Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Kinky murder mystery party

Having recently been (food) poisoned in a grand and beautiful country manor my mind turned to murder mystery parties. Being somewhat alternative my mind then progressed on to kinky murder mystery parties...

The venue: Somewhere suitably grand in the country and which is accepting of alternative lifestyles (e.g. The Summer House venue)

The weather: Dark and stormy (night)

The cast: 
- Professor Plum. Dressed entirely in black, Plum is a professor in rope bondage. She is very dominant.
- Miss Scarlett. Cross-dressing Scarlett is a massive flirt with both the girls and the boys.
- Colonel Mustard. Court-martialled for being a pacifist, Mustard wears his uniform like a good, submissive pup.
- Mrs Peacock. Coy cuckquean with a fetish for latex. Always has toys in her handbag.
- The Doctor. Wearing clothes befitting his medical fetish, the Doctor comes prepared with all the necessary equipment.
- Mrs White. Horny widow White seeks out another Daddy owner to collar and pet her.
- Mr Green. Owner of the house, Mr Green is pure alpha with a penchant for leather and doling out pain.
- The maid. Frilly-knickered and dirty-mouthed, the maid is about as slutty as they come.
- The vicar. Dog collar. Catholic upbringing. Locked in chastity. Filthy. Hands everywhere.
- The police officer. Militant, shouty, whips and pinwheels are her weapons of choice.
- The butler. Fawning, scantily-clad switchy charmer.
- The body. Dead.

The plot:
- Scene 1: Pre-dinner cocktails. Butler and maid offer themselves to the guests.
- Scene 2: Dinner is served. The vicar recites a kink-laden sermon. The maid provides a pole dance during dessert.
- Scene 3: A blood-curdling scream is heard. Everyone rushes to the conservatory where the hysterical butler has discovered a body. The police officer arrives and deduces that the victim has been bludgeoned to death by a 12" rubber dildo which has then been unceremoniously shoved up their bum.
- Scene 4: Interrogations. Professor Plum ties up the primary suspects; Mustard, Peacock, White, the maid and the butler. The doctor examines their bodies. The police officer tries to extract confessions.
- Scene 5: More extreme methods are required and so all five suspects are stripped naked and, one at a time, tied to the billiard table for the other guests to probe at their will. Mrs Peacock brings out several more handbags bursting with toys.
- Scene 6: The maid performs another pole dance, this time joined by a twerking butler. No one knows why.
- Scene 7: The suspects try to gain favour by offering various sexual services for the others.
- Scene 8: The murderer confesses and is bound, whipped and electro-stimmed for punishment.
- Scene 9: Orgy. Mrs White and Mr Green live together happily ever after.

Now, who will join me...?