Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Dom again

It has been a very long time since I have made use of my flogger, rope, cuffs etc. I'd even considered selling it all (and haven't totally given up on this idea), but there's a slim prospect of kink in my future. 

As much as I'm tempted to rush back into it, I still think it sensible to get to know someone before putting them in bondage, more for their comfort and security than mine. But...what if I've forgotten how to Dom? Will I remember how to do that intricate tie?

There is, of course, only one way to find out. I'll be honest with any partner and explain that it's been a while and patience may initially be necessary. Whilst I may not pass the How To Be A Dom practical test if I had to take it tomorrow, I would remember the important stuff about care, consent, communication etc and nail the theory. 

Hopefully I'll get to rediscover the practical side sooner rather than later...

Friday, 25 May 2018

All da feelz

Yesterday I spent a very pleasant evening with an ex who I'd very much fallen in love with as my sub, but now love as a friend. I'm not quite over the fact we'll never be anything more, but I'm trying, and I think I'm getting there. The melancholy I felt after parting went less deep than it had before.

Shortly before we met I was starting to arrange a second date with someone I'd had an enjoyable first date with the day before. We both had fun getting to know one another and I'm excited about what could be.

Just before that I'd arranged to catch up with someone who I've seen for so long now without it going anywhere that I no longer think we're dating, but probably just hanging out because we like each other's company. I feel unsure about that, but it's no bad thing.

On the bus home I was hit by that occasional thumping realisation that G was far away from me and we'd not be seeing each other for many more days. I felt lonely, sad but comforted that such feelings were a reaffirmation of how good we are together. We've been together for 185 months and doubt very, very rarely creeps in to our relationship.

Love, melancholy, uncertainty, excitement, loneliness, sadness and comfort all within the space of a couple of hours. I may be losing it, but right now I like to think that I'm truly living life by experiencing such a rich variety of feelings. 

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Trail of instruction

Sigh. My mind seems forever depraved. Apparently I cannot now go on something as innocent as a hiking holiday without my brain cells picking out a thread of kink from the cardigan of decency. Anyway, without further ado, here's a filthy tale about a kinky hiking trip.

Note 1: I enjoy sharing my work for free, but if you enjoy it and can spare the money, please consider making a small donation to a charity/homeless person/fellow sex blogger's coffee fund/Patreon etc. (or Amnesty if none of those work for you).

Note 2: Apart from certain contexts I can find the use of the word 'girls' to describe grown women derogatory if done so by men. In my stories, however, derogatory can be a good thing...



"Hola, donde esta la Hostel Camino?"
"Cinco minutos de aquĆ­, en esta calle."
"Esta calle?"
"Si. Do you speak English?"

She did. Her light blonde hair was a clue that she probably wasn't a local. Jon's tanned skin and black hair probably made her assume he was Argentinian. His Surrey accent and perfect English soon put her straight.

"I'll probably see you there, I'm staying at the hostel too," he continued before taking a sip of cold beer.
"Oh great! Actually I'm exhausted after that bus, mind if I join you for a drink first?"
"Be my guest. This is the only bar in the village but they serve their beer cold."
"Perfect," she beamed before waking up the barman for her drink.

Jon took this opportunity to take in the recent arrival. Although she'd just stepped off a 24-hour bus from Buenos Aires her blue eyes seemed bright and lively and her mouth constantly wide with smile. She wore combat trousers and so he couldn't gauge her figure, but her tight top suggested she was slim. He was assessing her petite breasts when she spun around, almost catching him out.

"So what're you doing here?" She had a soft Scottish accent.
"I'm volunteering at the local clinic, picking up some basic medical skills and Spanish along the way."
"Very cool. I bet you know loads of great hikes around here too."

He knew loads of great hikes. He'd been here for almost a year and had made friends with a small group of other expats, all of whom shared a love of the mountains. There was one other, far less conventional pass time they shared a love of too, but Jon wasn't about to share that with a stranger.

After making their more formal introductions - her name was Rachel and she was spending several months travelling around South America - he walked her to the San Gabriel village hostel where he left her at reception before seeking out his small private room. He noticed a message on his phone.

Hey J, see you at the bar tonight? Fancy a hike tomorrow. D

'D' was Drew, an American who, along with his friends Liam and Jude, owned a small and very expensive hotel in the adjacent village. The three friends formed part of the local kink community. Having lived in London for two years before moving here Jon was amazed to learn that even in a place like this there were people who took an interest in bondage, spanking, Dominance and submission and other such pursuits.

The young volunteer had been in San Gabriel no more than a week before Drew and Jude sidled up to him in the bar. Before long they had been joined by several more regulars, most of whom were from Europe, Australia, New Zealand or North America. At the end of a boozy night many of them started chatting about bondage. Jon had listened amazed at the matter-of-fact way they discussed rope, handcuffs, butt plugs.

Beatrice had been part of this original group. Her attraction to Jon was immediate and soon they were the newest couple in the area. She introduced him to D/s and through this he realised he was definitely on the Dominant side of the spectrum. Then, after six happy months together, she vanished from his life, leaving behind only a simple note.

Met an Aussie guy. We're going to live in Brisbane together. Thanks for all the fun and fucks.
B x

When Rachel had walked into the bar earlier Jon had been in the middle of drowning his sorrows. Beatrice's departure was still painfully fresh.



Tonight was the last night of high season and the beginning of Drew's favourite time of the year. Fewer tourists, less work and still great weather. The many paths threading through the mountains beckoned. Although he knew of some good routes, the young clinic volunteer Jon had become the local expert. Yes, he'd invite Jon, as well as Liam and Jude of course. Plus maybe a few others, who'd have to know them well enough to be aware - if not part - of their kink community.

A plan began to form. He sent Jon a message. Hopefully he had got over Beatrice by now. The fact that he had spent the two weeks since Rachel had arrived flirting with this newcomer must be a good sign.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm in need of a good stretch of the legs and was wondering if you'd like to join me," Drew announced when they had all gathered in the bar.

Along with Jon, Liam and Jude, Chester, Katy, Dan, Leanne and Johannes were present. All of them had made this beautiful place in the foothills of the Andes their home. All of them Doms, subs or switches.

"Where are you thinking of going?" Asked Liam.
"I've no idea. I want to walk between cabins. I want views of the mountains. I want to do a little climbing and I want to be gone at least two nights."
"How about El Camino del Diablo?" Suggested Jude.
"Too dangerous, you know I'm not so good with ridge walks," Drew replied.
"The walk up Valle Verde is a good one," Liam offered.
"Too much forest."
"There's a walk between your village and Bariloche. Takes three days, with cabins in-between. The path is good and there's views most the way."
"Perfect Jon, I knew you'd come up with the goods," Drew grinned whilst Jude and Liam rolled their eyes and laughed, "so who's with me?"
"I have to be at work on Wednesday," said Katy.
"Me too," added Leanne regretfully.
"I can't get out of work at all this week," Dan apologised.

The others all enthusiastically declared their availability. Jon, Liam, Johannes, Chester and Jude would make up the hiking party, but Drew had one other thing in mind.

"I did also think this a great opportunity to get our kink on al fresco, but Jude won't be able to service five men by herself."
"Too fucking right," the sub concurred sparking more laughter.
"We need another girl. It's been a while since we expanded the group. Maybe we should try another ad."

The hostel was the perfect place to find others who enjoyed D/s. Adverts were placed on the notice board where, alongside offers of bikes for sale, laundry services and wine tours, Drew added his own:

Female to join three-day hiking party to Bariloche. Must be s in D/s. Will be joining experienced s and Ds - all good hikers. Email Drew:

Fortunately he had left a few days before they planned to start the hike. Even more fortunately he received a promising response that same evening.

Hi Drew, I saw your ad in the hostel and am interested in joining your hike. I'm female s but with only a bit of experience. Will be in the village bar tomorrow night.



Jude trusted Drew with her life. He was, therefore, the perfect person to explore her submission with. This, however, was different. The group of seven had set off early in the morning and within an hour had already traversed two kilometres of track and 150 metres in altitude. Now, as ordered, she was stripping off her clothes.

"Jude, Rachel, if at any point you change your minds that is, of course, perfectly fine - I want to emphasise that there's zero pressure here," Drew comforted the women.

Jude also took some comfort in knowing that she wasn't the only one getting naked. Rachel, who had been the only person to respond to Drew's ad, was also handing over her clothes to Jon. Both subs were allowed to keep on their hiking socks and boots. Drew had been voted group leader and last night handed out roles.

"Chester, you are in charge of provisions and will make sure we have food, drink and cooking equipment," Drew had begun, "Johannes, you are the accommodation officer. Please ensure we have enough sleeping bags and firelighting things. Liam, you can take care of clothing, making sure we have enough warm stuff. I'll be entertainment officer and will pack rope, lube, rubbers and other treats.

"Jon, you're navigator, medic and, most importantly - and because you're a newcomer to our little community - stable boy. You'll take care of the girls, making sure they're clean and comfortable. Now guys, what do we want from the girls?"

It was therefore into Jon's backpack that Jude and Rachel's clothes went. He pulled out suncream and began rubbing it into the naked girls' skin. He was very much enjoying his job.

"I've been to a few parties," Rachel had explained to Jude the night before, "been naked in front of groups of people before. I loved it. I love giving myself to others. People I trust, of course."
"Of course," Jude agreed, "and you can totally trust these guys. I've played with most of them. I think you'll have a great time."
"I hope so. Actually, what I'm most worried about is the hiking."
"The men will carry our equipment and our clothes. I don't keep particularly fit and you can see I'm not slim. I see this as the perfect opportunity to have a relatively easy walk in the mountains with no baggage and with knowledgable guides."
"Plus some kink on the side," Rachel giggled.
"A whole lot of kink," Jude winked conspiratorially.

Just then Drew had interrupted their private conversation. He had been in full organiser mode and asked them both to join the men at their table.

"OK, the guys have been given their roles. Now for the girls. We're going to need one asshole to fuck. Jude, please bring your butt plugs. Any objections from either of you to coming along fully shaved? No? Thanks. It'll help with suncream application and cleaning off cum. Right! I'll look forward to seeing you all tomorrow first thing then."

Jude's thoughts returned to today as Jon began smearing cream over her large breasts, enjoying the feel of his hands all over her body. She also enjoyed how the other men looked on hungrily, especially when Jon focused on her pussy. The white liquid felt wonderful against her smooth lips.

"Alright stable boy, I think that bit's done," Drew said through a smile.

Now Jude watched as the other naked girl was coated in suncream. She could tell by the way in which Jon reverentially touched Rachel that he held a particular affection for her. He couldn't quite believe his luck. When he first met her he never imagined he'd be seeing her unclothed, let alone touching her in intimate places. He was only slightly bothered that he had to share her with the other men.

"Good, now plug her please," Drew instructed, pointing at Jude and handing Jon the toy and a large bottle of lube.
"Bloody hell, how much lube did you bring?!" Joked Liam.
"Enough to ensure no end of fun," Drew replied.

Jude's cunt twitched at the thought of what was to come and the way in which she was being discussed. As ordered she bent over and spread her butt cheeks, presenting her hole for Jon. The sun felt great on her bare skin. He delicately smeared cool lube over first her puckered orifice and then the small metal plug, before slowly pressing it into her. The men gathered around to watch, all in a state of excitement.

"OK boys, plenty of time to play later. Let's get going," Drew said, before ordering Jude and Rachel to lead the way so that the men could enjoy the view.

The plugged girl walked on in submissive silence, listening to the men chatting and joking behind her. Occasionally they discussed the ways in which they'd use the girls and this resulted in her getting ever more wet between her legs. The butt plug was a constant reminder that her body currently belonged to the men and she took great pleasure in the feeling of it filling her.

Drew wanted more, though. In another couple of hours they rested and ate lunch. The men took this opportunity to feel the naked females in their midst. Drew allowed this to continue for a while then ordered Jude to bend over and present herself again. He handed Jon another, bigger plug.

"I think she needs another plug Jon," he said, "she looks much too comfortable with that one and we want her butt good and ready for us this evening."

Jude felt Jon carefully extract the first plug, apply more lube then insert the other, larger one. The first had widened her a bit and so she wasn't really in any discomfort. Plus she loved this particular plug; it wasn't too big, it definitely wasn't too small and on its base it had a large white fake jewel. When they started walking, though, she was much more aware of having an object in her ass.

Shortly after 3pm they passed another hiker coming the other way. He was the first they'd seen all day. Rachel and Jude nonchalantly greeted him and walked on.

"Hi...," said the hiker, "Erm...Hi," he said again, not quite believing his eyes.

The hiker stopped and turned as the party passed him. He saw five fit, clothed men and two entirely naked women, one of whom appeared to have a jewel between her butt cheeks. Jude felt the man's amazed eyes take her in and smiled at the thought of his disbelief and arousal.

Later that night, the hiker wanked himself silly at the memory of what he'd seen. Jude suspected this would happen and laughed at the thought of it, then bit her lip when Chester spanked her. The men occasionally slapped the girls' butts, cajoling them on.

"Another hour and we should be there," Jon announced.
"Right, in which case it's time for some rope," Drew replied, "and another plug."

He withdrew from his bag two lengths of bright red rope and yet another butt plug, this one even larger than the one currently nestled between Jude's cheeks. She balked at the sight of it but obediently bent over and received it in silence. This one, she knew, would make it uncomfortable to walk.

To add to her discomfort the rope was tied over her body in a mesh-like pattern and then passed between her legs and up her back. She watched Chester and Johannes make the same tie on Rachel and therefore knew that a knot had been tied in just the right place to rub against her clit as she walked. It was going to be a long hour.

By the end of that hour both Rachel and Jude were a hot mess. They had spent a day being objectified, spanked, pinched and stroked. Just now they'd endured the light rubbing of soft rope against their clits, resulting in them both having to stop in order to overcome a shuddering orgasm, much to the delight of the men.

They were now stopped outside a simple wood cabin. The day was still warm but the men had gathered wood on their way with which to light a fire in the fireplace when night brought along its blanket of cold.

Jude's asshole was on the point of feeling sore and so she was relieved when Drew first untied her and then removed the plug. He bent her over and showed her hole to the group. The sun felt great on her pinkness.

"What do you think guys? Is she ready for us?" They took a good look at her gaping anus and agreed she was.
"I think so too," said Drew, "Jon, could you please take the girls to be washed?" He handed Jon a douche.
"Sure," said Jon, accepting the anal cleanser, "there's a little lake just over there."
"Here then, let's put these on them so that we know where they are," Drew suggested

He withdrew two sets of nipple clamps from his pack. Both had little bells attached. Whilst Jon took care of Rachel, Drew pinched Jude's nipples so that the clamps took a good grip. Jon led the girls away, their breasts jingling tunefully.



It had been a tiring day but she knew that she needed to preserve most of her energy for this evening. Although the men had spent most of the hike with their hands on her naked body they had restrained themselves from going further. Last night Jude had made it clear that, because the girls had not even had to carry the clothes on their back, they were expected to allow the men to use their bodies all night if they wanted. Rachel couldn't wait.

She followed Jude and Jon to a small lake, not far from the cabin. The clamps were delightfully tight on her nipples and the thought of the bells being used to identify where the girls were, as if they were nothing but animal fucktoys, only heightened her arousal.

Johannes had handed them a small spade and Jon allowed the girls some privacy to take care of certain business. The lake was surrounded by trees over the tops of which the snowy mountains peeked. Its water was cool, blissfully so after a hot day of hiking. Jon watched as they used an environmentally friendly soap to clean themselves.

"Does it hurt?" Rachel asked as Jude washed around her anus.
"No, but it would have if Drew hadn't started stretching me out with the smaller plugs," Jude replied as she ducked under the water and rinsed herself with the douche.
"Can I see?"

Rachel marvelled at how the other sub's asshole gaped. Jon - already thoroughly aroused - gave her instructions to lick it and the blonde girl readily complied. She'd never licked another woman's ass before and revelled at the sensation of its smooth tightness and warm depths.

"That felt fucking awesome," Jude uttered when Jon ordered them to finish cleaning, "have you never tried a plug then?"
"No," replied Rachel, "I've never tried anal either. I was waiting for the right moment."

Rachel stepped out of the lake and the stable boy towelled her dry. She'd fallen in lust with him the moment they'd met on that first day in the bar and, whilst they seemed to have connected on an intellectual level, she hungered for his cock. At least she knew that lust was mutual, evidenced right now by the way in which he ensured her butt, breasts and pussy were perfectly dry.

Jon lubed up Jude's ass then slipped her plug back in. She then led the way back to the cabin with Rachel and the Dom closely behind. Two pairs of tuneful breasts announced their imminent arrival.

"Food and stove are in the cabin," Chester said as his eyes consumed the naked women, "we're having veggie pasta. Try not to take too long making it, we're starving."

Rachel prepared the vegetables whilst Jude set out the stove and pans. Momentarily alone, they recommenced their conversation.

"This is the longest I've ever been naked," exclaimed Rachel.
"I'm honoured to be present for such a momentous occasion!" Jude laughed, "you've such a hot little body."
"Thanks, I can't keep my eyes off of yours either. So what does it feel like? Being fucked in the ass?"
"Good, so good. If done right it can make me orgasm. For me it's the feeling of completeness, of being totally used. Even, sometimes, of degradation," a grin and faraway look passed over Jude's face.

The subs were allowed to eat alone first whilst the men sat outside drinking and laughing. With the setting sun came the chill of night. Liam built a fire in the cabin's fireplace and conjured flames from a flint. Soon the room was cosily warm and the women once again forgot their nudity. They were reminded of it again soon enough.

When the men came in for their dinner the subs were ordered to kneel facing away from where they sat. Heads down, legs spread, breasts pressed to the floor. With this display of two exposed assholes and two exposed cunts, the men ate and discussed who would do what with each orifice.

Dinner was finished quickly. The Doms were hungry for the next course. Drew stood and laid out standard rules of consent and protection. He then pulled out some duct tape from his pack, tore off a small strip and secured it over Rachel's asshole.

"This hole is off-limits," he announced, "that leaves five other holes for five guys. Girls, please open your mouths and get ready to receive."

Rachel complied. With the tape across her ass she once again felt humiliated and once again felt very turned on by this. The next thing she felt was a tongue on her clit. Whose it was she knew not, but she did know they were expert with it.

"That's it guys, lick 'em good and get 'em ready!" Drew was in a very happy mood.

Chester stood in front of Rachel and unzipped his fly. The men had washed themselves in the lake too - a scene that Rachel wished she'd witnessed - and this first cock tasted wonderfully fresh. She knew that the next one would likely taste of her own juices.

Sure enough, it did. She didn't mind the taste, but was grateful when Liam eventually pulled off the condom and let her suck on his flesh. His manhood was a thing of beauty; just the right length and thickness, plus smooth with just enough of a curve to feel it inside her. At that moment she felt another cock enter her from behind.

It was amazing how different each felt and how each man had a different rhythm. She wondered how Jon would feel, or if he'd been inside her yet but was then distracted by Jude having both her ass and clit licked at the same time. How did that feel?

Liam then lay on the floor, his dick standing proud, so that Jude could lower herself onto him. His cock was slowly swallowed by her ass. Drew then straddled her and penetrated her spread cunt whilst she turned and sucked off Chester. Neither Liam nor Drew were wearing condoms. Jude had earlier explained why this would be.

"We're fluid bonded, which means that we each have been tested, know who has what and accept that we will enjoy unprotected sex only with one another. Any new partner coming into our group must also show their test results or wear a rubber. Trust is key, but I know that won't ever be a problem."

Jealousy briefly overcame Rachel but she remembered her place and started fellating Johannes who was taking his turn with her mouth. That must mean that...yes, there was that hard pressure filling her from behind - Jon was now fucking her. He felt fucking spectacular.

Johannes and Drew swapped places and Rachel now tasted Jude on the group leader's dick. It was a slightly bitter, musky taste which she didn't find in any way to be unpleasant. Later she would watch as Jude took Liam into her mouth and imagined Jude getting the same clean, earthy taste that she had earlier when tonguing the other woman in the lake.

The cabin was filled with the sound of two women squealing and five men grunting. It was the most deliciously arousing sound Rachel had ever heard, particularly when she considered the fact that it was her body eliciting such manly noises. At one point the men agreed that the jingling tits had become annoying and so the clamps were removed, giving the subs a brief moment of enjoyable pain.

Jon's cock was shaped, it seemed, to precisely pleasure her g-spot. She came over and over again until she could take no more. Now she was being used as a surface for cum. First Liam then Chester ejaculated sticky cream all over her stomach and tits. She wasn't allowed to wipe it off and so, whilst the semen dried, she watched Jon fill his condom as he orgasmed into Jude's ass. The way in which he stroked and kissed her immediately afterwards was so sweet.

Jude was also left with a good coating of cum on various parts of her body and she, too, wasn't allowed to clean herself. Caked in the men's essence the two girls were sent to bed, but not before Drew peeled the tape off of Rachel's ass. As she settled into her sleeping bag she imagined that the tacky tape residue between her cheeks was Jon's yummy cum.


Jon and Rachel

Mesmerised by two exquisite female bottoms wiggling up the path ahead of him - the way in which one buttock tensed whilst the other relaxed, the way in which the crease at the bottom of each crescent curve appeared and disappeared, the way in which both cheeks rubbed against the other - Jon quickly snapped out of his reverie when Rachel tripped on a rock and fell forwards heavily. When he got to her he saw that she'd badly cut her forearm.

"Does it hurt?" He tried to hide the concern in his voice.
"A little. It's bleeding so much." Rachel held back tears.
"Don't worry about that, I'll soon stop it."

He rummaged around his bag and pulled out antiseptic wipes, sutures and a bandage. His expertise was apparent as he quickly went to work cleaning, closing and dressing the wound. This still took time, though, plus he insisted that Rachel take a while to recover. He agreed that the others should continue; the next cabin was only an hour away and there was only one path between here and there.

Once he'd finished bandaging her arm Jon dug out some of his clothes and let the sub sit on them so that her bare behind didn't have to endure hard rock. He then wrapped his sleeping bag around her in case she was in shock.

They sat there for almost twenty minutes, discussing the view, the others in the group and each other's kinks. Jon listened intently as Rachel described how jealous she felt at Jude's anal attentions last night. Rachel, in turn, listened with fascination at how Jon thrilled at having two sexy, naked women to enjoy whenever he wanted.

At last and inevitably they kissed. Dom and sub fell deep into each other, releasing weeks of pent up desire. Both were relieved at how this kiss confirmed that the feeling was mutual. Tongues danced but slowly, lips touched but delicately. It was a tender passion that passed between them.

Jon's Dominant, caring instinct soon took over. He checked her bandage and, satisfied that it looked good, stood and declared they should move on.

"Are you ready to go?" He asked.
"I am."
"You can keep the sleeping bag, or I can give you your clothes back?"

In response to this question Rachel stood and let the sleeping bag fall from her shoulders. Her naked skin glowed golden in the sun's final hours, a slight glisten between her vulva betraying her feelings.

"I'm your sub. I'm yours to enjoy. My nudity gives you pleasure and I shall therefore remain naked for you," her words oozed out like melodic music.

Jon couldn't get any words out in reply. The swell in his trousers said all that Rachel needed to hear. He gathered and packed his things then, with a swat to her butt, ordered her to lead on. After a few minutes he remembered that he had to tie rope over her body.

"It's going to make me cum every few minutes again," Rachel protested.
"That's why I'm doing it," he replied whilst securing the final knot between the lips of her pussy, "but today you need to get my permission."

Jon kissed her when he was done. Sure enough, less than ten minutes later, the sub had to stop whilst an orgasm approached.

"Please may I cum?" she requested.

Rachel gasped at his refusal then stood perfectly still and took long, deep breaths so as to allow the moment of ecstasy to pass her by. Jon decided to continue edging her for the rest of the walk, despite her clear desperation for release. He wanted her to be entirely clear who her body and her pleasure belonged to.

Amongst these occasional interruptions they continued talking, Rachel, as always, in front. They discussed fluid bonding and STIs. They discussed other partners and precautions taken. They avoided talk of the future and where all this may be leading. Already they'd become very good friends, albeit a friendship where she'd spent more time naked for him than talking with him.

The final hour's walk to the cabin went too quickly. He'd spent almost the entire time ignoring the landscape of the Andes in order to focus on the landscape of the girl. His girl. She put an extra wiggle in her step when she realised she was being gawped at and enjoyed the feeling of being naked and lusted for all over again. She also hoped that this would soften his resilience to her orgasming. It did not.

Tonight's cabin boasted a nearby waterfall and small pool rather than a lake, but this was perfectly sufficient for ablutions. Wary of her injured arm, Jon took it upon himself to wash his sub. He scooped handfuls of water over her neck, shoulders, back and breasts then splashed water over and between her legs and butt. He painted her body with soap then used his hands to smudge it all over into a lather before repeating the process with the water.

Her sex felt warm and wet as he eased in two fingers, looking her in the eye as he did so. She kept her arms behind her back and submissively surrendered herself to his touch. Jon felt as though this pretty creature was his property to take special care of and treated her with authoritative respect. Rachel then asked permission to be left alone with Jude.

"Is it OK to borrow your douche?" she asked the other sub once Jon was out of earshot.
"Sure, I'm done with it now and have cleaned it. Do you know how to use it?"
"Fill it with water, put it up there and squeeze?"
"Yup!" laughed Jude, "best do it a few times to be thorough. I've also cleaned the plugs I'm not wearing, would you like one?"
"Yes please, thanks Jude."

When the subs returned to the cabin, their breasts once again adorned with nipple clamps and bells, they saw that a couple of trees had some ropes dangling prettily from lower limbs. Chester was busy whittling two sturdy-looking sticks so that they had rounded tips. These were then pushed into the ground beneath the rope.

Jon didn't feel adequately expert in suspension bondage to help out, instead he watched as Johannes and Drew tied the girls into the ropes in a way that, when they were hauled up, they were perfectly comfortable. Their arms were tied behind their backs and their legs were tied so that they bent backwards. Two gaping cunts hovered over the sticks. By now all the men had noted the toy in Rachel's ass.

Chester completed his work by stretching two condoms over the rounded point of each stick. He then added lube and stood back as the girls were lowered inch by inch until both had been impaled. The men sat back, drank a beer and tightened and slackened the ropes so that the subs were gently fucked.

The subs helplessly resigned themselves to their fate and the horny perversions of the men. Eventually they began to enjoy the feeling of this slow motion penetration. Their sighs of sexual gratification carried on the soft breeze.

"I think that's enough," Drew declared, "how about we get our cocks into those girls?"

Every man enthusiastically agreed. Jon rescued Rachel from her ropes, checked her arm then carried her into the cabin. He laid her on some sleeping bags then sat behind her and spread her legs so that Drew could get to work with his tongue.

The sub looked pleadingly at Jon who acquiesced and fed her his cock. Rachel proceeded to make slurpy mmmph noises as she savoured the sensation of his magnificent dick in her mouth. Liam took up position between her legs and slid inside her. For the second night in a row Rachel found herself being spitroasted by two charming, handsome men.

When Drew had approached her just now with duct tape she asked permission for her asshole to remain unsealed should anyone wish to lick her there. Every man, of course, wanted to do just that and so she rolled onto her side with one leg cocked so that she could continue sucking Jon, Liam could continue fucking her and Chester - who had the honour of removing the plug - could get to her tight hole with his tongue.

"How does that tongue feel?" Jon asked, pulling away from her mouth to allow her to reply.
"Wet, soft, so fucking good," Rachel replied before resuming her oral duty.
"Come and have a taste of her," Chester called over to Johannes, "she's delicious."

Jon watched as Johannes took Chester's place tonguing Rachel's hole. He looked down and saw ecstatic abandon all over her face, then decided he wanted to feel himself inside Jude's butt and replaced Drew there.

Buried deep in another's ass was a uniquely satisfying feeling. Tightness gripped Jon's cock all the way along, especially at her entrance which was currently firmly encircling the base of his shaft. He caught Rachel's eye and she blushed and look away, back into the eyes of the man she was sucking off.

The floor was a mess of condoms, each man having gone from mouth to pussy to ass to pussy to mouth and round again. They took the care of their subs extremely seriously, much more so than their own gratification. A final scattering of rubbers rained down as cocks swelled with cum and released over smooth female skin.

Jon's was the last manhood standing. Rachel had asked him to wait until the end. Whilst the others lounged about, panting, gaping, sweating and satisfied Rachel stood and motioned for Jon to follow her out of the cabin. The rest of the group looked around and shared knowing smiles, happy that another Dom and sub had apparently found each other.

Jon grabbed his sleeping bag, some lube and Liam's flint. He pulled up his trousers and walked his naked girl over to a small clearing near the cabin, gathering fallen branches and twigs along the way. These he piled up and lit into a bonfire, quickly so that the sub didn't feel the chill for too long.

He put down the sleeping bag and Rachel demurely laid herself out on it in the position she'd started the evening in; on her side, one leg cocked to give him a view of her sex and asshole, twisted at the waist so as to give him access to her breasts. He unpinched the nipple clamps, the short, sharp pain she felt eased by his slow rubbing of her pointed nubs.

"Every single bit of me is yours," Rachel said before opening her mouth wide and spreading her butt to give him the perfect view.

Jon had a choice of three places in which to satisfy himself. Knowing what she wanted and recognising the auspiciousness of this first time, he squirted lube onto his fingers and began circling it around her asshole. After what seemed to her like an age, he adoringly eased in a finger, then two, marvelling at how she stretched to accommodate them.

"Ohhh, oh that feels amazing," Rachel groaned, sticking her butt out more in the hope that he'd go deeper.

Instead of reacting to her obvious desire, Jon withdrew his fingers and gave them to Rachel to suck on. She tasted only a brief hint of her scent but, before she could ponder more she felt his hard appendage pressing against her asshole. It felt as though it wouldn't fit but then suddenly he was inside her compact tunnel.

Jon paused for a moment to print into his memory this feeling of intimate snugness. He took hold of Rachel's hair so that she had no doubt that she'd been conquered.

"OK?" He checked.
"Fuck yes. Mmmm, yes, deeper is good"

He took his time going further inside her, stopping immediately when she bucked. Far enough. He pulled back, thrust forward and repeated over and over until his sub was groaning loudly and leaning into him for more. She was discovering an entirely new erogenous part of her body, he was learning what she liked and gave a little bit to her at a time, but not too much to spoil her.

An exuberant orgasm shook out of her. Recognising what she now needed, Jon slowed his hips and pulled out. Rachel collapsed onto the blanket and Jon fell beside her, stroking her and marvelling at her body. She looked at him.

"You're amazing," she sighed, "I like giving every bit of myself to you. Are you enjoying me?"
"I am. Yes, very much so."
"That makes me so happy. We know enough about each other, do you want to bareback me? I'm all yours if you want me."

Jon took a moment to think. He felt an enormous responsibility towards this sub. But he trusted her and knew there was a special connection between them, one which he imagined could only be felt between Master and sub. He pulled off the condom and kissed her whilst she reached behind and took hold of him.

She moved her lips from his mouth to his neck, chest and belly. Getting a nod of permission she enveloped the tip of his cock in her mouth, using her tongue to play with the slit as she took him deeper in. Once again the object of her worship grew hard and proud.

Job done, she got back to her knees and once again offered herself. Jon licked her ass and clit before making that magical connection between dick and vagina. She didn't feel much more different than when he'd penetrated her with protection, but the symbolism of what they were doing - this powerful, trustful bond - was almost overwhelming for them both.

Once again she felt that perfect cock curvature set off some tantalising button just inside her. He had turned her so that she was on her back, legs spread and looking him in his eyes as he continued his conquering. A dexterous thumb was teasing the saliva-slick pearl nestled in her cunt, doubling down on her stimulation.

Having surrendered herself entirely, she found that climaxes came fast and spectacularly. He shushed her apologies for finishing so quickly, but turned her over for a spanking anyway, his dipping manhood dripping with her wetness. Now he put his tongue to work again, drilling it deep into her rear, lubricating and widening her pursed aperture. Satisfied with his work, bare flesh of cock slid into bare acquiescence of ass.

Every moment until now he'd had her happiness as his top priority. Having noted her repeated orgasms he allowed this time for himself. With a passion-fuelled pounding he at last drew his sap towards the final act. But even now his mind was considering her needs. Certain about what would be the perfect dual denouement, he spent only a few minutes enjoying the grip of her rear fuck hole, slid out, strutted to the other end of her body and served his cock up to her gasping maw.

Rachel tasted her pussy. She tasted her ass. She now really, really wanted to taste her Master. For full dominance he leaned over and plugged her butt with his fingers whilst she desperately licked him, sucked him, tightened her lips around him. There was that throbbing and swelling, pumping and bucking of his cock and yes, his wonderful, wonderful grunts as he released himself whilst throwing back his head, seeing fireworks amongst the stars.

Rachel drank every last drop, lapping him clean then pushing back into a kneeling position, hands behind her back. Jon, once recovered, took in this heavenly vision before him, not quite believing his good fortune at having found her. He then helped her to her feet. As lovers; equals.

He pulled his clothes back on, checked she was still comfortably warm then inspected her damaged arm. Returning to the cabin they stepped between their sleeping friends and he found new dressings for the wound.

The feeling of contentment as she watched this caring, amusing, intelligent man treat her with loving pride filled her with almost as much contentment as had the feeling of his domination. Without one, they both thought, there could not be the other.