Monday, 25 June 2018

An education

Being given another's submission is truly a precious gift. Whilst I acknowledge that they submit as much for their enjoyment as they do for mine (more so, I would hope), I feel the need to express my gratitude through my actions more than my words.

The first few times I play with a sub I endeavour to discover their particular pleasure buttons. This learning experience involves both practical discovery - probing the body with fingers, hands or tongue - and simple conversation (often aided by inhibition-reducing pub drinks). I want to become as expert in them as possible.

My education never ends. After years together I was still uncovering joy switches with my last sub. Also, with increased time together comes increased trust to try new things. I'm in early education stages with a new sub now and already I'm very much enjoying being a student again.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

The estate

Author's note: I recently tried to lose myself in London and found unfamiliar streets, close to the city centre yet off the beaten track. My mind began to drift...

Note 2: I enjoy sharing my work for free, but if you enjoy it and can spare the money, please consider making a small donation to a charity/homeless person/fellow sex blogger's coffee fund/Patreon etc. (or Amnesty if none of those work for you).

Note 3: Anna Maria Helena, the comtesse de Noaille, was a real person. I recommend you check out her excellent life story.


Dating back to the 18th century, the library was the oldest building on the estate. Its sturdy colonnade and lofty pediment was matched in grandeur by the slightly more recent town hall, its brick and stone facade having been completed by the early Victorians.

The two old buildings sat on opposite corners of a large square. Completing the sides of the square stood other functional buildings, none built any later than the 19th century. The swimming pool and gymnasium. The storehouse. The medical clinic. The jail. Behind these buildings lay a jumble of vaguely concentric streets on which were more conventional townhouses.

Viewed from above it looked like part of the continuous conurbation of central London. Viewed more carefully you would notice a perimeter line of unbroken houses - barely noticeable due to the irregularity of that line -, roads which appeared to go under some of the buildings to emerge on the other side, and perennial trees.

Trees were an important feature of the estate. The central square contained many more perennials, as did the surrounding streets. Although appearing only a little greener than the surrounding city, the positioning of the trees had been carefully considered so as to hide the naked men who walked beneath.


Zoe was coming to the end of her daily commute, strolling along a street adjacent to hers but full of hundreds of strangers. This city forced you to think small, to only consider your immediate neighbours as familiar, to not think twice about having never strayed into that area just there because there were so many more areas you could accidentally stray into.

As far as Zoe was concerned, living in a city where people didn't think twice about not exploring their entire neighbourhood was a good thing. She turned onto a one-way road that ran beneath some Georgian townhouses, passing a 'no entry' road sign. Just beyond the buildings the road curved right, or left into a dead-end. Zoe went left and came to a door which she opened by entering a complex code into an adjacent keypad.

A dozen other people used this entrance. It was their personal portal into the estate and there were a few hundred other such portals dotted around the perimeter. They took the form of regular doors, office block revolving doors, garage doors or gates, all designed to merge in with the cityscape, all serving to permit only the members of this special community.

As well as opening the perimeter door, Zoe's combination also alerted Hoyt that she had returned. He immediately began preparing a cup of Greek mountain herb tea, selected one of her favourite albums to play and warmed up some massage oil. Several minutes later she entered her apartment and was met by her man who stood before her entirely naked.

Unlike some of the inhabitants of the estate, Zoe hadn't been born here. The estate leaders had noticed her when she was in her early twenties, noting her ability for discretion, her longing for a new world order and her keen sense of feminism which was overlaid with a strong appreciation of men. All key attributes for any who lived here and identified as female.

Like every other newcomer Zoe had been amazed to discover this secret world in the middle of London. She was delighted to see a successful female-led society and was enthralled by the notion of being served by men. Soon after her arrival she was asked to select what she liked in a man:

- Slightly taller than her
- Well read
- Blonde, shortish hair
- Brown eyes
- Keen traveller
- Sense of adventure
- Positive

The list went on much longer so as to reduce the margin of error and provide a perfect match. After prompting - and much giggling - she was encouraged to add more personal requests:

- Firm bum
- Large shoulders
- Maybe bi-sexual?
- Average-sized penis
- Good with tongue!
- Not too hairy but some hair is good

The system had selected Hoyt as the man most suitable for her tastes. When he turned up at her door she thought he was perfect and, as with all men in the community, served her willingly whether scrubbing floors or sexually pleasuring her.


Anna Maria Helena, comtesse de Noaille, was already a very wealthy woman at just 20 years of age - only slightly younger than the recently crowned Queen Victoria. She owned property in Paris, London and the south of France, supported the first female doctor in the USA and financed a journal that employed only women and promoted equality.

In addition to spending her money so publicly, Helena also funded a society so secretive that it remains hidden to all but a few thousand to this day. On this day in 1846, however, she had no thoughts of the future nor of her mansion in the French Riviera. Today she was far more concerned with the work of the builders she was paying to construct her new London estate.

Helena had employed several different firms to work on separate parts of the site, at the centre of which was a large square with a couple of grand buildings not quite one hundred years of age. The architects had received careful instructions and this was the day on which the final bricks were to be laid.

The comtesse was pleased with the work and so signed it off and handed over the final sum of money. Now she turned to her good friends and business partners, Sophie and Elizabeth.

"We have our little town, ladies. Time to fill it," she announced.
"Interviews for the ladies are ongoing but we've already approved three hundred," Sophie explained.
"We now have almost the same number of gentlemen," added Elizabeth.
"Can we be assured of their devotion and discretion?" asked Helena.
"Yes, they are entirely committed to the project and have no family to miss them."
"Good, then we are ready."

The three of them became the first leaders of the estate. They established the rules which remain in effect today:

1. Must never speak of the society to anyone outside of it.
2. Must surrender their every item of wealth and property upon joining the society. This will be retained by the society should the rule above be broken and their public reputation destroyed.
3. Must treat one another and the gentlemen with respect.
4. Will be accommodated for free on the estate.

1. As per rules 1. and 2. above.
2. Must obey every order by any lady on the estate, unless an order would cause harm to any being.
3. Must remain on the estate. Any excursion beyond must be agreed with the leadership and always in the company of a lady.
4. Will present themselves for inspection and categorisation by the leadership on their first day (and select other days).


The estate and society had moved on a lot since those early days. Zoe walked past one of the male stables and noted a few women gathered by the large viewing windows. She joined them and immediately felt a twinge of excitement.

Many of the men had been ordered to remain permanently naked. Some had been collared, some locked in chastity. This display of male flesh was the reason why the general public were forbidden on the premises and why so many perennial trees had been planted (so as to protect naked male bodies from prying eyes in the sky).

Occasionally some of the men grew frisky. This was one of those occasions. As well as the usual amenities (plus a few luxuries) necessary for a comfortable life, the men were provided with baby oil and lube. 

Two of the men were currently curled into one another, sucking on each other's cock. There wasn't anywhere for them to hide their sexual liaison; just about everything they did was on show for any woman in a voyeuristic mood. When two men could no longer resist one another they always drew a small, grateful crowd.

The two studs currently performing were built in very different ways. One was pale, slender and effeminate. He liked to occasionally wear skirts and makeup and had a loving girlfriend. His current partner was strong and tanned. His owner loved him for his cock, which was currently deep in the throat of the other man. With a strong sense of community, both owners had given their men permission to play with other men. They also felt pride at how their guys could excite other women.

A twist in this performance came when the stronger man got on all fours, his butt towards the window and presented for his current partner. Not needing any more encouragement, the slender man took a handful of lube and carefully worked it into the exposed hole before him. He then slid on a condom, slathered it with lube then eased in between the tanned and toned buttocks.

Zoe watched for a few minutes more, mesmerised by how the cock on the man receiving swung back and forward as he was being fucked. She enjoyed watching two men together, but right now she wanted relaxation rather than excitement. Her own naked man greeted her at the door, handed her the tea then showed her to the massage table.

As Hoyt's strong hands worked at a knot in her shoulders, Zoe thanked the founders of the estate for the umpteenth time since her arrival several years ago. Life in this community was perfect; polite, obedient men and strong, supportive women. Plus, of course, gorgeous males on hand to satisfy any urge or kink.

Yes, Hoyt was a godsend. But Hoyt was no longer perfect. He was as amazing an object as she could imagine, but she wasn't in love with him. There were couples and polyamorous groups in their eighties here, the men still submissive, the women still strong, and both or all entirely devoted to one another. She couldn't imagine that with Hoyt and she was sure that the feeling was mutual.

As his hands continued to pummel away her stress, her hands found their way to his bare behind. Firm, not too hairy, perfect. Although she held this man in her hands, she held another in her thoughts. 

Justin. He had joined her workplace only a couple of months ago but she already felt as though she knew him so well. They had recently returned from a trip to their Tokyo office with the rest of the team, the two of them finding themselves in each other's company every evening. She couldn't bear being away from him.

The estate leaders lived in townhouses, just like everyone else, each one representing a third of the community. Zoe stopped fondling Hoyt, got dressed and requested a meeting with Jane, her representative. Within minutes Zoe was in Jane's office, being served a Turkish apple tea by her husband. Jane liked to dress him in a thong and Zoe briefly enjoyed the view before opening the conversation.

"I've fallen in love."
"With Hoyt? That's wonderful."
"No. With an outsider."
"I know that's a risk."
"It is, but it's not forbidden. Have you told him about the estate?"
"No. I wanted your advice on how to proceed."
"Well, let's meet him somewhere on the outside. How about The Pankhurst, this Saturday at 6?"


The Pankhurst was one of many businesses owned by the society, but it was their only pub. Zoe was lost in Justin's brown eyes when Jane entered. Justin had been somewhat prepared for this meeting by Zoe. She'd explained that she wanted him to move into her place, in a community that was a little different. She also asked him to be open-minded during this meeting with her landlady.

"Hi Zoe. Justin? Good to meet you," the older woman said.
"Good to meet you too. Zoe had just started telling me about this community of yours."
"I imagine she's been quite secretive about it? There's a good reason for that. Our secrecy is essential, I'm only talking with you today because Zoe is one of our most trusted members and has assured me of your discretion."
"She has. I know that the existence of your community is dependent on its being hidden from the public. Is it a shelter for women?"
"In a sense, yes, although we're mostly avoiding society rather than dangerous men. We also enjoy the company of men, although they're strictly vetted."
"I understand and would like to assure you that your secret would be safe with me."
"You don't fully understand, not yet anyway. This isn't a temporary thing. You will be required to live and work on our estate permanently, allowed out only in the company of Zoe or I or another designated woman. Our society is strictly matriarchal, you will be giving up your freedom in the world for your devotion of Zoe."
"Oh, right."
"So, there are big sacrifices that we ask you to make. In return you will lead a very good, comfortable life, free from any serious worries, able to enjoy your own pursuits and still free to go beyond the estate."
"It's an amazing place to live Justin, I know we'll both be very happy there," Zoe added.
"I believe you, both of you, but it's a big decision, I need time to think."
"Absolutely, but please speak to no one about this," Jane emphasised.
"Of course. I really do believe in what you do."

Jane departed, leaving the two lovers to talk a little more on this possible, improbable life together. Zoe added a few more details, about how she may see one or two other men for recreational purposes and how she would likely leave Justin unclothed the majority of the time. 

It was a lot of information for Justin to take in. He really did like the idea and could easily imagine devoting himself to Zoe. There was one last doubt.

"Can we still travel? Still go and see the world?"
"Yes, of course, but you'll have to go with me or a designated other woman. In fact, the society owns holiday properties all over the world. There's a beautiful resort in St Lucia, an opulent ski lodge in Switzerland and a magnificent chateau on the French Riviera. These are just my favourites."
"Then it's an easy decision."


Justin's induction began at 9am, exactly one month to the day since he'd first met Jane. She was seated in front of him, along with Ria and Asha; the other leaders. The society was a democracy with new leaders elected every four years. Each represented an area of the estate as well as being responsible for other important tasks such as maintenance, culture or male stock control.

He was naked and stood on a low table. The situation felt somewhat clinical to him, but that comparison would soon be wildly inaccurate. Asha stood and approached him, holding a small vibrator. She took hold of his cock and held the sex toy against his frenulum. He began to harden immediately after she switched it on. 

"We need to measure you. Some women like big cocks, some like small, some like big girths, some like circumcised. Once we know your size you'll be entered into the system along with other measurements and notes so as to accurately provide a match for any woman browsing the catalogue. We also match or educate on STIs and you'll be sent to the clinic for a check."
"Any woman?"
"Yes, or any that identifies as a woman. Of course the woman must always seek permission from Zoe first. OK, 5.6 inches long and a four inch girth, not circumcised and not very veiny. Smooth. Average size balls. Please get on all fours."

He obeyed and next felt lube being applied to his anus. Asha put on latex gloves and continued her dictation, Jane adding the information into a computer.

"Tight, not much hair. Very responsive. Have you been penetrated here before?" 
"Not really," Justin replied once he realised he was being spoken to.
"Are you averse to gay sex?"
"I have no problem with it, although would consider a cock in there to be a limit."
"That's fine, we'll put you down as bi-curious. Information can always be updated."

Justin gasped as Asha found his g-spot. He stuck his butt out and offered more of himself to the authoritative woman. She continued for another few seconds then withdrew her fingers and patted him on his buttocks.

"Good boy," she smiled, "I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun exploring that part of you. Now, please stand and approach Jane and Ria."

Asha seated herself then spread her legs and lifted her skirt. The other women did the same, they were all naked beneath.

"Show us your oral skills, beginning with Ria."

Justin got back to his knees and sought out Ria's expectant pussy with his tongue. He had orally pleasured a total of seven women in his life, learning a little more each time he did so. One of the most important lessons was that each responded differently and so the first minute or two should be spent probing for responses.

Ria seemed to like light flicks of the tongue on her clit. Jane liked long, rapid laps. Asha responded best to circling the clit with occasional sucks of the nub. He tried to introduce his fingers but was swiftly reminded that this was an oral-only exercise.

Justin was given five minutes with each woman, with a thirty second break in-between. He enjoyed their taste and was amused by how they tried to maintain their composure despite the stimulation. 

Most of all he enjoyed how the two women not currently being served by his tongue couldn't resist groping him. They spanked him, played with his dick and finger fucked him to keep the stud constantly aware of who was in charge and what he was to them. If they weren't careful he would be the first to orgasm.

Fortunately Ria responded strongly to his attentions and came strongly, gushing sweet liquid onto Justin's face. Asha certainly thrilled at the sensation of his lips on hers, but she didn't orgasm. Worried that this may have a bearing on his application to the estate, Justin doubled his efforts with Jane.


In her apartment Zoe sat alone having dismissed Hoyt for the day. Her thoughts were crowded with Justin. How was his assessment going? Was he OK with it? Would he hate her for making him go through it? Her gaze out the window was met by a few warning shots of rain. If he could bring Jane to orgasm he'd be accepted. Zoe knew he was more than qualified in this regard. Her phone chimed.

Please come and collect your man

OK, that was probably a good sign right? Or maybe they wanted Zoe to tell him the bad news and escort him off the estate? Her mind tortured itself with scenarios as she pulled on a jacket and rushed out towards the town hall.

A rare moment of both love and lust gripped her heart and dampened her pussy as she arrived to find Justin standing naked with the three women leaders, all fully clothed again. He turned to face Zoe when she entered the room, but not before she'd noted the glisten of lube between his cheeks. 

"Hi Zoe, come on in," Jane beckoned her over.
"Hi, how'd he do?" Zoe replied.
"He'll make a fine addition to our stable." Asha said, "although I'd like another go with him to see if he can make me cum!"
"Totally worth trying again, don't you think Ria?" Jane asked with a smile.
"Oh hell yes. You got a good one there Zoe."
"Wow, er, thank you! I'm so happy! What happens now?"
"Now you take him to the tattooist, then get him fitted for his cage and then he has to stay in the men's accommodation for a month. After that time you can take him into your apartment if you wish."
"And Hoyt?"
"You can keep him too if you wish, or if not then there are plenty of other ladies he can serve. I know he has a thing for your friend Hannah."

The tattoo parlour was one of those businesses owned by the society outside the walls of the estate. It was run by Ursula, Shirley and Michel, the latter allowed out from the estate only in the company of the former. But he was by far the best tattoo artist out of the three of them and kept the little business thriving.

Inking fresh studs for the estate was one of their more mundane tasks. Justin was shown to a room, told to undress and lie on his front on a cushioned bench. He had been told about this process during his interview with the elders. 

A small barcode, unique to him, would be tattooed onto the top of his right buttock. When scanned (each female inhabitant of the estate had a special app on their phone), the barcode would reveal the details of each man (size, who he belonged to etc.). If the woman who scanned him liked what she saw she could apply to spend time with him or add him to her stable.

Shirley completed the tattoo swiftly and with skill. She patted him on the un-inked part of his butt then called Zoe in to collect him. Once dressed, he returned to the estate with her and sought out one of the stable boys. These men helped to maintain the other men and their quarters, and were also tasked with fitting cock cages to new arrivals.

Zoe made herself comfortable in an armchair and watched in awe as Dillon the stable boy handled Justin. Her man stood there perfectly naked and allowed the other man to take hold of his penis, measure it and lock it into a neat, see-through plastic cage. She subconsciously licked her lips as Dillon delicately masturbated Justin, touching him in just the right places to get him hard. The plastic swelled with him. Such a clever device.

"This one fits perfectly ma'am," Dillon confirmed.
"Oh, you're done already? Right. Thank you."
"And here's a leash and collar, he's all yours."

The collar was thick metal. It clinked satisfyingly against the chain leash. With pride she walked her nude hunk across the square, beneath the cover of trees. She thrilled at the way in which other women and some men looked appreciatively at Justin. He enjoyed the looks too, as well as the way in which his penis bounced between his bare legs.

"Walk in front of me."

Now she got to watch his beefy bum. His cheeks tussled against each other as he strode towards her apartment. She couldn't believe her luck; a beautiful, safe home, surrounded by friends and now the man she loved about to move in with her.

Zoe opened the door and let him in. She showed him around the few rooms then asked him to make her some tea. Again her eyes fixated on his firm rear as he set about his task. When he turned she ignored the proffered cup and hugged him.

"Are you OK?" Justin asked, setting the drink back down to return her hug.
"Yes. I love you. I'm so grateful that you've done this for me."
"I'm grateful too, this is such a wonderful place and I'm sure I'll be happy here. I love you and I look forward to spending my life with you."

Tears came to their eyes as they held each other closer. The press of his caged cock eventually distracted her and she couldn't resist groping his ass. The mood swiftly changed. She wanted him.

Zoe stood back and paused a moment to appreciate the view. His leg muscles made his thighs bow, she could make out the V of his muscles around his stomach and the furrows of his abs. What a spectacular creature. 

She released him from his cage, his cock and balls now free for her to take in her hand. Delighting in the weight of him, she began to run a finger up and down the flaccid flesh, gradually turning it into a solid protrusion that begged to be pleasured. Justin felt his cock ache for her touch but stood in obedient silence, letting his owner discover him in her own time.

Once she'd got him fully erect, she sat on her sofa so that she could study him at eye level. What an incredible part of the body, she thought. Although they'd spent many hours naked in each other's company, this was the first occasion on which she felt comfortable taking her time fully appreciating his dick. 

Without really thinking about it she took him into her mouth and held him between her lips whilst her tongue explored his ridges. Her hands drifted to his rear and began massaging those perfect, taut buttocks. She turned him around to get a better look and, just because she could, licked each cheek.

His leash was in easy reach and so she took hold of it and pulled him into her bedroom. Zoe pushed him onto the bed and quickly stripped, gratified that his cock was still hard when she was done. She gave it a brief kiss then positioned herself over him, gently lowering herself until her cunt had taken the full length.

It felt as though they were having sex for the very first time. There was the same sensation of entering into the unknown and discovering one another. This time, though, she rode him purely to pursue her own pleasure, rocking gently and finding that magical spot which his dick caressed perfectly.

Now she wanted him deeper. She wanted to feel more of him. An idea lit up her mind. She stood and slid off the bed.

"Stand up," she ordered.

When the bed was vacated she lay on it, spread her legs and instructed Justin to start fucking her. He climbed on and slid in. No sooner had he started to find his rhythm she told him to stop.

"Spread your legs, as wide as you can," once he'd done that she straightened her legs on the bed, between his. "Now straddle me and fuck me."

He was now in the same position she'd been before, using his legs to piston backwards and forwards, stimulating not only her g-spot but also rubbing against her clit and pleasuring her there too. Zoe wanted more.

"Slide up, I want you deeper," she commanded, "keep your eyes on mine."

Justin edged up the bed and plunged further into her. Now she felt his full length inside her, now she could reach around and seek out his asshole which was still slick with lube from his inspection earlier. 

He gasped but maintained eye contact. Zoe enjoyed the feel of his thrust and the tightness on her finger as he pulled back. Now two fingers.

"Oh...oh yes, that feel good? Yes, I can feel you getting harder. You like being fucked in the ass don't you? Such a good slut."

Subjugated by her touch and her words, Justin could do no more than respond by increasing his efforts in the hope that his mistress would cum before him. Already in his mind he was entirely servile, putting her needs first. He wanted to please, he needed to do his best for her.

"Mmmmmmnnngggh...Right. Fucking. There," came her pre-orgasm demand, "Yes! Ohhhh...mmmmm."

The brief silence was shredded by an ecstatic shriek of completion. Skilled in the sounds and squirms of her, Justin eased backwards, rolled onto the bed and cuddled up beside his mistress, his body shiny with perspiration, his cock wet with Zoe's cum.

Zoe gazed at the mass of manly muscle beside her. She'd tamed this powerful animal, made him hers. She took a moment to bask in her achievements. Beautiful home, enjoyable job, great friends. And now; a man who she loved and who she owned every last inch of.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Bold beauty

Last weekend G strolled into the garden wearing a thong bikini, not caring which neighbours saw. She has become more relaxed about people seeing her body, which means I get to enjoy my favourite garden adornment more often.

See who else is being bold this Sinful Sunday:

Sinful Sunday

Saturday, 9 June 2018


During the day leading up to a night of kinky debauchery I tend to eat very little. This is partly down to body image issues (I feel the need to be as slim as possible for my partner) and partly down to wanting my body to focus on what's to come. An element of nerves, no matter how often I've been with a partner, reduces my appetite on the night and so hunger is never an issue.

The next day? I'm like a triumphant, conquering Viking in need of a celebratory feast. Despite the aches of well-used muscles I resist the urge to satisfy my hunger with the nearest McDeliciousness, but instead attempt to seek out cuisine which has flavours as exquisite as the scenes still running through my head from the night before. The indulgences of BDSM deserve to be continued with gourmet delights so as to extend that feeling of satisfaction for as long as possible.

Once the stomach and taste buds are taken care of I can focus a little more on the visual banquet being served up in my head. The nudity, the obedience, the downright hotness of the situation. Now, entirely sated, my thoughts turn to next time.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Imperfect host

One of the agreements that G and I have* is that our home is for us alone. Whether she's there or not I won't bring another partner back to our place and, like our other agreements, it's one which I understand and support totally.

This does, however, make it a challenge when naked frolics are on the horizon and when, for whatever reason, a partner isn't able to host either. My solution over the years has been to get a room, most often in a London hotel. 

Not the cheapest solution but, thanks to my current job, one which comes with big discounts and so in no way an expensive solution either. Plus the room often gets very well used.

When I leave this job, however, I'm going to have to be more creative about where we meet. Or pay full price for a hotel, which will hurt after all these years. But the idea of new, unusual venues has my mind churning. Ideas so far:

- Private room in swingers club/adult spa
- Remote part of a forest
- Adult B&B

That's it! I mean, some of these may be fun but, well, I'm hoping they can host. 

*A list detailing the few boundaries of our open relationship.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

#SoSS June 2

Four absolute treats in store this week from some exceptionally talented creative folk and their work on soft porn, reviews, blogging, dating and comedy, photography and more.

Soft Porn Sunday: Lisa Boyle & Sam Mongielo (by @innocentlb):
Innocent Lover Boy writes with such knowledgeable passion on the subject of soft porn. This post is no exception and therefore makes for an enjoyable - and sometimes humorous - read. The detailed critique is a joy.

Down The Bunny Rabbit Hole (by @LuvbunnySL82):
This isn't a link to a particular post but rather to the newly redesigned site of this formidable blogger and reviewer. Her site is a cornucopia of thorough reviews of adult products (mostly with a sexy model...!), erotica and her own thoughts and perspectives. Truly a one-stop-shop for all your needs.

Better Than Dying Alone - Camden Fringe 2018 (featuring @hurricane_ros):
I've linked directly to where you can buy tickets for this show because, based on Ros's previous work, this will be a must-see piece of comedy that you really should not miss. I've never been able to look at certain kitchen implements in the same way since her last show and look forward to again being thoroughly corrupted in the most amusing possible way. 'Tinder-English translation' already has me chortling in anticipation.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round Up 372 (by @Mollysdailykiss):
I wanted to end by reiterating my deep admiration of the bloggers who participate in Sinful Sunday, and for Molly herself who runs this long-running, thoroughly enjoyable meme. This was the second time I've had the honour of selecting my favourites but I really do recommend checking out as many as you can as I spent hours trying to get it down to a top 5!