Wednesday, 29 August 2018


G and I have lived apart for the past few months (she's been caring for an elderly relative), tonight she comes back and, in a couple of days, we will be travelling through South America until spring. I'm looking forward to reconnecting with her and rediscovering her body. I have no idea how carnal our passions will get amidst more Earthly adventures, but I've sprinkled in a fair few stays in luxurious hotels and so I remain hopeful.

I've said so many goodbyes these past few days. The hardest so far was to my ex-sub who's become a very good friend (and I'm even starting to believe that I can be happy with us being no more than friends). Today my other partner and I have set aside a few hours for some farewell D/s and I know I'll miss both her company as well as her submission.

Is kink possible on the road when travelling with someone who enjoys more vanilla pursuits? We shall find out, but the chances are that this blog will temporarily become a repository for erotic short stories rather than my ponderings on kink and relationships.

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Dom again

I find myself in another relationship with a beautiful submissive. After the last, intense relationship ended I didn't believe this could happen again. Although I'm taking it easier this time - especially as we'll be apart for over six months - I am enjoying being regularly dominant once more and hope we've got to a place where we can pick up where we are upon my return.

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Sinful Sunday

Exploiting Liechtenstein

I was recently challenged to write a story with the title 'Exploiting Liechtenstein' in aid of Smutathon 2018's charity Abortion Support. Well, I do enjoy a challenge and I'm 100% behind the important work that Abortion Support do, so here it is (and here's the page to make a donation):


"Thank you ladies and gentlemen, I believe that concludes business. We have arranged your transport for tomorrow at 10am. Tonight is for celebration."

Around the antique mahogany table five men and three women filed documents into briefcases and handed them to their junior staff who then hurried out of the room. The silver-haired older gentleman at the end of the table spoke again.

"Please join me in the tower", he said in his soft German accent.

The tower was located at the far end of the castle. Whereas this conference room was adorned with the latest technology, the tower was simply furnished with deep leather sofas, thick rugs on dark wood floors, and antique portraits of inhabitants long since deceased.

As they were led through wood panelled corridors to the tower, the silver-haired gentleman described the facilities available to them tonight. Now in the main room of the tower they lounged on soft leather Chesterfields and sipped Champagne.

"Bring in the whores!" the silver-haired man ordered into one of the comms panels, "We have arranged for you the finest young men and women in Liechenstein. You provided us with your particular tastes and we offered, to whoever matched, a sum of money they could not refuse."

A heavy wooden door swung open and a line of four men and four women walked in. None were younger than 25, none were older than 30 and all were at least half the age of the wealthy businessmen and women. They were all in various states of undress.

Every one of the young, temporary whores had a look of uncertainty on their face. They scanned the room, wondering which of the older men and women they belonged to tonight. Although they had all lived in Liechtenstein for their entire lives and knew of this immense castle halfway up a mountain, they never realised what happened within these medieval walls.

"Please enjoy yourselves. We have paid for their company until morning," the silver-haired man said before departing.

Clive was the head of one of America's largest banks. He wore a tailor-made Armani suit and spent a small fortune on maintaining his sweeping salt and pepper hair. He stood and approached 29 year-old Monica - his girl for the night. She wore red silk lingerie that contained as much material as Clive's handkerchief, but which cost almost as much as his suit. 

The banker prowled around the woman, assessing her breasts, blonde hair, pale stomach and peachy behind. She was exactly what he had imagined, right down to her dark brown eyes. Clive nodded approvingly then walked towards one of the tower's  bedrooms. His whore followed obediently behind.

Lydia managed Germany's wealthiest hedge fund. She was currently groping Tomas, a freshly waxed man 27 years her junior. His short, black hair. His rippling muscles. His tanned skin. Perfect. She watched his tight thong-clad butt as he led the way to another bedroom.

The others began to pair up and peeled off to the other rooms. Lena was left standing in the room with Tobias, another of the amateur whores. She was wearing a tiny latex bra and shorts as well as a leather collar, attached to which was a leash. The black heels added another three inches to her 5'4" height. She could sense the two older men ogling her body but kept her eyes downcast.

Tobias was much taller than Lena, even in her heels. He was also wearing latex shorts, but nothing else. He had been at his job behind a bar in Vaduz yesterday evening when a woman had taken him to one side and made him this offer he couldn't refuse. In his head he was already spending the huge amount of money.

Paul and Irvine were as wealthy and as important in the corporate world as their fellow conference attendees. They had been to one of these events before and knew what to expect. Their handpicked whores had limits, which had been set out on card. This morning the two men had discussed what they wanted to do with their young man and woman.

"Tobias? Come and stand by this coffee table," Paul instructed.

The Liechtensteiner complied. He hadn't stated his sexual preferences as being anything but heterosexual and so wondered what was planned. Irvine stood and went to fetch Lena, gently pulling on her leash.

She could feel the tiny shorts riding up her ass and knew that the men would be enjoying the view. Like Tobias she too was in a low-paid job and so was willing to be exploited for a vast sum of money.

"Undress her," Paul ordered Tobias once Lena had been led over to him.

Hands which were usually so confident in these situations nervously found Lena's bra and shakily eased it over her head. Tobias now got to one knee and slowly pushed down her shorts. She was naked underneath. Now wearing nothing but heels, a collar and leash, Lena now added Tobias to the list of men who were currently revelling in her nudity.

Irvine took Lena's leash again and positioned her on all fours on the coffee table, which was just in front of where Paul sat. Irvine joined the other older man and made himself comfortable for the show. Lena's cunt and asshole were on full display to her purchasers.

"Take out his cock. Suck him."

Tobias continued to focus on Lena's perky buttocks as she fumbled his cock out of his shorts and into her mouth. He had met her before - not difficult in a country of less than 38,000 people. Never did he imagine, though, that two rich businessmen would be throwing money at them to perform sexual acts together.

His cock grew in her mouth. Was this an involuntary reaction or was he actually enjoying himself? More inches were added to his length and girth. Lena tried to focus on pleasuring him but now began to wonder if she too was enjoying herself. She had always been something of an exhibitionist and now had a very appreciative audience, as well as a handsome man to suck.

"Good girl. Now it's time for you to be pleasured. I want you to eat her out Tobias."

She felt him give her an introductory kiss on her cunt, then his tongue replaced his lips. He expertly navigated her folds, dipped inside her and flicked around her clitoris. Now she, too, began to relax into the moment and gave herself to Tobias's mouth and the other men's horny attention.

No anal play
No cum

Her card had written on it.

No penetrative sex

Was scrawled on his card. Paul and Irvine were growing ever more excited. They were now getting up close to Lena's rear and scrutinising Tobias's efforts on her cunt. She arched her back so that her asshole was almost pointing at the ceiling.

"Lick her ass. We'll pay you more," Paul said.
"No thank you," Lena managed to say, despite the intensity of the tongue on her clit.
"How much do you want? I really want to see your cute ass being played with."
"Double the money," Lena said.
"Fine, but we get to cum all over you whilst Tobias fucks you."
"Triple the money," came her reply.
"Triple for me too, I didn't agree to penetration," Tobias added.

Lena loved anal sex, loved the feeling of cum on her body. Tobias had always been happy to have penetrative sex. They both knew that as soon as he was fully erect and her holes had been exposed the men wouldn't be able to help themselves and so would increase the money. They actually knew each other well, had met and plotted this evening between them this morning. The exploited became the exploiters.

The whores-for-one-night continued their show. His tongue felt incredible on her ass and she briefly forgot about how much money she was earning. She really did get off on her body being ogled by two much older men. Her cunt was soaking wet, both with Tobias's saliva and her own juices. Tobias now used some of that natural lube to carefully start fingering her ass.

"Good boy, get her ready for your cock," Irvine said.

He and Paul were now stood a little further back. Both had unzipped their flies and had their cocks in their hands, clearly excited by what they were watching.

"Now fuck her ass," Paul ordered.

Lena remained perfectly still and made herself relax. When she felt Tobias's cock against her anus she didn't resist, but instead reached back and spread her cheeks to ease his penetration of her passage. It was a very tight fit, but he managed to push inside without causing any discomfort.

When she groaned loudly in obvious pleasure the two older men suspected that she may not have been as averse to anal sex as she had claimed. Either that or she was discovering something new and wonderful. Their cocks hardened regardless.

Tobias had always enjoyed the firm grip of Lena's ass. He loved how she clenched with increasing rapidity as she approached orgasm. This resulted in him growing even bigger and filling her more and more so that her excitement doubled and orgasms began spilling out of her dripping cunt until she reached the point where the intensity was almost too much. 

The coffee table was now slick with her excitement. Paul and Irvine approached the copulating couple again and aimed their dicks at Lena's gasping mouth. It was the sight of Tobias pulling out so as to allow his cum to course over her well-used hole that caused the two older men to shudder with their own orgasmic ejaculation.

Coated with semen, Lena remained obediently in position. Her bare flesh and rented orifices had achieved their purpose for tonight. Now she waited for her next instruction as cum drooled from her mouth as well as along the cleft of her buttocks and over her pussy.

"Thank you Lena and Tobias, you may now go," Irvine said.

The businessmen watched the young couple depart, marvelling at the perfect sight of Lena's pert buttocks now shiny with cum. The older men poured some whisky and resumed their seats on the sofa.

"They lied on their cards, you know?" Paul said.
"Oh yes, I know," Irvine replied.
"Do you think they knew that we knew?"
"Probably not. They probably don't even know that their tripled price was still less than what I was expecting to pay tonight. Hell, it's less than I make in an hour!" Irvine laughed.
"Poor, easily exploitable fools!" Paul agreed.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Smutathon story 7: Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK

My final story for today. Enjoy and, most importantly, donate to Abortion Support here.


April 2019. The United Kingdom has left the EU. Project Fear continues to prove that it was in fact Project Reality. On a Spanish beach a British man is drowning his sorrows with friends he met at his hostel last week. Nils and Elias were here to see the first of the summer sun after a long Swedish winter. Alenka was about to return home to Ljubljana after a season working in a beach hotel.

"I really can't fucking believe it," Euan slurred.
"Hey buddy, forget about it today. Let's go find another beach," Nils said.

The four friends stepped onto the boardwalk and walked away from town. Because it was April the tourists had yet to arrive en masse. Because it was April those tourists expected the weather would have been too cold, but they would have been wrong. T-shirts and shorts were perfectly adequate for today's temperature and a few people were strewn along the sand in skimpy swimsuits.

After half an hour of walking the alcohol had begun to lessen its grip on Euan's senses. He had become less morose and the subject had changed from international politics to the more immediate subject of which beach they should go to. Because it was such a warm sunny day and because they all felt in need of exercise they decided to go as far as they could in two hours.

Although they'd all known each other for only a week they had bonded quickly and now felt as comfortable in their company than if they had been friends since childhood. Euan teased Nils and Elias about their stereotypical Swedish looks. Tall, blonde, slim and blue eyed. They in return teased Euan about the stupidity of his countrymen and he had now sobered up enough to find this funny rather than depressing.

Alenka was, however, spared any ridicule. The three men were too enamoured with her to aim any jokes her way. 

"This is the beach!" Alenka declared as they crested a small sand dune and ran down the other side.

It felt as though there wasn't anyone around for miles. The sea offered only tiny wavelets to the beach, the salty water melting into the yellow sand. Alenka danced in the surf and gloried in the here and now like a true free spirit.

"I'm going for a swim, will you join me?" she asked.
"We didn't bring our swimming things," Elias replied.
"So what!"

Alenka followed up on her challenge by removing all of her clothes and running into the sea. The men just stood and watched, all three of them having never seen a body as magnificent as hers.

Instead the men found somewhere sheltered to sit. They kept an eye on their frolicking friend, both out of a sense of care as well as a need to enjoy the view. Before long she emerged from the water and strode up the beach. Three pairs of eyes studied her swaying hips and jiggling breasts. They noted the small patch of hair which she'd left to grow above her cunt.

"The water is so good!" Alenka said.
"Uhuh," was all one of them could manage in reply.

Alenka giggled when she realised the effect her nudity was having on the men. She turned then got on to all fours, making a big job out of spreading out her clothes to lie on. Elias, Nils and Euan were treated to a view of her vulva and asshole. Euan focused on the line of three moles atop her left buttock and the way her body was shaped like a viola when bent over.

"Do you like what you see?" Alenka asked demurely.
"I do," Elias said.
"Me too," Nils agreed.
"Oh yes," Euan concurred.

The Slovenian woman turned and lay on her back then beckoned her friends over. They gladly accepted the invite and fell upon her warm, silken skin. Nils beat the other two to the honoured position between her legs and began to eat her out. Alenka grabbed at the other men's shorts and revealed their cocks. Whilst she stroked one she took the other in her mouth.

After languidly licking her, being masturbated or licked by her the men flipped her over and took turns exploring her from behind with fingers and tongues, one man always posted at her head to ensure her mouth was in use.

Alenka was delirious with lust. Never before had she had three handsome men attending to her and gifting her with hardened cocks to play with, all of them clamouring for her orifices. She contributed very little effort to this activity, allowing the men to bend her into whichever shape pleased them.

Eventually she succumbed to the temptation of having those cocks inside her. One after the other took turns to fuck her from behind, maybe poking a finger into her asshole out of curiosity. 

Euan was the last to have sex with her. He would never forget that trio of moles as he coated them in pools of cum. This time the men accompanied her to the sea and they all washed off the fluids of copulation. Closer than ever, they returned to the hostel along the boardwalk.

"It will all be OK you know," Alenka said to Euan after they'd dropped behind the Swedes.
"What? Oh, Brexit. I hope so," Euan replied.
"It will Euan. I promise you. I hope I still know you when I'm proved right."
"I hope so too," he said and, for some reason, thought of Bruges.

Smutathon story 6: Poland, Portugal, Romania and Slovakia

Story six! I've never before written lesbian erotica, I hope you enjoy this first attempt (feedback always welcome). In case you hadn't yet realised, these stories are being written in aid of Abortion Support, to which you can donate here.


Portuguese woman hiking in Tatras from Poland to Slovakia. Runs from storm and ends up in mountain refuge hut, lights fire. Woman from Romania comes in, also escaping storm. Freezing cold. Portuguese woman suggests she strip to underwear and wrap in blanket to let clothes dry in fire. Gets hot in hut.

These mountains weren't like those Flavia usually trekked in. Whereas the Alps ranged in all directions, these mountains appeared almost in a line, one after the other. But then the Tatras were far loftier than the mountains at home in Portugal.

She had reached the pass where Slovakia became Poland. The weather forecast had been favourable for the duration, but what she was now seeing contradicted that. Bruised clouds hurtled towards the range on which she stood. As an experienced trekker Flavia knew that meant trouble. 

It was now imperative that she found shelter as soon as possible. Her map showed one a further kilometre into Poland. She assessed her bearings then headed off. Within ten minutes she was deafened by ear splitting cracks of thunder. Minutes after that came the first barrage of precipitation. 

Fortunately the hut appeared before the cloud poured over the ridge to steal away visibility. Flavia barged in, found wood and a fireplace and proceeded to conjure flames. Before long the little space was warm and cosy. As was standard in mountain shelters, there were basic provisions such as utensils and blankets, as well as the wood, matches and firelighters.

Before she could begin cooking a meal the door banged open. In rushed a soaking wet hiker. Flavia stood and helped the person remove their backpack.

"You got caught too huh?" she asked.
"This wasn't in the forecast," the woman replied.
"No, it wasn't. We're lucky this hut is here."
"I agree, but I wish I'd found it a bit earlier."
"Here, take your waterproofs off and sit by the fire."

The other woman did as she was told and was soon warming up. Flavia resumed hunting around in her backpack for food and her fellow hiker found food from her supplies and added to the meal.

"What's your name?" Flavia asked.
"Mariana. And yours?"
"Flavia. Where are you from?"
"Portugal," Flavia answered, "you?"
"Beautiful country. You still look wet. Perhaps you should remove those things too."

Mariana agreed and tugged off damp layers until she stood in just her underwear. The hut was still wonderfully warm and now full of steam as the two women's soggy clothes began to dry. Flavia placed a blanket around her companion's shoulders then finished cooking the basic pasta dish.

"Delicious!" Mariana said as she tucked into the meal.
"Yes, it's funny how something so simple can taste so good in these circumstances."

When they had finished Mariana helped to clear everything away. Another log was thrown onto the fire and they prepared to settle down for the night. A nest was made of blankets and dry clothes. They huddled in together and Flavia grabbed Mariana when the storm worsened and hurled itself against the thin walls.

"Are you OK?"
"Yes," Flavia replied, "just a bit shocked."

Mariana turned over so that she could look at the other woman. Having another person there was a huge comfort. They chatted some more and got to know one another some more. Flavia was beginning to feel an attraction towards this woman who had silky black hair, high cheekbones and blue eyes almost as bright as lightning outside.

Little did she know that the Romanian woman was having he same thoughts. Flavia was a bit older than her and had dark blonde hair and friendly brown eyes. Hands met under the blankets. Both were no longer nervous about the storm, but about what happened next. Neither of them had been in a relationship for over a year and so were unsure about how to proceed.

A bang of thunder resolved the situation. They held each other closely. When the clanging echoes dissipated their faces were no more than an inch apart. Now came that exquisite moment when the inevitable had arrived but both parties had yet to realise it. Mariana closed her eyes and Flavia moved in for the kiss.

Soft lips soon parted to allow tongues to dance. That connection electrified them and sparked off urgent touching, feeling, exploring. Clothes and underwear were quickly she'd and bare skin met bare skin. Before long fingers had found their way between legs.

Both enjoyed knowing exactly where to touch the other. Both exulted at being touched in exactly the right way. Flavia wanted more. She buried into the blankets and sought out Mariana's cunt with her mouth. She parted her folds and set about delicately nibbling around Mariana's clit.

The Romanian woman quivered beneath Flavia's touch. She opened her legs and gladly accepted the oral attention she was being given. It wasn't long before she'd been brought to an orgasm that silenced the thunder and outshine the lightning.

Flavia crawled back up Mariana's body and they kissed again. Breasts pressed against breasts and their hunger grew. It was now Mariana's turn to satiate her lust on Flavia's parting. 

This woman knew exactly which buttons to press. She teased and teased and left the finger fucking right up until the last moment by which time Flavia was wound up like a pocket watch. As soon as the fingers penetrated Flavia reached totality, but Mariana would relent. She coaxed out another orgasm then another until the older woman was thoroughly spent.

On through the night went their impassioned fucking, naked bodies writhing against one another in the warm glow of firelight. Every centimetre had been pored over. By the time both of them lay back exhausted, they had lost count of the orgasms and the storm had sailed on.

Smutathon story 5: Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta

Story number five. This was was a whole lot of fun to write. If you haven't done so yet, please donate whatever you can to Abortion Support via this link.


The rain-dampened streets of Amsterdam were painted with neon reflections. Paulina and James hurried out from their hotel and into a nearby restaurant.

"How was the coach from Vilnius?" James asked.
"Actually pretty good," Paulina replied, "how was your journey?"
"Oh, fine, thanks. Luxembourg isn't too far away."
"It's so good to see you again. I missed you."
"I missed you too, my beautiful subby girl."

Paulina smiled and leaned in for a kiss. The ring on her collar clinked and reminded her of the submission she gave James. He was a good man and had shown her care and devotion since they'd met five years ago. Sadly Brexit had forced them to seek work in separate countries last year, but they made sure to meet as often as they could.

"You know that you said you'd like to try something different?" James said.
"And that you'd like to explore your exhibitionist side?"
"I have planned something for later."

No more was mentioned of this plan for the rest of the meal, although Paulina envisioned a number of different scenarios. She found it hard to concentrate on subsequent conversations. He knew just how to get into her head and she adored him for this.

They enjoyed a few drinks in a bar before James led his girl into the red light district. Paulina loved this part of the city. It was so vibrant and liberal. They stopped at one of the windows in which sex workers sold themselves. This one was empty.

"I've rented this window out for the night. You're going to stand in it for two hours whilst I watch from that cafe across the road. When I hold my hand up you are to do a full turn."
"Oh shit."
"Here's what you're going to wear."

He handed her a tiny g-string that would barely cover her cunt. She was already wearing heels and James allowed her to keep those on. Through a door was a small changing area. She handed him her clothes which he stuffed into a bag.

"Keep your phone on you in case you need to contact me. As with anything we do, if you feel uncomfortable at any time you can stop without consequence."

He closed the door behind him and left her alone in the cramped space. There was one other door which, when opened, would put her on display to the world. She took a deep breath, looked down at her body, reminded herself that she liked what she saw, then stepped through.

The glass cage was even smaller than the room behind her. When she shut the door her breasts were almost pressed up against the window. Immediately people stopped and looked at her. Her near-naked body was already being committed to memory by dozens of passers by.

A group of men paused and approached when they saw her. Paulina saw James in the cafe across the road holding up his hand. She obeyed his instruction and slowly spun around, allowing the men to ogle every inch of her. One of them scrutinised a number in the window and pulled out a phone. James put his phone up to his ear and, in less than ten seconds, both hung up. The men moved on.

A pattern began to form. Men appeared and stared at Paulina's bare flesh. She would do as instructed and offer up her body to their lustful gaze. They would dial the number and James would have a brief conversation with them. None of them stuck around after that.

Paulina was thrilled. All those cocks hardening as their owners enjoyed her. There were also more than a few women who had a good look, one or two also dialling the number. The sub was as happy to submit to their eyes as she was to any man.

It was now approaching the end of her time in the window. She couldn't wait to release the sexual tension of being objectified, safely in the hands of her beloved Dom. A dapper middle-aged man appeared. He had a handsome face etched with the signs of a life well lived. His hat and coat indicated good taste and wealth.

The man only briefly glanced at Paulina before withdrawing an expensive-looking phone from his pocket. He dialled the number and James answered. But this time something was different. James looked confused and the conversation went on and on. Eventually he hung up and went over to where the man was stood.

Paulina was concerned. Something was wrong, something unplanned. She wanted to cover up but had no other clothes with her. She couldn't clearly hear the conversation but it looked intense. It also appeared to be about her, which concerned her more. Eventually James nodded, looked down then in through the window. He came into her little showroom.

"What's happening?" Paulina asked.
"Don't worry gorgeous, everything is fine. We've just received an offer that I thought you should probably hear."
"An offer?"
"Yes. I've been receiving offers for you all evening. However, when I say what your price is the conversations always ended abruptly. That gentleman there, however, accepted the offer and has proved to me that he can afford you."
"Afford me? How much?"
"Five million Euros."
"What! Five million! We could live together and never have to work again!"

She was excited. In her mind it was just a case of reaching out and taking the cash. The rush had not yet allowed her to comprehend that she needed to do something in return.

"I want this to be entirely your decision Paulie and I want you to know that the money will be entirely yours. I'm not your pimp."
"No, it's our money and I'll do it for us."
"It's your money gorgeous, that's an order. Plus you haven't heard what you would have to do yet."

James gave her back her clothes, waited for her to dress then took her to the cafe where the wealthy man was drinking coffee in the back.

"I want to buy your girl," the man had said, "I'm over from Malta for one night. When I saw that ass I knew I had to have it. I want to lick it, lick her hole. I want to fuck her there."

Paulina listened in silence whilst James recounted the conversation. The reality of what she had to do for all that money now hit her. 

"But no one has ever fucked me in the ass. I wanted you to be the first," she said.
"I know Paulie, I would truly love that honour."
"But that's so much money and it's just one night. What should I do Sir?" she pleaded with her eyes.
"I can't tell you that. This is your life. You've always had ultimate autonomy over your body. Know that I will be here for you whatever decision you take."


The Maltese man wasn't staying in a hotel. He owned a large house nestled amongst the historic buildings lining one of Amsterdam's canals. It was more opulent than any hotel Paulina had ever seen. Thick carpet absorbed her footsteps and large mirrors reflected her every movement. An old-fashioned cage lift hoisted them to the top floor. Here there was a giant bed and an en-suite that was absurd in its hugeness.

"Take your clothes off."

He continued to walk over to a grand armchair and watched as she slowly removed her clothes. Paulina took her time, wanting to prolong the moment where she'd need to make physical contact. At last she stood before him entirely naked, no glass between her and his hungry gaze.

"Go and take a shower."

She wasn't followed into the bathroom, but no longer wanted to hold up the proceedings. She wanted this over and done with as soon as possible.

"Bend over the bed," he ordered when she returned.

Her ass was displayed for him, ready for whatever debauchery he had planned. She stared at a picture of a seascape above the bed, focused her mind on that and tried to put herself in that situation rather than this.

His hand on her rear dragged her back to reality. His finger on her puckered asshole kept her there. He inserted just the tip of it as if to asses her tightness. Now he threw a cushion on the floor between her legs, dropped to his knees and proceeded to lap at her twitching ring. Emboldened and carried away by lust, he swiped his tongue over her cunt before returning to the other hole.

He returned to his feet. Paulina tensed, awaiting the press of his cock against her saliva-lubed anus. Instead she receive a light pat on each cheek.

"You may stand and get dressed. The money is already in your account. Here."

She looked at the screen on his phone. Her balance had risen by €5,000,000.

" that all you want?" she asked, feeling a little guilty.
"Yes, my girl. There is a taxi downstairs waiting to take you back to your hotel. Thank you."
"Oh. Thank you. Thank you."

Sweeping her coat into her arms she padded across to the elevator and rode it back down. She sat in the taxi in disbelief. She even went so far as to find the 24-hour number for her bank to check her balance. It was true. She was rich.

James was waiting for her return, concern colouring his face. 

"I just received a call. Is it true?" he asked.
"Yes, it's true. I have the money and all he did was lick me there. I don't know why."
"I know," James said, "he called me whilst you were in the taxi. He thanked me for being a good partner for you. He said that he'd stationed one of his employees next to where we were sitting in the cafe. The employee relayed our conversation and the Maltese man decided he couldn't take your anal cherry but recognised how special our love was."
"Oh my god. This...this is incredible."

They turned to look at one another and then couldn't hold back the laughter. Such amazing fortune. When they had settled down Paulina took his hands in hers. 

"I want you to take it. Now."

She removed her clothes, teasingly slow. James had brought lube with him. Paulina handed him the bottle and bent over the bed.

"I'm yours and I love you. I don't want anyone else to be my first."

James took in the wondrous vision before him. Such creamy soft buttocks, such a neat little hole. All his. He slathered lube over her ring and pushed a little of it inside before removing his own clothes. More lube was applied to his hardened cock. He positioned himself between her legs.

Her pink aperture resisted at first. He checked she was OK, then continued pushing forwards. His cock popped inside and then slid easily in. Paulina gasped and he hesitated. But she was fine, it was just such a new sensation.

The two lovers, Dom and sub, continued to explore her body throughout the night. The next day they awoke with considerably fewer cares in the world and as closely bonded as they could be.

Smutathon story 4: Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Latvia

Here's story number four and a rare foray for me into male-on-male erotica. You can donate to Abortion Support here.


The streets of Budapest rang out with the shrieks and shouts of hen and stag parties. Niamh's group threaded amongst them. Yes, they too were here to celebrate her imminent nuptials, but they shied away from such raucousness, ever mindful of perpetuating negative cultural stereotypes. The problem was that Niamh was massively horny.

She and her girls were on the hunt. They were from rural Ireland and so such pursuits didn't come naturally to them. Every bar they'd been in they'd felt more like prey rather than hunters. Bridesmaid Siobhan spotted somewhere she felt sure they would feel more comfortable in.

"A gay bar?!" Niamh responded when Siobhan made her suggestion.
"Sure, it'll have fit men and they won't be slimy feckers."
"But I can't touch them!" 
"Maybe we can find somewhere after, come on."

Inside the bar it was dark, loud and infused with testosterone. Refreshingly that testosterone didn't result in predatory men bothering women, but was instead aimed at the oiled up muscly exhibits of masculinity dancing on stage. Niamh's hen party found seats towards the back of the room and lusted over the thong-clad waiter who took their order and served their drinks. His tight shiny bum was purest perfection.

"Right, let's get you a private dance," one of the hens said.
"Oh no really ok then," Niamh feigned protest.

They selected one particular specimen who they all agreed had that perfect combination of nice smile, hot body and beautiful behind. He came over and led Niamh away by the hand.

She settled into the plush chair in the tiny room and proceeded to objectify the balletic piece of ass performing for her. His movements were exquisite, Niamh didn't know if she enjoyed his dancing skills more than the sight of his partially naked body. Oop, no, now it was a totally naked body. His bouncing, swinging, twirling cock mesmerised her - he managed to move in a way that was far more sexy than it was comic.

Her underwear was soaked by the time the stripper returned her to her friends. They jealously listened as she recounted the show. Everyone was very much enjoying themselves and so they decided to stay in the bar. Towards the end of the night Siobhan wondered aloud if it was time to head back to the hotel.

"Yeah, but I kinda want to say goodbye to my sexy dancer first," Niamh said.

When the waiter brought another round of drinks they asked for the stripper, who came over a few minutes later. He accepted their invitation to sit with them.

"Hi ladies, I'm Gianni," he said, "did you enjoy the show?"
"Oh very much so," Niamh answered.
"Gianni - is that an Italian name?" Siobhan asked.
"Yes, I'm from Milan. Where are you ladies from?"
"Ireland!" they chorused.

Gianni turned out to be a skilled conversationalist on top of everything else he had going from him. More than a little drunk, the women asked him ever more personal questions. He revealed that he was indeed gay but that he had enjoyed the company of women in the past.

"It's been lovely chatting with you ladies, but I need to go and meet my friend," Gianni explained after an hour of drinking with the hens.
"No! Stay with us! Bring your friend here!" the women replied.
"The bar closes in ten minutes," Gianni said.
"Come back to our hotel. We've hired the whole top floor. It's got a big shower!" Niamh didn't know why she added this last part.
"But my friend..."
"He can come too!"

Gianni's friend Wes was waiting for them in Hõsök square. He was also blessed with bountiful good looks. Now the hens had two objects of lust to enjoy. They discovered that he also had a brain and was endearingly articulate.

"Where you from Wes?" asked Siobhan.
"I'm originally from Ireland too, but I lost my accent and have been living in Latvia for the last five years. I've come to Budapest to hang out with Gianni for a few days."
"How do you know each other?"
"We went to dance school in Milan together."
"Are...are you a stripper too?"
"Yes," Wes smiled, "although I mainly dance for women. There isn't a gay strip club where I live."
"Are you gay?" the questions had become personal again.
"No. Well, not really. More curious."

More questions followed even after they reached the hotel, rode the elevator and entered the massive main suite. Some of the hens poured out more drinks and the two men began to slide up the tipsiness scale.

"Do you ever dance together?" someone asked.
"Would you?"

Wes looked at Gianni and smiled. He was having a good time in the company of these highly amusing women and was happy to give something back.

"Shall we?" Wes asked his friend.
"Oh hell yes."

Appropriate music was found, the dancing commenced and clothes began to be shed. Wes enjoyed the hungry gaze of the women, as well as the occasional glance from his friend. They both stripped down to their boxers.

"Off! Off! Off! Off!"

The dancers obliged and the sight of two entirely naked hunks on display for them silenced the women. The music ended and enthusiastic applause followed. Wes and Gianni began to gather their clothes.

"Aww, come on guys, you don't need those," Siobhan said.
"Yeah, please don't put anything back on," Niamh pleaded.

Still enjoying their gaze, Wes agreed and Gianni happily strutted to the sofa naked and sat down. Conversation resumed but Siobhan soon sensed the mood coming down. She flicked through the pay-per-view channels until she found something she liked.

"Raging Stallions?" Wes asked amused.
"Sure, it looked like it has a good story line," Siobhan replied.

Within minutes men on screen were noisily fucking and sucking one another. Siobhan hadn't managed to stop the mood from changing, but where it was now was entirely welcome. The nine women were all incredibly turned on. They only had to look at Gianni's lap to see that he was too. Liberated by alcohol, Niamh made one more bride-to-be request.

"Guys, would you perform for us? Like on screen?"
"I don't know..." Wes replied.
"Just touch each other a bit, see where it goes."

Gianni said nothing. He just sat there, smiled and shrugged. Wes couldn't deny that he had wondered what it would be like. Gianni's cock was still fully erect and inviting to be fondled.

The dancer from Latvia stood and held out his hand to Gianni. The Italian took it then let go so as to feel his friends muscles. Wes grasped Gianni's cock, marvelled at how similar to his it felt.

By now the hens had fallen silent. They knew that they were witnessing something special and didn't want to risk ruining it by speaking. Instead they sat back and let events run their natural course.

Gianni had dropped to his knees and had begun gorging on his friends dick. Wes hissed in pleasure, this man knew exactly where to run his tongue, where to grip with his lips and where to put his hands. Gianni was surreptitiously masturbating as he sucked on his friend.

What came next was a pleasant surprise for Wes. First one finger then two slipped into his anus. Gianni had been courteous enough to lube them up with saliva first and so they now slid in and out with ease. 

Muscles rippled, buttocks flexed and cocks grew and grew to a soundtrack of deep, masculine grunts and groans. A condom was flung at them and the ladies tossed a coin to decide who would receive.

Wes got onto all fours and used his hands to spread his butt. Gianni employed more saliva to prepare his friends tight, virgin hole. He put on the condom then delicately eased himself inside. As the experienced one, the lithe Italian knew how deep and how fast he should go. Wes busied himself with keeping his cook hard. This was mainly to put on a show for his audience - he was much more focused on his ass.

Their performance lasted half an hour. They tried out numerous positions and allowed the women to take a closer look. The hens were a horny mess by the end and Siobhan politely requested that the men masturbate to completion for them.

Gianni and Wes kneeled side-by-side, leaned back, thrust out their hips and took themselves in their hands. Both were in such a state of excitement that it wasn't long before thick cum was fountaining out of them - a final act so incredibly erotic that it was almost too much for the women.

The men were cleaned up and their clothes returned. Gianni whispered into Wes's ear. He smiled, nodded and approached Niamh to offer one more wedding present. The other hens watched as their friend disappeared for the night into her bedroom, her arms around two spectacularly experimental men.

Smutathon story 3: Finland, France, Germany, Greece

OK, this made me a little tearful when writing it. I hope you enjoy it (and donate here to Abortion Support if you do (or even if you don't).


This summer night in June 1989 brought with it a slight chill. Daphne huddled into her jacket on the Lyon platform. It had been energy-sapping hot when she'd left Athens two days ago and this journey had exhausted her. But she knew she had to go, she had to see him again.

A train clattered along the platform and accepted new passengers. Daphne found a quiet seat and settled in for the ride. When she woke she peered out the window at military vehicles and human chaos. They had stopped at Berlin-Lichterfelde West and were going no further.

Accommodation was going to be hard to find tonight. People had swarmed to West Berlin when they heard the wall was coming down, many of them with a story similar to Daphne's. He was there, somewhere, on the other side. Would he be waiting?

"Is that your friend?" a man asked her, pointing at the picture she clutched.
"He was my lover. I haven't seen him since the wall went up."

Sensing a story, Haaken stopped next to this striking-looking woman and introduced himself. He explained that he worked for a Finnish newspaper and was here to cover the fall of the Berlin Wall.

"Would you mind if I asked you more about your story?" Haaken asked.
"I'm afraid I don't have time, I desperately need to find a place to sleep tonight."
"Come to my hotel, I'll sleep on the sofa."
"I don't think so, thank..."
"It's right next to the wall, across from the old Wertheim store."

That was where they had agreed to meet, 28 years ago. That was where she was returning to, hoping he would have the same idea.

"That's kind of you, thank you," Daphne said.

At the hotel Haaken asked his questions and Daphne told her story. 20 year-old lovers, they'd spent five years together and were going to marry and complete their lives in each other's arms. When the wall was built he had been trapped in East Germany having arranged to meet at the store later that day.

Devastated and unable to find a way to communicate with him, Daphne returned to her native Greece and failed to ever meet a man that could compare with her man, her Orlan.

"And you think Orlan will be waiting?" Haaken asked.
"I don't know, I can only hope."

His notebook full, the journalist accompanied Daphne to the wall. There was a strong buzz of elation in the crowd as the concrete was torn down and hands stretched to meet hands. Haaken led Daphne through the throng and, just like that, they were in East Berlin. 

It was dark, dusty and crammed with people. But Haaken forged through, edging ever closer to the old department store. There were far fewer people here. Just a handful, in fact, including a man stood perfectly still and clasping a bunch of flowers.

"It's him," Daphne whispered.

Haaken was a good journalist and a good person. He had his story and so he watched as the two lovers ran towards each other. He disappeared back into the crowd, his headline had a happy ending.


"It's really you!" Orlan said for the tenth time.

The tears had dried from their faces but the disbelief remained. He had walked her along empty streets to his tiny tower block apartment. During that 30-minute walk they'd compacted 28 years of their lives into brief summaries, but everything apart from the impossible circumstance of their reunion now seemed trivial.

"I love you Orlan. I never stopped loving you."

Tears reappeared, happy tears salting loving kisses. Brushing of lips turned into a dance between tongues and suddenly there was an urgency to make up for decades of lost lovemaking.

As tender as new lovers, they undressed one another, smiling at the effects of 28 years on each other's bodies. Bodies that were still as perfect as the day they'd first met. Daphne stepped into his bedroom, climbed into bed and presented herself.

Orlan hadn't forgotten where to kiss, lick and touch. He was the world's foremost expert in Daphne and soon had his woman melting into a pool of blissful desire. Her taste was so familiar to him and he wanted more, much more. His tongue buried itself deep inside her opening and drank her with the grateful thirst of a man marooned in a desert.

"I want you inside me Orlan, I want to know again how you feel."

He was rigidly ready and lost himself in her gaze as he penetrated the woman he had never stopped loving through the darkest days of Communism. The universe had re-aligned, two sweethearts who had aways belonged together were in each other's arms and consummating their relationship all over again.

Daphne gave every atom of her being to this man, crying out with the joy of this miracle as he drew from her the orgasm she'd been craving for so long. His devoted manhood was gripped deep inside her and, buried there, it released what he had always ever only given to her.

That night in 1989, mixing with the shouts of triumph all along the disintegrating wall, came the pure sounds of orgasmic delight from a man and a woman who had never stopped believing that this joyous moment would return.

Smutathon story 2: Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia

Here's Smutathon story two and here's the link to donate!


Ada was bored. Life was dull. Being a housewife hadn't been her plan, but when she'd moved to Denmark love had captured her and changed her as a person. That same love had since released her long ago leaving her existing in a shell of a marriage, to a husband who she knew was having an affair.

At times she wished she could move away. She'd always wanted to live in Prague. She felt Cypriot, she felt Danish but, above all, she felt European and marvelled at the ability to move freely within this diverse continent.

Only one thing kept her here. Elias. With her chores for the day completed she allowed herself the regular indulgence of going to see him. She wondered if he ever actually properly saw her.

He was there today, working in the small boutique clothes shop in town. As ever he greeted her politely then continued tidying shelves. As ever their eyes met for an awkwardly long time. This was the day on which she would test the theory that he was as interested in her as she was in him.

All she knew about him was his name and that he worked in Estonia. Also, of course, she knew that he was an olive-skinned, brown-eyed beauty with shiny black hair and a body that looked exquisite naked. Well, that last bit was purely in her imagination but she was sure it would be true.

Ada selected a thong and matching bra from the lingerie section then took her items to the counter. Elias met her there. He smelled of coconuts.

"Just these two?" he asked.
"Yes, I'll have the thong now but want to try the bra first before I buy."

She could meet his eye now, her confidence having all but abandoned her. Although she believed that her cute face and obvious curves were attractive to most men, she didn't yet know if that included the object of her desires. Now was the moment of truth.

Elias accepted her credit card then handed the lingerie back to her to try on. The changing room was in the back of the shop, around her corner. A curtain pulled across to protect the occupant's modesty. She chose to leave a very immodest gap. She also chose to keep her back to the shop whilst she stripped naked and pulled on the underwear.

"It looks good on you."

Ada jumped as the voice sounded behind her. She turned to reveal her cleavage, accentuated by the delicate silk bra. Wanting further evidence of his interest, she ran her hands up her thighs and looked up at him demurely.

"I'm glad you think so. Would you mind helping me adjust this bra, it doesn't feel quite right."

The shop assistant readily obliged. His strong hand and thick fingers contrasted with the fragile straps of the garment, but he managed to adjust as instructed. Ada was now very aware that her butt was barely covered by the thong, she was made even more aware when Elias brushed against her cheeks as he dropped his hands back down.

Theory confirmed. Now to enjoy the fruits of this experiment. Ada turned, tilted her head up and offered herself to him. Without hesitation he placed his lips in hers and enveloped her in his arms. Being nearly naked whilst being held by a fully clothed man was an erotic feeling she'd never felt this powerfully before. 

Those strong hands expertly unclasped the bra and slid it off of her shoulders. Elias took a moment to enjoy the pale breasts and erect nipples before him. Ada kissed the magical smile on his lips then allowed those lips to travel down her neck. He sucked on her nipples then got to his knees.

As reverentially as an acolyte kneeling at an altar, he settled on the floor at her feet, tugged down her last remaining piece of clothing and began worshipping her clit, parting her lips with his fingers. God, he really knew what he was doing. His energetic tongue tap danced over the tiny nub, which had soon fully come out of hiding, allowing him to suck and lap. 

His oral attentions were so powerful, this situation so surprising and this moment so charged with eroticism that she found herself at the zenith of orgasm within minutes. Whilst she returned to Earth he quickly locked up the shop before hurrying back to the changing room.

Ada pawed at his clothes, fumbled with buttons and buckles and had him naked as soon as she possibly could. Now it was her turn to kneel and devote herself to him. Smooth, rigid and lightly strung with veins, his manhood was everything she had hoped it would be. It felt so very, very good in her mouth. His dick twitched and he sighed happily as she tightly wrapped her lips around him and tongued his slit and frenulum.

His buttocks were two boulders which she dug her nails into then massaged the marks away. She could have consumed him all day long but, at the first taste of pre-come, he stood her up and turned her around. She spread her legs, arched her back and offered herself.

The slightly curved appendage found a spot inside her that sent her spiralling away into orgasm once again. He stayed inside her and thrust hard, not allowing her to come back down but keeping her in the heavens. 

Elias's delicious cock bucked then pumped a huge load of pearlescent ejaculate deep inside her. Now they were both entwined in the heavens, the tiny shop full with their cries of completion.