Saturday, 11 August 2018

Smutathon story 6: Poland, Portugal, Romania and Slovakia

Story six! I've never before written lesbian erotica, I hope you enjoy this first attempt (feedback always welcome). In case you hadn't yet realised, these stories are being written in aid of Abortion Support, to which you can donate here.


Portuguese woman hiking in Tatras from Poland to Slovakia. Runs from storm and ends up in mountain refuge hut, lights fire. Woman from Romania comes in, also escaping storm. Freezing cold. Portuguese woman suggests she strip to underwear and wrap in blanket to let clothes dry in fire. Gets hot in hut.

These mountains weren't like those Flavia usually trekked in. Whereas the Alps ranged in all directions, these mountains appeared almost in a line, one after the other. But then the Tatras were far loftier than the mountains at home in Portugal.

She had reached the pass where Slovakia became Poland. The weather forecast had been favourable for the duration, but what she was now seeing contradicted that. Bruised clouds hurtled towards the range on which she stood. As an experienced trekker Flavia knew that meant trouble. 

It was now imperative that she found shelter as soon as possible. Her map showed one a further kilometre into Poland. She assessed her bearings then headed off. Within ten minutes she was deafened by ear splitting cracks of thunder. Minutes after that came the first barrage of precipitation. 

Fortunately the hut appeared before the cloud poured over the ridge to steal away visibility. Flavia barged in, found wood and a fireplace and proceeded to conjure flames. Before long the little space was warm and cosy. As was standard in mountain shelters, there were basic provisions such as utensils and blankets, as well as the wood, matches and firelighters.

Before she could begin cooking a meal the door banged open. In rushed a soaking wet hiker. Flavia stood and helped the person remove their backpack.

"You got caught too huh?" she asked.
"This wasn't in the forecast," the woman replied.
"No, it wasn't. We're lucky this hut is here."
"I agree, but I wish I'd found it a bit earlier."
"Here, take your waterproofs off and sit by the fire."

The other woman did as she was told and was soon warming up. Flavia resumed hunting around in her backpack for food and her fellow hiker found food from her supplies and added to the meal.

"What's your name?" Flavia asked.
"Mariana. And yours?"
"Flavia. Where are you from?"
"Portugal," Flavia answered, "you?"
"Beautiful country. You still look wet. Perhaps you should remove those things too."

Mariana agreed and tugged off damp layers until she stood in just her underwear. The hut was still wonderfully warm and now full of steam as the two women's soggy clothes began to dry. Flavia placed a blanket around her companion's shoulders then finished cooking the basic pasta dish.

"Delicious!" Mariana said as she tucked into the meal.
"Yes, it's funny how something so simple can taste so good in these circumstances."

When they had finished Mariana helped to clear everything away. Another log was thrown onto the fire and they prepared to settle down for the night. A nest was made of blankets and dry clothes. They huddled in together and Flavia grabbed Mariana when the storm worsened and hurled itself against the thin walls.

"Are you OK?"
"Yes," Flavia replied, "just a bit shocked."

Mariana turned over so that she could look at the other woman. Having another person there was a huge comfort. They chatted some more and got to know one another some more. Flavia was beginning to feel an attraction towards this woman who had silky black hair, high cheekbones and blue eyes almost as bright as lightning outside.

Little did she know that the Romanian woman was having he same thoughts. Flavia was a bit older than her and had dark blonde hair and friendly brown eyes. Hands met under the blankets. Both were no longer nervous about the storm, but about what happened next. Neither of them had been in a relationship for over a year and so were unsure about how to proceed.

A bang of thunder resolved the situation. They held each other closely. When the clanging echoes dissipated their faces were no more than an inch apart. Now came that exquisite moment when the inevitable had arrived but both parties had yet to realise it. Mariana closed her eyes and Flavia moved in for the kiss.

Soft lips soon parted to allow tongues to dance. That connection electrified them and sparked off urgent touching, feeling, exploring. Clothes and underwear were quickly she'd and bare skin met bare skin. Before long fingers had found their way between legs.

Both enjoyed knowing exactly where to touch the other. Both exulted at being touched in exactly the right way. Flavia wanted more. She buried into the blankets and sought out Mariana's cunt with her mouth. She parted her folds and set about delicately nibbling around Mariana's clit.

The Romanian woman quivered beneath Flavia's touch. She opened her legs and gladly accepted the oral attention she was being given. It wasn't long before she'd been brought to an orgasm that silenced the thunder and outshine the lightning.

Flavia crawled back up Mariana's body and they kissed again. Breasts pressed against breasts and their hunger grew. It was now Mariana's turn to satiate her lust on Flavia's parting. 

This woman knew exactly which buttons to press. She teased and teased and left the finger fucking right up until the last moment by which time Flavia was wound up like a pocket watch. As soon as the fingers penetrated Flavia reached totality, but Mariana would relent. She coaxed out another orgasm then another until the older woman was thoroughly spent.

On through the night went their impassioned fucking, naked bodies writhing against one another in the warm glow of firelight. Every centimetre had been pored over. By the time both of them lay back exhausted, they had lost count of the orgasms and the storm had sailed on.

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