Saturday, 27 January 2018

Whispered fantasies

Sometimes it isn't possible to recreate fantasies. Sometimes what is required is a blindfold and a little imagination.

I had stripped her to her underwear. She stood obediently as I placed a blindfold over her eyes. On one of our previous sessions I'd asked about her fantasies. Being a sub to a room full of men was one of them, although she was fairly new to all this and so was currently too scared to try it for real.

"Would you like it if I had invited some friends here?" I whispered in her ear, her senses heightened by having one of them denied. She giggled and squirmed in response.

I opened the door to the hotel room then closed it again several seconds later. She trusted me completely, knew that I wouldn't ever push her into something she wasn't comfortable with.

"Turn around." I instructed. "They're all looking at you."

She slowly spun, showing off her body to the other men in the room. I told her to stop so that her butt faced them, then went over to her and ran my hands over those peachy cheeks.

"They can look but they can't touch. You belong only to me."

We both enjoyed the slow pace, letting the others savour her. My lips met hers and I unfastened her bra then slid my fingers beneath her g-string and pulled them down.

"How does it feel having all these men look at your naked body?" I asked.
"I like it." She smiled mischievously.
"They like it too. They can't keep their eyes off of you. They're wishing it was their hands caressing your breasts, pinching your butt and fondling your pussy instead of mine."

She gasped as I my fingers entered her. I spread her buttocks, giving the audience a better view. Having her fantasy fulfilled had made her so wet. Her breathing had sped up and she was starting to rock against my hands. She was already too excited.

"Dance." I ordered.
"Dance? No!" She giggled again.

I spanked her, warned her there would be harsher punishments. She capitulated and began sensually writhing her hips, bending at the knees to wiggle down to the floor and back up again. It didn't take long for her to begin enjoying her performance, playing the part of sex object to so many lusty gazes.

"Stop. Masturbate."

She didn't disobey this time, instead she spread her legs and covered her vulva with her right hand and began gently rubbing.

"They're all watching you. They all want you." I whispered in her ear.

Her hand moved faster and faster. She dipped a finger inside herself, squeezed her breasts, moaned as the first real hint of pleasure presented itself between her legs.

I interrupted her reverie by pulling off her blindfold. She ignored her imaginary audience and focused only on me. She'd known I wouldn't have brought in strangers without her consent, she thrilled at the fantasy and enjoyed putting herself on show.

"Good girl." I said before scooping her into my arms, placing her on the bed and letting my mouth finish what she had started. Regardless of her having an audience of many or an audience of one, she belonged to me, she performed for me, she gave herself only to me.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Our kinks

The relationship between G and I is strictly vanilla. Or so I thought. There's absolutely nothing wrong with vanilla but, having not had any regular BDSM play for several months I began to see the kinky ripples in our relationship. Now would be a good time to indulge in those kinks a little more.

For my birthday G bought me a jockstrap and the tiniest men's g-string you ever did see. That's not vanilla. She occasionally likes to watch me parade around the house in them. That's not vanilla.

She will do the same for me. I'll make a selection from her large collection of exquisite lingerie. The heating will go up and she'll display herself for me, or lie face down in my lap on the sofa. Vanilla? Hardly.

Sometimes I like nothing more than to be naked around her so that she can enjoy my body and I can enjoy her gaze. One of her favourite sex positions is having me straddle her, allowing my cock to delve inside her and the base to rub against her clit. She knows that my butt is particularly sensitive and so will use her fingers there to make me as hard as possible.

These acts (and more) may seem kinky to some. On reflection, I would agree. But then kink is in the eye of the beholder. I have a beautiful wife who may not be entirely vanilla; I'd be a fool to ignore that. So, time to don that g-string...

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Anal domination

"Is there anything else you've always wanted to try?"

In my experience of discovering BDSM with others I have learned that it makes us realise that fantasies can be fulfilled and curiosities can be satisfied. Once the trust necessitated by bondage play has been established, new possibilities open up. Hence why, on a few occasions, the answer to my question above has been "Anal sex".

Pleasuring myself with someone's asshole is, for me, the ultimate act of domination. This taboo orifice is the last bastion of a submissive's bodily privacy. Once it has been surrendered we both know that they have physically given themselves to me entirely. It's a big responsibility, but one with such wonderful rewards for both.

Of course, the recipient of anal sex isn't necessarily submissive. This is purely my view of it with Dom-tinted glasses. There is also some preparation involved; here's a handy list:

1. Hygiene. Allowing the sub to have some private bathroom time. Douches make the job more thorough, but it's important for participants to be realistic about perfect cleanliness.
2. Stretching. Depending on the size of what's about to be inserted, working up to it with a smaller toy may make anal sex more comfy for both. Tip: put metal butt plugs in the fridge before play for a fun sensation.
3. Lube, some types of which are made specifically for anal play. Keep it within easy reach.

Cleansed, stretched and lubed, my sub is ready for me. On their back, ankles handcuffed to wrists (or secured to a spreader bar), they present themselves. Taking a good portion of lube, I slick my fingers and gently probe, ensuring a good coating inside and out. Finally my condom-clad cock is slimed too. Ready.

Slowly, slowly, I push against that tight ring, watching my sub's face for signs of discomfort. The swell of my glans is the key point, one which can prove to be a bit too much 'nope'. But when it pops in there is then very little resistance there.

Consistent, pleasant tightness, like being gripped in a fist, awaits. A perfect O is formed by her mouth, matching the perfect O that has welcomed me in. It is a look of surprise; surprise at this new sensation and how pleasurable it feels.

Only once has someone orgasmed whilst I made love to their butt. They'd never had anal sex before and the joy of being there as they made this amazing discovery about themselves was truly memorable and a real honour. Lots of hugging ensued.

This leads me neatly on to summarising that care is key when it comes to anal sex. Taking care when preparing, carefully penetrating and being ready with armfuls of aftercare. Such an intimate, delicate act requires this approach. The rewards are a feeling of deep submission for one and benevolent power for the other.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Do you like being watched?

Being watched. It's a performance, one which varies depending on your audiences predilection. It can start with wearing only underwear, lying back on the bed and lovingly stroking yourself. Visibly hardening until you choose - or are ordered - to get naked.

Such a simple thing. Your body, their lust. The aim now is to elicit an appreciative "yum".

Now unclothed, taking yourself in your hand and slowly, slowly running your finger up and down your shaft. By now, if alone, you'd be furiously wanking, eager to entice out that pleasurable feeling as soon as possible. But you want your audience to enjoy you, you want to excite and tease them to the point where they can no longer resist keeping their hands to themselves.

They've seen this show a hundred times but still you manage to command their attention, still they smile when they see the signs that you're nearly ready. They can't help but grope your thigh, caress your balls and trace a finger along your perineum. VIP access to everywhere but your cock.

Some like seeing as much of you as possible. You stand, pace around the room, giving your appreciative ogler a good view of everything. Being objectified. Giving yourself to their gaze feels so very sexy, doesn't it? Making them wish it was their hands on you? Such power.

Time to let them play. You've brought yourself close to the edge. You've panted, grunted and sighed your way to this moment, arched your back, fondled yourself, made your audience lick their lips in anticipation. Their reward is to hold you as that throbbing release overcomes you. Voyeur becomes participant, exhibitionist becomes toy. One is mentally satisfied, the other physically so.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Four become three

Out of four dates lined up, three actually went ahead. Yes, only one flaked. Unheard of. There was a 20 year age range and so I was expecting three very different evenings. In this regard I was not disappointed.

I had least in common with the first and youngest, but my evening with her was the most enjoyable. She was energetic, positive and curious. Initially concerned that she was so much younger than I, I was pleased to learn how independent and driven she was. She also wasn't afraid about saying how much she liked sex and what she wanted to try.

Date two started in a noisy pub. Why do people feel the need to shout to each other in London? Fuck I sound old. Anyway, date two was wealthy and similar in age to me. She was easily amused and liked to travel (a big tick for me). However, her face scrunched up when I mentioned how I'm into kink. READ MY PROFILE!

Onto date three. It didn't start well as I refused to cross a picket line outside the place she'd chosen to meet. It didn't get much better. I forced myself to politely smile and nod as one rant followed another. At last, after all the negativity, we got onto the subject of kink. She was several years older than I but was only just discovering this side of her. Good for her, but I'd only play with someone that I got on well with outside of the bedroom/dungeon.

- Date one: would meet again, would be happy with friendship
- Date two: will have to gently explain that kink is important to me
- Date three: her ranty kink is not my kink and that's OK, have already declined another date

Monday, 1 January 2018

Tinder dating

I have four dates lined up this week. It's been a while since I took this step (see previous blog post for reason why) and this time I wanted to try dating apps other than OK Cupid.

OKC has in the past been excellent at matching me with suitable women but lately there have been a few misses. And then they decided to enforce real names on its users. That's OK with me Cupid, but I fully understand why others may wish to protect their anonymity.

So now it's time to try something different. Bumble is an app which, should you match with someone, allows only the woman to make first contact. She has 24hrs to do so and, if she doesn't, the match dies forever. A good concept as it empowers the woman, a bad concept as it seems to empower many women to not bother reading profiles, open with "Hi ;)" and nothing else (please! Put in some effort!) and generally treat men like shit (many of whom no doubt deserve/like it).

Next; Tinder. I have four Tinder dates lined up this week alone. Yes, one or two will no doubt cancel at the last minute. This happens depressingly frequently. But still, I'm impressed - so far - with how this app is working out.

I approached Tinder warily and with a descriptive profile that laid out as much of my (open marriage) situation and desires as space would allow. After a while I slapped a 'PLEASE READ' at the beginning. Amazingly people now did read it and responded to the 'feel free to ask questions' invitation.

Many still swiped right on the pictures alone but, when this resulted in a match, they dug a little deeper and wanted to know more. I was amazed. Tinder, as you may well know, has a reputation for being there for hook ups. But some intrepid folk I admire have actually managed to find something deeper than one night stands through it.

Seeking a D/s relationship I definitely need something deeper than a quick fuck. 'Meaningful connection' may be a cliche, but it's a necessity for me when it comes to BDSM. I've enjoyed four long Tinder chats with four very different people, each of whom are curious about or have tried D/s and are happy with or are in open relationships. Now I have four dates. Let's see how they go.