Saturday, 29 December 2018

The lesson never ends

Practising what you preach takes, well, practice. I'm trying to be a good citizen of planet Earth by taking less polluting means of travel, but I should travel less. I've cut down on meat consumption, but should try to buy more ethically-sourced meat. I avoid non-recyclables where possible, yet could do better at food recycling.

When it comes to kink, consent and open relationships I try not to preach, but do find it easy to be respectful. In fact, being respectful and honest brings about considerably more benefits than how I would imagine it's like when being deceitful and disrespectful. No energy is expended on lying, you're likely to earn respect and your reputation won't be a cause for concern.

I didn't get it right from day one. I made mistakes which fortunately weren't serious enough to cause upset. But from that day I was (mostly unwittingly) learning. Although I quickly grew weary of the preachers, I tried to keep an open mind. Being around others who were considerably more experienced than I - yet retained their humility - taught me that I would never stop learning and should never stop learning.

On this seventh anniversary of my blog I find myself reflecting on the journey here, how I would have made different decisions and what I could have done better. And there's much that I could have done - and still could be doing - better. But I will keep trying.

Monday, 24 December 2018

Wish list

Apropos to Christmas, here's a little wish list of things I'd like to try (I'm sure there are other things which I've forgotten about):

1. A humiliation-free Clothed Female Naked Male event where the men are purely there for visual/tactile enjoyment
2. Learn safe suspension bondage
3. Be pegged (not by my sub (that would be too weird for our D/s relationship))
4. Be fellated, rimmed and French kissed at the same time
5. Use sex machines on my sub
6. Dominate and pleasure more than one woman at a time
7. Have sex machines used on me (again, not by my sub)
8. Inspire someone to masturbate to me/thoughts of me
9. Have a threesome or moresome

Things I'm curious about:

1. 'Forced' bi for an audience
2. Go to a Clothed Male Naked Female event with a partner
3. Parade my sub naked in front of an appreciative audience then take her somewhere private to fuck her
4. Be a sex worker (this one won't happen as G is vehemently against me sharing myself in this way)
5. Star in a female-gaze porn film. This would, however, go against my need to retain anonymity

I expect that it will be possible to fulfil maybe one of these desires. This depresses me somewhat but, as Mick Jagger sang; you can't always get what you want. As Judy Garland originally sang; have yourself a merry little Christmas.

NOTE: This post was edited after publishing so as to remove insensitive wording around sex work.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

This time it's different

Here is a short story written on the theme of time, submitted as part of the talent-rich Wicked Wednesday (click the link at the end for more)


Imagine this, if you can; a world where femininity means absolute power, where oestrogen is valued more than testosterone and where female rules male. This time a tip of the gender scales has resulted in the balance favouring the matriarchy. In such a world there is only one way in which to control the male population.

Both boys and girls are allowed a normal, equitable childhood. Life then changes for boys when they reach puberty. They are educated on their role in society and prepared for a life free of choices. With adolescence comes responsibility. Responsibility to look good, to carry yourself with masculinity, to turn yourself into a desirable partner. They learn their place as second class, subservient citizens.

The men have been bred to satisfy women's diverse tastes. At 18 - just at the right time - the male is fully formed. Their measurements and various pictures of their body are entered onto the Registry. From that point onwards they're available for breeding and entertainment.

Pleasurable sex for these men of age is a rather hit-and-miss affair. Their cocks are made hard for women's pleasure, or to deliver their precious seed. Any woman who does enjoy penetrative sex will keep their man hard only until such time that she is satisfied. He will, of course, have been trained to remain erect for as long as she needs - years of training will have resulted in him being able to remain hard for hours without coming even close to orgasm.


Jeannie was taking her usual late-night walk home from the Sultry Stud. Often she found herself visiting this bar after a tough day in court, enjoying the near-naked man candy serving her a cocktail or two. The tipsy stroll home through darkened but safe streets always cleared her head and tonight she thought of Ethan.

Ethan. A name that was assigned to every man over 6 feet in height, with dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and tanned skin. Her Ethan served the neighbouring district but he'd made it onto her fuck list when a colleague was displaying pictures of him in the office.

"Best I've had yet - he really showed me a great time. His cock is grade A man meat. There's also some intelligence too, although thankfully he keeps this hidden," she said.

The colleague - Andrea - then passed her phone around for everyone to see. There were the usual Registry pics of Ethan's face and body (naked but for a tiny pair of boxer shorts), but Andrea had also taken some more risqué shots.

Impressive, but that wasn't what had sold this man to Jeannie. She could have any man who looked like this; all she had to do was visit the Registry and, click, the man would be delivered.

What made Ethan stand out was that intelligence to which Andrea referred. She had brought him in to the office one day and stripped him to his waist so that all the women could admire his strong torso. He had entertained them for a couple of hours, during which time Jeannie had managed to get him all to herself - still half naked, of course.

He showed genuine interest in her work and asked questions which displayed an academic prowess that was unusual amongst his gender. Jeannie wanted to get to know him more but was interrupted by her senior manager Karen.

"Oh good, he's still here," Karen said, "you don't mind if I borrow him?"

Before Jeannie could answer the other woman had unbuttoned Ethan's jeans, taken his cock into her beefy hand and jerked him off. Jeannie watched as Karen caught his ejaculate in her other hand and hungrily lapped it up.

"Mmm, thanks Jeannie," Karen said with semen-coated lips, "such a tasty mid-morning snack."
"You're welcome," Jeannie replied before turning to the deflating man, "I'd like to talk with you more, I'll be in touch. Show yourself out."


Tonight was the night, one Jeannie had looked forward to with great anticipation. Although she had entertained and enjoyed many exquisite men in her apartment, this Ethan engaged her mind as well as her vagina and so the evening promised much more than just sex.

I know, however, that you're here for erotica and so I shall skip the details on their political debates, discussions on economics and explorations of Jeannie's legal work - there's no time for that now. Now all she wanted to explore was his body.

In a state of excitement she'd bought a number of toys for tonight. Ethan had remained clothed whilst they had conversed - Jeannie didn't want to be distracted just yet - but now was told to strip. This was an art in which he was well educated. He took his time and removed his white shirt at a seductively slow pace, revealing his muscular, ever-so-slightly hairy chest bit by revelatory bit.
Shoes and socks were more expediently kicked and pulled off. Now for Jeannie's favourite part. Katie Melua's mellifluous voice purred from the sound system as Ethan slowed things down again, each button of his jeans fly popping away seconds after the previous.

As instructed he was wearing her favourite style of boxer shorts; so brief that they barely covered his butt, so tight that they barely contained his bulge. She instructed him to turn so that she could watch that fantastic ass pop out. Her focus turned to the cleft between his taut cheeks and the fun she would have in its delightful depths later.

It had been several days since Karen had masturbated him. Since then Jeannie had requested his temporary removal from the Registry. When he turned to reveal his perfect cock she thought it looked particularly swollen from all that time building up his sexual frustration.

Ever the tactile creature, Jeannie could wait no longer to get her mouth and hands on him. He responded by immediately and obediently getting hard. She playfully leaned back to allow his erection to disappear, then swiftly slipped a cock ring onto him. The ring had a metal loop attached and to this she clipped a leash. Using the leash she pulled him into the bedroom where other equipment had been laid out.

"Kneel on the bed, ass up," she ordered.

His ass was so perfect that she felt the need to mark it temporarily. The newly-acquired cane was the perfect tool for the job and before long his skin was marked with lines of light welts. She suddenly got the urge to squeeze him like a peach and within seconds was fulfilling it, pushing his buttocks together then pulling them far apart again. All the while his pursed hole winked invitingly.

Time to accept that invite. Jeannie reached into a drawer for yet more recent purchases; a small black butt plug and some anal lubricant. She squeezed a generous puddle of the latter into her palm, dipped her index finger into the goo then proceeded to slide it into Ethan. His warm tunnel invited further exploration and so she poked in another finger, plunging both in further until he was gasping deeply in pleasure.

Satisfied with her efforts to prepare his opening, Jeannie replaced her fingers with the plug. What a lovely sight and what a thing to have such a powerful beast under her control. Now to put his mouth to work.

She crawled onto the bed and hitched up her dress. She'd not bothered to put on any underwear earlier and so, when he saw her exposed vulva, Ethan knew what was expected of him. Every man had been given years of training on how to pleasure a woman. One of the most important lessons was that the man should carefully note how the woman responds to certain licks and touches then respond accordingly.

His timing was perfect. At just the right moment he slid his hands up under her dress and sought out her nipples. Whilst his tongue busied itself on her clit his hands massaged her breasts and lightly pinched the hardened nubs. Jeannie was about to reach for another toy - this one designed for women - but then realised that the sex toy made of hot flesh between her legs was better than any made of plastic.

Ethan's training had informed him that he could induce many orgasms from a woman in just one session. The first wasn't particularly obvious but he was able to read Jeannie's subtle signs and so pulled back and caressed her whilst she recovered.

Aware that he was only a man, Ethan sought out the toy that Jeannie had earlier been reaching for. One part of the white plastic device slid smoothly into her whilst another rested between the upper part of her vulva. With a deft click the toy began to vibrate and Jeannie responded with a delighted quiver.

She allowed him to run his hands over her buttocks, lifting them so that he could reach her clit with his mouth. His tongue jostled for position with the vibe, both now pulsating against her sensitive skin. Ethan leisurely moved the toy in circles- it seemed to be connecting with Jeannie's entire nervous system.

"I need you inside me,"

From his jeans pocket Ethan withdrew a condom and deftly slipped it on. In the same swift movement he slid inside Jeannie, reacting to her responses and either pausing or continuing until he was all the way in.

Jeannie began to float away. The thick shaft churning away in sync with her quickened pulse couldn't pin her to the bed. She gazed at the unblemished white ceiling and disappeared into that artificial cloud, giving herself to this impeccable flesh toy.

Her foaming cunt clutched at him, her abandonment to gratification complete. Ethan subtly withdrew and once again held Jeannie in his arms, clear salty liquid spilling from his swollen tip.

"The bathroom's through there if you need to finish," Jeannie said, "when you're done please close the door quietly on your way out. Play time's over and I'm exhausted."

The senior lawyer rolled over and switched off the light. Ethan released his pent-up need then quietly departed.


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Saturday, 15 December 2018


Amongst the mountains, hot with effort from the climb, naked and humbled once again by nature.

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Tuesday, 11 December 2018


Candaulism is a rather niche kink (aren't they all?) involving someone taking sexual pleasure from displaying their partner naked for others' gratification. Historically it was the man exposing his female partner - it was King Candaules who originally showed his unaware naked wife to his servant (she then ordered the servant to kill himself or her husband) - but it seems as though the term has been updated to involve all genders as the one being put on display.

Wouldn't that be a very sexy situation? To be so adored that your partner is aroused by showing you off to others? Or to be so proud of your partner that you get a kick out of others objectifying their naked body? I know that I would most definitely enjoy both scenarios.

What, for me, distinguishes this particular kink is that it is the simple act of putting (or being put) on display. There is no sex involved as this would likely fall into the category of cuckolding or cuckqueaning. I have two partners who have exquisite bodies and I'd enjoy parading them unclothed in front of an appreciative audience. I'd also be extremely flattered (/surprised) if someone wanted to show me off.

Another distinguishing factor is that sense of ownership. This isn't some random naked person being put on display, it's someone who is special to you and with whom you have some sort of relationship. 

"Guys, you've all met my girlfriend before. Well tonight, with your permission, I'd like to show you how great she looks naked."

Hot, right? Of course, unlike King Candaules, you should ensure that your partner has consented to being exhibited naked and that your audience is aware (preferably keen) about what's about to happen.

Such a situation is likely to only arise amongst close acquaintances who are kink-friendly. But it may be possible to engineer a situation where you and a friend very briefly 'catch' an 'unaware' (i.e. consenting) partner in a state of undress, then suggest to this friend that the partner doesn't mind being seen. Based on their reaction you either continue the show or apologise and move on.

This scenario may, however, be unethical - even if the glimpse is brief it is still non-consensually imposing semi-nudity on an innocent. In an adult club, however, this behaviour is welcomed. I've been fortunate to have attended such clubs and, as an extremely proud owner, found that exposing my sub to an enraptured audience to be enormously arousing.

So, if Candaulism is something you'd like to try, I would suggest that you:

1. Ensure your partner is fully consenting (check out RACK or SSC)
2. Find a friendly sex club or event
3. Discuss between yourselves how and when they're going to be exposed
4. Start the show - you'll soon have an audience
5. Enjoy (or, if uncomfortable on the night, don't force it)

Monday, 3 December 2018


As regular readers will know, I'm in a happy, ethically non-monogamous marriage. In addition to my wife G I also have simple relationships with other people who share my predilection for kink.

Currently I'm in a most enjoyable relationship with someone who is studying for a PhD in the UK for a couple of years. We seem to be doing a good job of maintaining the relationship even though I'll be away for six months (regular communication is important). There will come a day, though, when her studies end and she leaves the country.

It's fine. No, it really is fine. Knowing that there's a time limit to our relationship helps to guide feelings in the meantime and, whilst I'm happy with having just one other regular lover in my life at the moment, it has crossed my mind that perhaps I should be looking for something more permanent too.

This is where it gets complicated. Whilst I'd like permanence, due to the agreements I have with G I can't offer a particularly substantial relationship. I'd need someone who is happy to meet only occasionally but wants to communicate regularly.

Is it greedy of me to want someone else in my life? I think not. G is happy for me to see others, particularly as they share kinks with me and she does not. My other partner sees other men too. There seems to be a realisation amongst us all that we cannot 100% satisfy each other's needs and that it's perfectly acceptable to seek satisfaction elsewhere.

When I return to the UK in March I shall be blowing off the dust on my OK Cupid profile. Whilst I really do not enjoy the process of dating (in fact I think I hate it) I know that I need other people in my life and so will endure the pain. At least, I think, I'm now comfortable with not accusing myself of being greedy.