Saturday, 18 August 2018

Exploiting Liechtenstein

I was recently challenged to write a story with the title 'Exploiting Liechtenstein' in aid of Smutathon 2018's charity Abortion Support. Well, I do enjoy a challenge and I'm 100% behind the important work that Abortion Support do, so here it is (and here's the page to make a donation):


"Thank you ladies and gentlemen, I believe that concludes business. We have arranged your transport for tomorrow at 10am. Tonight is for celebration."

Around the antique mahogany table five men and three women filed documents into briefcases and handed them to their junior staff who then hurried out of the room. The silver-haired older gentleman at the end of the table spoke again.

"Please join me in the tower", he said in his soft German accent.

The tower was located at the far end of the castle. Whereas this conference room was adorned with the latest technology, the tower was simply furnished with deep leather sofas, thick rugs on dark wood floors, and antique portraits of inhabitants long since deceased.

As they were led through wood panelled corridors to the tower, the silver-haired gentleman described the facilities available to them tonight. Now in the main room of the tower they lounged on soft leather Chesterfields and sipped Champagne.

"Bring in the whores!" the silver-haired man ordered into one of the comms panels, "We have arranged for you the finest young men and women in Liechenstein. You provided us with your particular tastes and we offered, to whoever matched, a sum of money they could not refuse."

A heavy wooden door swung open and a line of four men and four women walked in. None were younger than 25, none were older than 30 and all were at least half the age of the wealthy businessmen and women. They were all in various states of undress.

Every one of the young, temporary whores had a look of uncertainty on their face. They scanned the room, wondering which of the older men and women they belonged to tonight. Although they had all lived in Liechtenstein for their entire lives and knew of this immense castle halfway up a mountain, they never realised what happened within these medieval walls.

"Please enjoy yourselves. We have paid for their company until morning," the silver-haired man said before departing.

Clive was the head of one of America's largest banks. He wore a tailor-made Armani suit and spent a small fortune on maintaining his sweeping salt and pepper hair. He stood and approached 29 year-old Monica - his girl for the night. She wore red silk lingerie that contained as much material as Clive's handkerchief, but which cost almost as much as his suit. 

The banker prowled around the woman, assessing her breasts, blonde hair, pale stomach and peachy behind. She was exactly what he had imagined, right down to her dark brown eyes. Clive nodded approvingly then walked towards one of the tower's  bedrooms. His whore followed obediently behind.

Lydia managed Germany's wealthiest hedge fund. She was currently groping Tomas, a freshly waxed man 27 years her junior. His short, black hair. His rippling muscles. His tanned skin. Perfect. She watched his tight thong-clad butt as he led the way to another bedroom.

The others began to pair up and peeled off to the other rooms. Lena was left standing in the room with Tobias, another of the amateur whores. She was wearing a tiny latex bra and shorts as well as a leather collar, attached to which was a leash. The black heels added another three inches to her 5'4" height. She could sense the two older men ogling her body but kept her eyes downcast.

Tobias was much taller than Lena, even in her heels. He was also wearing latex shorts, but nothing else. He had been at his job behind a bar in Vaduz yesterday evening when a woman had taken him to one side and made him this offer he couldn't refuse. In his head he was already spending the huge amount of money.

Paul and Irvine were as wealthy and as important in the corporate world as their fellow conference attendees. They had been to one of these events before and knew what to expect. Their handpicked whores had limits, which had been set out on card. This morning the two men had discussed what they wanted to do with their young man and woman.

"Tobias? Come and stand by this coffee table," Paul instructed.

The Liechtensteiner complied. He hadn't stated his sexual preferences as being anything but heterosexual and so wondered what was planned. Irvine stood and went to fetch Lena, gently pulling on her leash.

She could feel the tiny shorts riding up her ass and knew that the men would be enjoying the view. Like Tobias she too was in a low-paid job and so was willing to be exploited for a vast sum of money.

"Undress her," Paul ordered Tobias once Lena had been led over to him.

Hands which were usually so confident in these situations nervously found Lena's bra and shakily eased it over her head. Tobias now got to one knee and slowly pushed down her shorts. She was naked underneath. Now wearing nothing but heels, a collar and leash, Lena now added Tobias to the list of men who were currently revelling in her nudity.

Irvine took Lena's leash again and positioned her on all fours on the coffee table, which was just in front of where Paul sat. Irvine joined the other older man and made himself comfortable for the show. Lena's cunt and asshole were on full display to her purchasers.

"Take out his cock. Suck him."

Tobias continued to focus on Lena's perky buttocks as she fumbled his cock out of his shorts and into her mouth. He had met her before - not difficult in a country of less than 38,000 people. Never did he imagine, though, that two rich businessmen would be throwing money at them to perform sexual acts together.

His cock grew in her mouth. Was this an involuntary reaction or was he actually enjoying himself? More inches were added to his length and girth. Lena tried to focus on pleasuring him but now began to wonder if she too was enjoying herself. She had always been something of an exhibitionist and now had a very appreciative audience, as well as a handsome man to suck.

"Good girl. Now it's time for you to be pleasured. I want you to eat her out Tobias."

She felt him give her an introductory kiss on her cunt, then his tongue replaced his lips. He expertly navigated her folds, dipped inside her and flicked around her clitoris. Now she, too, began to relax into the moment and gave herself to Tobias's mouth and the other men's horny attention.

No anal play
No cum

Her card had written on it.

No penetrative sex

Was scrawled on his card. Paul and Irvine were growing ever more excited. They were now getting up close to Lena's rear and scrutinising Tobias's efforts on her cunt. She arched her back so that her asshole was almost pointing at the ceiling.

"Lick her ass. We'll pay you more," Paul said.
"No thank you," Lena managed to say, despite the intensity of the tongue on her clit.
"How much do you want? I really want to see your cute ass being played with."
"Double the money," Lena said.
"Fine, but we get to cum all over you whilst Tobias fucks you."
"Triple the money," came her reply.
"Triple for me too, I didn't agree to penetration," Tobias added.

Lena loved anal sex, loved the feeling of cum on her body. Tobias had always been happy to have penetrative sex. They both knew that as soon as he was fully erect and her holes had been exposed the men wouldn't be able to help themselves and so would increase the money. They actually knew each other well, had met and plotted this evening between them this morning. The exploited became the exploiters.

The whores-for-one-night continued their show. His tongue felt incredible on her ass and she briefly forgot about how much money she was earning. She really did get off on her body being ogled by two much older men. Her cunt was soaking wet, both with Tobias's saliva and her own juices. Tobias now used some of that natural lube to carefully start fingering her ass.

"Good boy, get her ready for your cock," Irvine said.

He and Paul were now stood a little further back. Both had unzipped their flies and had their cocks in their hands, clearly excited by what they were watching.

"Now fuck her ass," Paul ordered.

Lena remained perfectly still and made herself relax. When she felt Tobias's cock against her anus she didn't resist, but instead reached back and spread her cheeks to ease his penetration of her passage. It was a very tight fit, but he managed to push inside without causing any discomfort.

When she groaned loudly in obvious pleasure the two older men suspected that she may not have been as averse to anal sex as she had claimed. Either that or she was discovering something new and wonderful. Their cocks hardened regardless.

Tobias had always enjoyed the firm grip of Lena's ass. He loved how she clenched with increasing rapidity as she approached orgasm. This resulted in him growing even bigger and filling her more and more so that her excitement doubled and orgasms began spilling out of her dripping cunt until she reached the point where the intensity was almost too much. 

The coffee table was now slick with her excitement. Paul and Irvine approached the copulating couple again and aimed their dicks at Lena's gasping mouth. It was the sight of Tobias pulling out so as to allow his cum to course over her well-used hole that caused the two older men to shudder with their own orgasmic ejaculation.

Coated with semen, Lena remained obediently in position. Her bare flesh and rented orifices had achieved their purpose for tonight. Now she waited for her next instruction as cum drooled from her mouth as well as along the cleft of her buttocks and over her pussy.

"Thank you Lena and Tobias, you may now go," Irvine said.

The businessmen watched the young couple depart, marvelling at the perfect sight of Lena's pert buttocks now shiny with cum. The older men poured some whisky and resumed their seats on the sofa.

"They lied on their cards, you know?" Paul said.
"Oh yes, I know," Irvine replied.
"Do you think they knew that we knew?"
"Probably not. They probably don't even know that their tripled price was still less than what I was expecting to pay tonight. Hell, it's less than I make in an hour!" Irvine laughed.
"Poor, easily exploitable fools!" Paul agreed.

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