Wednesday, 9 January 2019

So very lucky - before & after

Before we begin I always think how very lucky I am. Before we begin I think about what adventures we will experience within these four walls. She is laid out before me entirely unclothed. How do I deserve such beauty?

A creation as delectable as this requires time for thorough appreciation, first with the eyes, then with the hands and then, finally, with the mouth.

What an honour it is to be caressing this thigh. How unbelievably fantasy-fulfilling it is to be gently biting that perfect neck. Such luxury, being able to dedicate time to simply look and marvel, stroke and kiss.

With a landscape as varied as this it is worth lingering over the fine details. Don't rush to nipples and cunt.

Run your hands from hip to waist and waist to breast, taking joy at this rollercoaster of ups and downs. Draw a finger down the shallow valley along the spine, which disappears into the soft flesh swell of buttocks.

Inevitably the languid river of worship plummets into the frenzied waterfall of sex. Familiar with every inch of this yielding lover, penetration becomes just one of the players in this act of touches, caresses and kisses.

How is it possible that this exquisite creature is giving herself to me? Afterwards I once again reflect on how very lucky I am. Afterwards the memories of her will linger for an indulgently long time.


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  1. A very sensual read - "Draw a finger down the shallow valley along the spine, which disappears into the soft flesh swell of buttocks." NICE!

  2. Beautiful writing, like May said... a sensual read :)

    Rebel xox

  3. Lovely. I appreciated YOUR appreciation for this moment....

  4. Do not rush.... so much this