Wednesday, 26 September 2018

11,000km away

I'm so far away from her and she needs me tonight. She's suffered sexual harassment today - bad enough that it's brought memories of a previous assault to the surface. I want to hold her and make her feel safe. I'm also angry as fuck, but that's a feeling I'm keeping to myself.

It was never going to be easy being away from a partner for so long, but it's times like this which make it especially difficult. G (who I'm travelling with) understands my anger and our relationship is strong enough that she will help me through this. 

I realise that this all makes it sound as though it's my issue, which of course it isn't. I've tried to be as supportive as I can be whilst 11,000km away. But I needed somewhere to vent and this blog is that place.

She has others who can be there for her in London, which makes me very relieved. This episode has reinforced my wanting to try to be as good as an example of a man as I can for her and all my other female acquaintances. It's also added several minutes to the hug I'm going to give her when we're reunited. 

Finally, let me just say; fuck the fucking sexually repressed, aggressive, over-privileged, Neanderthalic, fragile, pathetic cunting fuckers who do this to women. I sincerely hope their time will be up soon - the news from France where people (mainly men) who physically sexually assault others (mainly women) are now being imprisoned is, at least, somewhat encouraging. 

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Corrupted mind

Having a corrupted mind can be a wonderfully distracting thing. In São Paulo they have cages lifted off the ground in which litter bags can be placed for collection. This keeps the bags out of the way of street dogs, rats, etc.

The cages are also the perfect size in which to put a human. This perverted mind of mine of course imagined BDSM scenes of naked women placed in the cages and tormented with various toys. Or naked men, depending on which mood I'd be in. 

My creative mind then came up with back stories. A fuckslut delivery scheme where your man or woman is delivered to the nearest cage. Or; slaves exchanged in the street cages. Or a building lottery where, if your number comes up, you have to get naked and go into the cage to be collected by The Landlord/lady as payment for everyone's rent.

Experiencing the wonder of Iguassu Falls I noticed the early closing time at which one particular trail to a small waterfalls. Do they close it early and sell tickets to couples who wish to take a naked picture of the woman frolicking in the falls? Do the other men stand around, watch and comment on each other's naked partners?

Wandering the world has become a richer experience with this overlay of imaginary kink. It's important, of course, that it remains in my imagination. I don't wish to be a pervert. I'm not going to stand beside one of those cages and waggle my eyebrows suggestively each time someone who takes my fancy walks by.

There's a small part of me that worries I'm corrupted, that this may be the first step along the path to sex pestery. As long as I remain honest and open about my thoughts, remember the RACK and SSC codes and continue to listen to the advice, experiences and concerns of others in this community, the larger part of me is happy to let my imagination run free and, occasionally, put it down into words.

Sunday, 9 September 2018


Whilst journeying through South America there will be fewer blog posts about exploring kink/sex but I hope to still occasionally participate in Sinful Sunday. When I arrived onto this beach (after a three hour hike) on the prettiest island I've ever seen I couldn't resist an opportunity to adorn it with nudity!

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