Saturday, 11 August 2018

Smutathon story 2: Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia

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Ada was bored. Life was dull. Being a housewife hadn't been her plan, but when she'd moved to Denmark love had captured her and changed her as a person. That same love had since released her long ago leaving her existing in a shell of a marriage, to a husband who she knew was having an affair.

At times she wished she could move away. She'd always wanted to live in Prague. She felt Cypriot, she felt Danish but, above all, she felt European and marvelled at the ability to move freely within this diverse continent.

Only one thing kept her here. Elias. With her chores for the day completed she allowed herself the regular indulgence of going to see him. She wondered if he ever actually properly saw her.

He was there today, working in the small boutique clothes shop in town. As ever he greeted her politely then continued tidying shelves. As ever their eyes met for an awkwardly long time. This was the day on which she would test the theory that he was as interested in her as she was in him.

All she knew about him was his name and that he worked in Estonia. Also, of course, she knew that he was an olive-skinned, brown-eyed beauty with shiny black hair and a body that looked exquisite naked. Well, that last bit was purely in her imagination but she was sure it would be true.

Ada selected a thong and matching bra from the lingerie section then took her items to the counter. Elias met her there. He smelled of coconuts.

"Just these two?" he asked.
"Yes, I'll have the thong now but want to try the bra first before I buy."

She could meet his eye now, her confidence having all but abandoned her. Although she believed that her cute face and obvious curves were attractive to most men, she didn't yet know if that included the object of her desires. Now was the moment of truth.

Elias accepted her credit card then handed the lingerie back to her to try on. The changing room was in the back of the shop, around her corner. A curtain pulled across to protect the occupant's modesty. She chose to leave a very immodest gap. She also chose to keep her back to the shop whilst she stripped naked and pulled on the underwear.

"It looks good on you."

Ada jumped as the voice sounded behind her. She turned to reveal her cleavage, accentuated by the delicate silk bra. Wanting further evidence of his interest, she ran her hands up her thighs and looked up at him demurely.

"I'm glad you think so. Would you mind helping me adjust this bra, it doesn't feel quite right."

The shop assistant readily obliged. His strong hand and thick fingers contrasted with the fragile straps of the garment, but he managed to adjust as instructed. Ada was now very aware that her butt was barely covered by the thong, she was made even more aware when Elias brushed against her cheeks as he dropped his hands back down.

Theory confirmed. Now to enjoy the fruits of this experiment. Ada turned, tilted her head up and offered herself to him. Without hesitation he placed his lips in hers and enveloped her in his arms. Being nearly naked whilst being held by a fully clothed man was an erotic feeling she'd never felt this powerfully before. 

Those strong hands expertly unclasped the bra and slid it off of her shoulders. Elias took a moment to enjoy the pale breasts and erect nipples before him. Ada kissed the magical smile on his lips then allowed those lips to travel down her neck. He sucked on her nipples then got to his knees.

As reverentially as an acolyte kneeling at an altar, he settled on the floor at her feet, tugged down her last remaining piece of clothing and began worshipping her clit, parting her lips with his fingers. God, he really knew what he was doing. His energetic tongue tap danced over the tiny nub, which had soon fully come out of hiding, allowing him to suck and lap. 

His oral attentions were so powerful, this situation so surprising and this moment so charged with eroticism that she found herself at the zenith of orgasm within minutes. Whilst she returned to Earth he quickly locked up the shop before hurrying back to the changing room.

Ada pawed at his clothes, fumbled with buttons and buckles and had him naked as soon as she possibly could. Now it was her turn to kneel and devote herself to him. Smooth, rigid and lightly strung with veins, his manhood was everything she had hoped it would be. It felt so very, very good in her mouth. His dick twitched and he sighed happily as she tightly wrapped her lips around him and tongued his slit and frenulum.

His buttocks were two boulders which she dug her nails into then massaged the marks away. She could have consumed him all day long but, at the first taste of pre-come, he stood her up and turned her around. She spread her legs, arched her back and offered herself.

The slightly curved appendage found a spot inside her that sent her spiralling away into orgasm once again. He stayed inside her and thrust hard, not allowing her to come back down but keeping her in the heavens. 

Elias's delicious cock bucked then pumped a huge load of pearlescent ejaculate deep inside her. Now they were both entwined in the heavens, the tiny shop full with their cries of completion.

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