Saturday, 17 January 2015

Sub and club

--- This is a post about the events of last Saturday. It may be my last for a while as my week since then has become progressively worse and have had a painful couple of days ---

We sought out a pub to shelter from the cold and steel our resolve. It had been several weeks since we first met (a meeting facilitated by OK Cupid), by the end of the night I would be finger fucking her arse.

The door was unmarked, to the left a buzzer. We were let in a shown around by a friendly lady. There were three private rooms - the reason for why I chose this club. A smoking room. Horrible, acrid smoke filled the entire place. The next room was supposed to be a play room. Two people sat watching football on a large TV. They sat there all night, watching various dull programmes.

In the main room a bar, cage, pole and various other equipment. Latex-clad men sat around the edges, their heads rising as I walk in with my sub, a beautiful girl who by now was wearing a see-through dress and black underwear.

"You're not comfortable with me playing with you here are you?" I said after we'd been there a while and watched it slowly fill.
"I won't play with you here. I won't do anything that makes you uncomfortable. You're mine tonight and I'm not going to share you."

She liked the answer, which was good as I could only be happy if she was. We chatted for a bit with a friendly Domme. She talked about her favourite whips, paddles and floggers as I stroked the girl. Her back, then her neck, then her bum and then the tops of her thighs, where her stockings stopped and bare flesh started.

I could tell by the way she kissed me and responded to my touches that she was ready. I had already taken her to a private room to assess her in her underwear. Yes, I was very horny, but wanted to maintain the calm pace for now.

"Are you excited?"
"Yes Sir."

She was calling me Sir without asking, which was fine as far as I was concerned. I subtly checked to see if she was telling the truth. My fingers met with sticky excitement. I pulled her hair back for the umpteenth time to give her a long kiss.

"Let's go."

The private room was small with a chair and tiny sofa. We kissed, I stroked. It was hot in there and smoky. There was no door, just a curtain and so it was easy to hear two smokers chatting away next door. I didn't notice them; before me was this delightful sub whose dress I was now slowly removing.

My left hand behind her neck, my lips on hers and my right hand flicking apart the clasp of her bra. I grabbed her large breasts and pinched her nipples. Testing her pain tolerance I smiled as she gasped in delight as I pinched hard, harder. I sat in the chair.

"Turn and remove your panties."

She revealed a sublime arse which, as soon as I saw it, invited me to guide her onto the sofa, legs spread. My tongue met her hole, my fingers found her cunt.

We spent over two hours playing in that shitty little room. Unfortunately, when it came to fucking her, the combination of desensitising condom, random bloke occasionally peeking in for a wank and smokers talking about mundanities resulted in my cock not playing ball. It responded badly to that situation but very well to the attentions of her mouth.

Before I gave her my cock I had brought her to orgasm with some hard finger fucking. Her pussy was soaked, not just from her cum but also from my tongue which enjoyed the soft feel of her smoothness, or the tight ring of her arse. She surprised me with how much she enjoyed being penetrated there.

Her skilful oral attentions had drawn out pre-cum and she uttered how she loved my hard cock as well as the taste of me. Up until recently she had been handcuffed but now I set her free and let her hands roam free. She was keen on feeling my arse, sometimes running a hand along my hole, perrenium and balls.

"Please will you cum on me Sir?"

We had been playing a long time. My arms were tired from fucking her, moving her, lifting her and spanking her (her cheeks were now bright red). I was ready to reward her with my cum.

I made her kneel, pulled her hair so that she was looking up at me, her breasts thrust forward. She occasionally sneaked a look at my cock as I masturbated. That was fine; I like an appreciative audience. I draw a line, however, at uninvited voyeurs and was pissed off to see someone watching. I politely but firmly asked them to go.

At first it was difficult to refocus but as soon as I realised again that I had a beautiful, naked girl at my feet all other things ceased to matter. She groaned and closed her eyes as I showered her breasts with a large helping of pent-up cum. Then she took my cock in her mouth to lick and suck away the remaining juices.

I stood her up and played with the cum drooling down her cleavage before cleaning her up. She wanted more and so I had her straddle the chair, back to me, so that I could reach under and play with her. Fingers seeking out her G-spot, thumb teasing her clit whilst my other hand pulled her hair back.

Obediently she orgasmed. My hand was coated in her joy. I let her rest then stood her up so that we could kiss. I pulled on my clothes then, looking at her naked one last time, allowed her to dress as well.

We headed back to the bar area. It was now about 4am and many people had departed. Although we had been playing for over five hours I was still learning her body, what she enjoyed. Whilst we talked a little more I re asserted my dominance over her by subtely fingering her arse. She found it hard to concentrate and was beginning to lose herself to pleasure again.

I was, by now, exhausted and so, even though my cock seemed up for more, it was time to leave. It had been a thoroughly enjoyable evening during which I had made her mine. All we need now is a better venue.