed down to begin his worship of this goddess who controlled him.

"Mmmm, yesss." She purred. "Good boy."

He obediently put his tongue to work, alternating between probing thrusts and flurries of flicks on her clitoris. She forced his head down further so that he would go deeper and harder. As was usual when she was being tongue fucked by Lee she decided that she needed something in her mouth. The slave turned 180 degrees and offered his cock whilst he continued working on bringing her to climax.

She savoured the feel of his hot member in her mouth whilst releasing undulations of pure joy, screams and shouts and fistfuls of satin. She was so loud that Penny heard her three floors up, causing her to wake briefly from a light doze.

Lee held Felicity whilst she came back down to Earth. After several minutes she stood, grabbed her clothes and went off to shower in the en-suite bathroom. When she returned, fully dressed, she found him standing naked, awaiting her next order.

"That was, as ever, mind blowing." She said, whilst running her hands over his strong chest.
"Thank you. I enjoyed it too."
"You can get dressed now."
"Thank you." He pulled on the latex shorts.

They kissed goodbye. Lee noted that it was late afternoon and Penny still hadn't left her room. Whilst pleasuring Felicity he had developed a plan to help his mistress overcome her slothful demeanour.


This wasn't how she had expected to feel. Having retired she was meant to be motivated to do all those things she didn't have time for previously; read books, learn a language, go for long walks. And play with her slave more, find new and inventive ways of making him cum.

She turned away from the sunlight streaming through the window and looked at the alarm clock. A few minutes until nine. Sleep started to return, but then she heard a splash. Lee must be swimming. The TV in her room was tuned into the various cameras around her house, including the swimming pool. She found the remote and switched it on.

The image wasn't perfectly clear but she could just about make out his body beneath the water. He was naked. After completing a few dozen laps he stopped and rested at the side of the pool. He then hauled himself out. But now Penny couldn't see him - the camera angle meant that he was just out of shot. Now she heard laughter. Her friends were down there too. Yes, there was Gina in a summer dress walking towards where Lee had just gone.

Penny got up and peered out the window, trying desperately to see what was going on. There's Lee again, still naked. He was walking back along the length of the pool. From her bedroom window his mistress focused on his bum. Oh, someone had put a butt plug in him. How delicious he looked. 

She could resist no more. After a very quick shower she threw on a pink velour tracksuit and descended the stairs. When she got outside she noticed that her man slave had started swimming again, but there was no sign of her friends. She ordered Lee out of the pool. When he was stood before her, unclothed and dripping wet, she began asking questions.

"Where is everyone?"
"They came around with champagne and a picnic mistress."
"Where are they now?"
"They've gone for a walk through the forest."

Penny took hold of her man's cock. It felt cold after his swim, but the touch of her warm hands soon had it growing. She looked longingly at it. But then she heard her friends laughing in the distance. They were having such a great time. Damn, he had such an incredible body. But he would still be there when she came back. Her hand let go of him. She stood back and gazed hungrily over his trim torso, his lovely penis and the brown skin of his smooth balls.

"Carry on." She said before turning away to catch up with her friends, the image of her man imprinted in her mind for her to savour.

The next day Penny was once again awoken by the sound of her slave swimming. Expecting to find her friends down there too she dressed and fled from her room. 

Today, however, Lee was alone. On the table was a book she had started reading many months ago but had never got around to finishing. There was also a cool glass of fresh orange juice.

She sat, watched her naked man for a while then began reading. Soon after Lee emerged from the pool and fetched her breakfast. This was bliss - sat outside on a warm, sunny morning reading a captivating book whilst being served hand on foot. Life was good.

On this particular day Penny awoke before 9. She enjoyed a long shower, dressed and descended to the pool where breakfast and Lee waited for her to devour. A butt plug lay on the table. As she ate she took hold of him then looked into his eyes.

"I know what you've been up to." She said with a smile.
"Mistress?" The unclothed man replied with a straight face.
"Getting me out of bed and, well, living life again."
"I wouldn't ever dare to make you do anything mistress."
"Right. Thank you."

She continued to smile at her man until, little by little, his mouth broadened into a grin. She picked up the plug.

"You're a good boy." 

She took him in her mouth.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Failure to launch

Last week I went to meet a very pretty sub. We had to find somewhere between where we both lived, but this still involved an hour-long journey from London. This being our first meeting I suggested we just have a few drinks and maybe dinner so that we could get to know one another, and so that she could begin to trust me.

I arrived at the meeting place with a terrible headache but with a resolve to be my usual cheerful self to put her at ease. I waited. And waited. I knew that I hadn't got the day or time wrong as I had provided her with instructions on which train to get. I sent her a message and then called. Nothing.

I soon realised that I had been stood up and so didn't waste any more time. On the train home I wrote several more chapters of my next story. I allowed her a whole day to get in touch. When she failed to do so I sent her one last email.

She did eventually reply, by email and then text message. I don't want to divulge what she said, but her explanation was satisfactory, even though I had been inconvenienced. I'm not sure I should give her another chance, though. I hope my reply assuaged any guilt she may feel, but I may well just leave it there. Which is a shame.