Monday, 30 March 2015

Remote orgasm control

I have a play date coming up. The girl has asked for orgasm instructions in the run-up to the date (Day 0 below) as she likes the idea of being objectified and someone else being in control of her pussy. It also builds anticipation for the date. Fantastic idea. I did a bit of research and came up with the following:

Day 12
Girls tend to masturbate either lying on their front or on their back. Whichever you usually do I want you to do the opposite. Send me a text message after you have finished playing with yourself to let me know whether or not you orgasmed.

Day 5
After and including today I want you to ask me for permission before you orgasm. You may want to do so via text message for a faster response. If you receive no reply then assume that you do not have permission.

Day 3, 9pm
Masturbate in your usual way. During this session I want you, at some point, to penetrate your arse (either with a finger or toy). Remember to ask for permission before you cum.

Day 2, 9pm
Find a porn video that you like, share it with me and then masturbate to it using your rabbit toy (switching it on is optional). Remember to ask for permission before you cum.

Day 1, 9pm
Masturbate in your usual way, but watch yourself doing so in front of a mirror. Remember to ask for permission before you cum.

Day 0
Do not play with yourself at all.

Will she get permission to cum? We shall see...

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Some hot porn. Let's discuss...

Here's a porn video that I'd like to discuss:

Why do I find this clip such a turn on? Here's why:

1. The fellas are naked, the girls aren't. I find this unbalance a turn on.
2. The group seems comfortable in each others' presence. You could almost believe they're friends. Friends that give themselves to each other to enjoy. Hot.
3. The girls genuinely seem to derive pleasure from looking at, touching and playing with their naked friends.
4. Being outside adds to the purity of the situation and vulnerability of the boys.

I'd be curious if anyone else found this a very sexy situation? Or am I some sort of complete freak to be avoided at all costs?

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Pineapple juice

Having heard the rumours, been directly told about it and researched several articles (including, surprisingly, in Psychology Today) I concluded some time ago that it may actually be true that pineapple juice does make semen taste a little better (or less bad). With that in mind I've always kept the fridge stocked with the stuff.

But the obsessive in me wants a conclusive test. Or, in other words, I want an excuse to receive several blowjobs. However, if I were to try different foods and drinks at different times and ask G to compare flavours, I couldn't be certain that other factors might be skewing the results.

What may work is asking a few men to each try a different diet over the same period. On the same day they could each be sampled by the same person to compare and contrast. Finding someone willing to drink that much cum would prove difficult so this test is doomed to remain in a state of hypothesis.

In the meantime, I'll keep enjoying drinking that delicious pineapple juice and, hopefully, passing on the benefits.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

You want to lick me where?!

Rimming. Annilingus. Putting your tongue where the sun don't (usually) shine. Something that I had no idea I would like, both giving and receiving.

With this particular kink cleanliness, obviously, has to be thorough. But once that hole is as clean as can be then all sorts of new sensations can be had.

When giving it takes intimacy to a whole new level. My partner has opened and given themselves to me completely and I love the feel of that taut pink ring beneath my tongue.

I only experienced receiving recently and, perhaps surprisingly, it was when I was topping someone. This particular sub, when allowed, liked to put her hands and fingers everywhere and so I had prepared with both soap and razor accordingly.

Straddling her to get a better position for my mouth on her clit she started sucking my cock. Then she lapped at my balls. Then her slathering tongue sought out my arse. And it felt really very strange. Wet. Soft. Warm then cold.

It felt good. It's a hugely sensitive part of the body for me and I'm sure the same is true for many other men. Briefly she had control, but that was because I was giving her control. Another situation and I could have enjoyed that all night long. Maybe one day I'll let it happen again.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Ouch Part 2

I've had many thoughts muddling my mind today. Twice, now, I've been surprised at the way I've been treated, when someone I've been seeing suddenly decides to end things without talking it through first.

In the world of D/s Doms seem to get endless instructions and rules on how to behave. Ironic, I know, but I also accept it's necessary. You wouldn't put a flight plan into the hands of a passenger. One such instruction is to treat your sub with great respect and to attempt to connect mentally before connecting physically.

Each person is different and each needs a different depth of connection. Some subs are happy to have just enough of a connection to trust their Dom. Other subs need something more emotional, something closer to a friendship.

I've had plenty of conversations with G to reach a position where we're both comfortable with the level of friendship I develop with a sub. As far as I'm concerned I have always upheld my end of the bargain with those I'm with; I could offer that deeper level of connection, as well as the experience and (still (always) developing) knowledge of a Dom. I made myself available to talk with.

Which brings me to the pain. Treachery is too strong a word, but it feels like something close to it. I give a lot only for it to be thrown back in my face.

And so? My heart is growing harder. I'll tell myself to care less for the subs I'm with outside of the times that we play. I'll try to remove the emotion from what we're doing. No more getting too close to people.

Monday, 2 March 2015


Being in a non-monogamous relationship is turning out to be hugely painful. For the second time now someone I've been seeing has decided to end things by email.

Their reason for doing so is entirely understandable. What makes it so hard is that I can't get into a D/s relationship without connecting with someone. When things end its pretty painful. So painful that I'm starting to question how much more I can put up with.

G is hugely understanding. She is a truly special woman. I'm still meeting other subs, but having been discarded twice without the opportunity to discuss why I'm wondering which other woman out there is preparing to tear another piece from my heart. Ouch.