Sunday, 29 December 2013

Your favourite part of the body

Someone for whom I have great respect was recently lambasted for starting a discussion about what people like best about the male body. Accusations of being shallow when talking about the human body in such a way are, frankly, pathetic.

If the comment was along the lines of 'the only thing a man is good for is his...' then that would be a different matter. Yes, the mind is a beautiful thing and can be just as sexy as anatomy. But there should be absolutely no shame in pointing out what we like about others' bodies. 

My wife is a genius Oxford grad and by god does she have magnificent breasts. I would be curious to know what others thought about me, and welcome my wife telling me what part (or parts) of my body is her favourite. 

So, tuck that feeling of embarrassment away, ignore the prudes and celebrate the human body. It is a miraculous and aesthetically awesome thing that should be the basis of great discussions and discovery.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Her man in bondage: Envy

Penny manoeuvred through the teeming high street, clasping her numerous bags of shopping. A cold wind riffled her wavy auburn hair and penetrated her expensive, but inadequate, dress. She was tired and was beginning to feel her spirits wane.

A man stood outside a coffee shop. Lee. He was wearing a long wool coat and leather gloves. The wind was also troubling his dark hair but this only seemed to enhance his supermodel looks. He raised his bright green eyes which met Penny's through the busy crowd. He was handsome, and hers.

"Successful shopping trip?" He asked, gathering the bags into his strong arms.
"Apparently so." Penny replied through chattering teeth.
"Come inside and warm up. I've got us a table."

He spirited her away from the hostile environs of the street and over to a cosy table beside an open fire. A steaming mug of her favourite coffee awaited her. She pulled him towards her and they kissed, cold lips on cold lips. 

"What did you buy?" He asked.
"Some new dresses, a book and...a few other things."

Lee glanced in one of the larger bags. Penny looked coy then grinned. She leaned close and whispered.

"I got some new toys and underwear for you." She explained.
"Thank you."
"As soon as I've finished this let's go home and try them."


Lee drove her back to the grand mansion she owned, controlling the car with easy skill. In just about every other way, though, it was she that controlled him. She had acquired her man a few years ago in what was initially a temporary agreement; he would be provided for in luxury, she would be able to do whatever she liked with him. 

As he held open first the car door and then the mansion doors, she plotted exactly what she'd like from him right now. He took the shopping bags that contained her new dresses upstairs to her grand bedroom. 

When he returned he saw that one of Penny's best friends, Felicity, was talking with his mistress on one of the large silk sofas. As per his mistress's instructions, he only wore tight boxer shorts in the house, but he continued down the stairs regardless.

Today was a Friday. Felicity usually came around on Wednesdays. Penny was generous with her man, and shared him regularly with her friends. But they could only have him on set days, and today wasn't one of those days. The two ladies turned their attention towards Lee.

"There he is." Said Felicity, her desirous eyes scanning him.
"Come here please Lee." Ordered Penny.

Lee went over to where they were sat. Penny subconsciously stroked his bum as they spoke, Felicity licked her lips.

"Felicity wants you today. Did you finish putting my dresses away?"
"Yes mistress."
"Good boy. Well, he's all yours then. I'll see you both later."

Felicity waited until Penny had closed the door to her office before standing. She savoured the sight of Lee standing semi-naked before her, very pleased and somewhat relieved that she'd been allowed to have him today. She took his hand and led him to the basement.

There was a choice of three rooms. Felicity shunned the dungeon room and the room with a soft floor and bare of any furniture (perfect for orgies). She opted instead for the stylish bedroom complete with king-sized bed and a number of designer drawers and cupboards. From one of these she selected a complex-looking black vibrator and tossed it onto the bed.

"Take your shorts off." She ordered.

Lee obeyed and Penny sat at the end of the bed, directly in front of him. Her hands read the muscles on his torso and on his arms. They squeezed the firm cushions of his bum and his massive, strong thighs. She leaned down and popped his cock into her mouth. His long, warm manhood began to harden as soon as she gave it a few quick sucks and licks.

Now she stood to remove her shoes. She unzipped her jeans and pulled them off. Underneath she wore a simple black thong. Her jumper was flung onto the bed, her matching black bra unclasped and removed to reveal breasts topped with erect nipples.

She paused to allow Lee to take her in. Just over 40 years of age, Felicity did yoga, participated in spin classes, swam daily and ate healthily. Her body was toned, her breasts still pert. She slid the thong down, stretching it over her tight buttocks, rolling it down her long legs. 

Naked, the older woman crawled over the bed, displaying her puckered ass and a glimpse of pussy. She reclined on her back and parted her legs. Her hands caressed her tits, then her long fingers moved down to find the parted lips down there. With Lee in view between her legs she teased out her clit whilst looking him in the eye.

Her eyes glanced down and she smiled when she saw that the hot man was turned on by the sight of her. She could wait no more.

"Come here."

He mounted the bed and she handed him the vibrator.

"Turn around. Lick me."

He did as commanded, presenting his parted bum and dangling cock to her. Her soft inner thighs trembled as he covered them in kisses, her stomach muscles quivered at the feel of his hot breath. His mouth met her lips, his tongue darting out to meet her swollen pleasure.

A muffled groan emitted from deep within her. As if to try and stop the intense feelings he was sending through her, she plunged a finger into his ass and sucked harder and harder. But she couldn't concentrate and so fell back, her head pressing into the pillow as she surrendered herself to his oral attentions.

The velvety, wet tongue lapped at her, flickered against her aching clit or sought out her open depths. He clasped her pale pleasure button in his mouth and rolled it between his lips. 

Her groans and moans turned to squeals and she came, over and over again. She needed something in her mouth and gobbled down his cock as the orgasm overtook her. Minutes later she realised her fingers were still jammed in the warm confines of his bum. She withdrew them and slapped his muscled cheeks.

"Good boy. You can relax now, come and lie next to me."

Lee took a gulp of water from a bottle, wiped her cum from his chin and settled in next to her. Felicity was floating on a sea of satisfaction, her hand languidly feeling and fondling the naked man.

"You're beautiful." She murmured. "Such an amazing body."

She took hold of his cock and masturbated him until he was hard. She looked wistfully at his erection. The alarm on her phone sounded, shaking them both out of their stupor.

"Shit, I have to go." 

Lee watched as Felicity hurriedly dressed. Before leaving she went over to the still-naked man. Taking his softening cock in her hand she looked at it lovingly, playing with the glans.

"I should leave your cum for Penny." She said sadly, whilst clutching his balls.

After a minute of teasing, she took a deep breath, turned and departed.


Penny rushed around in a very excited mood. Amidst her whirlwind Lee was calmly packing bags and preparing the mansion for their departure. He carried their luggage out to the black Mercedes then she drove them both to the airport.

The First Class British Airways flight passed quickly and before long they were in a limousine wending along mountainous roads. The fairytale log-clad resort twinkled in the cool night air. Drawing up to the grand entrance a flurry of staff met them and disappeared their luggage to the room.

The Swiss Alps sparkled beneath a full moon, framed by the large window at which the two lovers, mistress and slave, now stood. She wore a silk red Dior dress, he a tailored Armani suit. They had enjoyed an exquisite meal and arrived back at the huge, but cosy room to find an open fire and bottle of Champagne.

Penny turned from the window and sat in a large velvet chair. Lee knew what was expected of him. He walked to the bed and sat on it to remove his shoes and socks. He then stood and faced his mistress. Unbuttoning the suit jacket whilst maintaining eye contact he next unbuttoned the shirt. 

His torso glowed in the firelight, muscles causing shadows to dance across his skin. Slowly, seductively, he unfastened the black leather belt, unzipped his trousers and slid them to the floor. Black Armani boxer shorts clung tightly to him, betraying the bulge of his manhood and balls.

Penny watched with great pleasure and mounting excitement. She owned this powerful, beautiful creature and never forgot how fortunate she was. She beckoned him over.

The silky shorts stretched over his muscular buttocks and his genitals burst out as she unwrapped her gift. Naked and obedient, he awaited her instruction. But Penny didn't say a thing. She was too engaged with the sight of her property in this fantastic room with the incredible view. 

"Come closer." She eventually said.

The lustrous skin of his cock felt warm in her hand. His balls, which he kept perfectly waxed for her liking, heavy and pleasing to touch. She pushed him back.

"Go and stand over there."

He returned to the middle of the room, the taut peaks of his bum pointing towards her. She took out her phone and took a quick snap for her four closest friends along with a message; Hi girls, thought you'd like to know I'm taking good care of our sexy slave! x

Although Lee was owned by Penny she allowed her friends to regularly spend time with him, which is why Felicity came around the other day to satisfy her craving. The friends were regularly sent pictures and video of their man which kept them going until it was their turn with him. Almost immediately texts in reply came in.

"Thanks Penny, scrumptious! x" From Amala.
"Oh how I'd love to bury my face in those buttocks xxx" From Gail.
"Yum, you're so lucky Pen. x" From Felicity.

"Turn around, I want to watch you play with yourself." Penny continued with her instructions.

He took his languid manhood in his strong right hand. With slow but firm movements he grew harder until his full length was on display. His pecs twinged and pinged as his hand glided up and down his shaft, his washboard abs tensed. 

"Keep going, you know how I love seeing you play with your delicious cock."

She hitched up her skirt and pulled down her knickers. Seeing her slave like this always made her want to touch herself. The fire crackled and snow started puttering against the window. Penny felt the familiar bump of her clitoris as it swelled in response to both her touch and the view.

Now the tip of his cock glistened as it became coated in pre-cum. Not wanting him to go too far she ordered him onto the bed. He lay on his back, his erection as rigid as a mast, waiting to be mounted.

Penny stepped out of her underwear and pulled her skirt over her hips. Lee rarely got to see his mistress entirely naked, which was a shame as he loved her full, curvaceous figure. He had come to adore her body and worshipped her like any good slave should.

She didn't sit on him immediately, instead she played the tip of his cock on the sensitive opening around her pussy. The stiff, hefty penis felt almost as good as a vibrator. But at the same time it felt much better; this was all hers, it did as she commanded and was pure, hot living flesh.

Her honeyed depths consumed him. She allowed herself to just perch there enjoying the feel of his proud protuberance deep inside her. After a minute she began rocking her hips and immediately felt the connection with her G-spot. It wouldn't take long for her to orgasm but that was fine. Lee could make her orgasm many times over the course of an evening.

Noticing a mirror behind her she rolled off Lee and guided him into the missionary position. Now she could watch his thrusting bum as he fucked her. Her hands travelled all over him, reading his athletic body. He was breathing deeply, his back arched so that he could drive further into her.

She squeezed and kneaded him, spanked and kissed him. An orgasm drove through her and released itself amidst deep groans. After this the position they were in no longer gave her satisfaction. They had a brief rest then resumed, Lee obediently touching himself to hardness. 

So as to allow easy access to Lee's swollen cock they started in the missionary position again, but once he had penetrated her Penny put her legs down and between his. He was now straddling her, his legs spread and his cock driven even deeper, the base of it teasing her clit.

Penny pulled him higher up her body, and so deeper within her. She reached around and spread his cheeks, exposing him to the mirror. The scene she saw there was hotter than anything she'd seen on any website, his cock catching the light as it pumped in and out, his manly arse betrayed by the sensitive spot she had revealed.

His gentle fucking reached her core, electrifying ecstasy centred on her pussy, her fingers delving into him, making him harder. A primeval scream so powerful it could fill the deep valleys all around.

After resting for several minutes, his powerful arms embracing her, she ordered him to stand. She pulled the duvet over her and looked at Lee, his upright member shiny with her juices. 

"Put that thing in a cage. Good night, Lee."
"Yes mistress. Good night, mistress."

He pulled on a cock cage, locked it and left the key on her bedside table before departing for his room.


Refreshed after her long weekend in the mountains, Penny let Lee drive her home. He had been allowed to remove his cock cage whilst travelling but was now under bondage once more. The Mercedes swept into the drive, where a silver car was parked. Felicity's car.

"Penny, sweetie, welcome back!"
"Hi Felicity, thanks, and good to see you."
"Thank you. Look, erm, I know you just got back, but I was wondering if I could have Lee today."

The man stood there behind his mistress, holding their bags. He remained impassive as the two ladies discussed him. Penny protectively placed a hand on his rear.

"I'm sorry honey, we're exhausted and I need to let him rest. Give me a call tomorrow though, hey?"
"There's definitely no way I can have him today? I'm desperate for a fuck."
"Sorry, plus I've been saving his cum for myself. Give me a call tomorrow and we can arrange something."
"OK, thanks Pen, and welcome home again."

Penny waved her friend off then followed Lee into the mansion. She considered Felicity's behaviour. Never had she been so keen to be with Lee, but Penny couldn't work out why.

She resolved to treat her friends to an opulent evening of dinner and entertainment and set about planning and preparing. Lee reappeared wearing his usual revealing uniform. Penny decided that plans and preparations could wait and ordered her man into her bedroom.


The friends all arrived together. Because the mansion was large enough to accommodate them in individual rooms they would all be drinking and staying over this evening. Penny had explained to her man slave what was expected of him tonight and so he had been preparing accordingly. Now he stood wearing just a pair of tight white boxer shorts and an apron as the ladies were seated in the dining room.

"Thank you Lee, we're ready for dinner." Penny said, after he had poured the ladies their second glass of wine.

He had put together another culinary sensation, the three-course dinner momentarily distracting the diners from the near-naked man in their midst. But immediately after clearing away the last dishes their attention returned once again to him.

"You're so lucky Pen." Said Felicity dreamily.
"I think we're all pretty lucky to get to share him." Gina, a redhead with a surprising amount of kinks, replied.
"I know, and I am forever thankful for you letting us have him Pen, but it must be something else to have him at your beck and call 24/7."

Lee had by this time returned to the room. The girls continued to discuss him, and the various bonuses of having a man slave, as if he weren't there. Penny finally spoke up.

"Yes, it's very special owning him. When I wake up feeling horny I can have this sexy guy in bed with me in seconds. Sometimes I just want something to look at and play with and Lee will be there and get naked on command. On top of the fact he looks gorgeous, has a fab cock and delicious arse, he cooks, cleans and takes care of me in so many other ways."

Silence descended as the others contemplated this, and the envy spread out to them from Felicity. 

"Remember, though, how much he cost." Penny continued.
"How much longer do you have left on your contract?" Asked Gina, referring to the deed of ownership Lee and Penny had agreed on a couple of years ago.
"A few more years. But I'm sure there are men out there who would do for you what Lee does for me, but for a lot less money. Or even free."
"Yeah, desperate men."
"Not super sexy men like Lee." Agreed Felicity.
"I think you're wrong, but anyway, let's get on with this evening."

They all stood and followed Penny into the living room, which contained several plush sofas and a couple of large coffee tables. On one of the tables was a collar and leash. Lee joined them a minute later with a tray of drinks, then went back to fetch another tray, this one with a silver dome over the top.

"Ladies, whilst I know we would never get bored of Lee, I wanted to try something a little bit different. Lee, please leave the tray on the table and fetch some more wine."
"Yes mistress."

Gina smacked his bum as he walked away past her. Penny lifted the silver dome and revealed a slim, gently curved black sex toy. Next to it was a bottle of lube.

"Oooh, are we gonna fuck his arse?" Gina asked keenly.
"Yes, but that wouldn't be entirely different would it?"

They all smiled and burbled agreement, images of past sessions with Lee flashing into their heads. Lee returned with a couple more bottles of fine wine.

"Take your clothes off Lee then pour the wine."
"Yes mistress."
"Although we all enjoy fucking his arse, this toy offers something a bit extra." Penny continued.

She picked it up and sought out a small button on the end. She pressed it and the unmistakeable burr of a vibrator sounded. As Penny described the toy the ladies contemplated Lee's bare cheeks and the object of their discussion within.

"The male G-spot is notoriously hard to find and many think it doesn't exist. I want to find it!"
"Ooo yay!"
"Great idea!"

The friends all clapped and Penny grinned wildly. She grabbed Lee's dangling cock and balls as he passed and pulled him onto the sofa.

"Felicity, could you put his collar on?"

As Felicity obliged, Penny invited Amala over to suck on the slave's cock. Felicity kissed Lee on his juicy lips, her hands running down over his body, chiselled as if from marble, to hold his cock out for her friend to nuzzle on. The collared man lay back and sighed as he was orally pleasured.

Penny reached for his leash and pulled him away from the lusty ladies. He was led onto the nearest coffee table and ordered to kneel with his chest down and legs spread. As his mistress talked the girls looked at his open hole on display. She picked up the toy.

"This prostate massager is perfect for the job. We can gently probe him and milk him for his cum."

The ladies squealed, but then a dark look fell over Felicity's face.

"Wait," she said, "does this mean we don't get to fuck him later?"
"Of course you can. I've been training him so that he's ready to cum again within an hour, and we have all evening to enjoy him. Do remember to use lube, though, when playing with his cock."

They gathered around him and started stroking his submissive body. Gina stared, fascinated at his anus, wondering at the mysteries contained just inside.

"So I don't really know much about this sort of thing." Admitted Amala. "How does he cum?"
"Just beyond the entrance to his arse is a tiny lump, the prostate. Stimulating this can make him feel like he needs the bathroom, but he'll be fine. It's just part of the feeling of total release he'll feel, or total surrender if you like.

"He will give himself completely, begging for more. I know we all own Lee, but this will give us total control of his every fibre. He can also be milked by rubbing his perennium, between his balls and arse, but I think it'll be more fun to do it by penetration. When we get it right cum will flow from his cock, which will remain fresh for us all to enjoy later."

The girls had worked themselves into a frenzy of excitement and curiosity. Gail leaned down to start tonguing the naked man, his tight ring feeling supple yet rigid, a faint odour of soap lingering from when Lee had been thoroughly cleansed shortly before they had arrived. She loved how the little ripples of the rim felt against her lips, the way it twitched when he was stimulated.

After the others had had their turn at licking him there was enough saliva to not need any lube. Penny grabbed some anyway and squirted it onto his pink opening, which contracted in response to the cold gel. She always took great care of her slave and so slathered a great deal of the goo into him before extending a finger to poke it down.

Again, they all stood around enraptured by the sight of Penny finger fucking Lee. She let them all try, guiding their fingers to his sensitive spot. Without being touched his cock was starting to grow. They all wanted to get their hands on it, but wanted more to know if Penny's experiment would work.

Although his manhood was becoming engorged, Lee wasn't erect and so Penny slipped a cock ring onto him so that he would remain somewhat hard. Felicity currently had two digits probing the slave's arse, a mix of concentration and dreaminess on her face. With her free hand she stroked the tattoo on his left cheek - 'PK', the brand that indicated this gorgeous man belonged to another woman.

"Let's give this thing a go." Penny announced, brandishing the anal massager.

Amala squirted more lube onto the fingered hole and Lee responded by obediently spreading his legs more and arching his back to give maximum exposure. Penny introduced the toy to the rim of his opening then poked it carefully inside.

"Felicity, he's all yours." 

Penny stood back and left the toy protruding like a black sword in a muscly stone. At first Felicity didn't understand and looked at Penny questioningly.

"If it's alright with the other girls, I thought you'd most enjoy fucking his arse." Penny explained.
"I would, but..."
"Oh goodie, we get to watch!" Exclaimed Amala.
"Can I hold him open?" Asked Gina.
"Of course." Penny replied.

And so Felicity found herself with the slim probe in her slender fingers, her friend spreading Lee's snare drum-tight cheeks for her to slide the soft plastic in and out. The man groaned and bucked slightly and Gina responded by issuing several spanks until he was back under control. Penny and Amala looked on in awe.

"Carefully slide it in and out, the curve should be pointing down, towards his balls." Penny instructed.
"OK, this is fun!" Said Felicity, a wide smile on her face.
"Oh look!" Shouted Amala.

She knelt down beside the coffee table on which Lee was being ass-fucked. After asking permission she took the slave's cock into her hand. She carefully brought a finger to the tip then held it up for the others to see the glisten of pre-cum. When they'd all had a good look and cheer Amala subconsciously sucked her finger, savouring the salty nectar.

"Good job Felicity!"
"He's nearly there."
"Go Felicity, go!"

The giggles were silenced by a gasp from Lee. He arched his back further and proffered his butt to Felicity. She continued the steady thrusts, pleased with herself for finding his g-spot.

One, loud, intake of breath and then a deep grunt followed by his cock twitching and shooting thick cum onto the shiny table surface. The girls stared, enchanted. Felicity pumped a few more times, each thrust seeming to cause more creamy liquid to squirt out of the man.

Penny stood and slowly extracted the toy. The other girls returned to their seats, excitedly chatting about Lee's milking.

"Thank you Lee. You may go, and take this with you. We will have some cocktails too." Penny instructed.

Lee stood, his cock still dripping. Naked and drained, he stepped off the table and departed. Penny, Felicity, Gail and Amala watched him go then looked at the pool of cum.

"That was fantastic."
"Just amazing, I never imagined."
"So much fun, thank you Penny."

That last comment came from Felicity. She was still smiling widely having enjoyed herself immensely. Penny came and sat next to her.

"It was fun, wasn't it?" Said the hostess. "I'm glad you enjoyed him, and if there's any more ideas you girls have on what to do with him please do let me know."

They chatted for several minutes, then turned their attention to Lee when he returned. He was wearing tight, tiny black shorts and wielding a tray of cocktails. The drinks were handed out and Lee's butt given a few swats by Gail.

"So, I think he may be ready again." Penny said, after they had been happily conversing for half an hour. "Felicity, he's all yours."

Like a child on Christmas morning, Felicity leapt gleefully to her feet. She walked to the other side of the room where Lee was standing. Reaching into his shorts she grabbed his cock proprietorially. Leading him put of the room, the look of envy had been replaced by a look of lust and desire.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Good porn and censorship

Do you know what makes porn even better for me? A storyline. Not a romantic storyline, nor anything cliched (plumber fixing washing machine, schoolgirl discipline etc.). No, I prefer two extremes; either something extremely realistic or particularly fantastical. 

An example of a realistic porn plot:

A businesswoman travels for work. Whilst drinking in the hotel bar she makes eye contact with the only other foreigner there. They get chatting and, both feeling lonely, end up in her bedroom. She feels shy and so asks him to strip for her.

An example of a fantastical porn plot:

Woman gets kidnapped. Taken to a warehouse and stripped of her clothes. She's shackled and humiliated. Over the following weeks she is trained by various masters how to be the perfect pet. Eventually she is returned to her husband, perfectly submissive.

The fantastical plots tend to be my favourites, but there's nothing wrong with a bit of realism every now and then. Of course, the way things are going, we soon won't be allowed to watch fantastical bondage porn. I very much hope that doesn't happen, and if you don't either then I would encourage you to sign this petition:

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Kinky camaraderie

Last New Year we were in a hotel room. G had me on a cock leash and was putting a massive butt plug in me. We fucked, made love, fucked again and both came on the stroke of midnight, the spectacular London fireworks on TV no match for the show we had created. 

This New Year we will be at our vanilla friends' house. These are the best friends we could hope for and we all have such a great time together. I do wish, however, we had friends with whom we could enjoy the sort of kinky activities of last year, lots of BDSM, CFNM or CMNF with the same easy camaraderie.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Role reversal

How I wish the way in which men and women think could be reversed. That desires and motivations were switched, perhaps not forever (I have no desire to get the unwanted, sometimes forceful attention women get), but long enough to satisfy my curiosity and desires.

To have Nature on your side in the chase, to hold the power contained in curves, to be the sex that is put on the pedestal...would be a most welcome experience.

Yes, I know that for a few women seeing a man in a suit, or jeans and a t-shirt, is as intoxicating as it is for me to see a beautiful lady in a figure-hugging dress, miniskirt or tight jeans. But this is just a few women; the exception rather than the rule.

I want to walk down a corridor and know that the women behind me are staring at my ass. I want to guarantee sex just by wearing certain clothes. I want to pick and choose whichever sexual delight I like because I'll know there are women out there who are gagging to do anything with me.

I'm beginning to discover that the female of the species can be as kinky than the male, if not more so. I can come into a room wearing certain underwear and G can't help herself from ripping them off. I want to be objectified daily in every day situations!