Saturday, 11 August 2018

Smutathon story 7: Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK

My final story for today. Enjoy and, most importantly, donate to Abortion Support here.


April 2019. The United Kingdom has left the EU. Project Fear continues to prove that it was in fact Project Reality. On a Spanish beach a British man is drowning his sorrows with friends he met at his hostel last week. Nils and Elias were here to see the first of the summer sun after a long Swedish winter. Alenka was about to return home to Ljubljana after a season working in a beach hotel.

"I really can't fucking believe it," Euan slurred.
"Hey buddy, forget about it today. Let's go find another beach," Nils said.

The four friends stepped onto the boardwalk and walked away from town. Because it was April the tourists had yet to arrive en masse. Because it was April those tourists expected the weather would have been too cold, but they would have been wrong. T-shirts and shorts were perfectly adequate for today's temperature and a few people were strewn along the sand in skimpy swimsuits.

After half an hour of walking the alcohol had begun to lessen its grip on Euan's senses. He had become less morose and the subject had changed from international politics to the more immediate subject of which beach they should go to. Because it was such a warm sunny day and because they all felt in need of exercise they decided to go as far as they could in two hours.

Although they'd all known each other for only a week they had bonded quickly and now felt as comfortable in their company than if they had been friends since childhood. Euan teased Nils and Elias about their stereotypical Swedish looks. Tall, blonde, slim and blue eyed. They in return teased Euan about the stupidity of his countrymen and he had now sobered up enough to find this funny rather than depressing.

Alenka was, however, spared any ridicule. The three men were too enamoured with her to aim any jokes her way. 

"This is the beach!" Alenka declared as they crested a small sand dune and ran down the other side.

It felt as though there wasn't anyone around for miles. The sea offered only tiny wavelets to the beach, the salty water melting into the yellow sand. Alenka danced in the surf and gloried in the here and now like a true free spirit.

"I'm going for a swim, will you join me?" she asked.
"We didn't bring our swimming things," Elias replied.
"So what!"

Alenka followed up on her challenge by removing all of her clothes and running into the sea. The men just stood and watched, all three of them having never seen a body as magnificent as hers.

Instead the men found somewhere sheltered to sit. They kept an eye on their frolicking friend, both out of a sense of care as well as a need to enjoy the view. Before long she emerged from the water and strode up the beach. Three pairs of eyes studied her swaying hips and jiggling breasts. They noted the small patch of hair which she'd left to grow above her cunt.

"The water is so good!" Alenka said.
"Uhuh," was all one of them could manage in reply.

Alenka giggled when she realised the effect her nudity was having on the men. She turned then got on to all fours, making a big job out of spreading out her clothes to lie on. Elias, Nils and Euan were treated to a view of her vulva and asshole. Euan focused on the line of three moles atop her left buttock and the way her body was shaped like a viola when bent over.

"Do you like what you see?" Alenka asked demurely.
"I do," Elias said.
"Me too," Nils agreed.
"Oh yes," Euan concurred.

The Slovenian woman turned and lay on her back then beckoned her friends over. They gladly accepted the invite and fell upon her warm, silken skin. Nils beat the other two to the honoured position between her legs and began to eat her out. Alenka grabbed at the other men's shorts and revealed their cocks. Whilst she stroked one she took the other in her mouth.

After languidly licking her, being masturbated or licked by her the men flipped her over and took turns exploring her from behind with fingers and tongues, one man always posted at her head to ensure her mouth was in use.

Alenka was delirious with lust. Never before had she had three handsome men attending to her and gifting her with hardened cocks to play with, all of them clamouring for her orifices. She contributed very little effort to this activity, allowing the men to bend her into whichever shape pleased them.

Eventually she succumbed to the temptation of having those cocks inside her. One after the other took turns to fuck her from behind, maybe poking a finger into her asshole out of curiosity. 

Euan was the last to have sex with her. He would never forget that trio of moles as he coated them in pools of cum. This time the men accompanied her to the sea and they all washed off the fluids of copulation. Closer than ever, they returned to the hostel along the boardwalk.

"It will all be OK you know," Alenka said to Euan after they'd dropped behind the Swedes.
"What? Oh, Brexit. I hope so," Euan replied.
"It will Euan. I promise you. I hope I still know you when I'm proved right."
"I hope so too," he said and, for some reason, thought of Bruges.

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