Sunday, 16 March 2014

A fairly decent proposal

The most recent poll that I ran on the side of this blog indicated that the vast majority of you find the idea of standing naked in a room full of appreciative members of the opposite sex (I neglected to give a same-sex option, apologies for that) to be of interest. One fortunate reader had actually done this.

I am an exhibitionist, but only for audiences that will appreciate what they see. I find the idea of 'accidentally' presenting my naked body to unsuspecting people to be entirely seedy, to put it mildly. I like the idea of being objectified, to be seen as a decorative item, there to please others.

Of course, to be appreciated I feel that my body should be aesthetically pleasing. To that end I stay slim, swim and cycle daily and generally stay active so that my muscles remain defined, my legs toned and my bum firm. Although this takes effort, this isn't the hard part.

The challenge and frustration is finding that roomful of the opposite sex who would genuinely gain great pleasure from having me in their midst. Yes, I'm not shy about getting my kit off, but I am rather reluctant to be forward about such a thing. To invite this situation seems to defeat the purpose of being the object.

So there we have it; an exhibitionist's catch-22. Of course, should anyone need a naked male object, you know where to ask...

(By the way, this is a rare sub part of me. I seem to be growing ever more Dom, but need to get certain things out the way first)

Saturday, 8 March 2014


Language is a rich and wonderful thing. How on earth did we end up with 'penis' and 'vagina' for the most wonderful parts of the body? Vagina? Sounds like a medical condition;"I'm sorry, you have vagina, here's some pills for that." Penis always sounds like it should be shouted; "PENIS!".

Vagina comes from the Latin word for sheath, or scabbard. Wow. I did some messing about on Google Translate and came up with awful alternatives, but one caught my eye in a good way; 'delectatio', or 'delight' in English. How much more poetic would it have been if the Roman Committee For Coming Up With Words had chosen that?

Apparently 'penis' comes from the Latin for 'tail'. Whoever came up with that must have been one very confused Roman. For me, and I'm sure for most men, my cock is a source of pride. A bit of translation fiddling and the result for 'the pride' is 'superbia' in Latin.

"Darling, I wish to see your superbia."
"Very well, dear, but only if you let me enjoy your delectatio afterwards."

Much better.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Her man in bondage: greed

The churning hot tub water carried away the last of her stresses. All around women closed their eyes and allowed the indulgences of the spa to mend the aches and pains of the world beyond these warm and steamy walls.

Also in the tub with her were Gina, Felicity and Amala. She had treated her friends to this luxury spa break. All of them had been friends long before Penny had found wealth, a wealth gained by setting up and growing her own law practice. They had been friends much longer before Penny had found Lee.

Lee. Penny's slave. A slave by contract, and a slave who helped maintain her mansion, acted as chef and butler and, most importantly, played the role of submissive sex toy. In the same way that Penny was generous with her wealth, she was also generous with sharing her handsome man with the friends around her now.

As with many of their conversations the current topic of discussion was Lee. Gail, in her usual no-holds-barred way, was describing in graphic detail the previous night she and the slave had spent together. Penny listened with a happy smile then, when Gail added the final detail ("I didn't even bother having breakfast as I wanted to continue savouring his cum. Seriously, Pen, what do you feed him?!"), started recounting her own story.

"I was searching around the Internet the other day, looking for slave care instructions. I was kinda bored and mainly doing it for fun, but then I came across loads of websites by professional mistresses."
"You mean whips, leather and chain-type mistresses?" Asked Amala.
"Yes, exactly. I took a look at one of their pages and was inspired."
"Oooh, did you whip him?" Gail gushed.
"No, I booked an appointment for Lee. I went along too and learned all sorts of new and exciting ways to play with him."

The frothing bubbly water drowned out their conversation from the other spa customers. The four friends grew in excitement as they thought of Lee in the hands of this professional mistress. Gail, Felicity and Amala were all keen to hear what Penny had been doing with her man.

"As soon as I got home from the session," she continued, "I bought a strap-on from the Internet. You all know what a strap-on is?" The others nodded.
"When it arrived I didn't hesitate in summoning Lee, I was so looking forward to using it on him. I fastened it on over my clothes and waited for him to appear. You should have seen the look on his face!"

They all giggled, each of them imagining this situation.

"I ordered him to strip naked, then applied plenty of lube to him and the dildo. This thing is rather larger than I was expecting and so I had to be careful. So, slowly I slid it into his bum. He was bent over the arm of a sofa and was pulling his cheeks apart to give me a good view.

"As I fucked him I realised that this is probably as close as it feels to being a bloke shagging a girl from behind. It's a wonderful feeling, very powerful. Probably because it makes the one taking the cock so submissive."
"Sounds awesome, could we give it a go?" Asked Gail.
"Of course." Replied Penny.
"Did you learn anything else?"

Penny ordered them all mimosas then, once they had been delivered and the waitress was out of earshot, she told them about the male harem this mistress owned. She had big, butch ones, slightly hairy ones, completely shaved ones, black, white and brown ones. Even a couple of female slaves. Penny told her friends that she very much liked the idea of this, and resolved to go shopping.


Penny had been waiting for the mistress to answer the phone for what felt like several minutes. She was about to lose her nerve and hang up when at last there was an answer.

"Mistress Tia"
"Oh hi, this is Penny King, from the other day?"
"The lady who owns that gorgeous hunk Lee?"
"Hi Penny, how can I help you? Did you try the strap-on?"
"Yes, it was great."
"Amusing how they squirm when you have them bent over isn't it?"
"Very. Anyway, I'm interested in acquiring a few more slaves and was wondering if you knew how I could go about it?"
"Well normally I would say that it isn't cheap maintaining slaves but I know that isn't an issue for you. You could try posting an ad on various adult sites but then you have to trawl through the weirdos. 
"I definitely don't want to do that."
"No. There is a place, though, that is fairly secretive but which is great for picking up slaves. Do you have a pen? I'll give you the details..."

Penny noted down the address and the date of when the next slave market would be on. She would be nervous going alone but the mistress couldn't be persuaded to join her. 

When the day arrived it took all of Penny's nerve to leave the mansion. At the doors of an old red-brick warehouse in the East End of London, she found herself pushing through a pair of doors with the sign 'Market' pinned outside. She was met by a very handsome man dressed in a grey suit.

"Hello," he said, "is this your first time?"
"What are you here to buy?" Came the next abrupt question.
"Err, a man?"
"Good. Slaves are kept in four rooms. The first room is free male slaves, the second is free female slaves; you don't need to pay anything for these. Don't worry; they're carefully vetted. The next room has male slaves for sale and the last room female slaves for sale. Entry is £300, £150 is refunded if you purchase, and you aren't allowed to touch unless agreed by the slave or owner if they have one. If you choose a slave for sale then you need to take them to the checkout in the main room.
"Can I take any of them?"
"Yes, but the slave has the final say. This isn't, of course, real slavery and in fact a large part of the entry fee goes towards anti-slavery charities. Leashes and collars can be bought in the main room along with other accessories. Slaves will be clothed before they leave the building."

It was warm inside, almost hot. The main room was busy with people. Half were clothed, half were naked and being led around by leash. It was a strange sight and Penny was momentarily taken aback. Most of the slaves weren't particularly attractive, but Penny was more surprised to see that there were a few male and female slaves who could be described as beautiful. 

She went into the first room. Here were the free male slaves and they were, on the whole, much older than her and in bad shape. The first thing she noticed, though, were that they were all naked. A room full of naked men, all of them chained to the wall. It didn't take long for her eyes to be drawn to the couple of more attractive slaves.

They, too, were naked, but younger than her and with good bodies. Penny went up to one of them. He was shaved around his balls and cock. He was fairly large but seemed a bit too...confident. Three other buyers were in the room; two men and another woman. Above the slave's head was a sign:

Age: 29
Previously owned: No
Trained: Yes, basic
Orientation: Straight
Available for: Up to a week

A lot of the other signs indicated that the slaves beneath were either gay or bi. This particular slave had by now attracted the attention of the other woman in the room who was much more assertive than Penny. 

"Can I touch?" She asked the slave.
"Yes." He replied.

Her hand went straight to his cock and balls which she grabbed and pulled hard. He responded by thrusting his hips forward to ease the pain.

"Yes mistress!" The woman corrected.
"Yes mistress!" The slave echoed through gritted teeth.

She let go of his genitals. He was starting to get an erection which made the woman smile. But then she shook her head.

"Too much trouble. He's yours if you want." She said to Penny before leaving the room.

"Can I touch?" Penny asked.
"Yes mistress" He replied meekly.

But Penny kept her hands by her sides. She wanted to see the reaction in his cock. It was growing soft. Good. He was able to control his anticipation and desire. She wanted to check one last thing.


He twisted around and displayed his bare ass. It, too, was free of hair but was somewhat flat. Not Penny's type, which was a disappointment. Penny stood back and mulled over her options for a minute. She made up her mind and put a sticker, given to her at the entrance, onto the slave's sign before walking away without saying a word.

The next room contained free female slaves. It was full of men assessing the goods on display, but nothing that she saw attracted Penny and so she moved on.

Here was the complete opposite; a room of gorgeous naked men being ogled over by a surprisingly large number of clothed women, and a couple of clothed men. Penny didn't hesitate in making her choice. And then another choice. These slaves also had signs, the latter's read:

Age: 33
Previously owned: Yes
Trained: Yes, advanced
Orientation: Bi
Available for: Up to three weeks

Sounds good, thought Penny. Looks good too, her thoughts continued. Once her mind started wandering again she noticed something different about this room compared to the other two. It was quieter here, less frenzy, more professionalism. The people in this room saw dominance and submission as an art and way of life. Those in the other rooms were looking for a quick and dirty fix.

She went up to the two slaves she had been eyeing up. After asking permission from their female owners, who were stood nearby, she took them in her hands and assessed size and aesthetics. When they turned to exhibit their rears Penny was mightily impressed. They were almost as beautiful and perfect as Lee. She added her stickers to their signs then strolled happily into the main room.

Curiosity drove her into the for-sale females room. This was also a popular room which, although mainly populated by men looking to purchase (or just looking), also contained many women buyers. Other mistresses like Mistress Tia, Penny supposed.

Penny had seen her friends naked. Indeed, she had even watched Gail play naked with Lee. But she remained solely sexually attracted to men. However, some of the slaves in here we're pure works of art. Slim, bronzed, good-sized breasts and bare pussies. She went up to one of the prettiest girls.

Age: 31
Previously owned: Yes
Trained: Yes, proficient
Orientation: Bi
Available for: Up to a month

Such an incredible body. With such beauty she expected supreme confidence, but the slave remained with her head down and eyes fixed to the ground. Penny wanted her, wanted to own this stunning creature if only for a short while. She added her sticker and agreed a price for two weeks with the owner.

One thing that surprised Penny was that these owners didn't actually own the slaves. They weren't pimps, more like friends and protectors who oversaw the passing of slave from owner to owner. They didn't see very much of the money at all; the slaves would get most of that. 

This was a career for the slaves, who mainly did this for the enjoyment of pure submission. The money both discouraged owners who weren't on the scene, as well as gave the slaves income for when they weren't in the care of buyers.

Back in the main hall Penny paid for three slaves and bought leashes for four. They were brought to her and she led them, naked, into a room for them to get dressed. Whilst they did so she called Lee and asked him to arrange for a taxi to take them to her mansion. She had to pay a visit to her law practice but would hurry home to play with her purchases.


Lee greeted Penny at the door in his uniform of tiny, tight shorts. It was close to 8pm and her slave had dinner hot and ready for her in the main dining room. 

"Did you show the others around?" She asked as she tucked into her meal.
"Yes mistress."
"They're all in their rooms?"
"Yes mistress."
"I'm not sure about that younger male, please keep an eye on him."
"Yes mistress. And...mistress...?"
"It's Lexi Gray..."

That woman. That evil, evil bitch. A couple of years ago she had stolen Lee from Penny and abused him and a number of other men. She had been caught and thrown in jail and Penny hoped she would stay there for a very, very long time.

"What about her?" Penny asked, not wanting to know the answer.
"She's been released from jail."
"Mistress, if I may suggest...?"
"Maybe taking a look at your purchases from today would cheer you up. Shall I bring them down?"
"Yes, thank you Lee."

Penny finished her dessert whilst Lee fetched the other slaves. They arrived walking in a line with the female at the front. Penny asked them their names as they came in and stood on parade at the far end of the long dining table.

"Kelly." She still looked exquisite.
"Tom." The free slave with the good body but disappointing bum.
"Jay." The youngest and tallest of the slaves with a perfect body.
"Lawrence." Also a beautiful specimen and had the largest dick. Lawrence had been her most expensive purchase.

Penny reviewed her slaves for a while. One pair of perky tits, three dangling cocks, all with shaved genitalia. Jay was black, the rest white although Kelly was so tanned she could have been from Southern Europe. Lee stood beside Penny. She had an idea.

"Lee, take your shorts off and go stand with the others."

He did as instructed and stood beside Lawrence. Lee measured up very well against the other male slaves which greatly pleased Penny.

"Kelly, get on the table and kneel with your tits down. Spread your legs."

The girl followed Penny's word and presented her pussy and exposed asshole to the male slaves. Penny carefully watched the cocks to see if there would be any response. None yet.

"Start playing with yourself. With your pussy, your arse."

Kelly's hand went to her clit which she began rubbing before slipping a finger inside her wet depths. Soon after she poked another finger into her spread ass. She finger fucked both holes in full view of the men. Only one began to get an erection.

"Thank you Kelly, you may go to your room." 

Once the female slave had departed Penny went to her men. She squeezed and fondled all of them except Tom, calling them good boys before sending them away. Tom remained in position, his erection beginning to dwindle. 

"You need to control yourself slave." Penny told him once they were alone.
"Yes mistress."

She took his penis in her hand. It was a lovely cock, of a good size and without an excess of veins. She tugged at it and began masturbating him. He was soon rock hard and Penny continued to slide her hand furiously up and down. As soon as she spotted pre-cum she stopped.

"That's enough for you. We will practice orgasm denial like this over the next few days, it will be good training for you."
"Yes mistress. Thank you mistress."

Penny dismissed him then went to find a bottle of champagne. She took it with her to Jay's room which she entered without knocking. He was dressed in jeans and reading a book.

"Get naked and come to my room."
"Yes mistress."

When he came into her large bedroom he found her in bed. She pulled up the covers to reveal that she was naked from the waist down.

"Lick it." Penny said.

The slave set to work with his long slathering tongue. He was incredibly good. As Penny approached orgasm she briefly celebrated her day at the market. She would have to go back.


Although she had planned to return to the slave market in two weeks, Penny found herself there just a week after her first visit. She had left her harem at home and, for a laugh, had put Kelly in charge and ordered the men to attend to her every whim. Lee would ensure that this was done.

This time Penny went straight to the for-sale male room. Tom had started to control himself in front of Kelly but Penny wanted more slaves that were perfectly trained and with more honed features. Although she had enjoyed using Kelly as a toy for the others she also felt that one female slave was enough.

The same thrill of seeing so many gorgeous naked men for sale came over her. This time she took more care in making her selection. She played with more cocks and felt up more buttocks. Once she had purchased two more slaves, a tall white one and a black one her height but with a huge penis (the largest she'd ever seen), she went into the main room.

Here she bought various accessories. Male sex toys, cock rings for all of the men and a harness for Kelly. It had been another expensive shop but Penny could easily afford it. She called Lee to come and pick up her purchases so that she could enjoy the pleasure of driving home alone.

Before she arrived back at the mansion Penny called her friends and invited them to come see her and her harem over the next few days. She couldn't wait to see their faces when they saw how many naked men she had at her command.

Later that day Gail, like a horny tom cat that's had a sniff of sex, came to visit. Penny was too busy to show her the slaves herself and so ordered Lee to take care of her friend. 

Gail found herself in heaven. Six hunky men at her beck and call. She was in one of Penny's play rooms in the basement and the slaves were lined up against one wall. She had told them to remove their clothes and now she did the same. She gave them one simple order.

"Make me orgasm, again and again and again."

Within seconds she was covered in searching hands and tongues. She in turn sought out various cocks and balls, or occasionally fingered an ass or two. Having her clit licked and pussy probed by so many skilled tongues was almost too much. She came, hard. 

One of the slaves seemed more unsure of himself than the others. He also wasn't quite as gorgeous but his cock was a sight to behold and was the first to gift her with lovely cum. He managed to quickly ask permission before he orgasmed. Gail was surprised but delighted. This slave was now useless and so she dismissed him.

The slaves were slowly whittled down as they gave their cum to Gail. She consumed some, took some in her pussy and even some in her ass. Soon she was left with just Lee, the most obedient and controlled of them all. She wanted him inside her but was exhausted and so, as soon as he had penetrated, she ordered him to cum. He was so well trained that he fulfilled this demand within seconds, his pleasure matched by hers.

"Have fun?" Penny asked her friend with a cheeky grin.

Gail had taken an hour to recover and savour the experience. She had returned upstairs looking dishevelled but thoroughly pleased with herself. Although she had taken a long shower cum still oozed from her ass.

"Oh yes, fucking hell yes. My god, Pen, that was so good. Thank you!" Gail hugged Penny hard.

The two women, flushed with excitement, spent another hour chatting before Gail had to leave. Penny went to bed thinking about the various ways in which she could play with her new toys. Two of her other friends wanted to come over and enjoy her men, but Penny wanted the slaves all to herself for the next few days.


Surprisingly it had been Amala, perhaps the shiest of her friends, who had introduced Penny to gay porn. She had been mildly turned on by seeing two fit men together and fascinated about the way in which they had sex. Now, she realised, she could see the real thing.

Jay and Lawrence had both been sold as being bi-sexual. Penny had checked that they would be comfortable having sex with each other before ordering them to perform for her.

She sat in an armchair and watched as they undressed each other on a large sofa opposite. Penny had suspected that these slaves had described themselves as bi-sexual solely to make them seem more attractive, but she could see now that the way they handled each other was entirely natural.

They started off by caressing each other, playing with each others cock. Then they moved into the 69 position which took some manoeuvring due to Lawrence's very large manhood. Penny didn't know what turned her on more; the sounds of slurping and sucking, or the sight of two hunks devouring one another.

Next Penny ordered them to have sex. Looking at Lawrence's massive cock she took pity on Jay and decided that he should fuck Lawrence rather than the other way round. Lawrence unravelled a condom over his partner's penis then turned to receive lube on his ass. Jay carefully entered the other man who lay on his side with his legs spread, everything on display for their mistress's viewing pleasure.

Whilst sliding in and out of his ass, Jay also masturbated Lawrence. To Penny it seemed at times that there was just one long cock, where Jay's disappeared into the hole the giant penis continued with Lawrence's erect appendage. 

A few times during this performance Penny couldn't resist going to the men and touching them, feeling where cock entered ass, or where balls were dangling, or erection left bared for her to caress. The men paused and let their mistress satisfy herself.

For the final act Penny ordered them to masturbate each other whilst standing in front of her. On her instruction Jay had removed his condom and so now two hard, naked erections were being pumped a few feet from where she sat. 

The two slaves seemed to understand one another's bodies and so managed to coordinate their orgasm. Penny ogled, enraptured, as her men groaned and muscles rippled before they ejaculated for her. Cum rained upon the floor as the two performers depended on the other to continue masturbating to extend their pleasure. 

At last they were done and Penny ordered them to depart before ordering Kelly to clean up the cum. As she did so, dressed in skimpy lingerie, Penny asked her if she enjoyed working for her, and requested that she answer honestly.

"Yes mistress." Kelly said sincerely.
"I'm glad. Why do you enjoy it?"
"Because you're kind, mistress, because your house is beautiful and because the other slaves are lovely."
"Because they're kind to you as well?"
"Well yes, but also because they're so good-looking."

Penny laughed at this. She had forgotten that Kelly was a woman, not just an unthinking slave, and as such enjoyed the men as much as she herself did. Penny had an idea.

"You're due to leave me tomorrow aren't you?"
"Yes mistress."
"I'm glad you like the other slaves. If you could pick one to have sex with, which would it be? Bear in mind this is not an order."
"Yes mistress, thank you. Um...I would have to say Lee."
"Are you sure? You're not just saying that because he is my personal slave?"
"No mistress. He has just the most perfect body and seems very caring. And he's handsome, of course."
"Then you can have sex with him, if you so wish. Remember; this isn't an order. Think of it as a gift."
"Yes mistress! Thank you mistress! Now mistress?"
"Yes, if you want. Here, take this note."

Penny scrawled on a piece of paper that Kelly had been given permission to have sex with Lee. She then signed it - that would be sufficient proof for Lee. Kelly, once dismissed, hurried off to find the slave she had so clearly been lusting after.


Penny replaced Kelly with a male slave, after various purchases she now had six men in her stud stable. They were put to work around the mansion and garden in various states of undress. But she wanted more and so went shopping again, returning with another man to add to her collection.

Gail had returned, eager for another gangbang where she was most definitely in charge. Penny agreed to let her friend play with her real-life sex toys but then decided that only she should be allowed to play with them all at the same time. She wasn't, however, bold enough to actually try having sex with them all at the same time.

Instead she satisfied numerous curiosities. How different is one penis to the next? She got the slaves lined up naked and groped and sucked them, marvelling at the difference in thickness, the various veins and ridges and the consistent way in which they all responded favourably to flicks of her tongue just behind the head of each cock.

She held masturbation competitions where the slaves stood before her and tried to be the first to cum. Penny giggled at several pairs of jiggling balls and noticed the varying technique from man to man. Although there was a clear winner she made them all finish for her, the smooth wooden floor shiny with ejaculate.

More and more she saw her naked minions as mere objects. She collected more, let some go and kept her sex slave stable at around six or seven subjugated hunks. Penny was having such a good time that she had almost forgotten that her nemesis, Lexi Gray, was no longer in jail. Almost, but not quite.

Penny was inspecting her slaves. All had been told to strip and get hard for her, the cock rings she made them wear helping them stay erect. She was surrounded by engorged penises, a forest of cocks rich in the fruit of shaved balls. They were in Penny's dungeon room and the mistress decided to chain them all to the wall, arms above their heads. 

Her phone rang. It was Felicity, no doubt wanting to come over and satiate herself with a man or three. Penny ignored it and turned back to her slaves. The sight shocked her. Although it was stunning to behold - six men with bodies naked and honed, with cocks all standing to attention and with muscular bums pressed to the wall - it also reminded her of that day.

That day when she had rescued Lee from the clutches of Lexi Gray. He, and a few other men, had also been shackled naked to a wall. They had been beaten, bitten and penetrated hard. Penny had not done any of this with her slaves, had in fact treated them with great care. But this scene, with Lee in bondage with the others, was just too familiar, and suddenly Penny wanted no more of it.

"You have the rest of the day to yourselves." She said, removing their chains.

She resisted fondling and groping them one last time. The day after tomorrow their contracts would be up, but she wouldn't renew them or replenish her stable with new studs. She sent a message to Gail, Felicity and Amala.

'Sorry I got so greedy. You are most welcome to come over tomorrow and play.  Penny x'

With that done she felt her conscience clear. She was a good person. She was no Lexi Gray. She also missed spending good, quality time exploring her personal slave's body.


The next day her friends arrived one by one. They all of them made the most of their last day of having several sex slaves at their disposal. That day it was Amala who was the most adventurous and experimental.

 Knowing that she may never get this chance again, she fucked the men's asses with various toys and in turn enjoyed double penetration - a cock in her pussy and another in her butt - whilst she sucked another and masturbated two more. Her session ended after two glorious hours, she heading for the shower full of, and covered in, cum and with the biggest grin.

Penny had spent a lot of the day in her bedroom. She hadn't been alone. Her favourite slave, the one with the most perfect cock, the hunkiest body and breathtaking eyes, had been there with her. Lee, who she loved and cherished above any other.

The master bedroom was cavernous. On the top floor, it had large windows overlooking the surrounding countryside and ceilings so high that, even if she stood on Lee's sturdy shoulders, Penny wouldn't be able to reach them. Her bed was king-sized and shrouded in expensive white cotton. Solid oak furniture, which would appear large in any other room, looked diminutive in this epic space.

From her bedside table Penny had extracted a simple bullet vibrator. She was wearing a loose black dress. Reclining beside her was Lee, naked but for his cock ring. Penny switched on the toy and introduced it to the base of her slave's soft cock. It stirred but didn't grow fast enough for her liking and so she moved the bullet to his pink, expectant tip. 

It was amazing. This simple, smooth member. To some it may be ugly but to Penny it was the most beautiful, must treasured thing in the world. It brought her such pleasures and she was fascinated with it, and with the control it gave her over Lee. Right now, for example, her actions had made it fully erect and his entire body was tensing and relaxing with gratification.

Lee turned his head and looked at her lovingly and submissively. Penny slid her free hand down to grab his balls, and then down further. He obediently spread his legs and raised his butt to give her access. She loved her possession, but he was now more than any other object. This object of hers clearly loved her in return.

His contract with her was years-long and he received all he needed in return. He gave himself willingly and enjoyed the control she had over him. She wanted to play with his butt, fine, he would arch his back or spread his legs and expose himself to her desires.

Penny reached for some lube which she smeared on Lee's hole. She then eased a finger inside before resuming play with his manhood. Time stood still and her friends came and went, popping in to say hello and goodbye whilst Penny continued to enjoy Lee. 

She devoted her entire attention to him, worshipped his body whilst remaining firmly in charge. After a few hours of this she decided to do something that she had never done before with Lee. She got up from the bed and removed all of her clothes. 

Never before had she been entirely naked before him. Her breasts felt so free. She was glad that Lee remained erect and so she decided to turn in a circle so that he could take her all in. Then she returned to the bed and positioned herself so that her pussy was directly over his mouth.


As his tongue expertly drew out her desires, the attention she had been paying to his ass and cock didn't waver. His saliva glistened between her legs. Now for something she hadn't ever dared to try.

She crawled away from his writhing tongue, turned and gently guided his terrific hardness inside her. They were having sex, a new step in their unusual relationship. Penny instantly felt this powerful connection with him, which coursed through her and expressed itself with a powerful climax. 

Oh, how fast but thoroughly sublime that was! She paused, collapsed onto him, to recover. After a few minutes holding, and being held by him she lay down on her back with her legs apart and instructed him to penetrate her. Inch by inch he slid inside her buzzing pussy. Once he had fully entered her she put her legs down and together, between his.

"Ride me."

Lee bought his legs up around her hips and rode his mistress, his pelvis rubbing against her swollen clit, his slightly curved penis teasing her G-spot. 

"Deeper. Come higher up my body so I can reach you."

He followed orders. Penny could now stretch her arms around him to grab his thrusting bum. Knowing the electric effect it had on him, she finger fucked his hole. He hardened and lengthened instantly, bringing her close to orgasm. 

"Yes, yesss right there. DON'T stop! Fuck me like that."

Lee grunted in response.

"You like that? You like my fingers in your arse? Oh god, oh Lee yes! Cum, cum for me slave."

Larger than ever, his piston throbbed, tensed, then shot out several pumps of warm cum into her. This set Penny off into a long, dizzying orgasm. The sensation of his essence deep within her more wonderful than she could imagine.

Lee waited obediently for her to recover. When at last she regained her composure she ordered him to dismount and bring her some water. She quickly dressed, enjoying the feeling of his cum dripping out. 

He returned with a cool glass of water. She took it and drank deeply. Then she assessed his naked body. She realised that, through her greed with having so many male slaves, she had forgotten that all she could ever want was this beautiful, obedient man who gave himself to her entirely. She was in love.