Monday, 29 February 2016


I was stood up on Friday night. I'd arranged several weeks ago to meet this person. They had chosen the date, I had chosen the location. On the night, after waiting for a while and getting some excellent advice from Twitter, I sent a final message and left. Over an hour later the date sent me a message saying that she had forgotten about it because it had been arranged so long ago.

Several months ago I had agreed a date with someone I'd played with a few times before. A couple of days before we were due to meet she told me she had decided to go to a work party instead and so plans for yet another Friday were ruined because of another's selfishness and cowardice. At least on that occasion I'd saved myself a trip to god-awful Putney.

A little further back I had been seeing someone who, a few days after playing, told me that I didn't communicate enough between meetings. I said that I had held back as she may not want that level of closeness but that I'd be happy to talk more. She responded that she thought this a perfect example of my lack of communication.

I've mentioned before that I'm not looking for full-on relationships, but that I do welcome, or even require, something more substantial than just occasional play with zero communication in-between. Getting to know a person's mind makes getting to know their body all the more fulfilling.

But I feel that I risk leading people on if I communicate too much. For some this isn't a concern as they understand my situation. On more than a few occasions, though, I'm accused of not communicating enough when the accusers themselves have never once initiated a conversation.

Times like this can be tough. But the good times, when they happen, are still rewarding enough to make the tough times entirely worthwhile. For now, though, I have to respect myself a bit more and make others work a bit harder or cut out of my life those who don't even bother to respond to dates for meeting up.

Sunday, 14 February 2016


Leather strips kissing naked flesh, either with a sharp sting or gentle caress. One of my favourite toys to play with.

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