Friday, 27 July 2018

How we opened our relationship

G had enjoyed many adventures at university. I, on the other hand, had been much too innocent to realise that people were coming on to me, and in no way confident enough to ask others out. When G met me in my third year she pounced.

Several years later we talked about how I hadn't had the opportunity to fully explore D/s and my other kinks. That curiosity had never left me, but G simply wasn't into anything beyond occasionally being tied to the bed. She wanted me to explore. We married, knowing that forsaking all others would not be part of our vows.

That opening of our relationship wasn't a snapshot that has remained the same ever since. Many important aspects have changed since then, each being mutually agreed and on the proviso that either one of us can discuss and, if absolutely necessary, change our minds.

The longer that our relationship has remained open, the greater the trust. I haven't run off with someone else, nor would I want to. I want to be with G for life, couldn't imagine being without her. Thanks to this greater level of trust and honesty we've found that we communicate more often and more effectively with one another.

I would like to go deeper into relationships with others. G feels uncomfortable with that, therefore I don't raise the topic unless we are having one of our 'state of the nation' check-ins to ensure both are happy with how things are going and to add or adjust any agreements.

Because a lot has changed since we opened our relationship it's difficult to say what it will look like in future. What's important is maintaining that honesty, trust and communication, as well as ensuring any other partner is made aware of the nature of our marriage early on in a relationship.

Whilst I'd like to go deeper into non-monogamy, I never forget how fortunate I am to have such an open-minded wife, as well as the opportunity to meet life-changingly awesome partners.

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Making music

Music can be so very seductive. When you have an audience of one it's as if you're communicating in a language understood only by you both.

See who else is hitting the high notes:

Sinful Sunday

#Smutathon2018 - don't miss out!

One of 13 (13!) coveted, genital-pleasing prizes are up for grabs when you buy a £2 Smutathon 2018 raffle ticket (details on how to enter on organiser Coffee & Kink's page here). What is Smutathon? It's a gathering of eight participants who, on Saturday 11 August, will write as much wondrous erotica as they can within 12 hours to raise money for the incredible work done by the Abortion Support Network.

I will be participating and I know that the other seven writers will be producing some top-class erotic stories. If you'd like to join in then do go and visit C&Ks page for more info. It promises to be a fun, erotica-filled day so don't miss out!

Friday, 20 July 2018

The height of hypocrisy

I am just under an inch shorter than the average height for men in the UK, almost an inch taller than the global average and about four inches taller than the average UK height for women. Why is this important? Because men have to be taller than women to be attractive.

Of course, I don't actually think men have to be taller than women to be attractive. I don't think any gender has to be built like Adonis nor have a face to launch a thousand ships to be attractive. Whilst body shaming is rightfully vilified, height seems to be one of the exceptions.

I'm writing this post purely as an observation. As someone just slightly shorter than average I am aware of the risk of developing a Napoleon complex. I'm also aware that some of you will now consider me less attractive knowing I'm a mere 5'7.3". In much the same way that I'm aware that my being white, cis male and heterosexual has the potential to make the world a worse place, I'm aware that being a just-under medium-sized version of that could be the perfect formula for a dictatorial bastard, and so I strive to be the opposite.

Having dated women who are taller than me I know that those good ol' societal judgements deem such a pairing to be Unacceptable. But the concept of only dating others with the same body shape as you is, I hope, becoming outdated and so I hope, too, the same will eventually be true with height. If there is a spark then, before long, neither of you will notice the difference anyway.

I understand why you may have "Must be taller than me", "6'+ only", "Don't be short" in your dating profile. We have all been physiologically shaped by society (amusingly the recommended related article to one which I used to research this post was 'What is the global average penis size?'), no matter how hard we may have since tried to reform. My hope is that such demands for an aspect of our bodies which we cannot change will eventually be seen as equally ridiculous as insisting upon only meeting thin people, curvy people, white people etc.

Friday, 13 July 2018

An unwilling Icarus

Experience has taught me that if I fly too close to a burning hot other relationship then I will end up distraught, disappointed and rapidly descending into despair. Not only this, but I would also not be honouring an agreement with G to not go too deep with another.

I'm currently in the early stages of a new relationship with a sub. We seem to very much enjoy one another's company, we both want similar things out of the relationship and our play sessions are filth-filled, orgasm-rich hours of sheer delight. 

Will it go further? It doesn't need to. We're becoming good friends and there is already a decent level of trust between us. Although it takes a little conscious effort (at least on my part) to stop wanting more, it would be great to keep things as they are.

This is one of those rare 'living in the moment' situations. I'll be out of the country for almost seven months and this will have an effect on how close we get for now. She won't be in this country for very many years and this will help to halt any risky relationship development when I return.

So; fun, friendship and kink-heavy fucking without too much danger of heartbreak. Right now this is perfect and I feel very fortunate indeed.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Best served hot

Our UK heatwave has been thoroughly enjoyable in so many ways, not least because it gives my cock extra heft when flaccid. This summer weight dick gives me pleasure to hold and to look at.

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Sinful Sunday

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

The lesson

Ev's stepdad is such a lovely man. It's always been clear to me that this decent, generous man has been an influential father figure for my boyfriend. But, whilst they share the same personality, their appearance differs greatly. Perhaps Ev's mum didn't want to see even a trace of her former husband in her new man.

Ev is a few inches taller than me. His light brown hair is cut short and the only thing which can distract me from his blue eyes is his delicious toned body. Aaron - his stepdad - is much taller, has dark brown eyes and wears his greying hair a little longer. I've no idea what his body looks like, although I am curious.

I'm currently in one of my favourite places; draped naked across Ev's lap, my bum perfectly positioned for him to spank me. Not only do I enjoy this activity, I also deserve it for being a naughty girl. Forgetting to do my chores today thanks to an entirely distracting Murakami novel has led to this punishment. Ev knows I enjoy it, though, and so I expect a horrible cold shower will follow.

"Stand," he orders.

I do as instructed and anticipate his strong hands signalling his lust as they travel my body. I'm not disappointed. He can't resist running them over my breasts and between my legs - an additional pleasure for me but, more importantly, a visual pleasure for him.

"This isn't working," he returns his hands to his lap and I begin to panic.
"What? Us?"
"No," he assures me, "we're working perfectly. But your continued disobedience is troubling me. I need to figure out how to punish you so that you'll be more disciplined."
"I see. Thank you Sir," I answer, still on display for him.

Relieved that he sees the strength in our relationship, I then briefly ponder the nature of it. We live apart and work hard at jobs that bring in considerably more satisfaction than money. Our Dom/sub relationship is our escape and we now know one another well enough that better punishment for me will result in more happiness for us both. The pleasure of submissiveness is enhanced by this discipline. 

"Sir," I begin, an idea suddenly forming, "why don't you ask Aaron?"
"My stepdad? How could he help?"
"You said he wasn't bothered when you told him about the nature of our relationship. He's a figure of authority in his company. Maybe he can think of something you may not have considered."


It's warm in here, slightly musty and damp. The table surface is cool and smooth, I can feel my bare skin sticking to it. I can also feel the soft rope bonds securing my wrists and ankles to each table leg. The corrugated iron roof ticks in the afternoon sun.

"She really is a beauty Evan. Have you plugged in her toy?"

Aaron's deep voice sounds muffled in the dark confines of the garage. I feel very exposed. I am very exposed. They've tied me naked to this table, knees bent and legs spread. It's a little strange being like this with Ev's stepdad but they've always had a very healthy, open relationship and Aaron has always been more of a good friend to us rather than a father figure.

The room fills with the loud buzz of a vibrator and I have to stop myself squirming at the thought of it against me. I'm here to be trained and I must do my best to behave. Fortunately this garage is on a remote bit of land which Aaron uses to store his classic car. No-one will hear the buzz, nor any other sounds emanating from within.

"That's right, just start by touching her with your hands," Aaron guided his stepson.

My Sir's hands feel incredible on my body. He seems to be in tune with it, knowing exactly where to touch and when, so as to produce a build up of electric joy within me. My breasts feel neglected and...yes, there's his delicate pinch on my nipples. My thighs are...oh god, he's lightly drawing his nails along the inside of them towards...

"Mmmffff," I groan into my ball gag.
"Good," encourages Aaron, "you obviously know her body well."

I throw discipline out the window and begin wriggling against his touch, thrusting up my hips in my hunger to be penetrated. Aaron's response is almost immediate. I feel the sting of a flogger against my breasts and return to an unmoving, supine position.

"You need to keep her still, get her to feel with her mind as much as she feels with her body," Aaron gently instructs.
"She's so responsive, you can see how wet she is. But I'll try," Ev replies.

Having my body and sexuality discussed like this by two handsome men as I submit my naked self to them is incredibly arousing. But I want to be the best sub for Ev and so I allow this pleasure to manifest itself mentally rather than physically. When his mouth replaces his hands this becomes considerably more difficult.

I allow my body to be controlled by the simple touch of tongue on clit. Aaron leans in to watch and the act becomes much more intimate. My exhibitionist side surrenders my cunt to the older man's hungry gaze. But I belong to Ev and Aaron respects that. He keeps his distance. 

"Do you know when she's close? When she's about to come?" Aaron asks his student.
"I do," Ev replies, "she tenses, she takes a deep breath and her pussy clenches."
"Stop immediately as soon as you sense her starting to do that."

Ev nods and returns his head to between my legs. I have no choice but to receive his oral devotion. The rope has me secured fast. I'm close and I wonder if Ev can tell. I want him to pass this test but I also want the release that only his touch can provide.

"Mmmmmffff," I moan, unable to stop myself.

Immediately Ev pulls away and I'm left with an ache I've never before experienced. My entire cunt is throbbing, my muscles are tense and my mind despairing having been denied completion. 

"Nnnnngggh," I protest and begin pulling at my bonds.
"Good! Excellent! She doesn't like that," Aaron comments, pleased with how Ev has controlled me and enjoying my frustration, "Now back to her. Use the toy on its lowest setting."

I hear the brrr then feel the buzz of cool plastic against my swollen, saliva-slick cunt. The vibrations act as a life ring thrown to my disappearing orgasm. Slowly it gets pulled back in. Ev is the puppet master and I am his enslaved toy at the end of the strings. I am entirely at his mercy.

Here it comes again, my blood rushing, my thoughts shrinking and my entire body focusing in on that pearly nub. 

"Mmmmff plllllssss," I attempt to plead, but to no avail.

The toy is removed and, once again, I'm left wanting more. My eyes close and I see stars. I like the prolonged sense of anticipation, the non-stop arousal and the feeling of something big slowly building. I really don't like the loss I feel each time I'm denied completion. Aaron has given Ev the perfect punishment for me.

"That's it, you've got it. So, Evan, has she been a bad girl?" Aaron asks, still enjoying my nudity.
"No, not really," Ev replies.
"Well you now know how to edge your girl, if she's been behaving herself it only seems fair to let her orgasm."

Wonderful, wonderful man. I catch his eye and try to transfer my gratitude, but this turns into a look of lust as Ev returns the vibrator to my cunt. Like a good, well-trained sub I remain still as that glorious adrenaline returns and my sole desire in life becomes being allowed to attain ecstasy. I hold Aaron's eye whilst my body is used for their thrills.

Having been kept on edge for so long that happy moment arrives quickly. I submit myself to Ev's touch and to his gaze. I open myself to their horny attention, revel in being the focus of their desire. The rush of purest pleasure courses through me and now I can't help but writhe against the vibe whilst my disciplined mind is sent shooting off into exquisite sub space.

Minutes later and I return to my body. Ev is stroking me whilst Aaron carefully removes my bonds. With these two men I feel no shame in my nudity, nor in the vulnerable moment of orgasm. I devote myself to the learned student and I'm willingly offered to the teacher. 

This will be the first and last time that Aaron is present during one of our D/s sessions. Whenever the three of us are together in private he always checks up on Ev's progress with me. As I sit there being talked about as a sex object I find myself thirsting for the next time when I get used for his satisfaction.