Thursday, 29 October 2015

Studying nudity

I, like many others, sometimes find it hard to look in the mirror. The reflection doesn't always satisfy. Sometimes, however, I'm fascinated. The lines of muscles that have developed from years of swimming and cycling are no less of a marvel as a healing wound or the recovery process following a bad cold (or the small bulge that develops if I neglect my swimming and cycling for too long).

It is this fascination, or curiosity, or deep admiration of the human body that forms a small part of my enjoyment of playing with others (there are many parts that I enjoy). Fondling here, caressing there, stroking right there can elicit powerful physical responses. Hardened nipples, arched back and so much wetness.

Great pleasure can be found in observing, eyes travelling over contours on a journey as exciting as any I've ever taken. Looking at myself in the mirror is interesting, but having someone else to study, someone entirely naked for my viewing pleasure, is so much more satisfying.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

(Not) playing the game

I abhor it when people play games or hide their true feelings. If you don't tell me what you want from me then I'm not going to be a predator, I'm not going to chase. Don't expect me to wait and wait for you, I have too much pride for that.

Surprisingly, I think that having an attitude like this, where I expect others to do some of the initiating and communicating, may very well mean that I find fewer and fewer people to play with. Should that day come then I know I will recognise it as a sign to move on. My marriage only allows for a very specific relationship with others but if that cannot be fulfilled then I have absolutely no doubt that my marriage comes first.

Those lovely people who I get along with best don't hide their true feelings. They don't let me try and uncover what they want, they tell me loud and clear. Those that aren't so sure don't pretend to be something they're not. 

Life is too short to mess about. It's sex. It's me taking control and us both getting what we want out of that situation. Why complicate it? Be open and truthful and everything will run so much smoother.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Not so innocent any more

Previously innocent words which have been corrupted by kink:


Any more I should add?

***Suggested additions:***

Skiing (I had to have this one explained to me)
Pearl necklace 

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Review: LELO Loki

The LELO Loki comes in a sleek and sophisticated black box. The toy's slightly curved blue and white form peeks through a plastic window. Also inside the box is a silky bag in which to store the toy. So far, so worth the price tag.

The toy itself has a satisfying weight to it and the blue silicone (it also comes in black) so pleasingly smooth. At the plastic end four buttons; + to switch on and increase power, - to decrease power and switch off and ^ and v to scroll through the various settings. These buttons light up when you press them, but I'd have preferred the lights stayed on whenever the vibe was going as the buttons can be hard too see once the toy is in (especially when certain bits are dangling in the way). A remote control would be great.

There's no mistaking when it's in as it feels pretty big. But the gentle curve is designed to hit that 'A' spot. And I tried. And tried. And tried. I tried all the settings at all different speeds. I tried all angles; reclined, legs high up, on my knees, standing up.

The aesthetically pleasing Lelo Loki

I tried the constant setting at various speeds, the setting which pulses rapidly on and off, the setting that randomly runs through each other setting. This is a powerful toy. Perhaps the best thing is that it's waterproof and it was certainly fun to try it out in the bath.

There was a bit of a tingle. The flared base felt good against my perineum. After three attempts and over two hours of trying, no orgasm. So frustrating. I really wanted this to work as male sex toys are, on the whole, pathetic and LELO have such an excellent reputation. 

One positive is that it made other parts more sensitive. But the search for a decent sex toy for men goes on. In the meantime I'll keep trying the Loki. I REALLY want it to work (and will report back here should that happy event happen).