Saturday, 29 December 2018

The lesson never ends

Practising what you preach takes, well, practice. I'm trying to be a good citizen of planet Earth by taking less polluting means of travel, but I should travel less. I've cut down on meat consumption, but should try to buy more ethically-sourced meat. I avoid non-recyclables where possible, yet could do better at food recycling.

When it comes to kink, consent and open relationships I try not to preach, but do find it easy to be respectful. In fact, being respectful and honest brings about considerably more benefits than how I would imagine it's like when being deceitful and disrespectful. No energy is expended on lying, you're likely to earn respect and your reputation won't be a cause for concern.

I didn't get it right from day one. I made mistakes which fortunately weren't serious enough to cause upset. But from that day I was (mostly unwittingly) learning. Although I quickly grew weary of the preachers, I tried to keep an open mind. Being around others who were considerably more experienced than I - yet retained their humility - taught me that I would never stop learning and should never stop learning.

On this seventh anniversary of my blog I find myself reflecting on the journey here, how I would have made different decisions and what I could have done better. And there's much that I could have done - and still could be doing - better. But I will keep trying.

Monday, 24 December 2018

Wish list

Apropos to Christmas, here's a little wish list of things I'd like to try (I'm sure there are other things which I've forgotten about):

1. A humiliation-free Clothed Female Naked Male event where the men are purely there for visual/tactile enjoyment
2. Learn safe suspension bondage
3. Be pegged (not by my sub (that would be too weird for our D/s relationship))
4. Be fellated, rimmed and French kissed at the same time
5. Use sex machines on my sub
6. Dominate and pleasure more than one woman at a time
7. Have sex machines used on me (again, not by my sub)
8. Inspire someone to masturbate to me/thoughts of me
9. Have a threesome or moresome

Things I'm curious about:

1. 'Forced' bi for an audience
2. Go to a Clothed Male Naked Female event with a partner
3. Parade my sub naked in front of an appreciative audience then take her somewhere private to fuck her
4. Be a sex worker (this one won't happen as G is vehemently against me sharing myself in this way)
5. Star in a female-gaze porn film. This would, however, go against my need to retain anonymity

I expect that it will be possible to fulfil maybe one of these desires. This depresses me somewhat but, as Mick Jagger sang; you can't always get what you want. As Judy Garland originally sang; have yourself a merry little Christmas.

NOTE: This post was edited after publishing so as to remove insensitive wording around sex work.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

This time it's different

Here is a short story written on the theme of time, submitted as part of the talent-rich Wicked Wednesday (click the link at the end for more)


Imagine this, if you can; a world where femininity means absolute power, where oestrogen is valued more than testosterone and where female rules male. This time a tip of the gender scales has resulted in the balance favouring the matriarchy. In such a world there is only one way in which to control the male population.

Both boys and girls are allowed a normal, equitable childhood. Life then changes for boys when they reach puberty. They are educated on their role in society and prepared for a life free of choices. With adolescence comes responsibility. Responsibility to look good, to carry yourself with masculinity, to turn yourself into a desirable partner. They learn their place as second class, subservient citizens.

The men have been bred to satisfy women's diverse tastes. At 18 - just at the right time - the male is fully formed. Their measurements and various pictures of their body are entered onto the Registry. From that point onwards they're available for breeding and entertainment.

Pleasurable sex for these men of age is a rather hit-and-miss affair. Their cocks are made hard for women's pleasure, or to deliver their precious seed. Any woman who does enjoy penetrative sex will keep their man hard only until such time that she is satisfied. He will, of course, have been trained to remain erect for as long as she needs - years of training will have resulted in him being able to remain hard for hours without coming even close to orgasm.


Jeannie was taking her usual late-night walk home from the Sultry Stud. Often she found herself visiting this bar after a tough day in court, enjoying the near-naked man candy serving her a cocktail or two. The tipsy stroll home through darkened but safe streets always cleared her head and tonight she thought of Ethan.

Ethan. A name that was assigned to every man over 6 feet in height, with dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and tanned skin. Her Ethan served the neighbouring district but he'd made it onto her fuck list when a colleague was displaying pictures of him in the office.

"Best I've had yet - he really showed me a great time. His cock is grade A man meat. There's also some intelligence too, although thankfully he keeps this hidden," she said.

The colleague - Andrea - then passed her phone around for everyone to see. There were the usual Registry pics of Ethan's face and body (naked but for a tiny pair of boxer shorts), but Andrea had also taken some more risqué shots.

Impressive, but that wasn't what had sold this man to Jeannie. She could have any man who looked like this; all she had to do was visit the Registry and, click, the man would be delivered.

What made Ethan stand out was that intelligence to which Andrea referred. She had brought him in to the office one day and stripped him to his waist so that all the women could admire his strong torso. He had entertained them for a couple of hours, during which time Jeannie had managed to get him all to herself - still half naked, of course.

He showed genuine interest in her work and asked questions which displayed an academic prowess that was unusual amongst his gender. Jeannie wanted to get to know him more but was interrupted by her senior manager Karen.

"Oh good, he's still here," Karen said, "you don't mind if I borrow him?"

Before Jeannie could answer the other woman had unbuttoned Ethan's jeans, taken his cock into her beefy hand and jerked him off. Jeannie watched as Karen caught his ejaculate in her other hand and hungrily lapped it up.

"Mmm, thanks Jeannie," Karen said with semen-coated lips, "such a tasty mid-morning snack."
"You're welcome," Jeannie replied before turning to the deflating man, "I'd like to talk with you more, I'll be in touch. Show yourself out."


Tonight was the night, one Jeannie had looked forward to with great anticipation. Although she had entertained and enjoyed many exquisite men in her apartment, this Ethan engaged her mind as well as her vagina and so the evening promised much more than just sex.

I know, however, that you're here for erotica and so I shall skip the details on their political debates, discussions on economics and explorations of Jeannie's legal work - there's no time for that now. Now all she wanted to explore was his body.

In a state of excitement she'd bought a number of toys for tonight. Ethan had remained clothed whilst they had conversed - Jeannie didn't want to be distracted just yet - but now was told to strip. This was an art in which he was well educated. He took his time and removed his white shirt at a seductively slow pace, revealing his muscular, ever-so-slightly hairy chest bit by revelatory bit.
Shoes and socks were more expediently kicked and pulled off. Now for Jeannie's favourite part. Katie Melua's mellifluous voice purred from the sound system as Ethan slowed things down again, each button of his jeans fly popping away seconds after the previous.

As instructed he was wearing her favourite style of boxer shorts; so brief that they barely covered his butt, so tight that they barely contained his bulge. She instructed him to turn so that she could watch that fantastic ass pop out. Her focus turned to the cleft between his taut cheeks and the fun she would have in its delightful depths later.

It had been several days since Karen had masturbated him. Since then Jeannie had requested his temporary removal from the Registry. When he turned to reveal his perfect cock she thought it looked particularly swollen from all that time building up his sexual frustration.

Ever the tactile creature, Jeannie could wait no longer to get her mouth and hands on him. He responded by immediately and obediently getting hard. She playfully leaned back to allow his erection to disappear, then swiftly slipped a cock ring onto him. The ring had a metal loop attached and to this she clipped a leash. Using the leash she pulled him into the bedroom where other equipment had been laid out.

"Kneel on the bed, ass up," she ordered.

His ass was so perfect that she felt the need to mark it temporarily. The newly-acquired cane was the perfect tool for the job and before long his skin was marked with lines of light welts. She suddenly got the urge to squeeze him like a peach and within seconds was fulfilling it, pushing his buttocks together then pulling them far apart again. All the while his pursed hole winked invitingly.

Time to accept that invite. Jeannie reached into a drawer for yet more recent purchases; a small black butt plug and some anal lubricant. She squeezed a generous puddle of the latter into her palm, dipped her index finger into the goo then proceeded to slide it into Ethan. His warm tunnel invited further exploration and so she poked in another finger, plunging both in further until he was gasping deeply in pleasure.

Satisfied with her efforts to prepare his opening, Jeannie replaced her fingers with the plug. What a lovely sight and what a thing to have such a powerful beast under her control. Now to put his mouth to work.

She crawled onto the bed and hitched up her dress. She'd not bothered to put on any underwear earlier and so, when he saw her exposed vulva, Ethan knew what was expected of him. Every man had been given years of training on how to pleasure a woman. One of the most important lessons was that the man should carefully note how the woman responds to certain licks and touches then respond accordingly.

His timing was perfect. At just the right moment he slid his hands up under her dress and sought out her nipples. Whilst his tongue busied itself on her clit his hands massaged her breasts and lightly pinched the hardened nubs. Jeannie was about to reach for another toy - this one designed for women - but then realised that the sex toy made of hot flesh between her legs was better than any made of plastic.

Ethan's training had informed him that he could induce many orgasms from a woman in just one session. The first wasn't particularly obvious but he was able to read Jeannie's subtle signs and so pulled back and caressed her whilst she recovered.

Aware that he was only a man, Ethan sought out the toy that Jeannie had earlier been reaching for. One part of the white plastic device slid smoothly into her whilst another rested between the upper part of her vulva. With a deft click the toy began to vibrate and Jeannie responded with a delighted quiver.

She allowed him to run his hands over her buttocks, lifting them so that he could reach her clit with his mouth. His tongue jostled for position with the vibe, both now pulsating against her sensitive skin. Ethan leisurely moved the toy in circles- it seemed to be connecting with Jeannie's entire nervous system.

"I need you inside me,"

From his jeans pocket Ethan withdrew a condom and deftly slipped it on. In the same swift movement he slid inside Jeannie, reacting to her responses and either pausing or continuing until he was all the way in.

Jeannie began to float away. The thick shaft churning away in sync with her quickened pulse couldn't pin her to the bed. She gazed at the unblemished white ceiling and disappeared into that artificial cloud, giving herself to this impeccable flesh toy.

Her foaming cunt clutched at him, her abandonment to gratification complete. Ethan subtly withdrew and once again held Jeannie in his arms, clear salty liquid spilling from his swollen tip.

"The bathroom's through there if you need to finish," Jeannie said, "when you're done please close the door quietly on your way out. Play time's over and I'm exhausted."

The senior lawyer rolled over and switched off the light. Ethan released his pent-up need then quietly departed.


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Saturday, 15 December 2018


Amongst the mountains, hot with effort from the climb, naked and humbled once again by nature.

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Tuesday, 11 December 2018


Candaulism is a rather niche kink (aren't they all?) involving someone taking sexual pleasure from displaying their partner naked for others' gratification. Historically it was the man exposing his female partner - it was King Candaules who originally showed his unaware naked wife to his servant (she then ordered the servant to kill himself or her husband) - but it seems as though the term has been updated to involve all genders as the one being put on display.

Wouldn't that be a very sexy situation? To be so adored that your partner is aroused by showing you off to others? Or to be so proud of your partner that you get a kick out of others objectifying their naked body? I know that I would most definitely enjoy both scenarios.

What, for me, distinguishes this particular kink is that it is the simple act of putting (or being put) on display. There is no sex involved as this would likely fall into the category of cuckolding or cuckqueaning. I have two partners who have exquisite bodies and I'd enjoy parading them unclothed in front of an appreciative audience. I'd also be extremely flattered (/surprised) if someone wanted to show me off.

Another distinguishing factor is that sense of ownership. This isn't some random naked person being put on display, it's someone who is special to you and with whom you have some sort of relationship. 

"Guys, you've all met my girlfriend before. Well tonight, with your permission, I'd like to show you how great she looks naked."

Hot, right? Of course, unlike King Candaules, you should ensure that your partner has consented to being exhibited naked and that your audience is aware (preferably keen) about what's about to happen.

Such a situation is likely to only arise amongst close acquaintances who are kink-friendly. But it may be possible to engineer a situation where you and a friend very briefly 'catch' an 'unaware' (i.e. consenting) partner in a state of undress, then suggest to this friend that the partner doesn't mind being seen. Based on their reaction you either continue the show or apologise and move on.

This scenario may, however, be unethical - even if the glimpse is brief it is still non-consensually imposing semi-nudity on an innocent. In an adult club, however, this behaviour is welcomed. I've been fortunate to have attended such clubs and, as an extremely proud owner, found that exposing my sub to an enraptured audience to be enormously arousing.

So, if Candaulism is something you'd like to try, I would suggest that you:

1. Ensure your partner is fully consenting (check out RACK or SSC)
2. Find a friendly sex club or event
3. Discuss between yourselves how and when they're going to be exposed
4. Start the show - you'll soon have an audience
5. Enjoy (or, if uncomfortable on the night, don't force it)

Monday, 3 December 2018


As regular readers will know, I'm in a happy, ethically non-monogamous marriage. In addition to my wife G I also have simple relationships with other people who share my predilection for kink.

Currently I'm in a most enjoyable relationship with someone who is studying for a PhD in the UK for a couple of years. We seem to be doing a good job of maintaining the relationship even though I'll be away for six months (regular communication is important). There will come a day, though, when her studies end and she leaves the country.

It's fine. No, it really is fine. Knowing that there's a time limit to our relationship helps to guide feelings in the meantime and, whilst I'm happy with having just one other regular lover in my life at the moment, it has crossed my mind that perhaps I should be looking for something more permanent too.

This is where it gets complicated. Whilst I'd like permanence, due to the agreements I have with G I can't offer a particularly substantial relationship. I'd need someone who is happy to meet only occasionally but wants to communicate regularly.

Is it greedy of me to want someone else in my life? I think not. G is happy for me to see others, particularly as they share kinks with me and she does not. My other partner sees other men too. There seems to be a realisation amongst us all that we cannot 100% satisfy each other's needs and that it's perfectly acceptable to seek satisfaction elsewhere.

When I return to the UK in March I shall be blowing off the dust on my OK Cupid profile. Whilst I really do not enjoy the process of dating (in fact I think I hate it) I know that I need other people in my life and so will endure the pain. At least, I think, I'm now comfortable with not accusing myself of being greedy.

Sunday, 25 November 2018

The date

Another attempted dabble at non-heterosexual erotica. Was Alyssa fair to treat her date this way? Is this a healthy way to discover your sexuality? Appropriate way to treat an extrovert? Read on and enjoy!


"Oh please, I'm absolutely not homophobic,"
"But you just admitted to lying about being bi to tempt me on this date!"
"Yes, I did and I'm sorry. But that doesn't make me homophobic,"
"Just an idiot,"
"Right. Just a massive idiot."

Nose and tongue piercing, bright blue hair, long dangling earrings. Alyssa looked as though she had just graduated from art college. This would be an incorrect observation; she'd graduated seven years ago, she just had good skin.

Cortina's father had named him after his favourite car. It was a ridiculous name and so everyone called him Cort - a suitably exotic-sounding name for an underwear model. Cort's average work day consisted of 5 hours at the gym, 1 hour of hair removal or tanning, 10 minutes of nibbling at a salad and 1 hour of being photographed by Alyssa.

In his endearingly gruff Sheffield accent he'd asked her out on a date, using his sexuality as a hook. In her plain Home Counties accent she'd agreed, curious about getting to know a model whose sexuality matched her own.

After Cort admitted he wasn't actually bi-sexual, he then further admitted that he hadn't ever fully explored the idea of it. Once A,USA had made it clear that he was an idiot she decided to take him to her favourite place; a gay club owned by her friend Tom. The club boasted acts which were sufficiently x-rated to whip the mainly male audience into a frenzy of arousal. 

At the club Cort watched in uncomfortable fascination as one muscular and oiled beefcake fellated another. Desperate to get his reaction Alyssa allowed herself another ten minutes of this tantalising performance before grabbing her date's hand and whisking him out and into a nearby diner.

"So?" She asked after they'd slid into a secluded booth.
", all good," he replied, not sure how to respond.
"You enjoyed it?"
"Well, kinda,"
"You seem uncertain,"
"I am, that was pretty intense."

Alyssa couldn't disagree and felt a twinge of guilt that maybe she'd taken things a little too far and fast for the model. She then realised that he wasn't reacting with disgust, but rather curiosity. An idea began to form in her mind.

"What did you think of those two guys sucking cock?" She asked, rather crudely.
"I'm not sure, although it was interesting to get a close-up view,"
"Would you like to go on another date there? Tim could arrange a special performance,"
"Maybe, but not tonight."

Before they departed Alyssa accepted a quick kiss on the lips. When this evening had begun a few hours ago she wouldn't have contemplated such intimacy, but her date had pleasantly surprised her. When confronted with such an overt challenge to his sexuality he had responded with open-minded contemplation, rather than hostility.


Several dates into this relationship, Alyssa's idea which had been seeded on that first evening together was now ready to bear fruit. It was turning out to be an unusual coupling; occasional fumbling in the evenings where they both exulted at the touch of the other. And then the normal working day where Alyssa had to photograph her lover wearing a vast array of underwear, each shutter click a marker of her increasing arousal and desperation to fuck him. Patience.

This, now, was the point at which she should open her heart a little and allow herself to start falling in love. An incident with a cheating previous partner had, however, kept her feelings at bay. The idea which had been conceived in that gay club had grown into a rather convoluted plan - a plan that would hopefully allow her to start trusting again.

Is everything ready for tonight? she'd texted Tim.
Yes, Cort will be in excellent hands, the club owner replied.

Cort arrived promptly at Alyssa's apartment wearing jeans and a white t-shirt (both tight). They'd earlier talked about how adventurous they both were and she had subtly reminded him of his claim to be bi-sexual. The conversation had made him trepidatious about this evening.

Alyssa wondered if she were being unfair to Cort, or even acting unethically. She'd wanted to make this evening's proceedings a surprise but, her conscience getting the better of her, she decided to unveil the outline of her plans in the taxi to Tim's club.

"So, you've now told me that you're bisexual, adventurous and also enjoyed at least a level of curiosity at the gay club the other night," she began.
"And you're an underwear model so I know you're an exhibitionist,"
"Um, I guess,"
"Well, I've arranged a little something for you at the club,"
"Oh. A test?"
"Yes...well, no. Kind of, but if you're not comfortable with it that's fine, we can go from there,"
"OK. Hmmm," Cort paused and there was silence whilst Alyssa anxiously let him think things through. He continued; "I know you were previously treated like shit and understandably have trust issues. If I can help you through those tonight I will certainly try."

Stop it, not yet, Alyssa told herself whilst looking into his grey eyes and trying not to fall in love. 

It was already busy in the club, but Tim had reserved Alyssa a seat near the stage. He then took Cort away. She was surrounded by hot and horny men plus a scattering of over-excited women.

A stripper - entirely naked - was coming to the end of his act and Alyssa's nerves were temporarily replaced with arousal. Then the curtains came down and her nerves returned and doubled.


Anders had carefully explained the act and tried to put him at ease. With one last check that Cort was happy to proceed - and making it clear that it's perfectly fine to stop at any time - he left the model with his costume as well as a bottle of lube.

"I'm a driller and you're the well," Anders had summarised before disappearing to get changed.

Five minutes later Cort was led onto the stage. Behind the curtains his ankles were shackled to the ground and his wrists handcuffed behind his back. He could just about make out the narrow hole beneath him.

In the few moments he was left alone, a surge of doubt coursed through him. But then the curtains began to rise and, standing in darkness, he looked out on over a hundred people. He noticed Alyssa on the front row and decided to focus on a spot at the back of the room. All he had to do was stand there.

Gradually the lights rose - garish red and blue. Anders glided onto the stage. He was born to be a dancer with his slight but strong frame. He wore tight-fitting blue overalls which were smeared with oil, as well as a yellow hard hat. Neither restricted his entrancing fluid movement. The hat was discarded almost immediately to reveal his long blonde hair. The overalls followed shortly after leaving him wearing only black calf-length worker boots and a black leather thong.

Cort's costume was not entirely dissimilar to the clothes he'd been wearing at the start of the evening, but with one key difference; it was a patched together with Velcro. This allowed Anderson to tear it off piece-by-piece which he did as he leapt and danced around the shackled man. Unlike the dancer, Cort was wearing nothing beneath and so when the final scrap of costume was torn off he was left standing entirely naked. The audience's whoops and screams were deafening.

Anders produced a bottle of baby oil which he suggestively squirted over the hapless Cort. His hands went everywhere and the model experienced his first test of his sexuality. So far so good.

The dramatic, thumping music quietened and the audience did too. Anders got to his knees and pretended to pull something from the floor. The stage began to very slowly spin. Out of that narrow hole emerged a silver metal cylinder, rounded and bulbous at the top. It slowly rose in time with Anders's movements and was soon pushing between Cort's perfect buttocks, just as his rear was facing the audience.

Riveted, the men and women watched as the cylinder gradually penetrated the bound hunk. When the stage started spinning again Anders's recommenced his dance and the cylinder slowly thrust in and out of Cort's ass. Another test for him, and this one he enjoyed - the cool metal filling him and teasing his prostate.

The audience was now in raptures. Alyssa was soaking wet and wanted nothing more than to leap on stage and get her hands on her exquisite date. But she remained seated and still, entranced by this wonderfully erotic act.

Cort's final test. Anders occasionally paused in his dance to take the other man in his mouth. Cort had never felt anything like it before - Anders's tongue licked him repeatedly on the most sensitive spot on his frenulum. His mouth knew exactly when to plunge down to take him all in or to travel down to suckle on those heavy dangling orbs.

All the while Cort's ass continued to be steadily fucked. Anders's danced then sucked, danced then sucked. He was a master of timing and, sensing the right moment, positioned himself behind the model and grasped his stretched, hard cock.

The music stopped, replaced by a rumbling soundtrack. The rhythm of the ass fucking doubled, matching Anders's hand stroke. Cort threw his head backwards - thrusting out his pecs and surrendering his cock to the dancer's expert touch. A surge of cum spurted from the quivering model, splashing on the stage and even hitting some of those on the front row. Alyssa watched in jealousy as the man next to her yelped in delight as a drop of semen landed on him.

Lights off, curtains down. Cort trembled as he listened to the ecstatic crowd. The cylinder had retreated back under the stage and a stagehand released him from bondage. Anders helped him off stage.

"Fucking spectacular," the dancer said to him before squeezing his butt and disappearing into a changing room.

Someone handed Cort some wet wipes and he spent several minutes cleaning up. He quickly dressed then found his phone.

I'm waiting outside. A x

Alyssa couldn't stay in the club. She couldn't wait to get her man home and fuck him all night long. Having now seen him entirely naked it only seemed fair to return the favour. 

Cort stepped into the street, lube still dripping from inside him. He saw Alyssa and smiled, happy to see her and relieved to have passed the test in a most enjoyable way. In her own weird way Alyssa knew now that she could allow herself to fall in love.

Friday, 23 November 2018

Craving cunnilingus

My thoughts can turn to licking her at any time. When I see that soft triangle of her bare cunt, when I'm staring thoughtfully out of the bus window, when I'm doing something as mundane as loading the dishwasher. 

At such times I crave putting my mouth between her legs, parting her labia and placing my lips on that silky soft pinkness. I indulge in taking a moment to enjoy the feel of her beneath my tongue before seeking out the tiny ridge line atop which is nestled her hooded clit.

I circle it with my tongue, move further out - all the way to her thighs which I kiss before licking back to the heat of her pussy. Finally my tongue flicks her emerging clit, swishing patterns until it is swollen and suckable.

If I'm doing my job right I'm rewarded by the taste of her salty juices mingling with my saliva. Her hips rise then fall and I feel her pushing my head away. I hold her wrists and continue, drawing out the orgasm until she can truly take no more.

Both she and I are sated, for now.

Saturday, 17 November 2018

The other guy

"M really wants to meet you"

Being told by a new partner that their other partner would like to meet was a new experience for me. On reflection it made me like them before we'd even met; they wanted to check - in a non-possessive way (new partner would be there too) - that I was a trustworthy person (as much as they could over a one-hour lunch).

It was a surprisingly comfortable experience. She had been late and so me and he began conversing before she arrived and discovered we got on rather well. When she did arrive the conversation remained on course but included her. We didn't talk about sex, BDSM, or non-monogamy. Just three people chatting about normal, every day things.

Later my partner told me that her other had enjoyed meeting me. You know what? I felt the same way. I don't feel the need to meet again though, although it seems perfectly fine for her to talk about him with me or for me to bring him up in conversation. There are no feelings of jealousy here. In fact, I feel a sense of gratitude that he's there for her whilst I'm away.

Slowly, year-by-year, I'm beginning to get a handle on this ethical non-monogamy thing. I know that there will be more pain ahead, but I'm going to enjoy what I have today and continue to be pleasantly surprised at how my feelings develop.

Friday, 16 November 2018

Yvette makes a porn

Here's a little story about falling into the wonderful rabbit hole of porn performance.


"Do you like being naked in front of these men? Being filmed so that many more men will see you? Just think of those thousands and thousands of dicks that will be getting hard looking at your body."

She did like the thought of that, it made her feel liberated and slutty. One of the men instructed her to kneel on the desk with her breasts pushed against its cold glass surface. Another man spread her buttocks so that yet another could easily access her cunt and asshole with his wet tongue.

An hour ago Yvette had been going about a day she had lived many, many times over. Put the washing on, tidy the house, go to the supermarket. It was during her walk to the latter that her routine life had been interrupted by a phone call. The disruption, however, had been seeded weeks before when she'd met a guy at a bar. They'd hit it off and he eventually told her what he did for a living.

That same guy was now standing naked by the desk, smiling encouragingly at her. Yvette trusted him, a lot. The days they'd spent together after meeting at that bar had been very happy days for them both, a happiness that resulted from finding someone who you get along with better than anyone else you've ever met.

It helped that he had a magnificently smooth and thick cock, which she was now being instructed to take into her mouth. Just as she enveloped him in her mouth she felt a tongue pressing against her clit. She let out an involuntary moan and surrendered herself to whichever expert was attending to her.

Oh god, another tongue, this one poking down into her asshole. Tongue-fucked by two men, the cock of another in her mouth. Heaven. She could hear the director instructing the men what to do with her. She was only expected to be naked, spread and willing to be manipulated into whichever position they could enjoy her most in.

She knew that mainstream porn was problematic, that it went against her ideals as a feminist. But she was thoroughly enjoying herself and earning a small fortune too. Her man, Rhys, stood back and slipped on a condom. Only he was allowed to fuck her. She looked back into his lusty brown eyes. One of the other men replaced him at her mouth and she tasted herself on this new cock. 

Rhys turned her over, with her butt on the edge of the desk so that he could gently ease in. With her asshole no longer available to him, the third man joined his colleague and she now had two hard, eager cocks to satisfy with her lips and tongue. She'd never had so much hot man flesh in her mouth.

In addition to the director, a soundman and two cameramen stood close by. Normal, innocent Yvette naked in a room of seven men, three of whom were taking it in turns to fuck her. The other four were visibly enjoying their jobs.

"OK, 69 her Rhys," the producer ordered, "one of you rim her, the other can share her mouth."

Yvette groaned in delight - both at being objectified in this way and at how one of the tongues on her continued to plunge deep into her ass. Her thoughts briefly flickered over how this all may affect her career, but then she remembered how empowered and enriched she felt right now and mentally changed the course of her life.

Eager to please, she used one hand to spread her butt as her fellow actor continued his oral fucking. Rhys was working his usual magic on her clit and she felt an oncoming orgasm begin to squeeze itself through her body.

Such a glorious cock, such a beautiful man, Yvette thought as she sucked on her muscular lover. She then became aware that the cameras were focused entirely between her legs and buttocks. A shame that they don't make the most of these delicious men.

Resolving to make her own porn for the female gaze (when she'd made enough to fund it), Yvette concentrated on the task at hand. Fortunately, as before, that task involved being nothing more than an object for the men to manipulate into whichever position pleased them most.

Now came the predictable finale. She was on her knees, one man fondling her ass, the other groping her tits whilst the third unburdened himself of cum all over her face. Then another; cum mingling with cum. Finally came Rhys, in vast creamy quantities. The sticky liquid oozed down her cheeks and chin.

"Lick your lips and smile," she was instructed.

The camera lingered on her bukkake'd visage whilst she ran her tongue over her dripping lips. And then it was over. Rhys brought her a towel and she wiped herself clean whilst the other actors dressed.

"Excellent work," the producer said. He slapped her butt then went to watch a replay in the corner of the room.

Rhys absent-mindedly stroked the cleft of her slapped cheeks then leaned in for a deep kiss. She remained naked; art to be admired by the men in the room and beyond the camera lens. Happy with her place as a sex toy for now, in the back of her mind her porno plans developed.

Sunday, 4 November 2018


A story based on true events. I hope to one day experience something similar again.


This is not the sort of environment in which I feel comfortable; a dark, hot club with music so loud you can feel it through the floor. The walls seem shiny and I imagine that even they are sweating. People shout and jostle, all familiar with one another. I don't know them and would feel intimidated were it not for you.

I instruct you to lead through the crowd. They part when they see you and turn to watch as you pass. And who can blame them? You look spectacular in your black corset, skimpy thong and shiny high heels. Even though others are similarly attired, it is you who has all the attention. But maybe I'm biased.

Tugging gently on your leash I indicate that you should sit on a bench. I join you and we survey the scene on the dance floor below. Men gradually sit beside us I converse with someone dressed in black leather. We talk about you and how incredible you look. I respond to a question about your availability; "Only I get to play with her, but feel free to look." 

Feeling bad about this selfishness I toss the men some morsels; what your kinks are, how submissive you can be, what it feels like to be inside you. All eyes are on your pale fleshy rear as I lead you away. Later you tell me how aroused you were by being discussed in this way. You're a strong, successful woman but having a man talk for you and objectify you is, in the right circumstances, a massive turn-on.

I follow you up some steps, my eyes fixated on your mesmerising bare bottom as it wiggles away. Delicious. "Here," I order and you assume a kneeling position, your legs now blackened by the dirty floor. I make a mental note to help you clean up later. Acceding to the pitifully hungry look in your eyes, I unfasten my trousers and allow you my cock.

Heat passes from your hands to my thighs. They rest there and support your weight as you stand, bent at the waist with your head down and your ass up. The men with whom I spoke earlier gather behind you. Distracted only momentarily by these other aroused cocks, you quickly resume your focus on mine.

I'm grateful that it's warm in here and that I don't have to worry about you being cold. So very proud of you, so unashamedly smug that you're all mine, I remove your underwear to expose you to our audience. We had discussed limits before we came to this club and, whilst you didn't want to be touched by anyone other than me, you were happy to show your naked form off to anyone who cared to look. Right now there appeared to be many who cared to look.

Just behind me another couple are engaging in the very same act; a dominant man reclining on a bench, his hard flesh revealed for his naked sub to suck on. I notice you looking at her and wonder if you're thinking about the fact you're as exposed as she. This thought encourages me to ease my fingers into your cunt, then seek out that other nearby orifice. I exult at its tightness and how it clamps on my digits when my touch results in your heightened pleasure.

It isn't just men who are now watching us, but it is only men who are bold enough to play with themselves as they do so. The crowd begins to close in. Whilst the exhibitionist in me enjoys the attention on my saliva-slick cock, I sense your discomfort. Pushing myself back into my trousers, I pull your underwear back on, spank you a few times and then lead you out of the club.

Fully dressed we hurry into a taxi and away to our hotel. Glancing across at you I feel as though I couldn't be more proud and my heart swells with unbridled adulation. In the privacy of our room I strip you naked so that I may demonstrate my endless appreciation and blossoming authoritative love.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Erotica is for women?

Using a very unscientific count of the (traditionally) female names which make up the Amazon most-read erotica authors, I estimate that around 88% of authors in this genre identify as female (some may be men using a female name - there may be myriad other reasons for why 88% is inaccurate). The Romance Writers of America estimates that 84% of romance book buyers are female.

Why? What is it about written erotica that appeals mainly to women and has so few male authors? I can think of one key reason.

When I was young and only just starting to discover my sexuality I found a copy of Delta of Venus by Anais Nin on my parents' bookshelf. Reading those erotically charged words put the most wondrous images into my head - images which have stayed with me many years later.

Then I gained access to internet porn. Suddenly I didn't have to use my imagination; scenes seemingly designed just for me could be viewed at a click. Real-life people performing x-rated acts, and all for the male gaze.

Thankfully there are now many more female porn producers (including Anna Richards at Frolicme and Shine Louise Houston at Pink Label), but this industry is still almost overwhelmingly male-oriented. Whilst I cannot wait for the day when porn is more balanced, I imagine that many women get a more satisfactory erotic fix from within the pages of books.

It's not easy writing from the perspective of another gender, therefore it stands to reason that successful erotica authors tend to be women who can better connect with their audience. There is also an unfair stigma that comes from watching porn. Society still sees it as a dirty, unhealthy act (you only need look at the UK government's attempts to introduce obscenity and prudish 'child safety' laws for proof of this), whereas reading a book is somehow more wholesome. Whilst men can get away with being openly sexual, women suffer from being shamed if they act in the same way.

You may have noticed that I've steered clear of stating views such as "women prefer a storyline" or "men are more visual". That's because I don't believe such views to be true. Society may have shaped us to behave in certain ways or like different things based on our gender, but there are plenty of men who want character backgrounds and plenty of women who appreciate more explicit, x-rated content.

So why are we still in this situation? Well, take a look around you. Those Victorian attitudes of pure women haven't gone far away. We still hold women up to be objectified and encourage men to be the objectifiers. Although I've mentioned how I see signs of change, they are small signs and change is slow.

This is how I think we as individuals can help to speed up that change:

- Buy female-produced porn
- Challenge yourself to try something different;
    - Embrace storylines
    - Read erotica authored by another gender
- Don't be afraid to healthily objectify men
- Don't objectify women unless they want to be objectified!
- Read sex blogs by women to gain an insight into how they feel about this topic/realise you're not alone in thinking this way
- Read Delta of Venus

OK, that last one was just a book recommendation. But, seriously, I'd love it if all men could read that book and realise that storylines are sexy, as well as to gain an insight into how sexual women's minds can be.

Disagree? Agree? Anything to add? I may have got it wrong and try to be open-minded so please do comment below and help to guide me/others.

Saturday, 27 October 2018

#SOSS October 27

There is such a plethora of talent out there that this Share Our Shit Saturday post overfloweth and still misses out on some incredible content (I'm aware that I've once again neglected to share enough cis male and LGBTQ content). Enjoy:

Molly Moore (@mollysdailykiss) - Picture-month 
Molly is one of the true greats of erotic photography and I really would be disappointed if her work isn't hanging in a gallery besides other famous photographers in years to come. Her outdoor pictures are always particularly delectable, this photo being no exception.

Nell Egremont (@nellegremont) - Violence and kindness in Seven Acts (trigger warning) 
This piece of writing was incredible in so many ways. It's content was often devastating, it's structure was so creative and captivating, it's message was delivered with such raw intensity.

Hannah Lockhardt (@HannahLockhardt) - The Chair 
Anything written by Hannah is worth setting aside some time to thoroughly enjoy. Although I don't believe that Femdom is a subject she often writes about, this short story oozes female power over a very sorry and sexy man.

Violet Fawkes (@fireandhoney) - Marks 
Violet is such a talented writer that, in the simple act of reading this story, you suddenly find yourself in the same room as her characters, watching them play out their delicious story. Such a hot twist too.

EA Unadorned (@EA_unadorned) - White Gloves 
That so much hotness can be fitted in to such a short story is testament to EA's magnificent writing skills. If you like Femdom you are going to absolutely love this.

This incredible challenge has, from the very beginning, brought together a treasure trove of magnificent smut. Just a handful of talented authors remain, their sexy words competing against one another. Kudos to Rebel for creating such an engaging competition and, whilst I wholeheartedly advocate paying your artists, that all this marvellous content is free is something you should appreciate.

Blog posts
The Other Livvy (@theotherlivvy) - Realism... 
Any blog posts which gets me thinking about how I write (or how I approach kink) fills me with gratitude towards the author. Livvy poses some excellent questions here on whether or not erotic stories need to be realistic so as to engage the audience. To a certain extent I think they do, but if a story is written well enough then the situation can be fantastical but the reader can still imagine themselves in it.

On Queer Street (@OnQueerStreet) - Vagina, vag-OWW-NO (trigger warning) 
As a penis owner it can be a challenge better understanding how vagina owners experience their bodies. Quinn does a truly excellent job here of helping me do just that. This blog post also reiterated the point that sex is so much more than penetrative actions. I also really, really like Quinn's logo!

Cara Thereon (@thereon_cara) - Savor each visit 
A post about being in a long-distance relationship and the excitement, thoughts and concerns experienced in the build-up to a visit. Cara's experience resonated so much - even though I haven't been in a truly LDR I don't see other partners very often and so there's always a frisson of anticipation - good and bad (mostly good) - just before we reunite. Cara describes this perfectly.

Thursday, 25 October 2018


A short piece of Femdom erotica for your delectation.


We were educated at an all-girls catholic school, so you'd expect one of us to be kinky as hell. Sure enough, here was Elle with a hunk of man who was naked but for a thick metal collar, chain leash and some sort of device on his cock.

"What is that?" Lorena asked.
"Cock cage," Elle answered, "he's locked in that unless I want to play with him."
"Brilliant!" came the delighted reply.

I just sat there and gawped. Elle's boyfriend stood with his hands behind his back, his biceps and muscular chest revealing his power. I have a thing for men's thighs and he was a perfect specimen.

"Turn," Elle said.
"Oh!" I gasped when he obeyed.

OK, I also have a thing for men's butts. Here were the most toned, taut pair of manly buns I'd ever seen. Yum. When Elle had offered to introduce us to her man-slave I'd no idea we'd be in for such a treat. I then spotted a mark at the top of his left cheek.

"What is that? Is that a tattoo of your initials?!" I exclaimed.
"Yep, gotta let others know who he belongs to," Elle said, "Tonight, though, he belongs to us all. OK, male, get to work."

That Elle called her boyfriend 'male' amused me greatly. She spanked him so hard on the tattooed buttock I flinched. He turned and got to his knees. Elle had suggested to Lorena and I that we'd find this evening considerably more enjoyable if we wore skirts. I was now beginning to understand why. Such a generous, sharing friend.

To remove any doubt of what would happen next in this evening's proceedings, Elle spread her legs wide and the male crawled between them. Almost immediately she gasped in delight.

"I've trained him well," she assured us, "give him five minutes and I guarantee satisfaction."

Lorena and I were entertained by the sight of the male's busy head under Elle's skirt and his gorgeous rear pointing upwards as he got to work. So, she has him waxed, I thought. We also had a better view of the chastity device and how it restrained his manhood.

My turn. I enthusiastically spread my legs wide and a very flushed-looking Elle instructed the male to get to work. I was still wearing underwear but this didn't deter his busy tongue. There was something about it pressing through the fabric which doubled the sensation. I did, however, miss that slithery wet sensation and so slid my hands under my waistband so as to pull the panties aside.

As often happens in these situations my mind began to turn on itself. I hadn't showered, what did I taste like, he must be uncomfortable between my chubby thighs. But as soon as these thoughts arrived I banished them. He was merely male. Elle had trained him to unthinkingly serve our cunts and I should enjoy this utility.

Conversation continued between us. We chatted about our jobs and the weather whilst the male orally pleasured me, occasionally interrupting our chat with instructions; "I took my handsome junior assistant to lunch and...go deeper with your tongue, mmmmph, like that...and told him to get his act together".

Elle had claimed I'd be orgasming within five minutes. After three I was finding it hard to focus on what my friends were saying. After four I was gripping the cushions hard and momentarily allowing the male to tear me away from what was being said as his talented tongue shot a fusillade of purest pleasure through my body.

"Done?" Elle asked with a grin when she noticed my eyes were closed.
"Done," I confirmed.

The male was taken by his leash to under Lorena's skirt. I stared at his exposed hole as we chatted. How nice it would be to fondle him there. I was, however, worried about how he was straining against his cage and wanted to free him from chastity.

Lorena was clearly being transported to a very sexy place; her participation in our conversation had reduced greatly. I, too, was still finding it difficult to concentrate, distracted as I was by that servile cock, entrapped balls and gaping pink O. Once the male emerged from a very satisfied-looking Lorena his owner fetched him and made him stand once more before us.

"I don't often get him out, but I can see you're both curious," Elle said.
"Seems a shame to not see his best bit," I replied. Fine, I'm a fan of cocks too.

Elle produced a key and made the male bend over so that she could unlock the cage. He was released from the contraption, the metal hoops leaving indentations where his erection had pressed against them. It was fun to see that he'd enjoyed his task.

"Present!" Elle ordered.

The male widened his stance and held his hands behind his back. Elle swatted him on his butt then fetched some snacks and more wine from the kitchen. We resumed our conversation, enjoying the view and coming down from our orgasms. I couldn't resist holding his warm, thick dick as we chatted - taking my time to admire him there, rather than the rushed glance I was usually afforded from horny men.

As the evening wore on we occasionally spread our legs and set the male to work on us. He was spectacularly talented and his delicious cock made for a hugely erotic canvas on which we painted vivid ecstasy with our orgasm-enriched eyes. Three of us ended the evening having been thoroughly satisfied. The male was locked up again, his purpose served until next time.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

No need to share, yet

Kink and non-monogamy seems to run through my veins. I don't consider the BDSM enthusiast side of me to be a whole different person - whilst I don't live my life as a full-time 24/7 kinkster, that part of me is always there.

Where this side of me does stay put away is when I'm with family, or with friends who don't know that I'm into kink. Why? Because kink isn't such a large part of me that it will cross over into other areas of my life. My relationships with others aren't deep enough that I feel the need to introduce other partners to my friends and family.

There may come a day when I do find myself in a deeper poly relationship. This situation would only come about with G's explicit agreement. Should that happen then it would be time to introduce my non-monogamous life to others, although I would still probably hold back the kinkier details.

Monday, 15 October 2018

One-bar cage

An October storm, almost supernatural in power, raged through the forest and tore at the stately wood lodge. Built to withstand such forces, it stood firm. Only the creak of the straining structure, the timpani of thunder and the snare of rain sounded in Chloe's ears. Her voyeurs focused on her silently.

Her punishment was well-deserved. It was also optional. His style of domination always allowed her to make choices. She knew that, by agreeing with his decision, she would improve in her submissiveness. She also enjoyed surrendering to the whims of his imagination.

Low lamplight glinted off the metal cuffs around her wrists and ankles. A short chain trailed from her steel collar to an iron ring in the floor, forcing her to bend at the waist. This was all part of her punishment, as was her being displayed naked for the other Doms gathered about the room, all acquaintances of her Master.

A key element of the punishment was the solid steel bar secured to the floor between her legs. It had a long, flared top which was currently only partly visible. The bulk of it was buried deep in her cunt. This, combined with the other bondage accoutrements, held her firmly in place. A one-bar cage holding her captive and vulnerable for all the men to see.

Those men were seated in comfortable leather armchairs arranged in a semi-circle around her, all of them in shadow. Directly behind her were patio doors displaying the lightning-strobed night beyond the glass. Above the cacophony of the storm she heard ice in whisky-filled tumblers. Freedom was within her grasp; this was where the game began. 

In front of her mouth a small plastic tube had been secured. It ran behind her into a tub of water. The base of the tub was at waist height and, floating at the top of the water; a tennis ball. String was tied around the ball and draped outside of the bucket. A small key, resting on the floor, was held in a knot at the other end of the string. 

The more water Chloe drank, the lower the tennis ball would sink and the higher the key would be pulled. If she drank all the water the key would be within her grasp. She could then unlock the cuffs, which would allow her to reach down for another key for the collar and yet another for the steel bar.

Lube, which had been generously applied to the metal dildo, slid down her voluminous thighs and was now joined by the urine she had so desperately tried to hold back. But, forced to drink so much water during the past two hours, she had no choice but to humiliate herself in front of the Doms. 

How many of their subs had been in this same situation? she wondered. Would I ever find myself here again? One of the men opened the doors behind her, inviting in the storm. Immediately she was soaked with rain, the water sluicing the various liquids from her body, onto the floor and out into the night. Amidst the tempest she slid further down onto the dildo. Added to the stimulation of being enjoyed by the men, this tiny action was enough to send her into ecstatic abandon.

The doors were closed again and her damp, bare skin was left to dry in the warmth. Her disobedient orgasm had gone unnoticed. She sucked and sucked. Now the key was in her hand, now she slotted it into the hole, now she turned it and released her hands. The ankle cuffs soon followed, then she was unlocking the steel bar. It slid down, emerging slowly and slickly from her delighted cunt.

"Expose!" her Master ordered.

She got to her knees, spread her legs and clasped her hands behind her head. It was time for her reward. A vibrator was held at the parting of her lips, delicately thrumming against her clit. The men took it in turns to stand before her, unbutton their flies and masturbate. Soon she was drenched with the cream of their lust, each splash of cum taking her closer to her own zenith.

"Good little cum slut," He said, before giving her permission to finger herself to ecstasy.

One hand grasped tightly around the vibrator whilst the other sought out her depths. She pressed the toy harder between her labia. A darkness as black as the tempestuous night shrouded her eyes then burst into electrifying light - an orgasm so intense she felt herself rising above the room then slamming back into her pulsating body, waves of pure bliss radiating from her exposed genitals. Sated, she opened her eyes and grinned at the men looking benevolently down at her.


This story was written as part of Wicked Wednesday. Click below to see the work of incredibly talented folk:

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Saturday, 13 October 2018

Who I am

I love travel, adventure and exploring the world, and I love kink and exploring our bodies. This picture, taken high up in a remote part of the Andes, illustrates both of these passions of mine.

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Friday, 12 October 2018

Subtle chemistry

I've become increasingly aware of my tendencies to switch. I started out in kink as submissive, became almost totally dominant over the years but now feel as though there may be more of a balance, even though I have fewer opportunities to explore the sub side.

There's an important factor which dictates if I'll be playing as a sub or Dom; the person I'm with. It doesn't matter how they're dressed, the shape of their body nor what they do for a living. It's a subtle chemistry, a few meaningful words, the way in which they act towards me. 

When I chat with a certain someone in a private Twitter DM, or with my sub on WhatsApp, the perfectly ordinary conversations aren't infused with orders or obedience. But if one of us could step through that screen there would be little doubt as to who would be putting on the collar and leash.

Whilst I remain mostly Dom, if I do find that there's an essence of dominance in another then I would be more than willing to help that person explore that side of them. It is, however, important for me to let them discover their submissiveness or dominance for themselves, I wouldn't ever suggest that someone comes across as one or the other - that would be incredibly presumptive on my part.

Of course, for whatever reason, it isn't always possible to get this feeling towards another person. I also doubt that I often get it right on wher they fall on the Dom/sub spectrum. But when it seems obvious, and when they do reveal themselves to be one or the other, then a mundane conversation can seem so wonderfully infused with a sense of D/s.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Touch, but don't look

Amber let go a brief, uncertain laugh.

"Wait, are you serious?" she asked.
"Perfectly. I know how much you want this. We're your friends - close enough, I'm sure, that this won't affect our relationship. What do you think Greg?"
"Sure, as long as we agree that this'll be like when we tried that cheap tequila; a meaningless experiment that we'll probably never do again," Greg said.
"Except this won't give us a horrendous hangover," Amber added, still smiling.

They were sat together on a deep sofa. Leo had suggested this idea in response to Amber's constant chardonnay-fuelled whining about her boring ex, who never experimented with sex. He slapped his thighs and stood.

"Wait," Amber said, "I'm not sure I'm ready for you guys to see me naked."
"Hmm, good point," added Greg, "I definitely don't wanna see Leo's dick."
"I'll have you know it's a very fine dick," Leo said.

Proceedings were momentarily halted and it seemed as though this little experiment wouldn't go ahead after all. But then Amber had an idea. She went to her room and returned with a couple of her silk scarves.

"Blindfolds!" she exclaimed, "this way we get to have all the fun but without any awkwardness."
"OK, but don't you get one?"
"Well, no, someone's gotta do the steering."

 Leo and Greg looked at each other and nodded. They tied the scarves over their eyes.

"So...what now?"
"In the porn vids I've seen - and yes, girls watch porn - a good threesome always starts with a blowjob," said Amber, "and remember: touch, but don't look."

Greg stood, then unbuttoned his fly and pushed down his boxer shorts until his manhood was revealed. Amber's mischievous smile widened and she leaned forward to consume her friend. Now Leo revealed himself and Amber gleefully added him to her already full mouth.

"Damn, you're fucking good at that," Greg sighed.
"She really...has a talent...doesn't she," Leo agreed between ecstatic gasps.

This feedback resulted in a doubling of her efforts. Sucking on two cocks would have more than fulfilled her fantasies, but Greg now moved them all on to the next step. Amber helped him to remove her jeans and allowed him to lift off her blouse, unclasp her bra and slip off her panties.

"Your arse feels gorgeous Amb," her friend complimented.
"Magnificent tits too," the other added, "let's see how she tastes."

Amber felt wonderfully naked and repositioned herself to give her friend easy access. His first lick sent an electric shudder through her. She couldn't quite believe she was actually having a threesome, with her two handsome friends! The sensation was given added piquancy by the boys using their hands to feel their way around her body.

Slurps and joyous moans escaped Leo's mouth as he feasted on her. Sighs and masculine grunts issued from Greg's mouth as Amber feasted on him. She heard the man at her rear pull on a condom then felt him ease into her. The cock seemed to know exactly where to go and slid slowly into her cunt, teasing that ultra-sensitive part just inside.

"Nnngh, fuck that feels good," Amber uttered.

Leo's thumb brushed against her asshole and she responded by lifting her butt - a clear sign for him to lick his digit and push it into that tight hole. 

"Let me have a go!" Greg said with the eagerness of someone waiting for a rollercoaster ride. 

Amber exulted in her friends' delight at getting to fuck her. Greg's cock had a lot of girth to it. Amber stared at it as her friend went to mount her.

"Wait," she said, "Sit on the sofa. I want to fuck you."

Greg obeyed, and she guided him into position so that his quivering dick pointed straight up at the ceiling. Amber helped him unroll a condom then carefully straddled his legs before lowering herself until she'd taken his full length. She put her hand under his chin then leaned in to kiss him deeply. As she did this she felt Leo's tongue on her ass and gasped into Greg's mouth.

"OK?" Leo asked, concerned at her reaction.
"Very OK," she confirmed.

The coolness of her saliva-slick hole was met with the warmth of Leo's eager tongue. It felt so intimate being licked there, but then it felt pretty damned intimate having Greg's dick in her cunt. How fortunate she was to have friends who were so happy to help fulfil this fantasy.

Amber turned and gave Leo a coy look. She then grabbed for his cock and aimed it at her other hole before returning her attention to Greg. Leo received the signal loud and clear. He stood and placed his manhood where his tongue had just been. His oral efforts had succeeded in getting his friend sufficiently lubricated. With just the slightest resistance, Amber's ass swallowed his attentive cock.

Oh god, so much dick, she thought, I'm stuffed with dick. Amber rocked back and forth, pushing Greg in deeper one way, taking Leo in deeper the other. It was a feeling of fullness, of satisfying two men at the same time, which pushed her ever closer to the brink of orgasm

She was very much aware that she was the only one who was naked, the boys having only unfastened their flies to let loose their fuck tools. This situation made her feel extremely aroused and she momentarily gave herself entirely to the energetic thrusting.

"Oh god!" she surprised herself, "I'm going to cum!"

Her two fucktoys didn't relent. They pounded and fondled and encouraged as her body's reflexes responded to the rush of purest pleasure. Greg's cock squelched in and out of her now-soaking wet cunt until she could take no more. 

"OK, OK, I'm done. Thank you. Thank you."

Leo delicately withdrew from Amber's ass, allowing her to raise herself off of Greg before collapsing onto the sofa. The boys tucked themselves away before falling in either side of their friend, stroking and hugging her through the post-orgasm high. It was all over so quickly, but Amber had got what she wanted.