Sunday, 20 December 2015

'Twas the night before XXXmas

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the club
Not a creature was stirring, apart from the sub.
Gentlemen stood in their silk suits and stared,
At this girl in their midst who had just been bared.

The Master stood behind her, whip in his hand,
On his submissives butt, his own unique brand.
She knelt on all fours, her breasts pressed to the floor
Back arched, head down, her skin already flogged raw.

From the crowd of men there started some chatter,
I turned my head to see what was the matter.
Although I could not see, I felt a presence,
Stepping towards the circle formed by the gents.

The darkened room was punctured by a bright glow
Which fell only on the naked sub below.
Into this light I now saw her Master stand,
Her smooth alabaster skin stroked by his hand.

A shiver crept over her erogenous zone,
Then again as the presence made itself known.
The Master's apprentice stepped into the hub
And instructed on how to play with the sub.

"Now lash her! Now, spank her! Now, get a few licks in!
On, her neck! On, her butt! On her pussy, get deep in!
Stroke her and then probe her here with this dildo!
Now take her away! Let her orgasm flow!"

The sub squealed, moaned and arched her back as she bucked
Then her Master held her so that she could be fucked.
Unzipping his fly, the apprentice waited
For permission to have his desire sated.

At last he was allowed to penetrate her
His cock entered slowly, making the sub purr.
Hard flesh dipped in and was coated in wetness,
We all watched and wished we were the apprentice.

Clothed but for his erection, the apprentice pumped,
Naked but for her collar, the sub's breasts bumped.
The Master approached them with a vibrator,
Reached down to her clit to tease and excite her.

She came loud and hard when her nipples were pinched,
The apprentice withdrew his cock inch by inch.
A chain leash was attached to the girl's collar,
And she was then led to a bowl of water.

As the sub drank deep the men gathered behind,
I wondered what was going on in her mind.
Exposed and groped by men she'd never met,
She must have enjoyed it for she was so wet.

Now the Master walked away to a big door,
He took out a key that I'd not seen before.
The big door swung open and out from it came,
A group of girls all naked but with no shame.

Each was collared, breasts bouncing as they went,
I then realised there was a sub for each gent.
They stood in a line with their hands on their heads,
Tits out, legs spread, ready to be inspected.

We gentlemen each chose a sub from the line,
I picked a brunette whose pert ass was so fine.
Giving these gifts the Master said with delight,
"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!"

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Frustration, anticipation

A night out with friends, restaurant and then a bar. I go down to the bedroom to see why G is taking so long. Standing in the doorway I watch as she picks up a black dress from the bed. She's wearing a black bra and g-string. I watch and lust over her curves.

She pulls the dress over her head and stretches it over her breasts and hips. She knows I'm watching and yet she continues her preparations unabashed. Turning to put on her makeup I admire her pert rear, tight fabric showing the exact same shape as its recent naked form.

We are already late. My punctual side is battling with my lustful side. I want to go up to her, wrench the dress away and satisfy myself on her breasts, buttocks and pussy. She knows this and yet she continues still.

Ready at last, she turns and smiles beguilingly as she walks past me. I satisfy myself with a swat to her butt as she saunters by and with the knowledge that she will return home with me tonight, remove her clothes and devote her nakedness to me.

The bar serves as a wonderful prelude. My hands fondle and caress unseen under the table. I proudly walk her through the crowd and spirit her away at the end of the night. I open our door. She walks through and turns to face me, mine at last.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

The rise of the Oak King

16 days from now an epic battle will take place. A battle between winter and summer, between the Holly King and the Oak King. According to ancient Celtic-based legend, these two kings fight for supremacy on the summer and winter solstices. I enjoy the festive season, but the time will soon come for the rise of the Oak King.

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