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Smutathon story 4: Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Latvia

Here's story number four and a rare foray for me into male-on-male erotica. You can donate to Abortion Support here.


The streets of Budapest rang out with the shrieks and shouts of hen and stag parties. Niamh's group threaded amongst them. Yes, they too were here to celebrate her imminent nuptials, but they shied away from such raucousness, ever mindful of perpetuating negative cultural stereotypes. The problem was that Niamh was massively horny.

She and her girls were on the hunt. They were from rural Ireland and so such pursuits didn't come naturally to them. Every bar they'd been in they'd felt more like prey rather than hunters. Bridesmaid Siobhan spotted somewhere she felt sure they would feel more comfortable in.

"A gay bar?!" Niamh responded when Siobhan made her suggestion.
"Sure, it'll have fit men and they won't be slimy feckers."
"But I can't touch them!" 
"Maybe we can find somewhere after, come on."

Inside the bar it was dark, loud and infused with testosterone. Refreshingly that testosterone didn't result in predatory men bothering women, but was instead aimed at the oiled up muscly exhibits of masculinity dancing on stage. Niamh's hen party found seats towards the back of the room and lusted over the thong-clad waiter who took their order and served their drinks. His tight shiny bum was purest perfection.

"Right, let's get you a private dance," one of the hens said.
"Oh no really ok then," Niamh feigned protest.

They selected one particular specimen who they all agreed had that perfect combination of nice smile, hot body and beautiful behind. He came over and led Niamh away by the hand.

She settled into the plush chair in the tiny room and proceeded to objectify the balletic piece of ass performing for her. His movements were exquisite, Niamh didn't know if she enjoyed his dancing skills more than the sight of his partially naked body. Oop, no, now it was a totally naked body. His bouncing, swinging, twirling cock mesmerised her - he managed to move in a way that was far more sexy than it was comic.

Her underwear was soaked by the time the stripper returned her to her friends. They jealously listened as she recounted the show. Everyone was very much enjoying themselves and so they decided to stay in the bar. Towards the end of the night Siobhan wondered aloud if it was time to head back to the hotel.

"Yeah, but I kinda want to say goodbye to my sexy dancer first," Niamh said.

When the waiter brought another round of drinks they asked for the stripper, who came over a few minutes later. He accepted their invitation to sit with them.

"Hi ladies, I'm Gianni," he said, "did you enjoy the show?"
"Oh very much so," Niamh answered.
"Gianni - is that an Italian name?" Siobhan asked.
"Yes, I'm from Milan. Where are you ladies from?"
"Ireland!" they chorused.

Gianni turned out to be a skilled conversationalist on top of everything else he had going from him. More than a little drunk, the women asked him ever more personal questions. He revealed that he was indeed gay but that he had enjoyed the company of women in the past.

"It's been lovely chatting with you ladies, but I need to go and meet my friend," Gianni explained after an hour of drinking with the hens.
"No! Stay with us! Bring your friend here!" the women replied.
"The bar closes in ten minutes," Gianni said.
"Come back to our hotel. We've hired the whole top floor. It's got a big shower!" Niamh didn't know why she added this last part.
"But my friend..."
"He can come too!"

Gianni's friend Wes was waiting for them in Hõsök square. He was also blessed with bountiful good looks. Now the hens had two objects of lust to enjoy. They discovered that he also had a brain and was endearingly articulate.

"Where you from Wes?" asked Siobhan.
"I'm originally from Ireland too, but I lost my accent and have been living in Latvia for the last five years. I've come to Budapest to hang out with Gianni for a few days."
"How do you know each other?"
"We went to dance school in Milan together."
"Are...are you a stripper too?"
"Yes," Wes smiled, "although I mainly dance for women. There isn't a gay strip club where I live."
"Are you gay?" the questions had become personal again.
"No. Well, not really. More curious."

More questions followed even after they reached the hotel, rode the elevator and entered the massive main suite. Some of the hens poured out more drinks and the two men began to slide up the tipsiness scale.

"Do you ever dance together?" someone asked.
"Would you?"

Wes looked at Gianni and smiled. He was having a good time in the company of these highly amusing women and was happy to give something back.

"Shall we?" Wes asked his friend.
"Oh hell yes."

Appropriate music was found, the dancing commenced and clothes began to be shed. Wes enjoyed the hungry gaze of the women, as well as the occasional glance from his friend. They both stripped down to their boxers.

"Off! Off! Off! Off!"

The dancers obliged and the sight of two entirely naked hunks on display for them silenced the women. The music ended and enthusiastic applause followed. Wes and Gianni began to gather their clothes.

"Aww, come on guys, you don't need those," Siobhan said.
"Yeah, please don't put anything back on," Niamh pleaded.

Still enjoying their gaze, Wes agreed and Gianni happily strutted to the sofa naked and sat down. Conversation resumed but Siobhan soon sensed the mood coming down. She flicked through the pay-per-view channels until she found something she liked.

"Raging Stallions?" Wes asked amused.
"Sure, it looked like it has a good story line," Siobhan replied.

Within minutes men on screen were noisily fucking and sucking one another. Siobhan hadn't managed to stop the mood from changing, but where it was now was entirely welcome. The nine women were all incredibly turned on. They only had to look at Gianni's lap to see that he was too. Liberated by alcohol, Niamh made one more bride-to-be request.

"Guys, would you perform for us? Like on screen?"
"I don't know..." Wes replied.
"Just touch each other a bit, see where it goes."

Gianni said nothing. He just sat there, smiled and shrugged. Wes couldn't deny that he had wondered what it would be like. Gianni's cock was still fully erect and inviting to be fondled.

The dancer from Latvia stood and held out his hand to Gianni. The Italian took it then let go so as to feel his friends muscles. Wes grasped Gianni's cock, marvelled at how similar to his it felt.

By now the hens had fallen silent. They knew that they were witnessing something special and didn't want to risk ruining it by speaking. Instead they sat back and let events run their natural course.

Gianni had dropped to his knees and had begun gorging on his friends dick. Wes hissed in pleasure, this man knew exactly where to run his tongue, where to grip with his lips and where to put his hands. Gianni was surreptitiously masturbating as he sucked on his friend.

What came next was a pleasant surprise for Wes. First one finger then two slipped into his anus. Gianni had been courteous enough to lube them up with saliva first and so they now slid in and out with ease. 

Muscles rippled, buttocks flexed and cocks grew and grew to a soundtrack of deep, masculine grunts and groans. A condom was flung at them and the ladies tossed a coin to decide who would receive.

Wes got onto all fours and used his hands to spread his butt. Gianni employed more saliva to prepare his friends tight, virgin hole. He put on the condom then delicately eased himself inside. As the experienced one, the lithe Italian knew how deep and how fast he should go. Wes busied himself with keeping his cook hard. This was mainly to put on a show for his audience - he was much more focused on his ass.

Their performance lasted half an hour. They tried out numerous positions and allowed the women to take a closer look. The hens were a horny mess by the end and Siobhan politely requested that the men masturbate to completion for them.

Gianni and Wes kneeled side-by-side, leaned back, thrust out their hips and took themselves in their hands. Both were in such a state of excitement that it wasn't long before thick cum was fountaining out of them - a final act so incredibly erotic that it was almost too much for the women.

The men were cleaned up and their clothes returned. Gianni whispered into Wes's ear. He smiled, nodded and approached Niamh to offer one more wedding present. The other hens watched as their friend disappeared for the night into her bedroom, her arms around two spectacularly experimental men.

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