Saturday, 11 August 2018

Smutathon story 1: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croation

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Freezing fog smothered the streets of Bruges. Spires and medieval towers poked through the top, giving the appearance of a city in the clouds. Euan climbed the ancient belfry, having snuck past the guard, counting each of the 366 steps as he went and reflecting on his life back in Austria.

The world had moved on significantly in just the few years since he'd moved to Vienna.  He shook his head at the memory of the awful Trump years then banished such thoughts so as not to spoil his mini break to Belgium. He heard voices ahead. This came as a surprise as it was late evening and well outside of tourist season.

The man was in the process of lifting his partner's skirt when Euan reached the top. The couple quickly composed themselves and pretended to stare out into the night. They hadn't been fast enough for Euan to miss the three small moles in a straight line atop the lady's left buttock, nor how her shape reminded him of a viola when she was bent over.

"Oh, hello!" the man said, "isn't it spectacular up here?"
"It is," Euan agreed

The lady adjusted her black dress and turned. She and Euan locked eyes and both smiled the smile of a coincidental reunion.

"Hi," Euan said.
"Hello again. I told you it would all be OK," she replied mysteriously.
"You know each other?" asked the man.
"Yes, we met several years ago. 2019 it must have been."
"In which case I should introduce myself," said the man, "I'm Dusan, on holiday here from Croatia."
"Beautiful country," Euan said.
"Thank you. I hope we didn't offend you just then."
"Oh that? Not at all, although it was a better view than I was expecting." 

The lady seemed at ease with his joke. Just then the power went out and the tower was plunged into darkness. Beyond the stone walls the cloud city remained lit. None of them spoke a word, instead choosing to enjoy this special moment in silence.

She felt her skirt lift again and compliantly stood still. Her underwear was slowly pushed down, her response being to bend over the wall so that she could see nothing but the city and the fog below. Another hand now found her cunt. Whilst the hand on her rear held her in position, the one in front began gently rubbing and soon was parting her lips to explore inside.

Yet another hand found her butt and she now understood that the men had silently agreed to share. Over the next ten minutes she felt two pairs of hands roam her thighs, breasts and back. Fingers found their way into her holes, stimulating her and causing groans of pleasure to emanate into the cold night air.

Her sounds of pleasure were met with the sound of a zipper being pulled down. The men had used their digits to good effect, her depths expertly prepared to receive the swollen cock now pushing slowly in. It was perfect, it filled her in just the right way, it had arrived at just the right moment and it was now hitting exactly the right spot. 

Just as she was thinking that this couldn't get any better she felt hot breath on her clit, swiftly followed by the slick warmth of a tongue. She gave herself to the mouth and cock, she surrendered herself to the hungry needs of the men. Her excitement was doubled by not knowing who the cock belonged to.

The illuminated soaring edifices seemed to glow brighter as an overwhelming orgasm carried her into the stars and released the delicious ache that the men had seeded in her. Strong arms held her, but didn't let her go. Now a tongue had found her asshole, a slight pressure on her back forcing her to bend further.

Whoever this dick belonged to it tasted of her. She licked off her cum then proceeded to passionately fellate what had been given to her. The saliva on her holes turned cold in the damp air as her rear lover removed his mouth and stood.

"Nnnnnggggghhh yes!" she exclaimed as a stiff erection eased into her ass.

She allowed herself only a brief rest from sucking dick so as to revel in the glorious feeling of being filled. Being fucked from behind whilst stuffing her mouth with cock was a sensation entirely new to her - a secret she shared only with this pitch black room.

Amazingly the two men reached climax within seconds of one another. She felt a swell in her rear and then a swell in her mouth, before losing concentration as ecstasy pulsed through her once again. Warm ejaculate pumped into her hole, the throbbing cock pushing against her tight ring. More cum was fed to her orally and she gulped it down, enjoying the sound of grunting, exultant men pleasuring themselves in her body.

It was still dark when she heard descending footsteps. Minutes later the lights came back on and she found herself alone with Dusan. They kissed then returned to ground level, spots of ejaculate dripping from her ass and adorning every other step 

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