Saturday, 10 August 2013

Dare Miles

I have challenged G to undertake a number of sexy dares, in return for rewards. I call it the 'Dare Miles' scheme:

The dares
Without being asked, come into the room wearing just underwear - 20 points
Without being asked, come into the room wearing underwear, your collar and leash -20 points
Go to dinner in a posh dress without underwear - 40 points
Without being asked, wait naked on the bed with your arse in the air - 40 points
Cook and serve dinner to me naked - 60 points
Do something filthy with any object of your choice - 60 points
Tell me what you want me to do to you whilst slowly taking your clothes off - 60 points
Greet me at the door in just heels - 80 points
Dance and strip for me - 80 points
Wear a butt plug/beads - 100 points

The rewards
40 points - chocolate
120 points - massage
240 points - dinner
460 points - any underwear of your choice
560 points - weekend break