Thursday, 10 March 2016

Paying for sex

I ran a couple of polls on this blog and on Twitter. Here's the results:

I would, in theory, pay for sex with a man:
Yes 31%
No 52%
Maybe 17%
(Survey size: 29)

I would, in theory, pay for sex with a woman:
Yes 48%
No 32%
Maybe 20%
(Survey size: 25)

Although the survey size is very small and those surveyed may not have been a wide cross-section of society, it nonetheless gave me the excuse to ponder the differing attitudes towards paying men and paying women for sex. If I had a larger audience I would have been able to ask supplemental questions in order to understand differences in age, gender or sexual orientation.

Many would argue that women are less likely to need to pay for sex as they may find it easier to find a willing partner. Some would counter-argue that, whilst this may be true, sex with a stranger brings with it risks and the very real possibility that it may be wholly disappointing.

The advantages of paying a man for sex are numerous; you get to choose one you like the look of. You get to tell him what you want. You can see him as often or as little as you like. You can tell him what to wear. And you can do all this without feeling guilty. So why isn't paying men for sex more popular?

Could it be that women are more often viewed as commodities? Possibly, but I would be hugely surprised if that were the case for the group who were surveyed. The percentage of sex workers who identify as male could be, depending on what research you believe, up to 42% and attitudes about paying for a man for sex may well differ between men and women.

In conclusion; I'm finding it hard to reach a conclusion. It appears to me that women are growing ever-more confident about their sexuality and that, perhaps, one day this will mean that (as a group) they feel as comfortable paying men for sex as men (as a group) feel paying women for sex. I like to think of it as being one of many milestones along the path to true equality for women.

This will possibly be my last ever blog post. There is a chance I will be back, but in case I'm not then thank you for your kind comments and companionship over these past several years.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Naked and shamed

It had been a master stroke. Well, more of a mistress stroke. The problem had begun early last season. Several boorish men started to turn up to their matches to leer at the Lycra-clad players. Not only did it bother the regular supporters, it annoyed the hell out of the players who, this being netball, were almost entirely female. Jane, as manager of the team, came up with the idea and soon the men lost interest.

Unfortunately her idea hadn't gone down too well with the three men on her team. They had been given new kits of tight t-shirts and tiny shorts that ended just below their butts. They felt faintly ridiculous but, as popular as the decision was with the women, it proved a bit too much for the sort of male spectator who thinks their macho image may be damaged by watching a sport with men wearing very little.


Cam managed to stop himself from complaining to Jane again. Although the shorts seemed to have done the job of scaring away those idiots she still insisted they wear them. He wouldn't ever admit it, but they were kind of comfortable.

The Vortex Netball Club had grown into one of the most successful on the circuit. This success had recently attracted lottery funding and they could now afford for some of the team to tour Europe. Cam wanted to tour Europe. He had been brought up in happy but meagre circumstances and hadn't ever dared imagine that he may see Scotland, let alone Ireland, France and Switzerland too.

As well as the tour, team Vortex were on their way to winning the league final. And tonight would seal their place as champions. This was not an opportunity that Cam wanted to pass up. Any further gripes he had about the kit were therefore swallowed.

He greeted Connor and Lamar. The advantage of being one of three men on a netball team was that they had a lot of room in the changing room. They gave themselves plenty of space between each other before stripping off.

Cam considered himself entirely heterosexual but that didn't mean he wasn't able to appreciate the male body. His teammates trained hard and their bodies bulged with muscles. They all faced away from each other and dropped their underwear. At that exact moment Izzy, the team captain, chose to yell into their changing room.

"Ten minutes boys! I hope you're in a winning mood!"

By now they had their hands over their crotches having expected their captain to walk in on them. This had happened before when they were in the shower. She claimed she was entitled to; firstly because she had, at the time, just heard about the lottery news and excitedly ran to tell them. Secondly because she felt that, by living in a patriarchal world, she was entitled to objectify handsome naked men.

This time, though, Izzy restrained herself. Perhaps it was the nerves. Perhaps it was because she was dating Connor and didn't want to risk her chances with him. Cam resumed putting on his kit, including those terrible shorts. At least they weren't Lycra.


Jane was still flushed with delight after the win. League champions. Everyone had played magnificently and now they had a trophy as well as a tour of Europe. It was time to celebrate.

One of the older supporters of the team owned a bar in a hipster part of London. She had offered to close it one Saturday night for them all to celebrate in. Jane had gratefully accepted and had worked hard on preparations. She'd already told everyone to save the date, now to let them know the final details. She picked up her phone and wrote a quick text, half concentrating on the crowded pavement.

So, the time has come to celebrate hard! Meet at Bar KT, Leopold Street, EC4V 8AX from 7 this Saturday. And if any boy even mentions shorts I'll make sure they get named and shamed! J x

She almost bumped into an elderly man and so shut her phone and focused on walking. She stopped about two minutes later. Her phone hadn't stopped beeping. The messages from the team baffled her.

Love it J, can't wait!
This promises to be a very sexy night... Kay x
Can't wait to see the boys faces! T
I promise to never mention shorts again. Although if it helps me to keep my place on the team...! Cam
Oh Janey, you little minx! Iz x

Jane couldn't understand what everyone was going on about. That was until she re-checked her message. Oh god. She hadn't written 'named and shamed'. Damn autocorrect had changed it to 'naked and shamed' without her noticing. She was about to send out a correction when she realised that the messages, which were still coming in, were all supportive. She put her phone away and walked on with a smile on her face and ideas in her head.


Cam had reluctantly sent the message to Jane. It was a strange thing for her to say. Unacceptable really. But he was a man trying to get on in a woman's slice of the world and so he felt the need to do what he could to stay in it.

It must have been a typo. He started typing 'named' in his phone and yes, 'naked' came up as an alternative. That must have been what happened right? But then why hadn't she corrected herself or replied to his message?

Perhaps Izzy's sense of entitlement to the male body had seeped into Jane. That's a point - what did Izzy think of Jane's plan? The captain was fine with objectifying men but would she be so happy if it were her boyfriend?

There are seven players on a netball team. Team Vortex kept a further five in reserve as part of the first team. There were other players outside of this first team and competition amongst them was fierce. Cam, Lamar and Connor were all currently in the first team. They were all over 5'10" and so were generally amongst the tallest on the team. This height advantage almost guaranteed their place amongst the elite. That and the fact that Izzy liked having three handsome men to play with.

Izzy was a bit of an enigma. She was slim and stunningly beautiful but yet she still enjoyed chasing men more than being chased by them. She reminded Cam of Vithiya, Izzy's best friend. It wasn't because of their looks - Izzy was white, blonde and blue-eyed whereas Vithiya had a striking Sri Lankan face and long, black hair - but because of their approach to men. Vithiya was a lot less obvious in her desires.

There was something else about Vithiya, something incredibly alluring. She was probably the best player on the team and a fiercely independent person. She had shunned the conservative values of her family, wasn't afraid of wearing clothes that revealed her petite, athletic body and enjoyed having one night stands. Cam was enraptured by her and he sometimes got the impression that she felt the same way, not that she'd ever admit it.

Cam also had a soft spot for Jane, who had an entirely different body shape to Vithiya. She had huge breasts and wide hips and struggled with her weight. Cam considered her perfectly feminine and liked her super-organised, sometimes authoritarian demeanour.

'Naked and shamed'. Cam looked at himself in the mirror as he got ready for the day. He was entirely naked but he felt in no way ashamed. He ran his hands over his sizeable pecs and well-defined abs. One hand proceeded to his cock which he stroked until erect. Like many men he pondered if size really did matter. He was by no means huge but considered himself to be average. He hoped more than anything that any shaming wouldn't involve this part of his body.


The bar had been heavily decorated in Team Vortex colours. Jane sat with Kay, the owner of the bar, to admire her work before the team members began arriving.

27 people were coming, all female except for Cam, Lamar and Connor. Most were staying in the hotel above the bar - a simple elevator ride away. Jane was very much looking forward to an evening of celebration with her friends, as well as an evening of enjoying the boys.

Not long after seven the bar began filling up. Everyone was buzzing about the win and gossiping about who would make it onto the first team tour. Jane had compiled all the many statistics that she had kept on each player throughout the season. Together with Izzy she had discussed each players strengths and weaknesses and who would or wouldn't make the cut.

Tonight, however, wouldn't be about the tour. Tonight they would celebrate individuals' performance without any first team expectations. Everyone had made great efforts in dressing for the occasion with the ladies in elegant dresses and gowns and the men in their finest suits.

Dinner was being served. Between courses Jane and a few helpers gave presentations on amusing stories, amazing shots and other such memorable moments from the season. The players were all having a great time but there was also an air of expectation about what Jane had said in her text message.

The men had been divided up amongst the tables, although Izzy had insisted that she and Connor sat together. The ladies on Cam and Lamar's tables were generous when pouring wine for the men. Conversation occasionally but regularly turned to the team kit.

After Jane's text message most of the female members of the team had colluded to see if she would stick to her word - if she really would get the boys naked should they mentioned their shorts. Izzy was well aware of this plan. She had, in fact, encouraged it and was working hard on her boyfriend.

Cam had been the first to fall victim to their efforts. He had made a stupid joke about appearing in a Beyoncé video with his shorts. He immediately realised his mistake but luckily nothing happened, or at least that's what he thought. Little did he know that Sarah, the team's star Goal Defence, had already informed Jane.

During the evening the conspiring ladies managed to trick all three men into commenting on their ridiculous shorts. Just like Cam, Connor and Lamar thought that they had got away with it and that Jane hadn't been serious with her threat. But then, after dinner had been cleared away, she took to the stage.

"Ladies and gentlemen, what a fan-fucking-tastic season!" Jane yelled, followed by rapturous whoops and applause.
"We have grown the team, we won lottery money and we have more supporters than ever. Oh yeah...and we only went and won the bloody league!"

The crowd grew ever rowdier and there was a palpable buzz of anticipation. The men didn't know that they were the reason for the growing excitement. Jane looked across to Izzy who smiled and nodded.

"Now, it's time to hand out some prizes to those who've had an exceptional season." Jane continued. "But first, let's see the prizes! So...shhh...calm down ladies! So, I've been getting reports about a certain few people who've disobeyed some rules. Very naughty people...very naughty...boys!"

At this point all the women were going wild. Cam's pulse was suddenly racing but he put on a brave smile and noticed that Connor and Lamar were doing the same. Jane was attempting to quieten the chanting of 'Off! Off! Off!'

"OK boys, you knew the rules. So, for each individual team member achievement you have to remove a piece of clothing. You don't like it then the door's behind you. You play along then I'll think about ditching those gorgeous shorts."

By now the shock and embarrassment had left Cam, to be replaced with coyness and a sense of wanting to get this over with. Vithiya, who was sat across the table from him, caught his eye and winked. Maybe this would be fun after all, thought Cam.

"Tasha, our reserve Wing Attack, smashed her record of complete passes. A huge cheer for Tash and boys please remove your shoes." Jane waited for the cheering to die down.
"Flavia, Goal Attacker extraordinaire, scored more goals than any other in the last half of the season so let's hear it for her and off with the socks boys!"

Olivia had scored the most interruptions. Cam, Lamar and Connor had to remove their jackets. Lakshmi had played the most games. Off came the ties. Sarah had beaten her defence record and looked delighted when Cam unbuttoned and removed his shirt right in front of her.

"If I knew this was going to be my reward I'd have tried even harder!" She joked.
"Talking of hard, are you enjoying yourself Cam?" Joked a very tipsy Myriam.
"Oh sure this isn't embarrassing at all." He replied with a smile and making everyone at his table laugh.
"Kate, you little beauty, as our first team Centre you were involved in more successful offensive and defensive plays than any other. Drop the trousers boys!" Jane continued from the stage.

Cam hadn't expected it to go this far, but it looked as though Jane really meant for them to get naked. He was still enjoying himself but only because, to his surprise, his female teammates seemed to be enjoying themselves more. He hadn't realised that women derived so much pleasure from looking at the male body. Their hungry eyes told him that they liked male flesh as much as men liked to see naked women.

"OK, so we have three lucky ladies who have had a truly exceptional season and who will have the honour of removing the boys' final item of clothing. Yes! That's right boys! So...congratulations to Jody, our incredible first team Wing Defence who worked super hard to prevent the opposition from entering the circle and achieved more interceptions than any other.
"Vithiya, our short but sensational Wing Attack, set up more goals than any other player in the league! Wow! And Izzy, our heroic Goal Shooter Captain who posted a league record number of goals this season. Abso-fucking-lutely amazing!

Cam had started to feel perfectly comfortable standing there in just his boxers. Yes, he was a bit conscious of his cock and bothered by what everyone in the room would think. But he also felt empowered and sexy as hell.

"OK ladies, get their shorts off and bring 'em up here." Jane ordered.

Vithiya stood and came around the table towards Cam with a huge smile on her face. She sat on the chair he had vacated, licked her lips and hooked her fingers into his waistband. Cam looked across to Lamar who smiled, shrugged then looked down as Jody whipped off his shorts.

Suddenly Lakshmi followed Jody's lead and there Cam stood, on display for the whole room to see. And see they did, very intensely. There was a brief break in the rowdiness as the women took in the naked and athletic male bodies before them. Then they broke out into cheers, whoops and wolf whistles. This is crazy, Cam thought. Is this really happening?

"Wow. Just magnificent. OK ladies, bring your boys up here please." Jane commanded.

Vithiya placed her hand on the small of Cam's back and guided him up to the stage. Her hand began to slip halfway there until, by the time all three men had been brought before Jane, she was grasping his taut buttocks. This added to Cam's sense of being treated like an object. Not unpleasant, in fact it was proving to be something of a turn on.

"Thank you ladies." Jane continued once all the men had been brought to the stage. "Aren't we lucky to have such fine looking boys on our team?"

As Jane talked she walked back and forth along the stage behind the men. She stroked and fondled their bare behinds as she went, clearly delighted at the chance of having the opportunity to enjoy such sexy specimens.

"OK, so I promised you I'd get the boys naked, but they've also had an incredible season and so I'm going to ditch the shaming. This is also where Lamar gets to put his clothes back on. His awesome girlfriend agreed for me to go this far with him but no further, so let's please have a round of applause for Lamar!"

Lamar grinned then shuffled off the stage to get dressed. Vithiya's hand was back on Cam's butt and he was beginning to get used to her gentle touch. It was then that he noticed something in Jane's hand.

"Izzy, I've got a present for you to use on your prize. I know how much you want to smash the patriarchy so here's your chance to fuck it in the arse!"

By now Cam could see what was in Jane's hand. Thin leather strips attacked to a small pink dildo. He hadn't seen a strap-on in real life before and was suddenly very curious as to how it would feel to be fucked with one. But that discovery was to be for Connor.

"Enjoy your prize Izzy." Jane said before handing her the sex toy along with a small bottle of lube.

Izzy thanked Jane, grabbed Connor's cock and used it to lead him from the stage where he received a farewell slap on the butt from Jane. When they reached the elevator Izzy turned back to the stage.

"Well Jody, are you coming?" She said.

Jody, who had looked disappointed after Lamar's departure, suddenly lit up and hurried off the stage towards Izzy and their shared prize for the night. Cam watched the two women cover their man in kisses and caresses as the elevator doors closed.

Now he was the only one naked in the room and became acutely aware of that fact. He could now feel a very slight breeze on his skin. He noticed how his cock swung from side to side whenever he made the smallest movement. He became aware that everyone's focus was on him and that there was an air of expectation.

"Thanks for doing this Cam, you're a real team player." Jane whispered to him. "Are you happy? OK to carry on?"
"Yes, sure." He replied, his mind focused on getting onto that tour.
"The entertainment is almost over ladies, but don't worry; the bar will remain open and the music will remain loud." Jane spoke again into the microphone. "Before that though I'd like to say a massive thank you to Cam for being such a good sport and to you all for playing so incredibly well this season. I think you all deserve a reward and by now I'm sure you're all wondering what this feels like."

Jane had stood beside Cam and now grasped his genitals. Her hand felt wonderfully warm and she kept it where it was as she continued speaking.

"If you want to come and have a feel of our handsome Goal Defence then come on up to get your reward and form an orderly line!"

Everyone in the room cheered then got to their feet. They slowly made their way towards Cam, their eyes devouring every inch of him. He stood with his arms by his side as hands began exploring his butt, chest, abs, thighs, cock and balls.

He grew harder with each touch which seemed to encourage his teammates to start languidly masturbating him. They were giggling and chatting, carrying on the party but now enjoying the naked man in their midst. After several minutes the touches became more intimate and the second team Goal Attack decided to satisfy her curiosity about how his tight asshole felt.

Cam's eyes widened and he drew a sharp breath as her finger delved inside him. He had been touched there before and enjoyed it and so forced himself to relax. She was being really careful but very thorough in her explorations. Cam began to feel a tingling sensation deep inside, one which quickly grew and spread throughout his body.

Alongside this entirely pleasant sensation Cam was overcome by a feeling of surrender. He gave himself to the women adoringly fondling him and to that wonderful wiggling two.

"Oh! Look." Exclaimed Sarah.

Cam's cock was currently in her grasp. He looked down and saw that a dew drop of pre-cum had blossomed at its tip. For a brief second he felt embarrassed but then the women gathered around and expressed horny delight at this new development. They had been playing with him for close to half an hour. Drinking, chatting, dancing and groping.

"Ladies, I hope you've enjoyed the lovely Cam but now it's time for Vithiya to take her prize away." Jane said causing the women to start protesting. "Don't worry, I'm pretty sure Cam will let us do this again some day." She consoled.

Vithiya indicated to Cam that he should follow her to the elevator, his firm buttocks watched by everyone else as he walked away. He was mildly concerned about going up to Vithiya's room unclothed. This was, after all, a public elevator. But it was one which thankfully didn't stop at the lobby and so no one intruded.

"Are you enjoying yourself Cam?" Vithiya asked.
"Yes, in a funny way. What do you have planned for me?"
"No plans other than to walk out of my room entirely satisfied tomorrow."

The elevator doors slid open and Cam imagined people staring through the peep hole of every door they walked past. Vithiya slid her key card into a slot then held her door open for her prize. She slapped his butt as he passed her.

It was a surprisingly large room with thick pile carpet and a king-sized bed covered by luxurious white Egyptian cotton linen. Large dark oak posts protruded vertically on each corner of the bed and a matching chair and desk sat in one corner. As with most deluxe rooms the lighting was subdued and the cushions on the bed plentiful.

"Are you warm enough?" Vithiya asked.

Cam then realised that he felt a little chilly having been unclothed for so long. Vithiya turned up the thermostat when he mentioned this and suggested he took a shower. The bathroom was large and clad in marble. There was a huge walk-in shower into which Cam stepped, slightly bemused that he hadn't had to get undressed before doing so.

As he stood under the warming gush of water he thought he heard the door to the room open and shut. Maybe Vithiya had left something downstairs and had gone to retrieve it. He decided to prolong his shower but, when after several minutes she hadn't returned, he turned off the water and used an over-sized fluffy bath towel to dry himself.

There were voices coming from the bedroom. His clothes were still in the bar and so he wrapped the towel around himself and went through. Jane was talking and drinking wine with Vithiya on the plush sofa. They went quiet and looked at Cam as he entered. He unwrapped the towel and walked the remaining distance to the sofa naked.

The two ladies moved apart so that Cam could sit between them. They then proceeded with their conversation about the events of the evening and thoughts on next season, but now included their hunky teammate. Before long their hands idly wandered over his bare skin.

"Right, well I'm about ready to hit the hay." Jane sighed after they had chatted for a while. "But first I want to see how much you're willing to try to get on the tour."

She stood and took Cam's hand, leading him to the bed then gently pushed his chest so that he lay on his back. Standing at the foot of the bed Jane then proceeded to remove her heels. She thrust her hands under her skirt to take hold of her knickers which she quickly wriggled off.

Crawling onto the bed she kissed the supine hunk on his thighs, his tremulous penis, his rock-solid stomach and hardened nipples. She held his cock proprietorially as she kissed him long and hard on the mouth, softly biting his lip and probing with her tongue.

Cam began to grow hard again but, instead of sitting on his cock as he expected, Jane turned, straddled him on her knees and hovered over his face, placing her bare pussy a centimetre from his mouth.

"Let's see if you can make me cum." She said. "Lick."

He obediently began lapping between her lips, wet tongue finding smooth clit. Within seconds Jane had fallen forwards, supporting her weight on her arms, moaning and writhing in response to Cam's attentive mouth. It was obvious to him that she had already been in a state of arousal - her pussy was particularly juicy and her clit pronounced.

"Oh...oh yes, go deeper...mmm good boy." Jane muttered as Cam delved deeper into her slick pink hole.

It was a sour taste but Cam was lapping it up for the simple reason that it was being produced by his friend - someone he never imagined being this intimate with. He was also indulging in the magnificent view of her butt. Her smooth, perfectly curved cheeks were spread just at eye level so that he was able to watch her pinched anus clench and unclench at every lick. He wondered if she would like it if...

"Mmmmph, oh...ooh fuck yes."

She did. He focused his oral attentions on that little hole, occasionally flickering over her clit to keep that stimulated. It was almost too much for Jane who had been staring at Cam's stiff cock but now needed it in her mouth.

"OK...Mmm...let's put your muscle where my mouth is..."

Vithiya got up from the sofa and closely watched Jane devour her prize. The team matriarch slurped and sucked hard on his engorged member then held it in offering to her friend who hungrily took the flesh into her mouth. Her drool mingled with her friend's who was now arching her back and moaning deeply in pleasure.

"Yes Cam, fucking yessss. Lick...harder...harder! Oh right there, oh fuck yes. I'm going to cum. Oh, oh god...ohhhh."

Her warm cum squirted over his face. Unperturbed, Cam continued to tongue her until she came again. He held her thighs which were now shaking with orgasmic adrenaline. Once more she climaxed, momentarily giving herself entirely to the muscly man beneath her.

Jane rolled off and lay beside him on the bed, idly fondling his balls as she recovered from her moments of ecstasy. Vithiya was keeping him hard with occasional licks of his erection. No one spoke, they all just enjoyed the feel and touch of each others' bodies.

"OK, I'm going to leave you so that you can fuck this gorgeous beast." Jane said, finally getting to her feet. "I think we're going to have a lot of fun with you on the tour Cam." She continued as she picked up her discarded knickers and shoes.

She gave Cam's cock one last kiss, bade them good night then departed. Vithiya waited until the door was closed before getting to her feet and turning to face him.

"I've been wanting to do this for ages." She said as she began stripping her clothes. "I know that you want me too."

Beneath her dress she wore a blue lace bra and thong which contrasted perfectly against her smooth olive skin. She giggled when his cock twitched after she had unburdened her breasts. The two small handfuls and hardened nipples pointed towards the aroused man.

She turned to display her pert rear - two mounds of perfectly curved rump. Turning her head until lustrous hair cascaded over her shoulder and so that her eyes could meet his, she unhurriedly unpeeled her tiny thong, bending lower and lower until he caught a glimpse of the delights between those cheeks and thighs.

"I hope you didn't tire out that tongue." She purred as she turned and prowled over to the bed.

Cam's eyes locked onto that alluring V, furnished with a small patch of trimmed black hair, vulva glistening with excitement. Just as Jane had done, she crawled over him and placed her expectant cunt on his lips. He immediately set to work, savouring her taste as he bathed her pearly nub with his busy tongue.

Her feminine moans were more than enough to make him hard. She saw his swelling cock and took him in her hand, savouring the thought of having it inside her. Cam was growing bolder with his oral attentions, exploring her cunt and circling her tight asshole.

"Oh Cam," she groaned, "oh that feels so good."

She revelled in his luscious licks until she sensed him growing weary. Leaning forward and resting her arms on his strong thighs she presented her spread pussy and ass for his viewing pleasure. Reaching between her legs she began to play with herself, half putting on a performance, half getting herself closer to orgasm. Dipping a finger deep inside her cunt she smiled when his cock twitched.

Vithiya rocked back to receive more attention from Cam's tongue. When he returned it to her clitoris and began fervently lapping at it she had her first shuddering, Earth-abandoning orgasm. She collapsed, turned around and lay at his side, her head resting on his strong chest and her hand lazily keeping him erect.

"Did you enjoy being naked in front of us all?" She asked once she had started to recover.
"Well, at first I was embarrassed. But then I kind of got used to it and then eventually yes, I did enjoy it. I was surprised at how much everyone seemed to take such pleasure in our nudity."
"All three of you have amazing bodies and it shouldn't be too amazing to learn that women get a kick out of seeing hot, naked men."
"I guess not. What was amazing was how everyone touched me. They were all so...hungry."
"Alcohol and horniness will do that I suppose."
"Yes, but it got really kinky too - I had a couple of fingers in my butt at one point."
"Really?! Wow. That's kind"

This brief conversation had re-energised Vithiya. She pulled him in for a kiss, during which tongues danced, lips were gently bitten and she stroked him with increasing intensity. Unable to resist any longer she wriggled down until his cock was within reach of her lips.

His hot flesh filled her mouth. She revelled in the feel of his swollen head against her tongue. He began exploring her cunt with his fingers, pausing whenever he became distracted by the woman sucking him off.

Vithiya turned and looked lustily into Cam's eyes before reaching for her handbag. She withdrew a condom and opened the packet before deftly rolling it over his valiantly hard, drool-soaked cock. Once that task had been swiftly completed she mounted her powerful beast, guiding his sex between her labia and slowly lowering herself onto it.

His manhood filled her perfectly. As she began to writhe she felt it pleasure that sensitive spot just inside and she responded by riding him harder and harder. Cam ran his hands up her athletic thighs, traced the contours of her hips and waist and rested on her bouncing breasts.

Wanting to give her more, his left hand reached around to grab her butt whilst his right slid down so that his thumb covered her clit. Now, when she slid up and down, backwards and forwards, she also rubbed against his digit and doubled her pleasure.

"Oh god, yes! That feels fucking good Cam. Keep doing it, keep doing it...mmmmm."

The left hand continued to squeeze and knead her thrusting cheek whilst his whole right hand now covered her pussy. She continued to shamelessly grind against it whilst the cock inside her grew thicker and even more pleasing. With his considerable might Cam lifted his waist, taking Vithiya's weight with it and giving her little choice but to take in the full length of him.

It was sufficient to take her once more over the edge into pure orgasmic oblivion, his firm caresses guiding her to a sensational place deep within. She felt both supremely powerful and yet so vulnerable to the ecstasy she had surrendered herself to.

Once her squeals and moans of delight had dissipated and she had driven out every last spark of orgasm she fell forwards, burying her head against his neck. He wrapped her in his arms and revelled in the feeling of having brought another so much joy. It was testament to his desire for her that he remained hard for the several minutes in which she rested.

Beneath her becalming chest and cushioning breasts, his hands feeling her coursing blood return to a normal pulse, he was as content as he thought he could be. But then she raised her head, looked at him through chestnut eyes and kissed him to a whole other level of bliss.

"I want to do what the other girls so clearly wanted to do." She said as she finally pulled away. "I want to taste you."

With those seductive words fizzing in his head she backed away towards the foot of the bed until her head was centimetres from his genitals and removed the condom. At first she just held him, marvelling at this wondrous appendage that so defined his masculinity and which had the capability of blowing her mind with a metric ton of orgasm.

Now she kissed him. The base, those velvety smooth balls, the shaft and then the pink tip. Now she licked him, her saliva leaving a shiny trail all along his manhood. And now she took him in her mouth, tightened her lips around his girth and nodded her head back and forth as if bowing to his heavenly body.

She sucked and licked and met the tip of his cock with the tip of her tongue, lovingly exploring the tiny hole there. Her mouth found that sensitive location just below the swell of the head and he grunted and growled as she focused her attention here.

Recalling what he had said earlier about her teammate's exploring finger, she found herself with the same curiosity and so slid her hand from his balls to between his buttocks. Extending her middle finger she felt his tight ring and carefully, carefully pushed it inside.

He was a strong man, yes, but with just her fingers and mouth he was entirely in her control. She savoured the feel of him against her lips and tongue. She took great pleasure from the idea that he was her prize for her to enjoy as she liked. Right now she would like for nothing more than a taste of his hot cum.

"Do you want me to cum?" He asked instinctively.
"Mmhmm." She answered enthusiastically.

It felt strange for him to ask permission and yet tonight it felt so right. Vithiya knew she wanted to enjoy Cam over and over again and briefly wondered if in future he may take control.

The sounds of his rapture stirred her mind. With every flick of her tongue he grew firmer. Suddenly his body relaxed just before every single one of his muscles contracted as a hot flow of thick spunk jetted into her mouth. She lapped it up, swallowed and tasted his flavour. His tight ring squeezed her finger and she responded with strokes that slowed in response to his waning orgasm.

When he was entirely spent Vithiya licked her lips then crawled up the bed to hold him in her arms. He eventually enveloped her in his and both lay there naked, recovering from the many pleasures and bathing in the cosy blanket of pure satisfaction.

"I'm looking forward to the tour." He said.
"Me too." She sighed in reply. "I'm looking forward to winning you over and over and over again."

Monday, 29 February 2016


I was stood up on Friday night. I'd arranged several weeks ago to meet this person. They had chosen the date, I had chosen the location. On the night, after waiting for a while and getting some excellent advice from Twitter, I sent a final message and left. Over an hour later the date sent me a message saying that she had forgotten about it because it had been arranged so long ago.

Several months ago I had agreed a date with someone I'd played with a few times before. A couple of days before we were due to meet she told me she had decided to go to a work party instead and so plans for yet another Friday were ruined because of another's selfishness and cowardice. At least on that occasion I'd saved myself a trip to god-awful Putney.

A little further back I had been seeing someone who, a few days after playing, told me that I didn't communicate enough between meetings. I said that I had held back as she may not want that level of closeness but that I'd be happy to talk more. She responded that she thought this a perfect example of my lack of communication.

I've mentioned before that I'm not looking for full-on relationships, but that I do welcome, or even require, something more substantial than just occasional play with zero communication in-between. Getting to know a person's mind makes getting to know their body all the more fulfilling.

But I feel that I risk leading people on if I communicate too much. For some this isn't a concern as they understand my situation. On more than a few occasions, though, I'm accused of not communicating enough when the accusers themselves have never once initiated a conversation.

Times like this can be tough. But the good times, when they happen, are still rewarding enough to make the tough times entirely worthwhile. For now, though, I have to respect myself a bit more and make others work a bit harder or cut out of my life those who don't even bother to respond to dates for meeting up.

Sunday, 14 February 2016


Leather strips kissing naked flesh, either with a sharp sting or gentle caress. One of my favourite toys to play with.

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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Fact finding (and hiding)

Not many people in my life know that I write erotica. To be honest, I'd be slightly embarrassed if my family knew - it would just raise too many questions that I'd really rather not answer. Besides, I'm an amateur so no one but a select few really needs to know.

In the course of researching a story I often discover some facts, some interesting, some rather bland. For example, I now know a few things about netball thanks to a story I'm currently working on. My mind has a way of storing useless facts.

"There's seven players on a netball team." I may blurt out at a pub quiz. All eyes would then turn to me along with the inevitable "How the hell do you know that?" and that's when my mind really needs to work hard on coming up with some innocent reason. It can be tough being a secret amateur erotica writer.

Sunday, 24 January 2016


These are most of my ingredients for a night of delightful D/s, the ropes still tangled after doing their job of securing a very sexy sub to a chair and then a bed.

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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Still life for erotica writers

This seems such an obvious idea I would be surprised if it hadn't been thought of before. Perhaps it's because my way of thinking comes with a large side dish of kink.

Still life sessions are important for any artist who studies the human form. Erotica writers study the human form with their words. In addition to this, erotica writers explore how humans interact with each other and how their bodies react to sexual stimulation.

Imagine, then, a room in which someone was naked and masturbating, or a couple were engaging in foreplay and then sex, or a Dom was tying up and playing with a naked sub. At the periphery of the room a group of writers describing what they see on paper, having the opportunity and luxury of seeing human interaction rather than trying to imagine it.

Still life for erotica writers (although the 'life' wouldn't be that 'still'). Getting up close and studying foreplay, penetration and orgasm. Why has no one set this up yet?!

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Show me how you masturbate

"Show me how you masturbate" is an instruction which I have, on occasion, given to others. Everyone seems to have their favourite method, here's mine:

Gripping at the base is certainly stimulating, but it is a very slow method of bringing on any excitement and I've never orgasmed in this way.

I may employ the double-handed method if putting on a performance, letting my hand wander from cock to balls, but it's definitely more for show than for instant pleasure.

Being uncircumcised I find it uncomfortable, even painful at times, if the foreskin is pulled back from the head too far.

After years of rigorous and vigorous practice, this is what I've found works for me. A firm grip with forefinger and thumb just below the base of the head with fast rhythmic movements. Letting the hardness dissipate every now and then enhances the experience. Here's a side view:

Here's to many more years of practice, with some occasional assistance. I do hope you've been taking notes. 

Friday, 1 January 2016

Blogiversary #4

This blog was begun 4 years ago after my wife and I read an article about sex parties and realised they were more common than I had previously thought. The original intention of the blog was to explore these sex parties with my wife (who I refer to as 'G'). Since then she decided that she wanted me to explore on my own.

2015 has been a year of discovery and realisations. I've realised that sex parties, such as Killing Kittens, are likely to be full of vain people who are more interested in preening and attracting attention rather than exploring each others' bodies. I've realised that a blog written by a married man in an open relationship and into D/s BDSM is not a particularly popular subject (not surprising as it is very niche and many must find it hard to relate).

I've discovered sex clubs and that some can be incredible and some can be pure sleaze. I've explored the bodies and minds of several incredible subs and, in so doing, have further discovered my own body and mind. I've discovered that socialising with kinky people can be most enjoyable even when clothes remain on.

I hope that 2016 will bring more of the same. I'm most of the way through my second erotica book and once that's done will focus more on writing about my explorations as well as going back to writing more short stories.

I've had only positive comments on and about my blog in the past year. Even though there may not be many of you, I'm very grateful for your lovely words and company here. Here's to another year of honesty, sex positivity and adventure.