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Smutathon story 5: Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta

Story number five. This was was a whole lot of fun to write. If you haven't done so yet, please donate whatever you can to Abortion Support via this link.


The rain-dampened streets of Amsterdam were painted with neon reflections. Paulina and James hurried out from their hotel and into a nearby restaurant.

"How was the coach from Vilnius?" James asked.
"Actually pretty good," Paulina replied, "how was your journey?"
"Oh, fine, thanks. Luxembourg isn't too far away."
"It's so good to see you again. I missed you."
"I missed you too, my beautiful subby girl."

Paulina smiled and leaned in for a kiss. The ring on her collar clinked and reminded her of the submission she gave James. He was a good man and had shown her care and devotion since they'd met five years ago. Sadly Brexit had forced them to seek work in separate countries last year, but they made sure to meet as often as they could.

"You know that you said you'd like to try something different?" James said.
"And that you'd like to explore your exhibitionist side?"
"I have planned something for later."

No more was mentioned of this plan for the rest of the meal, although Paulina envisioned a number of different scenarios. She found it hard to concentrate on subsequent conversations. He knew just how to get into her head and she adored him for this.

They enjoyed a few drinks in a bar before James led his girl into the red light district. Paulina loved this part of the city. It was so vibrant and liberal. They stopped at one of the windows in which sex workers sold themselves. This one was empty.

"I've rented this window out for the night. You're going to stand in it for two hours whilst I watch from that cafe across the road. When I hold my hand up you are to do a full turn."
"Oh shit."
"Here's what you're going to wear."

He handed her a tiny g-string that would barely cover her cunt. She was already wearing heels and James allowed her to keep those on. Through a door was a small changing area. She handed him her clothes which he stuffed into a bag.

"Keep your phone on you in case you need to contact me. As with anything we do, if you feel uncomfortable at any time you can stop without consequence."

He closed the door behind him and left her alone in the cramped space. There was one other door which, when opened, would put her on display to the world. She took a deep breath, looked down at her body, reminded herself that she liked what she saw, then stepped through.

The glass cage was even smaller than the room behind her. When she shut the door her breasts were almost pressed up against the window. Immediately people stopped and looked at her. Her near-naked body was already being committed to memory by dozens of passers by.

A group of men paused and approached when they saw her. Paulina saw James in the cafe across the road holding up his hand. She obeyed his instruction and slowly spun around, allowing the men to ogle every inch of her. One of them scrutinised a number in the window and pulled out a phone. James put his phone up to his ear and, in less than ten seconds, both hung up. The men moved on.

A pattern began to form. Men appeared and stared at Paulina's bare flesh. She would do as instructed and offer up her body to their lustful gaze. They would dial the number and James would have a brief conversation with them. None of them stuck around after that.

Paulina was thrilled. All those cocks hardening as their owners enjoyed her. There were also more than a few women who had a good look, one or two also dialling the number. The sub was as happy to submit to their eyes as she was to any man.

It was now approaching the end of her time in the window. She couldn't wait to release the sexual tension of being objectified, safely in the hands of her beloved Dom. A dapper middle-aged man appeared. He had a handsome face etched with the signs of a life well lived. His hat and coat indicated good taste and wealth.

The man only briefly glanced at Paulina before withdrawing an expensive-looking phone from his pocket. He dialled the number and James answered. But this time something was different. James looked confused and the conversation went on and on. Eventually he hung up and went over to where the man was stood.

Paulina was concerned. Something was wrong, something unplanned. She wanted to cover up but had no other clothes with her. She couldn't clearly hear the conversation but it looked intense. It also appeared to be about her, which concerned her more. Eventually James nodded, looked down then in through the window. He came into her little showroom.

"What's happening?" Paulina asked.
"Don't worry gorgeous, everything is fine. We've just received an offer that I thought you should probably hear."
"An offer?"
"Yes. I've been receiving offers for you all evening. However, when I say what your price is the conversations always ended abruptly. That gentleman there, however, accepted the offer and has proved to me that he can afford you."
"Afford me? How much?"
"Five million Euros."
"What! Five million! We could live together and never have to work again!"

She was excited. In her mind it was just a case of reaching out and taking the cash. The rush had not yet allowed her to comprehend that she needed to do something in return.

"I want this to be entirely your decision Paulie and I want you to know that the money will be entirely yours. I'm not your pimp."
"No, it's our money and I'll do it for us."
"It's your money gorgeous, that's an order. Plus you haven't heard what you would have to do yet."

James gave her back her clothes, waited for her to dress then took her to the cafe where the wealthy man was drinking coffee in the back.

"I want to buy your girl," the man had said, "I'm over from Malta for one night. When I saw that ass I knew I had to have it. I want to lick it, lick her hole. I want to fuck her there."

Paulina listened in silence whilst James recounted the conversation. The reality of what she had to do for all that money now hit her. 

"But no one has ever fucked me in the ass. I wanted you to be the first," she said.
"I know Paulie, I would truly love that honour."
"But that's so much money and it's just one night. What should I do Sir?" she pleaded with her eyes.
"I can't tell you that. This is your life. You've always had ultimate autonomy over your body. Know that I will be here for you whatever decision you take."


The Maltese man wasn't staying in a hotel. He owned a large house nestled amongst the historic buildings lining one of Amsterdam's canals. It was more opulent than any hotel Paulina had ever seen. Thick carpet absorbed her footsteps and large mirrors reflected her every movement. An old-fashioned cage lift hoisted them to the top floor. Here there was a giant bed and an en-suite that was absurd in its hugeness.

"Take your clothes off."

He continued to walk over to a grand armchair and watched as she slowly removed her clothes. Paulina took her time, wanting to prolong the moment where she'd need to make physical contact. At last she stood before him entirely naked, no glass between her and his hungry gaze.

"Go and take a shower."

She wasn't followed into the bathroom, but no longer wanted to hold up the proceedings. She wanted this over and done with as soon as possible.

"Bend over the bed," he ordered when she returned.

Her ass was displayed for him, ready for whatever debauchery he had planned. She stared at a picture of a seascape above the bed, focused her mind on that and tried to put herself in that situation rather than this.

His hand on her rear dragged her back to reality. His finger on her puckered asshole kept her there. He inserted just the tip of it as if to asses her tightness. Now he threw a cushion on the floor between her legs, dropped to his knees and proceeded to lap at her twitching ring. Emboldened and carried away by lust, he swiped his tongue over her cunt before returning to the other hole.

He returned to his feet. Paulina tensed, awaiting the press of his cock against her saliva-lubed anus. Instead she receive a light pat on each cheek.

"You may stand and get dressed. The money is already in your account. Here."

She looked at the screen on his phone. Her balance had risen by €5,000,000.

" that all you want?" she asked, feeling a little guilty.
"Yes, my girl. There is a taxi downstairs waiting to take you back to your hotel. Thank you."
"Oh. Thank you. Thank you."

Sweeping her coat into her arms she padded across to the elevator and rode it back down. She sat in the taxi in disbelief. She even went so far as to find the 24-hour number for her bank to check her balance. It was true. She was rich.

James was waiting for her return, concern colouring his face. 

"I just received a call. Is it true?" he asked.
"Yes, it's true. I have the money and all he did was lick me there. I don't know why."
"I know," James said, "he called me whilst you were in the taxi. He thanked me for being a good partner for you. He said that he'd stationed one of his employees next to where we were sitting in the cafe. The employee relayed our conversation and the Maltese man decided he couldn't take your anal cherry but recognised how special our love was."
"Oh my god. This...this is incredible."

They turned to look at one another and then couldn't hold back the laughter. Such amazing fortune. When they had settled down Paulina took his hands in hers. 

"I want you to take it. Now."

She removed her clothes, teasingly slow. James had brought lube with him. Paulina handed him the bottle and bent over the bed.

"I'm yours and I love you. I don't want anyone else to be my first."

James took in the wondrous vision before him. Such creamy soft buttocks, such a neat little hole. All his. He slathered lube over her ring and pushed a little of it inside before removing his own clothes. More lube was applied to his hardened cock. He positioned himself between her legs.

Her pink aperture resisted at first. He checked she was OK, then continued pushing forwards. His cock popped inside and then slid easily in. Paulina gasped and he hesitated. But she was fine, it was just such a new sensation.

The two lovers, Dom and sub, continued to explore her body throughout the night. The next day they awoke with considerably fewer cares in the world and as closely bonded as they could be.

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