Saturday, 21 February 2015

Perfectly real

We've been together for over 12 years. She is as perfect for me as she has ever been. And, trust me, she is very real. I have to remind myself of this sometimes as I touch her heavenly curves. How proud and lucky I am that I don't have to pretend that this incredible woman is mine. She is mine.

Keeping it real, as part of the ever-excellent:

Sinful Sunday

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Review: Natural Power for Men

I wasn't sure about reviewing a pill that enhances performance. But that little voice in my head that forces me to try anything once won out again. So...

The packet made me wary. There were a few spelling mistakes; not something to instil confidence in a product designed to change the way your body behaves.

Natural Power for Men has the following selling points:

- Effects can last for days.
- Helps increase endurance in the bedroom.
- Increased libido
- Higher interest and enjoyment of intimacy.

So already you may see a challenge...I already have a high libido and enjoyment of intimacy. But maybe this can take it to another level? If ever there was a time to lock up your daughters, this was it.

I popped the pill and gave it the full 60 minutes for it to take effect. Hollywood and TV led me to expect an unwavering erection, but the reality was that I still needed stimulation. I wanted this to be a true test for how long I could last and so G stepped up and treated me to a blow job.

It felt different. Good different. My cock and balls were much more sensitive to her touch and oral attentions. Job done, though it wasn't a particularly prolonged session. I tried to get hard again and, only ten minutes later, succeeded. I was good to go again. Impressive.

A few days later and time to give it a second go. I had sex for over an hour. Hard thrusting, fast action sex. My partner came before I did. My legs gave up before my cock was done. After a break I, still hard, resumed. After an epic sex session I at last reached orgasm.

So yes, I would say that Natural Power for Men works. Side effects? I had a bad headache after both occasions, but then I didn't follow the advice to drink lots and lots of water (I only drank lots).

It helps to think that Natural Power for Men only has natural ingredients (but then arsenic is natural; not all that comes straight from nature is benign). Overall, a positive experience. You can find all you need here:

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Tying her to perfection

Using various images and tutorials from that there internet I learned how to tie a pearl harness. I have been developing a growing interest in rope. It really is an art and a beautiful thing to see.

Much like the intricate frame on a work of art, rope can merely be something that enhances the beauty of the human form. It can also be the main focus, with myriad knots and spiderwebs of cord spun in delightful patterns.

The pearl harness is fairly simple. It wraps around several times above and below the breasts and then between. I was with a gorgeous sub and realised I had plenty of rope once the harness had been tied. I ran it between her legs, around then down again, adding knots in strategic places and tying her hands behind her back too.

I was pleased with my work, loved how the rope felt and how it controlled the girl so perfectly. She also very much enjoyed it. Time to clean, dry and get it ready for next time.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Special place

I met a lovely girl the other night who was keen on being dominated. We had spent hours connecting over drinks, finding out that we thought the same about the world and finally deciding to take things further.

She hadn't ever been spanked before and so, after getting her to slowly strip for me, I bent her over the bed, tied her hands behind her back and set about her expectant bum. I, of course, started gently before increasing the strength and speed of my strokes, checking that she was happy. She was, very,

After playing with her for a while I started removing a piece of clothing between sessions, depending on whether or not she had pleased me. Finally I was down to my boxers and there was this magnificent hunger in her eyes.

"Go ahead, I'll let you take them off me."

My god, I have never been unwrapped like such a precious present before. I allowed her to take her time, to very, very slowly reveal me inch by inch, kissing my newly bared flesh as she went. She licked her lips as my underwear slid past my buttocks and uncovered my cock.

I told her to stand and get on the bed. She gave me a hurt look as I denied her desire to take me in her mouth.

That opportunity came along again later in the night. By now we had played for many hours and she had cum for me twice. It was time for her main reward and so I let her know she could have me however she wanted (I'm beginning to discover that my style of Domming can be a bit switchy when it comes to rewards).

She immediately clamped her mouth on my hard cock, her tongue busying itself on my tip. My entire length disappeared into her drooling maw and then, taking me by surprise, she sought out my anus with her finger. Fan-fucking-tastic.

Earlier in the evening, once we realised we were getting on so well, we had been very candid with each other about what turned us on. And that spot, that intimate little place, was my 'Go' button, my guaranteed penis extender, my very happy place.

While my hand played with her soaking wet pussy she continued to lick, suck and probe. I allowed her one last reward and she chose to take my cum on her tits. With her finger there my reward, readers, was indeed copious.