Sunday, 20 December 2015

'Twas the night before XXXmas

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the club
Not a creature was stirring, apart from the sub.
Gentlemen stood in their silk suits and stared,
At this girl in their midst who had just been bared.

The Master stood behind her, whip in his hand,
On his submissives butt, his own unique brand.
She knelt on all fours, her breasts pressed to the floor
Back arched, head down, her skin already flogged raw.

From the crowd of men there started some chatter,
I turned my head to see what was the matter.
Although I could not see, I felt a presence,
Stepping towards the circle formed by the gents.

The darkened room was punctured by a bright glow
Which fell only on the naked sub below.
Into this light I now saw her Master stand,
Her smooth alabaster skin stroked by his hand.

A shiver crept over her erogenous zone,
Then again as the presence made itself known.
The Master's apprentice stepped into the hub
And instructed on how to play with the sub.

"Now lash her! Now, spank her! Now, get a few licks in!
On, her neck! On, her butt! On her pussy, get deep in!
Stroke her and then probe her here with this dildo!
Now take her away! Let her orgasm flow!"

The sub squealed, moaned and arched her back as she bucked
Then her Master held her so that she could be fucked.
Unzipping his fly, the apprentice waited
For permission to have his desire sated.

At last he was allowed to penetrate her
His cock entered slowly, making the sub purr.
Hard flesh dipped in and was coated in wetness,
We all watched and wished we were the apprentice.

Clothed but for his erection, the apprentice pumped,
Naked but for her collar, the sub's breasts bumped.
The Master approached them with a vibrator,
Reached down to her clit to tease and excite her.

She came loud and hard when her nipples were pinched,
The apprentice withdrew his cock inch by inch.
A chain leash was attached to the girl's collar,
And she was then led to a bowl of water.

As the sub drank deep the men gathered behind,
I wondered what was going on in her mind.
Exposed and groped by men she'd never met,
She must have enjoyed it for she was so wet.

Now the Master walked away to a big door,
He took out a key that I'd not seen before.
The big door swung open and out from it came,
A group of girls all naked but with no shame.

Each was collared, breasts bouncing as they went,
I then realised there was a sub for each gent.
They stood in a line with their hands on their heads,
Tits out, legs spread, ready to be inspected.

We gentlemen each chose a sub from the line,
I picked a brunette whose pert ass was so fine.
Giving these gifts the Master said with delight,
"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!"

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Frustration, anticipation

A night out with friends, restaurant and then a bar. I go down to the bedroom to see why G is taking so long. Standing in the doorway I watch as she picks up a black dress from the bed. She's wearing a black bra and g-string. I watch and lust over her curves.

She pulls the dress over her head and stretches it over her breasts and hips. She knows I'm watching and yet she continues her preparations unabashed. Turning to put on her makeup I admire her pert rear, tight fabric showing the exact same shape as its recent naked form.

We are already late. My punctual side is battling with my lustful side. I want to go up to her, wrench the dress away and satisfy myself on her breasts, buttocks and pussy. She knows this and yet she continues still.

Ready at last, she turns and smiles beguilingly as she walks past me. I satisfy myself with a swat to her butt as she saunters by and with the knowledge that she will return home with me tonight, remove her clothes and devote her nakedness to me.

The bar serves as a wonderful prelude. My hands fondle and caress unseen under the table. I proudly walk her through the crowd and spirit her away at the end of the night. I open our door. She walks through and turns to face me, mine at last.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

The rise of the Oak King

16 days from now an epic battle will take place. A battle between winter and summer, between the Holly King and the Oak King. According to ancient Celtic-based legend, these two kings fight for supremacy on the summer and winter solstices. I enjoy the festive season, but the time will soon come for the rise of the Oak King.

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Thursday, 19 November 2015

White male advantage

The phrase 'white male privilege' is wielded with increased regularity against me. Against my friends, family and colleagues who, through no choice of their own, were born white and male.

It's often used as an accusation, as if the many (many) inequalities in the world are solely my fault. I hate it. It makes me feel entirely shit. I do what I can to even out inequality and celebrate equality but I feel massively knocked back when my supposed privilege is thrown in my face.

There have been many times in my life where I've not felt privileged at all. Learning about a friend's suicide and then being told he was privileged because he was white and male when it was the latter of those two things which meant he was statistically more likely to succumb to such a lonely end makes me really fucking angry.

Our government is causing absolute misery to millions with their sadistic obsession with cuts. But those who happen to be white and male? Why they're privileged, the lucky bastards. Those sweeping statements which suggests these people are privileged come across as distinctly insensitive. As ever, when we should be uniting we find ways to turn against each other.

So, here comes the acknowledgement that we do live in an unequal society and that, out of all humanity worldwide, white men are at a distinct advantage. But that's what it is; an advantage. White male advantage. And because of that advantage I'll continue to suck it up and take the privilege accusations on the chin - there are bigger things to concern myself with.

Happy International Men's Day (more info about that here: 

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Test 73

De-classified: November 2015
Authorised by: Dava Newman


National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Spacelab Test #73
Date: 12 November 1985
Title: Sexual Intercourse in Zero Gravity
Appendix VI: Dr Yvonne Marsden's personal log
Classified for 30 years 

Day 18
Early on in the program they had told me about this test, what it involved and what my part in it would be. If I had refused I would have been able to go on another mission, but I was keen to go on this one, partly because it departed sooner but mainly because I wanted to take part in what is going to be a fascinating test.

Day 19
The other tests have so far had mixed results (NOTE: see files 4682.3 to 4683.6) and so we are keen on making the sex test a real success. Tomorrow we have a briefing meeting with mission commander Boulton.

Day 20
This is strange. Unlike every other aspect of this mission, for which I was selected because of my physical ability and scientific knowledge, I am a participant purely because I'm female. I contributed some ideas for the test but on the day I will have little to do except submit to men and my colleagues' hypotheses. 

Kyle Brenner has been selected as the other participant. The guys decided by drawing straws. It's funny but usually you'd expect scientists to not want to be test subjects, but the other three all seemed keen on getting the short straw. Kyle did a poor job of hiding his glee. Guys will be guys I guess. 

Even though I'm trying to remain emotionally detached, a part of me is glad that Kyle will be my partner. He's my age and I'll admit that I find him attractive (I've always had a thing for dark-haired, brown-eyed guys). Plus all the boys will be in their physical prime. 

God I'm nervous.

Day 21 - Test 1

I'll try to recount today's events as best I can, but some details are a little hazy.

The big day. This morning as I was getting ready I felt as though I were going on a date and I even 'prepared' myself down there. Temperature in Spacelab is kept at around 75, perfectly comfortable for me. I didn't bother putting on anything more than a vest and panties. I wouldn't be wearing either for very long anyway.

Kyle and the others were waiting for me and setting up experiments. I was grateful that this test wasn't being filmed. I tried to maintain a professional approach but inside I was kind of excited. These guys were all super fit Air Force and they were about to see me naked.

Commander Boulton ordered me to undress. He wasn't even looking at me because he and Major Ike were busy finishing off taking notes. Kyle had already undergone some tests and the guys all seemed a bit awkward. Maybe the fact that my breasts were floating up didn't help. Zero gravity does wondrous things as far as they're concerned.

Something must be wrong with me because I found being ordered to undress incredibly hot. I am but an object that happens to be female and so therefore am the subject of this test. Boulton, by the way, looks like an older Harrison Ford. My friend Abby will be so jealous. She loves Hans Solo. I quickly removed my vest and panties.

As my breasts did their zero gravity thing Kyle couldn't help but look at me. He told me I looked good. Direct, but ok. Helped me feel a bit more at ease but it still felt weird being naked in front of the others. Boulton told me to start the tests. This first one was my idea and so I didn't need any further direction. Test 1 was to study the effects of self-stimulation. A test that Kyle had already done with the guys.

There was a small bed along the side and I lay down and let my hand drift down to between my legs. I found my clit but it didn't respond. The others were loudly discussing something and trying hard to ignore their naked female colleague playing with herself in the corner.

I tried for what felt like ages and started to despair. The atmosphere was too sterile and I was having to grasp the bed between my legs to stop myself from floating away. My hypothesis was that women could self-stimulate in space but I wasn't going to be able to prove it. I needed help. 

"Kyle, could you, er, lend a hand?" I asked.

His smile was so warm and his tone so kind. He could see I was struggling and wanted to put me at ease. He leaned over and his lips offered up barely perceptible kisses to my neck. His large hands, the perfect temperature, found my breasts and thighs. I was being seduced by a particularly skilled operator.

I hadn't been expecting this. By requesting Kyle's help I had thought he'd hold my legs, not set about seducing me. This was infinitely better.

Without really thinking about it I parted my legs and offered more of myself to his touch. I concentrated on the ever-present hum of the lab, shutting out Boulton and Ike. I also focused on Kyle's dexterous fingers which now gently rubbed and circled my clit. 

He didn't need to fondle my breasts, pinch my nipples or caress my butt. He didn't need to but, when he did, my god did it work. With one hand he played with me, with the other he held me down so I wouldn't drift away.

By now the other two had finished up what they were doing and watched Kyle play my body. I might have been bothered had Kyle not taken me close to ecstasy. He kissed me tenderly and whispered in my ear. 

"Cum for me Marsden"

And that did it. My mind ascended into inky black space then tore asunder amidst crystalline starbursts. I groaned loudly and gripped the edges of the bed hard. All too quickly, though, I found myself back in the room being stared at by the men.

"Test 1 a success" I panted and I was glad when the others laughed. The tension had been broken in spectacular fashion.

Day 21 - Test 2
Test 2 was somewhat dependent on test 1. Again, this was a test that I had proposed; how vibrators function in outer space. The outcome of this will, I'm sure, be of interest to many women back on Earth.

Following test 1 my body was ready to receive the vibrator which Kyle had handed to me. I'd brought my own as the thought of some unknown NASA guy picking out vibes for me just grosses me out.

I didn't necessarily need any assistance, but was glad when I stood up and Kyle offered to put his arm around my waist so that I could concentrate on getting myself off. I started off standing, wanting to know if the toy would stay there in zero gravity. 

Having slowly inserted it I played with myself for a little while. Kyle's attentions had made me so wet but I still felt pretty tight. Eventually I let go and was delighted when it stayed in. I had to concentrate a bit on stopping my pelvic muscles from squeezing it out but that didn't get in the way of the enjoyment of being able to stand there whilst the vibe quietly purred and teased my g spot.

Boulton and Ike had obviously sensed that, at the mercy of the toy, I was getting very floppy and Kyle was struggling to hold me down whilst keeping control of himself. Ike sat on the floor and grasped my ankles. Thus manhandled I felt the oncoming rush of another orgasm, but I wasn't ready for that yet.

To be thorough I let the guys help me onto the bed and quickly tested how the toy worked from a horizontal position. More satisfying but less fascinating. By now the guys were getting enthusiastic about proceedings, all three were 'assisting' me by holding a limb. They also seemed to enjoy watching me, not surprising maybe, but what Boulton said next took me a little aback.

"You know, there is somewhere else you should test that thing." He said.
"What, like in the airlock?" Ike asked. He's a cutie but he isn't all that sharp. I knew just what Boulton meant though.
"I think he means my ass Ike." I smiled.
"Oh...right." We were in hysterics by now but I agreed we should give it a go.

They lifted me off the bed so that I was once again stood with my legs spread. Kyle handed me some lube and I slicked some over my toy and hole. Having relinquished control of my legs and torso to the others I reached behind and tried to slide the vibe beyond my sphincter. It was difficult and I got really darn frustrated. Eventually I capitulated and ask Kyle to help.

The other two bent me over slightly and I spread my butt cheeks to give Kyle the best chance. I may have made a lame joke at this point about this being harder than lining the shuttle up with the Spacelab. The pressure of the toy against me was briefly uncomfortable but instant relief came once Kyle managed to guide it all the way in.

It didn't feel as directly satisfying as when it was in the other side, but it felt good all the same. More so when Kyle began sliding it in and out, slowly screwing me in the ass whilst the others held me for him. I think this was the point where the test ended and the orgy began.

Kyle demonstrated that the toy couldn't stay in without being held. My muscles back there obviously more powerful than the ones in my pelvis. I'd noticed his hand slipping further and further around my waist until his fingers rested against my vulva. Two other pairs of hands were stroking my thighs and butt cheeks. It was a wonder that they were still able to stop me floating away. Guys can multitask when they want to (perhaps I should add this additional finding in an appendix).

"As wonderful as this is, we should do the final test." Boulton instructed.

This one had been suggested by Kyle and by now I was so ready for it. If humanity is to one day live in space we need to procreate, right? The toy was removed and the girl manoeuvred around.

Back on the bed I reclined, parted my legs and waited to receive him whilst pinned down by Ike and Boulton. Kyle removed his shorts and his cock thrust out hard and proud without any help from zero gravity. I was flattered that I'd had such a dramatic effect. It took a while for him to slip on a condom. Zero gravity caused havoc and once again hilarity ensued.

Recognising that Kyle and I needed a little intimacy, the other two stood back as far as they could. Kyle crawled over me, a strong hand travelling from my calfs, over my thighs and belly to my breasts. This possessive act felt wonderful. I've achieved a heck of a lot despite the challenges of being female in a male world, but there are times when I want a man to take control and own me.

It wasn't necessary for him to touch me like this. It wasn't necessary for him to kiss me then retreat back down my body to start tongueing my clit. Not necessary but oh so good. 

I waited, bound, bared and brazenly spread for Kyle. My heart was beating hard, which must have been visible to the 3 guys as my breasts rose and fell rapidly. Lying like a sacrificial offering on an altar, I watched as he gently held his cock against me. All of us were now focused on his patient penetration. 

Once his shapely head had pushed through he continued on until his whole smooth hardness was enveloped within. By now tests 1 and 2 were a distant memory. Nothing compares to the sensation of real, hot flesh inside you. I gave myself to him and my pulse began to quicken again. He was my colleague and friend and he was also proving to be a caring and accomplished lover.

We indulged in a deep, tongue-laden kiss. Every part of my body brushed by the one hand that he wasn't using for stability. He pinched my nipples again, no doubt a part of his repertoire. It felt great! 

The other two looked on. I watched them as they studied my nudity before my eyes closed as if pulled by a string connected to the orgasmic feeling of Kyle's cock pressing against that sexually sensitive spot. Rolling my head to the side I watched India drift by outside the window, 146 miles below.

All three of the guys were now fondling me, taking turns at my breasts, clit and ass. Kyle unceasingly thrust into me and I could feel him grow harder, getting closer. I began to feel light headed and so reached down to grasp him, to keep a grip on this incredibly hot situation.

He felt so full, so powerful. Ike and Boulton spread me more so as to allow Kyle to plunge deeper. His torso, replete with slabs of muscle, beaded with sweat. My head fizzed, stomach tensed and legs, still held firm, trembled.

Animal grunts poured out of Kyle and he rocked back and forth faster and faster until I felt his cock pump its juices deep inside. This was the final switch required to launch my own all-consuming ecstasy. Tendrils of shuddering rapture unfurled along my skin. In the throes of our mutual passion the boys had let go of me and I drifted into satisfied serenity both mentally and physically.

Naked and unbound by neither gravity nor men, I saw New Zealand pass far below and felt my mind return to this universe. Three pairs of hands gently guided me back down.  Just the best, most incredibly erotic experience. I'm going to remember these tests for a very long time.


National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Spacelab Test #73
Date: 12 November 1985
Title: Sexual Intercourse in Zero Gravity
Appendix VII: Captain Kyle Manning's personal log
Classified for 30 years 

Day 21
Tests today involved me having sex with Yvonne. Spectacular. Let the records show that she has out-of-this-world breasts.


Sunday, 8 November 2015

Rear view shadow

I catch this shadowy rear view
Every morning as I stand at the sink
My body satisfactions are few
But "this isn't bad" I think

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Sunday, 1 November 2015


That little crease betwixt thigh and hip, such a mesmerising part of the body. And now it has a name; the 'thighbrow'. For such an alluring feature it's a really daft, unsexy name. 

I seem to be a little late in coming across this trend (it seems to have started around the 9th of September) and usually I disapprove of anything which dictates how a woman's body should look. But a thighbrow (please, someone, come up with a better word) is something that everyone has, regardless of body shape or gender.

Why do I find it so sexy? Firstly, it's because it is so very aesthetically satisfying. A thin, dark crevasse in what is for most a perfectly smooth part of the body. Secondly, it is much like the obliques (which I have previously celebrated here). On both sides the lines start at the top of the hip and end at the groin, a suggestion of what lies beyond the underwear.

Trends such as the thighbrow are often mostly negative in that they objectify women (not in the fun way) and make people feel pressured or unhappy with their bodies. As this particular trend can include everyone I'd like to turn it around and make it a positive thing - a celebration of the beauty of the human body.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Studying nudity

I, like many others, sometimes find it hard to look in the mirror. The reflection doesn't always satisfy. Sometimes, however, I'm fascinated. The lines of muscles that have developed from years of swimming and cycling are no less of a marvel as a healing wound or the recovery process following a bad cold (or the small bulge that develops if I neglect my swimming and cycling for too long).

It is this fascination, or curiosity, or deep admiration of the human body that forms a small part of my enjoyment of playing with others (there are many parts that I enjoy). Fondling here, caressing there, stroking right there can elicit powerful physical responses. Hardened nipples, arched back and so much wetness.

Great pleasure can be found in observing, eyes travelling over contours on a journey as exciting as any I've ever taken. Looking at myself in the mirror is interesting, but having someone else to study, someone entirely naked for my viewing pleasure, is so much more satisfying.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

(Not) playing the game

I abhor it when people play games or hide their true feelings. If you don't tell me what you want from me then I'm not going to be a predator, I'm not going to chase. Don't expect me to wait and wait for you, I have too much pride for that.

Surprisingly, I think that having an attitude like this, where I expect others to do some of the initiating and communicating, may very well mean that I find fewer and fewer people to play with. Should that day come then I know I will recognise it as a sign to move on. My marriage only allows for a very specific relationship with others but if that cannot be fulfilled then I have absolutely no doubt that my marriage comes first.

Those lovely people who I get along with best don't hide their true feelings. They don't let me try and uncover what they want, they tell me loud and clear. Those that aren't so sure don't pretend to be something they're not. 

Life is too short to mess about. It's sex. It's me taking control and us both getting what we want out of that situation. Why complicate it? Be open and truthful and everything will run so much smoother.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Not so innocent any more

Previously innocent words which have been corrupted by kink:


Any more I should add?

***Suggested additions:***

Skiing (I had to have this one explained to me)
Pearl necklace 

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Review: LELO Loki

The LELO Loki comes in a sleek and sophisticated black box. The toy's slightly curved blue and white form peeks through a plastic window. Also inside the box is a silky bag in which to store the toy. So far, so worth the price tag.

The toy itself has a satisfying weight to it and the blue silicone (it also comes in black) so pleasingly smooth. At the plastic end four buttons; + to switch on and increase power, - to decrease power and switch off and ^ and v to scroll through the various settings. These buttons light up when you press them, but I'd have preferred the lights stayed on whenever the vibe was going as the buttons can be hard too see once the toy is in (especially when certain bits are dangling in the way). A remote control would be great.

There's no mistaking when it's in as it feels pretty big. But the gentle curve is designed to hit that 'A' spot. And I tried. And tried. And tried. I tried all the settings at all different speeds. I tried all angles; reclined, legs high up, on my knees, standing up.

The aesthetically pleasing Lelo Loki

I tried the constant setting at various speeds, the setting which pulses rapidly on and off, the setting that randomly runs through each other setting. This is a powerful toy. Perhaps the best thing is that it's waterproof and it was certainly fun to try it out in the bath.

There was a bit of a tingle. The flared base felt good against my perineum. After three attempts and over two hours of trying, no orgasm. So frustrating. I really wanted this to work as male sex toys are, on the whole, pathetic and LELO have such an excellent reputation. 

One positive is that it made other parts more sensitive. But the search for a decent sex toy for men goes on. In the meantime I'll keep trying the Loki. I REALLY want it to work (and will report back here should that happy event happen). 

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Kinky murder mystery party

Having recently been (food) poisoned in a grand and beautiful country manor my mind turned to murder mystery parties. Being somewhat alternative my mind then progressed on to kinky murder mystery parties...

The venue: Somewhere suitably grand in the country and which is accepting of alternative lifestyles (e.g. The Summer House venue)

The weather: Dark and stormy (night)

The cast: 
- Professor Plum. Dressed entirely in black, Plum is a professor in rope bondage. She is very dominant.
- Miss Scarlett. Cross-dressing Scarlett is a massive flirt with both the girls and the boys.
- Colonel Mustard. Court-martialled for being a pacifist, Mustard wears his uniform like a good, submissive pup.
- Mrs Peacock. Coy cuckquean with a fetish for latex. Always has toys in her handbag.
- The Doctor. Wearing clothes befitting his medical fetish, the Doctor comes prepared with all the necessary equipment.
- Mrs White. Horny widow White seeks out another Daddy owner to collar and pet her.
- Mr Green. Owner of the house, Mr Green is pure alpha with a penchant for leather and doling out pain.
- The maid. Frilly-knickered and dirty-mouthed, the maid is about as slutty as they come.
- The vicar. Dog collar. Catholic upbringing. Locked in chastity. Filthy. Hands everywhere.
- The police officer. Militant, shouty, whips and pinwheels are her weapons of choice.
- The butler. Fawning, scantily-clad switchy charmer.
- The body. Dead.

The plot:
- Scene 1: Pre-dinner cocktails. Butler and maid offer themselves to the guests.
- Scene 2: Dinner is served. The vicar recites a kink-laden sermon. The maid provides a pole dance during dessert.
- Scene 3: A blood-curdling scream is heard. Everyone rushes to the conservatory where the hysterical butler has discovered a body. The police officer arrives and deduces that the victim has been bludgeoned to death by a 12" rubber dildo which has then been unceremoniously shoved up their bum.
- Scene 4: Interrogations. Professor Plum ties up the primary suspects; Mustard, Peacock, White, the maid and the butler. The doctor examines their bodies. The police officer tries to extract confessions.
- Scene 5: More extreme methods are required and so all five suspects are stripped naked and, one at a time, tied to the billiard table for the other guests to probe at their will. Mrs Peacock brings out several more handbags bursting with toys.
- Scene 6: The maid performs another pole dance, this time joined by a twerking butler. No one knows why.
- Scene 7: The suspects try to gain favour by offering various sexual services for the others.
- Scene 8: The murderer confesses and is bound, whipped and electro-stimmed for punishment.
- Scene 9: Orgy. Mrs White and Mr Green live together happily ever after.

Now, who will join me...?

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Impact play

When I play with a sub there always comes a point where a bare butt is presented to me, ready for a spanking. Or flogging. Or cropping.

Until I get to properly know a sub I approach with caution; gentle spanks at first and then, depending on the response, harder and harder. Spanking requires not just a little care. For example, hit too high and you risk causing kidney damage. Some subs can take one hell of a spanking and, in these situations, it is my throbbing hand rather than their rosy red bum that gives in first (not that I'd ever tell them that).

I had my first go with a crop a couple of months ago. It made a very satisfying swooping and slapping sound. It marked easily. Marking is something else I clear with subs before we start; is it OK and, if so, where?

The flogger is a versatile piece of equipment. It can deliver a stinging blow or can be gently whipped against the skin. Drag it over the back and butt for a sensual experience, the fronds falling between the legs to tease the pussy.

It isn't just the rear that gets attention. Bent over a bed, legs spread, allows the flogger to be whipped against the pussy. An unpopular move I usually only use for punishment. Stood up, arms above head, a sub's breasts also make for a good (and enjoyable for them) target.

Many objects can be used for impact play, within reason. For example; I discovered that the soft leather handle at the end of a leash makes for the perfect little pussy whip when she's on her back, legs akimbo.

"OK?" Is a question I ask fairly often. Sharp intakes of breath can mean pleasure, pain or both and so I always like to check and give the sub an opportunity to take a break. I have my own limits. As soon as I see blood rising to the surface I move on. I don't do extreme.

Most important of all? Regular caresses both during and after impact play. Caring for my subs is paramount.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Getting checked out

A blog title which is, perhaps, a little misleading. No, I haven't suddenly become the focus of adoring women, but I have, since being in this open relationship, been making occasional visits to an STI clinic. Not because of an infection, but so that I know the state of my health when with other partners.

Having an STI needn't be a disaster nor the end of sexual activity, but being honest about your health, and taking the appropriate precautions, is very important, especially with so much trust involved. So what's it like going to a clinic?

The one I frequent is about as dully NHS as it gets. It's situated in a grey building along a great alleyway. The reception staff are bored and indifferent. The chairs plastic and uncomfortable. The TV blares out boring nonsense without taking into consideration what you may be going through.

After filling out a form (who I am, the state of my health, why I'm here) I join the seated men. Women are sent to another floor; only penises are perused here. The average age is late twenties to early thirties. At the time I visit it's mainly suits. And most are probably considered attractive. Looking for young, besuited, good-looking and responsible men? You now know where to go.

Now; the interview. My lifestyle, sexual orientation, how sexually active I am etc. The person who asks the questions is always friendly and non-judgemental. Time to pee into the jar (alone) and those awkward few minutes of having to hold the now-warm plastic before seeing the nurse.

The last nurse I saw was a big bear of a man. Very chatty and entirely lovely. As he took my blood for the HIV test I considered how difficult a job it must sometimes be, having to occasionally deliver horrible news and the rest of the time being cheerful despite the drab surroundings.

There's a choice when getting the HIV test; find out now or later. I always opt for now, never wanting to seed unnecessary thoughts which may grow into paranoia. The jar is labelled and dispatched to the lab to check for chlamydia and gonorrhoea (I hate that word).

A few weeks later I call for the results and there's always that terrible game show pause as the information is found. Did I win or lose? Clear. But out of respect for G and those others I have sex with, condoms remain one of my essential rules. Honesty, trust and responsibility; common themes in alternative lifestyles.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Male brothels

If you have not yet seen Magic Mike XXL and are worried about spoilers ruining the deep and complex storyline then I would advise you to not read on.

I took G to see this film partly as I wanted to treat her, partly because I was curious about the revolutionary acknowledgement of the female gaze. Yes, it was, overall, a pretty terrible film. But there were some interesting moments, one of which was the scene in the "exotic entertainment palace" (where the men meet their MC and take a look around her male strip club).

Unlike the usual bawdy strip club, this club was more interactive and didn't just rely on male nudity to show the ladies a good time. Could such a place actually be as popular?

G claimed it wouldn't work. She doesn't think women are as into paying for sex as men and that a deeper connection needs to be had for it to be more enjoyable. But the club in the film operated on a membership model. The clientele kept coming back and so must have formed some sort of relationship with the men who worked there.

It was during this scene that the group of girls next to me fell silent. They had been yabbering the whole time, but this particular scenario seemed to have captured their attention. And then it struck me; in a club such as this it doesn't all have to be about sex. 

Being worshipped, genuinely. Being able to watch attractive men and not feel sordid. Being made to feel special. But, in a male brothel, would women be embarrassed about selecting men in front of other women? Maybe, but then no such inhibitions are displayed when objectifying men so publicly in male strip clubs.

Some may say "why pay for sex when I can get it for free?" Well, you get what you pay (or don't pay) for. Here are a bevy of sexy, attentive and genuinely lovely men. Chances are the sex would be mindblowing. Guilt-free, respectable, paid-for sex and male entertainment; why hasn't this happened yet?

Monday, 27 July 2015

Naked men - yuck or yum?

I recently read an article which states that women do not find naked men arousing (Male nudity does not cause female sexual arousal). This statement is both interesting and depressing at the same time. I also find it extremely presumptive and a little hard to believe.

One of the conclusions is that women do not use images of naked men to get into a state of arousal and that it is only men who use nudity as a sexual turn-on. Being male I have no qualification for knowing precisely what females think when seeing a man naked. At the same time, I have been in the presence of women who became aroused by my nudity. Am I to assume they were all doing this for show? G does a very good job of sounding convincing when she asks me to strip for her.

Clearly I was wrong. Clearly I should stop taking pictures of myself as there, apparently, is no interest out there (apart from those nudity-loving men). Or maybe it is articles like this that get in the way of empowering women. Perhaps, instead, we should be celebrating articles and blogs that celebrate the female gaze rather than denying it exists.

Whilst celebrating, we should also note that this gaze may differ from the male gaze - close ups of cocks are not likely to be welcome (see this post from the ever-excellent Girl on the Net). Following the recent Magic Mike XXL film numerous articles were written about the rise of the female gaze and how this gaze took in the whole body, not just a focus on cocks.

With this evidence and much, much more, I'm not buying into the premise that the male body is not sexually arousing. So...take it off or leave it on?

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Getting roped in

Several months ago I wrote about my first forays into rope bondage (Tying her to perfection). I feel now as if I've dipped a toe into the rabbit hole of this particular art.

I now feel somewhat proficient at the few ties I've learned. I'm therefore starting to discover more ties and different techniques. I'm taking into consideration ties which, when I'm ready, can be used as part of suspension bondage.

In October we're travelling to Japan, where kinbaku (a form of rope bondage) originated. I've started taking a look at whether it's possible to meet up with any rope practitioners. In the meantime, I've some dates coming up with whom I hope to further hone my technique.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Giving up control

I have been living the life of a Dom for what feels like quite some time now. Over time I have discovered just how much of an art it is. It involves some expertise in psychology, anatomy, social skills and even fashion. Then there's further studies such as rope bondage - an intricate art by itself and one which I'm learning ever more about.

Though I would not consider myself a master Master (nor would I ever as I expect that the learning will never stop) I seem to have gone a long way down the road of being a Dom. Why, then, does that tiny little sub side of me refuse to go away?

My sub days, I thought, were long behind me. As I grew older I expected to become pure Dom. Some days, though, I meet people with whom I could, just about, imagine giving over control to. 

To not have to think, to be told what to do, to contribute only my body to the enjoyment of the evening, these are the things I very occasionally miss. 

Friday, 5 June 2015

I am man, hear me...erm...sorry.

The gym which I frequently frequent has been undergoing extensive renovations, including the male changing room. For the past several weeks I've had to endure dust, noise and filth to maintain my regular swims.

At last we had a brand new locker room. And then the men were told to use the female locker room whilst that was renovated, the females moving into the new locker room. Why? Because, I was told, it was OK for men to put up with filthy conditions but not women.

Just one example of many in which I, as a man, am discriminated against. I'll insert hugely important point #1 here; I am absolutely aware that women get discriminated too, more often than men (so I'm told) and this is why I am an unwavering feminist.

But treating men like shit is equally unacceptable and occurrences such as the one I mention above often go unnoticed. Because, as a 'privileged' male, I would be told that I have no right to feel discriminated against, and so I keep quiet about it.

The kink/alternative/whatever-the-hell-you-want-to-call-it scene is one in which men get shit upon regularly (yes, obvious pun is obvious). Here's hugely important point #2; a small number of men are, in general (though not exclusively), responsible for this.

Men are automatically viewed with suspicion. Men have to pay more to get into clubs. In CMNF the female is appreciated, in CFNM the male is humiliated. Male Doms are honoured to have subs (I do feel honoured), female Doms get paid to have subs.

It's tough. It can be really, really tough. I don't put up with misogyny but I wouldn't last on the scene if I didn't tolerate misandry.

The thing is, I'm only willing to tolerate unfairness for so long but will continue to strive towards a more balanced world for both men and women and anyone who doesn't identify with these genders. If only those few men would stop ruining it all for the rest of us.

I was reluctant to write this post as I fear the response it will get. One of my fellow bloggers also wrote a post about how difficult it can be a man (You're not as fly as you think you are) and his fear of the backlash. It shouldn't be like this.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Remote orgasm control

I have a play date coming up. The girl has asked for orgasm instructions in the run-up to the date (Day 0 below) as she likes the idea of being objectified and someone else being in control of her pussy. It also builds anticipation for the date. Fantastic idea. I did a bit of research and came up with the following:

Day 12
Girls tend to masturbate either lying on their front or on their back. Whichever you usually do I want you to do the opposite. Send me a text message after you have finished playing with yourself to let me know whether or not you orgasmed.

Day 5
After and including today I want you to ask me for permission before you orgasm. You may want to do so via text message for a faster response. If you receive no reply then assume that you do not have permission.

Day 3, 9pm
Masturbate in your usual way. During this session I want you, at some point, to penetrate your arse (either with a finger or toy). Remember to ask for permission before you cum.

Day 2, 9pm
Find a porn video that you like, share it with me and then masturbate to it using your rabbit toy (switching it on is optional). Remember to ask for permission before you cum.

Day 1, 9pm
Masturbate in your usual way, but watch yourself doing so in front of a mirror. Remember to ask for permission before you cum.

Day 0
Do not play with yourself at all.

Will she get permission to cum? We shall see...

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Some hot porn. Let's discuss...

Here's a porn video that I'd like to discuss:

Why do I find this clip such a turn on? Here's why:

1. The fellas are naked, the girls aren't. I find this unbalance a turn on.
2. The group seems comfortable in each others' presence. You could almost believe they're friends. Friends that give themselves to each other to enjoy. Hot.
3. The girls genuinely seem to derive pleasure from looking at, touching and playing with their naked friends.
4. Being outside adds to the purity of the situation and vulnerability of the boys.

I'd be curious if anyone else found this a very sexy situation? Or am I some sort of complete freak to be avoided at all costs?

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Pineapple juice

Having heard the rumours, been directly told about it and researched several articles (including, surprisingly, in Psychology Today) I concluded some time ago that it may actually be true that pineapple juice does make semen taste a little better (or less bad). With that in mind I've always kept the fridge stocked with the stuff.

But the obsessive in me wants a conclusive test. Or, in other words, I want an excuse to receive several blowjobs. However, if I were to try different foods and drinks at different times and ask G to compare flavours, I couldn't be certain that other factors might be skewing the results.

What may work is asking a few men to each try a different diet over the same period. On the same day they could each be sampled by the same person to compare and contrast. Finding someone willing to drink that much cum would prove difficult so this test is doomed to remain in a state of hypothesis.

In the meantime, I'll keep enjoying drinking that delicious pineapple juice and, hopefully, passing on the benefits.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

You want to lick me where?!

Rimming. Annilingus. Putting your tongue where the sun don't (usually) shine. Something that I had no idea I would like, both giving and receiving.

With this particular kink cleanliness, obviously, has to be thorough. But once that hole is as clean as can be then all sorts of new sensations can be had.

When giving it takes intimacy to a whole new level. My partner has opened and given themselves to me completely and I love the feel of that taut pink ring beneath my tongue.

I only experienced receiving recently and, perhaps surprisingly, it was when I was topping someone. This particular sub, when allowed, liked to put her hands and fingers everywhere and so I had prepared with both soap and razor accordingly.

Straddling her to get a better position for my mouth on her clit she started sucking my cock. Then she lapped at my balls. Then her slathering tongue sought out my arse. And it felt really very strange. Wet. Soft. Warm then cold.

It felt good. It's a hugely sensitive part of the body for me and I'm sure the same is true for many other men. Briefly she had control, but that was because I was giving her control. Another situation and I could have enjoyed that all night long. Maybe one day I'll let it happen again.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Ouch Part 2

I've had many thoughts muddling my mind today. Twice, now, I've been surprised at the way I've been treated, when someone I've been seeing suddenly decides to end things without talking it through first.

In the world of D/s Doms seem to get endless instructions and rules on how to behave. Ironic, I know, but I also accept it's necessary. You wouldn't put a flight plan into the hands of a passenger. One such instruction is to treat your sub with great respect and to attempt to connect mentally before connecting physically.

Each person is different and each needs a different depth of connection. Some subs are happy to have just enough of a connection to trust their Dom. Other subs need something more emotional, something closer to a friendship.

I've had plenty of conversations with G to reach a position where we're both comfortable with the level of friendship I develop with a sub. As far as I'm concerned I have always upheld my end of the bargain with those I'm with; I could offer that deeper level of connection, as well as the experience and (still (always) developing) knowledge of a Dom. I made myself available to talk with.

Which brings me to the pain. Treachery is too strong a word, but it feels like something close to it. I give a lot only for it to be thrown back in my face.

And so? My heart is growing harder. I'll tell myself to care less for the subs I'm with outside of the times that we play. I'll try to remove the emotion from what we're doing. No more getting too close to people.

Monday, 2 March 2015


Being in a non-monogamous relationship is turning out to be hugely painful. For the second time now someone I've been seeing has decided to end things by email.

Their reason for doing so is entirely understandable. What makes it so hard is that I can't get into a D/s relationship without connecting with someone. When things end its pretty painful. So painful that I'm starting to question how much more I can put up with.

G is hugely understanding. She is a truly special woman. I'm still meeting other subs, but having been discarded twice without the opportunity to discuss why I'm wondering which other woman out there is preparing to tear another piece from my heart. Ouch.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Perfectly real

We've been together for over 12 years. She is as perfect for me as she has ever been. And, trust me, she is very real. I have to remind myself of this sometimes as I touch her heavenly curves. How proud and lucky I am that I don't have to pretend that this incredible woman is mine. She is mine.

Keeping it real, as part of the ever-excellent:

Sinful Sunday

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Review: Natural Power for Men

I wasn't sure about reviewing a pill that enhances performance. But that little voice in my head that forces me to try anything once won out again. So...

The packet made me wary. There were a few spelling mistakes; not something to instil confidence in a product designed to change the way your body behaves.

Natural Power for Men has the following selling points:

- Effects can last for days.
- Helps increase endurance in the bedroom.
- Increased libido
- Higher interest and enjoyment of intimacy.

So already you may see a challenge...I already have a high libido and enjoyment of intimacy. But maybe this can take it to another level? If ever there was a time to lock up your daughters, this was it.

I popped the pill and gave it the full 60 minutes for it to take effect. Hollywood and TV led me to expect an unwavering erection, but the reality was that I still needed stimulation. I wanted this to be a true test for how long I could last and so G stepped up and treated me to a blow job.

It felt different. Good different. My cock and balls were much more sensitive to her touch and oral attentions. Job done, though it wasn't a particularly prolonged session. I tried to get hard again and, only ten minutes later, succeeded. I was good to go again. Impressive.

A few days later and time to give it a second go. I had sex for over an hour. Hard thrusting, fast action sex. My partner came before I did. My legs gave up before my cock was done. After a break I, still hard, resumed. After an epic sex session I at last reached orgasm.

So yes, I would say that Natural Power for Men works. Side effects? I had a bad headache after both occasions, but then I didn't follow the advice to drink lots and lots of water (I only drank lots).

It helps to think that Natural Power for Men only has natural ingredients (but then arsenic is natural; not all that comes straight from nature is benign). Overall, a positive experience. You can find all you need here:

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Tying her to perfection

Using various images and tutorials from that there internet I learned how to tie a pearl harness. I have been developing a growing interest in rope. It really is an art and a beautiful thing to see.

Much like the intricate frame on a work of art, rope can merely be something that enhances the beauty of the human form. It can also be the main focus, with myriad knots and spiderwebs of cord spun in delightful patterns.

The pearl harness is fairly simple. It wraps around several times above and below the breasts and then between. I was with a gorgeous sub and realised I had plenty of rope once the harness had been tied. I ran it between her legs, around then down again, adding knots in strategic places and tying her hands behind her back too.

I was pleased with my work, loved how the rope felt and how it controlled the girl so perfectly. She also very much enjoyed it. Time to clean, dry and get it ready for next time.